Super Robot Taisen Z Sequel Adds Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, And Votoms

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 6:10pm

imageFor the 20th anniversary of the Super Robot Taisen series Namco Bandai has a Super Robot Taisen Z sequel lined up. It won’t be for the PlayStation 2, however, The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z: Breakthrough Chapter is a PSP game.


As always, the series has new mechs to play with. Here’s a list of series added to The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z:

Armored Trooper Votoms
Armored Trooper Votoms Pailsen Files
Armored Trooper Votoms Red Shoulder Document: The Roots of Ambition
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Dai Guard
Eureka Seven the Movie: Pocket Full of Rainbows
Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann The Movie: Childhood’s End
Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva
Mazinger Z
Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Returning mecha from Super Robot Taisen Z including (but not limited to!) Turn A Gundam, Gundam Z, Char’s Counterattack, Gundam X, Godmars, Macross Frontier, Overman King Gainer, and The Big O are in the game as well.


The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z: Breakthrough Chapter is slated for release on April 14.

  • Exkaiser

    All of my money.

    Take it.

    • WonderSteve

      You must have been “Geassed”

      • no he believed in bandai who believed in him who believed in the fact that his money shall PIERCE THE HEAVENS

        • Too bad he dies before getting there and loses his spirit entirely.

      • Exkaiser

        No, man, I just want to fund Dai-Guard. They need every yen they can get!

        • Guest

          Dai-Guard’s Rocket Punch will be the greatest attack in the game. I’m wondering if they’ll give it real or super stats though.

          • Exkaiser

            Boss Borot stats.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00, well that makes this a must have, dude! lol. Gosh darn, please some bring this out in the states!

    • godmars

      Sadly, just too many licensing issues. Especially with anything with Macross in it. Also doubt they expert their to be any sizable mech fans in the West.


      • Exkaiser

        But they’re right. Licensed series SRWs would never make a profit in the West.

        • Such a shame… T_T

        • godmars

          I can still call them idiots, even if I use the wrong “there.” More so for what they’re not doing with the Tales games, namely porting them.

        • Guest

          The licensing really isnt even the problem as evident with Tatsunoko vs Capcom making it over here. Most of those Anime licenses don’t apply to games; just the actual Anime and a lot of them expire anyway and aren’t renewed.
          The problem is BandaiNamco themselves and also a bit of Sunrise who own a lot of the Anime mecha rights (in Japan) (which I hear is part of the reason the mech stay SD most of the time because they charge a lot to feature full size mecha in games —not sure if that rumor is true so don’t quote me on that).
          But yeah really…the Dynasty Warriors Gundam series gets pushed to the U.S. because of Koei’s involvement but haven’t you noticed the severe drop off of Gundam games in the West since the disastrous Crossfire for PS3.
          We don’t have a single Gundam VS game here for the PSP.
          Basically with Namco, if it isn’t one of their flagship classic titles or Naruto/DBZ then it’s not coming here. Ever. (see Tales).

          The only way would be for maybe an outside company like Koei to develop it (I’d rather not them of course but just sayin’), start completely from the ground up fresh, maybe in the lines of SRW Scramble Commander 2nd (real size robots in 3D) but with faster gameplay in the likes of Vanquish which would have to totally knock the pants off the average Western game reviewer and buyer for people to stand up and take notice.
          Cause as you can see, Front Mission Evolved flopped and we never got Front Mission 5 either.

          • Exkaiser

            Tatsunoko vs Capcom still had to have a couple things removed because of licensing, including all the music. Mecha franchise rights are much more scattered than Tatsunoko show rights. It’s still going to cost money to gather it up for a game, remembering that they still have to pay licensing fees for the Japanese companies that own the shows in addition to whatever Western companies may hold licenses over on this side.

            Still, the fact of the matter is that even though it is theoretically possible to get together the rights to publish a SRW over here, it wouldn’t sell. It’s far too niche, and there’s almost no market at all for it, especially with Gundam having long since passed from the zeitgeist. TvC managed to get a pass because it’s part of the Capcom vs series. SRW has no similar established Western fanbase.

