Destrega, Saiyuki: Journey West And Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Coming To PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . January 2, 2011 . 10:29am

The ESRB rated three PlayStation games this week: Destrega, Saiyuki: Journey West and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the PS3 and PSP. That can only mean one thing: they’re coming to the PlayStation Network.


Destrega was a fighting game developed by Koei, which used a Rock, Paper, Scissors fighting system and freedom of movement around the arena. Saiyuki: Journey West, also developed by Koei, was a tactical RPG based on the Chinese novel, Journey to the West.


Meanwhile, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was the only Harvest Moon game ever created for the PlayStation, and re-used characters from Harvest Moon 64 with new lives and personalities.

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  • Gordy Sqrl

    Oh hey. I’ve been looking for a copy of Destrega for years now. Good news for me.

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, hey, they’re beefing up the PSone Classics line a bit. Nice.

  • Arcm

    Destrega was a hell of a fun game, I regretted giving that game away for years now so having the chance to put it on the psp is nice.

  • Heehee

    I would have been leaping for joy for HM:BtN, but I already have HM:Boy and Girl for the PSP which is basically this.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      True, but any chance to put basically HM64 out is a good thing. That set of girls remains my favorite. I’ve always wondered if bartrollop Karen would have survived localization in the current ESRB guidelines for an E game. I mean you are able to save her from ‘falling’ into a wine vat and she makes no apologies for liking to imbibe.

      That being said, Karen (and every other of the darlins’) comes in distant DISTANTLY behind pure angel Popurri!

      • Heehee

        I’ll be Ann all the way. She may be a tomboy, but she can cook her way through Jack’s heart.

  • Marcus Stephens

    Wow looks like they’re going out all with the PSone classics in 2011

  • Shiloh Emerald

    Yes! I can play Saiyuki for less than $40!! Whoooo!!

  • ShinRekka

    Never heard of Destrega but when I saw you wrote fighting game, I just had watch some YT vids on it lol. Looks like a pretty fun arena fighter…..and Koei made this? Guess it’s pretty obscure and I’m kinda sad I never heard of it. Don’t mind getting it when it comes out.

    I hope Tobal No 1 gets released……..even better if the import only Tobal 2 also came.

    • Guest

      Koei made some pretty cool games back in the day before Dynasty Warriors took over their entire mind.

      7 Mansions (RE style horror game for DC)
      Zill O’ll (Final Fantasy like RPG for PS1 with a PS2 & PSP remake)
      Winback (MGS like Stealth shooter for N64/PS2)
      Dark Hunter (A JPN ADV game for PS1 that was completely in ENGLISH)

  • Testsubject909

    You know… I misread that as “Disgaea Saiyuki: Journey West”…

    Anyways, nice to see some more classics coming.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    It’s been a while since I’ve bought anything from the PSOne section, but I’ll take Saiyuki, which I’ve always wanted, and HM:B2N, as a replacement for my badly deteriorated PSX disc. Easily my favorite HM game ever.

    If they ever make an HD Harvest Moon game (not a Wii port), I’d like for it to look something like this (maybe not the characters, but the art *drool*):

    But buy HM:B2N, people! Natsume is testing whether they should bring RF: Oceans over to the west! >:D
    EDIT: …For the PS3, that is. The Wii version will come for sure.

    • puchinri

      Oh man, I really want to play Boku no Natsuyasumi, I don’t care how simple of a game it is. But a HD HM that looked like that? That would heavenly. The Harvest Goddess would truly be smiling upon us, eh?

      I almost want both versions. I like Frontier on the Wii so Oceans on Wii is the default for my, but the PS3 version isn’t looking bad.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I was lucky enough to get Saiyuki when I first got a PSX. Thankfully, it’s still in pretty good condition. Nice to see Sony getting the obscure titles up though.

  • PrinceHeir

    Now this is how you start your New Year :D

    hurry up with the Xenogears and Vagrant Story dates,

    oh an Chrono Cross/Trigger and Parasite Eve Archives please :)

  • Alexander Groce

    Can I download these games or are they only in Jpn?

    • puchinri

      I think if it’s the ESRB rating them, we can download them. I assume so, anyway.

    • Ishaan

      These will be for the U.S. PlayStation Network, since they’re being rated by the ESRB, which is the ratings board for videogames in the U.S. :)

      • Alexander Groce

        Awesome, thanks, Ishaan. I wasn’t sure how these things worked.

  • Linka

    I might get the PSN release of Back to Nature– I own Boy and Girl, sure, but it’s plagued with some nasty load times as well.

    A PSN release will probably work a lot, lot faster.

  • duyxbox

    Harvest Moon on Ps3 , thank you

  • FeatherNET

    Oh AWESOME! I love Destrega!

  • Gabriel May

    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, The best Harvest moon – yeah that’s awesome :D

    Saiyuki: Journey West is based on the anime and manga Saiyuki which is loosely based on the novel Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

    • Dustin Perrault

      Actually, if it’s the game I think it is, it has nothing to do with the anime and manga, other than “they were both based on the same novel”. I actually had a copy of this game thanks to living in Thailand. It has its own take on the story, of course: Instead of them naturally being some variants of monsters, the majority of the cast are “Weres”, long-lived beings that descend from a combination of monsters and humans… And possessing the ability to turn into gigantic monsters as “their true forms” for limited periods of time.

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