Nintendo 3DS

Watch A Bunch Of Cute Girls Play Cubic Ninja



Cubic Ninja is AQ Interactive’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS platformer starring…well…a cubic ninja. The the puzzle-platformer is controlled by moving and tilting the 3DS, making use of its internal gyrometer.


AQI released a new promo video for Cubic Ninja this week, and it shows a bunch of girls having fun with the game, and gives you an idea of how you’ll be playing it. The people in the background are possibly the game’s development team, seeing as how the gentleman in the blue shirt is Takuya Matsumoto, the game’s producer. Matsumoto also worked with Mistwalker and Nintendo on The Last Story, for which AQ Interactive handled the programming.


The trailer also brings up another interesting point of note. Recent reports have indicated that Cubic Ninja won’t be 3D-compatible, but now we aren’t so sure.


At one point in the trailer, the text specifies that if you aren’t looking at the 3DS from a reasonable angle, there are things that you won’t be able to see. We can’t tell if this is a subtle way of specifying that the game isn’t compatible with 3D or if it means that the 3D can be turned on at the cost of visibility while you make Yoga poses with your 3DS.

Ishaan Sahdev
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