A Demo Of Record of Agarest War 2’s Animation

By Ishaan . December 30, 2010 . 10:33am


Idea Factory used a program called SpriteStudio to create Record of Agarest War 2’s 2D sprite animations. The demonstration at that link shows how it allows you to animate an object by dividing it into several parts, and move each part around without breaking the overall shape. Here’s an example:



There are two versions of SpriteStudio…the regular version, and one for the Nintendo DS. The software is also compatible with mobile phone games. Here’s a look at its implementation in a finished product:



Sprite Studio is developed by Web Technology Corp. Does that name sound familiar? They’re also the company that develop Comipo!, the amateur manga-creation suite.

  • Cool, i wish i could do stuff like this, doesn’t looks too hard either, is like having multiple layers on photoshop xD, good way to use it, ahh i cant wait to get agarest zero, i hope it does well as well so we can get agarest wars 2, ON BLUEEE RAYYY.

  • karasuKumo

    Looks great, looks rather easy to use too.

  • PrinceHeir

    for some reason the early models look like a DS sprite, i wonder how they translate it to HD :D

  • Guest

    good but still not SRW/Odin Sphere level

    • And what is the point? do they share the same producer, director or companie?

      • Code

        He’s just getting at the animation technique being put on display.

        • But there is not point, they are differente kind of games even if they share the same genre. Comparing with other games just to justifice that this games has worse animation than others when you know that this is the best thing that Idea factory could do. The animation is excellent for your average RPG.

          • Code

            They still share the same animation techniques though, even if they are different genres — so it is bound to happen sometimes, I wouldn’t sweat it though >w<'

  • I’d love to get my hands on this program as this related to what I’m aiming to do in the industry anyway.

  • Code

    I remember back when I took animation, this “puppetry” style method of animating was always really frowned upon. Ironic since most of the North American industry uses it now opo’ Personally I don’t mind it most of the time, I’ve definitely seen shorts, and games like Odin Sphere and Muramasa which it’s not used as a shortcut but rather as a style. Still I always approve of animators going the extra mile and traditional animating works.

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