Looks Like Cubic Ninja Will Be A 3DS Game In North America Too

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 1:35am

imagePrevious Mistwalker publisher AQ Interactive is getting back into game publishing. They snuck an announcement about a Nintendo 3DS game called Cubic Ninja in a roll of third-party developer footage.


While details about Cubic Ninja are scarce, it appears AQ Interactive has plans to release this game overseas. They filed a trademark for Cubic Ninja in the USA, an action AQ Interactive rarely does.


Perhaps, Cubic Ninja will be Xseed’s first Nintendo 3DS game since AQ Interactive is their parent company. On the other hand, games like Blue Dragon Plus and Away Shuffle Dungeon were handled by other publishers in North America.

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  • Nice to another 3DS game…but Im still waiting for more true games, games that true gamers would enjoy playing and buying.

    • I’m scared to ask you, of all people, but pray tell, what are some of these games that “true games would enjoy playing and buying.”?

      • Sticking to what has been announced for the 3DS, just about anything that isnt a port nor a remake nor an offshoot of a successful series, would be something that provides long lasting, fun, and innovative gameplay.

        • I have to say that those are some pretty big words coming from a hypocrite…

          Please, in the future, keep your opinions about what you think is good and what you think is bad to yourself. Most people here are going to disagree with your tastes here, no matter what words you look up in a thesaurus.

        • Apache_Chief

          You know, I don’t even care if you’re trolling or just clueless. This website’s comment section just wouldn’t be the same without you. Don’t ever change.

    • Ren

      You mean, like, people who are the complete apposite of you? I don’t know what your definition of true ‘true gamer’ means, but you are the last person I would give such a title. Not that I’m trying to pick a bone with you or anything, but to me you are just a non-casual gamer who likes JRPGs, anime/manga based games and western ‘appeal to all the masses’ games. I think a true gamer needs a different mindset, ‘though I could be wrong…

      KHR fan aside, what is this game even about? I don’t remember seeing any article about this one before.

      • This is the first article I’ve seen about this and the second paragraph says details are scarce so… I guess we should wait for more details?

      • Rather than resorting to the copy and paste method of the last definition or going to urbandictionary, a true gamer would just be one who enjoys games that affect the heart and the mind in a myriad of ways through high climax experiences, dramatic and intriguing gameplay mechanics and stories, and just downright wants a darn tootin good time with games.

        Only a spare few puzzle like games provide some lasting gameplay and although they are usually innovative, they just get boring after awhile and too repetitious. I like Puzzle Quest, but well, just like bejeweled you can only link and connect jewels for oh so long.

        • If you need a definition, you’re not a “true gamer”. If anything, you’re just a casual gamer who adores Jrpgs and other anime games that get brought stateside…

    • I thought true gamers were people that played video games because they really enjoyed them and did not discriminate by publisher, genre, etc. Thank you for correcting this egregious error of mine.

      • lol dude, no problem, us true gamers have got to correct the perceptions and unite to gather more members

        • Did you even read what he said?

        • Gather more members? I didn’t realize true gamers were part of a cult too :U

        • Ren

          Tip for understanding sarcasm: very few people here agree with most of your views and you don’t have a particulary upstanding popularity, so, if someone agrees with something you said there’s a 80% possibility that it was sarcasm. Unless that person has proved to agree with you on a constant basis, you might as well take any agreement or fawning as sarcasm.

          It’s sad to see that there are people can’t even understand how normal social interactions work.

          Say KHRfan, what country are you from?

  • PrinceHeir

    hey AQ Interactive why not make another Nier like game? :D

  • Brave Little Toaster, is that you?

  • If we get this we should get Cubivore as well!

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