One Lead Character In Tales Of Xillia Uses Swords, The Other Fists

By Spencer . December 27, 2010 . 1:15am

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Mira Maxwell, the female lead, is the swordsmaster in Tales of Xillia. She’s a mysterious woman who has control over the four elements and an unknown mission to fulfill. While Mira is knowledgeable about deceased spirits, she doesn’t know much about humans. Mira finds humans and their culture fascinating. Little by little she begins to understand them, starting with Jute.


Jute Mathis uses his knuckles and mastery of martial arts to fight. He was studying to be a physician in the royal capital. Jute is a genuinely good-natured kind of guy who can focus his concentration during battle to save his allies when they’re in a pinch.


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  • Yukito

    I love a woman with swords. Rawr……

    • JustaGenericUser

      I love swordswomen, too. Especially when they have a SHARP wit.

      • And big love mellons

        • Depends on melons

          • And the fanservice that goes with it…….for better or worse.

        • It’s what on the inside that counts *cough*

          • Don’t touch ’em if there’s silicone in there.

          • But we are in siliconera…

      • High-five.

        I see what you did thar.

  • joesz

    Wow.. Jute look more feminine then the female lead.

    • Exkaiser

      I’m not seeing it.

      • Draparde

        Me either o.o

  • Mira looks hot~ =3

  • holyPaladin

    I will playing this even it’s Japanese =p

    • HarryHodd

      One way or another

  • Cant wait to import

  • This looks so good, screw namco bandai, im gonna import this, seriously, i hope it comes with goodies :D.

    I love the female lead’s style, she has this sci fi air around her xD

  • Will Xillia arrive in the West? I’m still waiting for Graces, they’ve said it’s one of the best entries in the series…

    • alastor3

      I think grace will come out on the wii this summer

    • We can’t really say anything about the tales of games arriving to the west T_T nobody knows anything thank to the *#&@*& namco bandai, keeping their mouth shouts, cowards.

      I did play tales of graces on a friend’s wii, is pretty good let me tell you, but the main story becomes kinda predictable at some point (havent beaten it though). But still, is not bad at all, i still prefer Tales of Abyss and Tales of Legendia story style though, this one has a lot of political stuff.

  • PS3!?
    THATS GREAT,i thought it only comes out for the XboX 360.
    But i still have hope the Vesperia to come out on the PS3.

    • Uhm..Vesperia is long out on the PS3, just not in the states or Europe if mean that.

  • The game looks pretty awesome, I love it lol. I think I like the male lead more than the girl, I guess I love melee attacks.

    • You and me both bro, though he doesn’t look really cool, nonetheless melee fighters are always welcome.

    • Well, fist fighters are awesome, but you never see any REAL swordmaster heroines these days. Her “ignorance of humans” will obviously leave a lot of awkward jrpg moments though.

      • Darkrise

        lol I can already predict several “awkward” moments that will happen.

        In other related news I think I sort of just figured out who she might be. 0.0

        • I think 49 out of your 50 guesses of who she might be may be correct. lol

          • Darkrise

            I’m guessing alot of people have already?

    • raymk

      the girl has a sword though and is a lead,so i guess that means she has melee attacks as well.

  • alastor3

    at least Tales of Grace for the Wii is coming this Q1 2011 (original game are coming out of japan (Vesperia, grace) but remake (Vesperia PS3, Grace F) aren’t

    • Unfortunately, that was one april fools day joke story, that I missed this year.

      • alastor3


        • First, you did see the date of the article, right? It was March 30, 2010. Before Tales of Graces F was even announced, so that should have made you, at the very least, think that the article was either wrong or out of date.

          And then the fact that it was right before April Fools…


          • alastor3

            First why are you talking about Tales of Graces F when I was talking about the one on the Wii ? And no I didnt looked at the date :(

          • Because it doesn’t seem odd to you that the superior version of a game would stay in Japan while the version that sold less, has less characters, less events, worse graphics, and doesn’t really have an audience in the states (the Wii has not had any JRPG success in the West as of yet) would come here?

