Vorpal Brings Manga Art To Shoot-em-Up Form

By Ishaan . December 31, 2010 . 2:28pm


Vorpal is a vertical black-and-white shoot-em-up that looks very reminiscent of manga at times. Developed by Red Wolf for Xbox Live Arcade, the game focuses on one-on-one battles against other ships — almost like a fighter — and dodging their frenzy of bullets and beams.


You can grab Vorpal for 80 points (that’s $1.00) on Xbox Live Arcade, or try the free demo. Here’s the game’s development blog, too, if you’re interested in seeing how Vorpal progressed through development.

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  • PrinceHeir

    fucking nice :D

    too bad the PS3 and wii lack of shump development makes me sad :( mamoru-kun and sins and punishment might change thins up though ^^

    • Testsubject909

      Looks sweet indeed… But for what it’s worth, you can find some very sweet Shmups on PCs anyways, so since you obviously have one, there’s no need to be so saddened by it.

      It would be nice to play more of them on the PS3, but there’s tons on PC.

      Try Warning Forever or Genetos, they’re both excellent and 100% free.

      There’s probably more you can find on some specialized sites for indie games, or some shmup focused blogs and gaming list sections.

      Try Pixelprospector.com, overall not a bad site to start such searches.

      • ECM

        Yeah, there are billions of shooters on PC–the doujin scene is stuffed to the gills w/ them and a lot of them are very, very good and perfeclty capable of keeping up w/ the likes of Cave. (It’s just too bad, for 99% of gamers, that’s a niche too far to keep up with.)

        • TrevHead

          I agree, although Cave really does make some fine shmups that turn everything up from 10 to 11. However the recently released Crimson Clover for the PC really does turn that dial up to 11 aswell as any cave game.

      • Code

        Definitely agree, rarr, Genetos was great! Seriously the doujin shmup market on PC is stellar, and often free >www<), we might see it eventually expand in the future.

        rar, a shmups and what appears to be with versus shmup options xwx~? Just played the trial and it was maybe a little barren bullet wise but still pretty damn good for $1, also rar, art direction in an xbox indie game!? What kind of madness is this! Seriously if all xbox live indie games had artists on them the world would be a better place TwT

        • Hmm… I was wondering… As a shmup expert, what do you think of Space Invaders Infinity Gene?

          • Code

            rar, if only I was a shmup expert +w+~! But Infinity Gene was okay, it’s a really unorthodox shmup. You basically play the game in cycles/difficulties, by the end of the game you’ll unlock stronger ships for the next cycle you play through. It’s honestly in my opinion really long winded for a shmup, I’d say 30 stages of varied length, the first half of the game is far too easy, and by the later half it just gets repetitive (they never hammer you in the game even on later difficulties). I think the big problem is repetition, a lot of stages just don’t have qualities that make them really unique feeling from each other, each ship feels unique but it’s really apparent which ships are better then others opo;

            It has some neat scoring mechanics, and combo/nagoya mechanics so the ability to play for score is there, and once you learn how it’s pretty fun figuring out how to max your score for each stage individually (which I enjoyed since it’s more bite sized chunks). But given the length of the game, honestly I’ve given little work towards any serious score run through the whole game (which is how score is handled overall) that task is much too long for my attention span, and repeatedly having to play the early stages really drags opo;;

            It’s a pretty polarizing shmup I figure, some people will really get into it and enjoy the sort of minimalist approach to visuals and gameplay, and other people will probably be bored by it’s isometric presentation, and repetitive nature. If your looking for something flashy like Space Invaders Extreme, this really isn’t it, it kind of shares it’s simplistic-but-deep score mechanics, but I just find the game’s structure, length doesn’t encourage playing for score.

            My advice is try the demo, the demo’s a really good indicator of what to expect (it’s like a cross-section of all the games stages 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1). Personally I’m saving my points for Radiant Silvergun which is a much, much, better shmup and hopefully hitting very soon >w<;

  • Dammit Microsoft, get these XBLA games on GFWL. It’s pretty much THE SAME THING and I WOULD BUY THEM.

    • malek86

      That’s weird, everybody I know, including myself, would rather not touch GfWL with a ten feet pole.

      Of course, I used to say the same thing about Steam 4 years ago (especially after it didn’t accept my retail key for HL2), and now I love it. GfWL too could change, but right now I really hate it.

      • Hey, I got a $40 game from GFWL for $0.11. I ain’t complaining about it. Sure looks better than the EA Download Manager.

        • malek86

          Not much of a comparison. That’s like saying that any fighting game is better than Rise of the Robots.

      • TrevHead

        Ive never bothered with GFWL, been forced to deal with GFW is bad enough. As for microsoft fixing any problems with GFW/L or other gamer related bugs in Windows 7 any time soon considering the PC is competition for the xbox

        • TrevHead

          Whoops I ment to say ” I CANT SEE THAT HAPPENING any time soon considering…”

      • Personally, I’d love for Steam to just be the standard hub for PC gaming and be a substitute for GFWL. It’s kind of bothersome to have your Steam community, and then have a GFWL login on top of that, just to be able to play certain games. I’d be willing to put up with GFWL if all games had crossover-play with Xbox Live, but they don’t. ><

        • malek86

          I wouldn’t mind having multiple service if they could interact with each other and share the same games list.

          I guess it would also be pretty cool if they managed to do multiplayer between consoles. Is there some reason why it’s never happened? The only multiconsole game i can think about is FF11, and I’m not sure if 360 players were on a different server than PS2 players.

  • Zefiro Torna

    It caught my attention with my initial thoughts being negative, thinking the overall visual style seemed somewhat lacking and lazy.

    Then I viewed the video clip and was wowed. Seeing the presented style in motion redressed my face with a warm smile, as the game resembles a pleasant tribute to the days when games on handhelds were commonly monochrome.

    This is why I (almostalwaystryto) fully read in every story posted here, even if my initial glances towards some subjects covered result in disinterest. I love proving my stubborn natural human instincts to be wrong. Happy New Year Siliconera!

    • Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too!

  • TrevHead

    Although the bullet patterns look a bit on the easy side, I like the clean looking presentation.

  • Eh… I can’t bring myself to liking this. I don’t know why, but I get a cheapened Touhou vibe from this…

    • mochiron

      It’s an xbox live indie game, did you expect innovation?

      • Yeah… I know. This is just one of those stupid opinions I get from playing way too many shmups :/

        But like I said to TrevHead, about the only thing that gave me that Touhou feel was the bullet patterns from the player ship. They had a Perfect Cherry Blossom Marisa feel to them, in combination with Reimu’s homing pattern.

    • TrevHead

      Ive seen others say its a touhou clone aswell. Personally I feel this game is nothing like touhou, exept maybe in the slow bullet patterns it uses been simlar. But you cant call a shmup a ripp off for using bullets now can we.

      If anything i’ld say its a doujin version of change air blade.

      • The only thing that made me get that Touhou vibe is the bullet pattern from the player ship itself. The bullet patterns from the boss ships were more along the type of patterns I’ve seen in Castle Shikigami, though.

  • Thanks, Ishaan! I never would have come across this game on my own. Plus, the price is excellent :)

  • Thank you for this! :)
    ~The Developer.

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