Watch A Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality And Mii Creation Demo

By Ishaan . January 3, 2011 . 10:29am


Weekly ASCII magazine in Japan has a new Nintendo 3DS demo to share, this one dealing with the system’s augmented reality capabilities using AR cards and Mii creation, which uses the camera to recognize your facial features and create a Mii based off of them.


When it releases in in Japan, the 3DS will ship with six different AR cards in the box. You can watch another 3DS features video from Nintendo’s conference earlier in the year here.

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  • pridesin

    Oh man… I really want to hold 3DS on my hand.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      There’s a Chinese dude that somehow got his hands on a 3DS (he/someone smuggled it off the factory) and he’s been posting pictures. He’s missing the back cover though, so you shouldn’t be TOO jealous! (I want one too, dammit)

      Poor guy, Nintendo will erase him.

      • I am shocked that someone managed to get hold of the device. It would have been nice if the OS for it was up and running so then we could finally see something new about the device. There didnt seem to be anything changed cosmetically with the unit and what was seen at the E3. I was hoping that the buttons would have been bigger and the power button changed. Otherwise I am optimistic about the Nintendo 3DS.

        I wish he had not done it though as in just a few mere days, I guess full models will be on display in all major territories for Nintendo at those public/press 3DS events.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I think that the E3 model was the final one… But I haven’t been following the 3DS’ progress at all, so I could be wrong.

          I can only give an opinion about the analog stick when I try it myself, but it seems like the d-pad is in an uncomfortable position, so I hope the stick is nice (I’m always afraid of breaking the PSP’s stick/nub/whatever).

          Even though I won’t be able to buy it anytime soon, I’m excited for it as well. What I’ve seen so far (well, mainly the increased 3rd party support) makes me want it.

          • malek86

            The d-pad in that weird position was the first thing that caught my eyes back when it was presented at E3. I think that Nintendo wants us to use mostly the stick anyway. But like any good PC gamer, I prefer buttons. Hopefully it won’t be too uncomfortable. I’ll see if i can try one out in a store before buying it.

          • Monster Hunter claw is NOT going to be fun with the d-pad all the way down there, real talk

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            As long as they get it right, I guess it’s OK (I’m not expecting it, though). Maybe the d-pad won’t feel as bad as it appears to. I guess it will be up to developers to decide if they will allow for games to be controlled with both the d-pad and the analog stick or decide to assign other functions to the d-pad.

            Not many games in the PSP (out of the ones I’ve played) allow for d-pad control, unfortunately.

          • sfried

            Who need claw when you have touchscreen for camera? Or better yet, AR position detection?

          • Exkaiser

            From what I’ve heard from the people who tried the 3DS, the nub feels more comfortable than the PSP’s nub, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Thank the heavens! And thank you!

  • Testsubject909

    Am I the only one who got slightly scared just seeing the face on the Youtube video, halting one’s hand from clicking the video to start…

    • Good thing it was just a mask with a camera in/on it somewhere…
      Edit: It took me 2 minutes to realize that. =X

  • malek86

    Do people still care about Mii’s?

    They were fun for the first few minutes, after that it just got boring.

    • vadde939

      Yeah it seems like Mii’s were pretty much useless unless you like the Wii Sports/Fit/Party etc games. I made a couple Mii’s when I first got my Wii but I haven’t even touched the Mii Channel since then.

      • Draparde

        i dont care about mii’s beyond using them for mario cart wii lol. (maybe if they where given periodic updates with new hairstyles and looks it’d be funner…but …without them its boring)

    • If cute Japanese women are demonstrating Mii’s, I’m damn well going to care.

  • Dude, like, yawn!!! This is nice, but the Mii’s need to be overhauled. It would be phenomenal if they had bolstered the graphical detail they give them and incorporate more textures, more hair styles, more clothing options, more facial expressions, and just well more everything. They could even have a fully developed world, maybe like sorta the Sims style for the Mii to live in on the 3DS and on the cloud for interaction. The Mii will be, simply, forgettable, and well just permanently relegated to gimmicky status. On the Wii when was it ever beneficial to use in a game that had Wii support? Mario Kart Wii? no.

    I will praise the fast speed of just taking an image and automatically making the Mii, so that means that when we get the unit on day one we can be done with it in less than a minute.