            Not to mention, you said: (original game are coming out of japan (Vesperia, grace) but remake (Vesperia PS3, Grace F) aren’t

            Which is an inference by you, not even said in the article. In fact, it should’ve struck you as incredibly odd that Tales of Graces F wasn’t even mentioned in it. With the fanboy wars on full blast these days, that’s unheard of. Look at articles on the PS3 version of No More Heroes. How many of them DON’T mention that there was also a 360 version in Japan? The lack of the mentioning of F should’ve been a giant red flag to you.

        • HarryHodd

          Tales of Graces f is so superior to Wii graces it would suck if that is the only one out anyway.

          • alastor3

            how do you know ? So superior ? you mean the graphic ? or the added character and other thing like that ?

          • HarryHodd

            Better graphics, new battle moves, significantly longer story. The game is epic. I have the PS3 version.


            Have fun reading all the improvements and weep on the fact that we’re not getting it

          • alastor3

            :( it’s sad that I can’t play it since it’s in japanese and I still don’t know much to understand

    • Kaoro

      April Fools!!!

      It’s not coming :(

  • karasuKumo

    Loving the artwork!

  • legendmilanboss

    can some one please please tell me if vesperia ps3 and graces F is comming to west or not???

    • There has been no announcement of localization for either title on PS3 or Wii. So they are not, at this point in time, leaving Japan.

  • Darkrise

    This is just torture… Since Namco gave up on developing their crap western games, they should just localize some tales games already…

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      I concur.

    • namco bandai american branch dai kirai!

      • thebanditking

        I don’t know if its just a Namco thing, Bandai is a very stick in the mud, behind the times company and I think their corporate policies are making Namco even worse (they support the Blu-ray market very well either). They are going to have to release something to the US/EU markets now that their Western plans (thankfully) went up in smoke.

    • I heard that.

  • HarryHodd

    I love what the Tales team is doing with this one. Should be a nice uplift for the series.

  • malek86

    Same art designer as Grace?

    I mean, the outfits look just as ridiculous.

    • But i think this one has a more sci-fi feeling… wich i like, it feels different. I think his/her style suits here better than in graces.

      • malek86

        Yeah, I know what you mean. To me it looks a bit like a streamlined version of old manga style, except with better body proportions.

        It’s not that i don’t like it, I actually kinda dig it, but the outfits still look ridiculous.

        • puchinri

          I think both artists are kind of known for that style (considering their works and how long they’ve been going). I’m digging it too, and it feels refreshing.

          I like both their outfits, but it’s Mira’s hair that I can’t get over… Sad part is, it doesn’t even look bad in the art, but in-game… I hope there’s a reason for that one green piece too. For now, I’m going to pretend she has a connection to Opoona and she can fire some kind of green bonbon from it. With elemental connections too.

    • Exkaiser

      A combination of the character designer from Graces (Mutsumi Inomata) and the other main character designer (Kosuke Fujishima).

      Mira was an Inomata design and Jute was a Fujishima design.

  • PrinceHeir

    i always love Tales concept art :D

    it feels very retro like :)

    the only thing missing is a engli..

    oh wait it’s namco we’re talking about :|

  • So Jute Mathis is a Doctor of ass-kicking?

  • Draparde

    The way these articles are worded makes me think how the game would be if you choose between the two whom you wanted to be the “main” character and followed them through the game. (like Mana Khemia 2, or Star ocean 2)

  • Testsubject909

    So. Anyone wanna take bets on whether this’ll be ported over?

    It feels as though Namco Bandai are allergic to western PS3’s or something…

  • Dimentionalist

    Graces F for the US 2011, Xillia following in 2012. BELIEVE!

    • I wouldn’t bet money on it. On the other hand, I’d be glad to lose that bet.

  • Joanna

    I didn’t care too much that we never got Graces or Vesperia PS3 (would be nice to get them though) because the designs of the leads didn’t appeal to me, but this time, I like both of the designs (yes, the leek and bedhead of the female lead somehow looks awesome to me!) and the environments look gorgeous. So yeah, I’d love to see this state-side, even if I should know better…

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