Post 119608

Ubisoft Are Publishing Cubic Ninja, Too

By Ishaan . March 14, 2011 . 8:24am

In addition to Animal Resort, Ubisoft are also publishing Cubic Ninja.

Post 118210

Watch A Bunch Of Cute Girls Play Cubic Ninja

By Ishaan . March 6, 2011 . 1:35pm

Yes, this is how you’ll play AQ Interactive’s gyro-action puzzle-platformer.

Post 117490

Cubic Ninja Is The First 3DS Game Without 3D

By Ishaan . March 1, 2011 . 9:03am

However, AQ Interactive are including other features like an editor and online stage sharing in the gyro-controlled platformer.

Post 115682

AQ Interactive’s Cubic Ninja Jumps To 3DS This April

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 11:46am

We’ve seen very little of the actual game so far, even though it releases in a little over two months in Japan.

Post 108145

Looks Like Cubic Ninja Will Be A 3DS Game In North America Too

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 1:35am

Could this be Xseed’s first Nintendo 3DS game?

Post 90106

Tales Of The Abyss Leaps Onto Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . September 29, 2010 . 1:49am

Famitsu posted a long list of Nintendo 3DS games announced for Japan, which includes a few new titles like Tales of the Abyss, Cubic Ninja and a Puzzle Bobble game from Square Enix.

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