    • Except for the creating a Mii World. What will all that stuff you mention do for Miis? That will make the more enjoyable to people? Mii are just for collecting or use in games as extra characters. Games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Power Pros, and Mario Sports Mix. Are all more personal, and funner because you can represent yourself. So basically you want Xbox Avatars! With all the shine, options, but in the end still boring!

      Nintendo focus on giving Miis more to do or be used in more games!
      Last time I checked a game like Tomodachi Collection on The DS in Japan. Has out sold every other Avatar game by it self. Imagine if Nintendo released it outside of Japan. Giving Miis more activities is the way to go!

      • More activities? Maybe making it like the excellent experience that Playstation Home is, is what they should do for the Mii’s, theres plenty of activities right in there dude, I love it.

        Sure one can use the Mii’s for those games…but why would you use it over say the standard characters in a game, who even seriously plays Mario Kart Wii with a Mii; there is just no benefit for the true gamer. Tomodachi Collection seems pretty awesome though, why did we not get it. I would use a Mii (if it had some exponential increase in the number of polygons dedicated to it and better graphical design) in a game such as that, though. Simply, I’d be way more happy and excited if the Mii’s looked hot!

        • What does using your own character in a game have to do with being a true gamer or not?

          I swear, sometimes you just take sentences from your old posts and copy-paste them into your responses.

          I think you just want a higher Polygon count so you can replicate Vaan’s abs :P

          Like TheWon said, the only way to make Miis/avatars/Whatever actually be interesting is to give you something to do with them. For example, Imagine there was an Avatar integration system inside of SSFIV; You import your Avatar and pick a character’s fighting style for it. That way, you can customise your Avatar however you want and still be able to play with a fighting style you like (For me, it’d be a Black Psicom soldier with a pumpkin helmet shooting bootlegged Hadoukens Sakura-style).

          Another thing they could do is some sort of Achievement based system that unlocks more Mii options the higher your points go. It may not be much, but it’s more than what you get with Gamerscore.

        • Guest

          “excellent experience that Playstation Home is”

        • I stopped reading at “the excellent experience that Playstation Home is”. That glorified advertising hub is neither an experience nor excellent.

    • malek86

      “Dude, like, yawn!!!”

      First time I see somebody saying yawn with three exclamation marks. I thought boredom and excitement didn’t belong together.

      • onilink888

        It works if you’re wacked out on Skittles and/or sugar, trust me. :D

        I’m not much for Miis myself, but I am highly interested in the augmented reality possibilities.

        • fallen

          Yeah, me too. If LovePlus + Plusplus Plus + can provide me a girlfriend IN MY HOUSE, I am flappin’ SOLD.


  • karasuKumo

    Looks like it will have a lot of fun features :) And I can’t wait to get the all black 3DS! Thankfully we wont be forced to have a funky two coloured one.

    • Ugh I was hoping for the throw up green color or the carnival orange color, as they looked awesome, dude!

  • Xeahnort

    I really want one but unfortunately i can´t afford it.

    Dead Space 2, Neptunia, Ar Tonelico, Dragon Age 2… Too many new titles to buy

  • Umm…
    Why did you decide to make a news post of an extremely old video?

  • Pixelation fail! Also, you can kinda see the 3d effects coming off of the 3DS.

    While I’m not personally interested in Miis or AR games, I’m sure someone is. Rather it be in than out.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, Miis are really anything to get excited about (it would be cool if you could make your own profile with stats from games), but AR could potentially be interesting. Like a card battling game with real life cards that generate a virtual duel (remember the e-reader and pokemon ruby/sapphire, something like that), or using barcodes to generate monster fights in an RPG or monsters to collect a la monster rancher.

  • Guest

    Are you people really complaining about Miis!? What has the community become? Miis aren’t supposed to be deep or amazing they’re just a neat little feature for customization and an occasional use ingame. Nothing more nothing less. Get over it.

  • ok … now that i think about it .. why does the nintendo only has 1 analog stick as opposed to the upcoming psp2 which has 2, people are just gonna complain to nintendo about adding another analog stick ..

  • PrinceHeir

    woah looks like the 3DS is much more bigger than the ds and dsi but not as big as DS XL :)

    don’t care for the mii’s to be honest, made one from the wii never used him again except for save files and stuff.

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