            The production cost required to localize outweighs the potential profit. It won’t happen. It has nothing to do with “Bandai-Namco won’t let it happen,” it’s “It would be an entirely unprofitable venture and no one would risk it.”

          • Guest

            Music will almost always be removed because in a sense, they are paying for royalties “twice” (once in Japan and again for Western release) unless it’s one song like “Ai Wo Torimodose” for Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage.
            The Genie got removed because of some existing European license but all the other ones were approved. Tatsunoko is just as scattered as Mecha because in Europe, each country has their own licensing publisher for the same Tatsunoko anime.
            And like I said, most Western companies, unless its a popular show like DBZ, only hold license for video and TV distribution; doesn’t always apply over to the games division. I know this because I’ve actually called and spoken to several license holders.
            It’s stupid to say “there’s no market for it it’s too niche” when mech games and action games are still made with similar themes just with new IP’s or older existing game specific IP’s (Front Mission/Armored Core/Virtua On/Custom Robo Arena). If the game is good and marketed well it has potential.
            The problem is BandaiNamco. Because you could be saying/using the same excuses for the Tales series and we know it’s simply not true. They are just too finnicky. SEGA said the same thing with the Yakuza series initially and yet they still took a chance and brought it over (despite some content being removed but whatever)

          • Exkaiser

            You say that it’s stupid to say that it’s too niche when in fact it is. Front Mission Evolved flopped, you said it yourself. Armored Core is intensely niche. We didn’t even get Front Mission 5, as you said, and we still haven’t gotten Lord of the Elementals for the DS. Lost Planet 2 was a flop as well as being critically panned. We might not be getting Virtual-On Force for the 360, and OT didn’t have a huge following on the 360 to begin with. Custom Robo and Custom Robo Arena most likely got a pass because they got namedropped in SSBM, but they don’t really appeal to the same niche as giant robot anime fans. Not only that, but the two SRPG SRW games we got were exceedingly niche releases, meaning there isn’t a pool to draw from for a much larger, much riskier release. And Endless Frontier? In all honesty it’s very far removed from much of the franchise.

            And like I said, even if the Western license holders don’t hold the games distribution rights, they still have to get them at least once from Japan anyways because the original licensing for the Japanese release of SRW games only picks up rights for Japan.

            Moreover, the selling point of SRW is the giant robot anime crossover aspect, which is almost completely foreign to the West as the genre is, with a few exceptions (Voltron, Gundam Wing, and to a lesser extent, Big O), unpopular. Gundam, the most popular franchise over here, has completely faded into obscurity with only heavy anime fans even watching Gundam 00. Nevermind that anime games are a hard sell to begin with.

            While there’s enough of a niche to allow for games like Armored Core to be localized, there’s nowhere near the volume required to justify localizing a SRW game which is a much more costly venture. You keep saying “Oh if it was just marketed right,” but not only does marketing cost money, making the venture more risky, there is not a large audience they could appeal to that would not already be following the game through anime/video game news sites.

            Endless Frontier was released just after Banpresto games was consolidated into Bandai-Namco games. It isn’t Bandai-Namco hoarding rights, especially since the franchise is still under the sole discretion of the Banpresto games subsection, it’s SRW being unprofitable. Pretending that it would be is nothing more than wishful thinking. The only, only licensed-series SRW with a ghost of a chance of being localized is SRW W, because of the relative Western popularity of the series involved as well as all related series having at least their first halves localized, and that ship sailed a long time ago.

            SRWZ2 has a much, much larger cast including many, many series that have never made it to the West, which is more licenses they have to procure, which is more money they have to spend, but whose titles won’t contribute to the sales of the game. Even if there would be a SRW that could get localized, this one isn’t it.

            Give it up. It’s just not going to happen. SRW and ACE are just not profitable ventures.

          • Caligula

            But marketing isn’t the answer. You could market all day and night and saturate everyone in North America with ads encouraging them to buy SRW, but most people still wouldn’t buy it because they’re just not interested. Only a handful of people like mecha, and marketing won’t change that. Add a small market for mecha games to high licensing costs, and SRW is an automatic no-go.

            Also, Bandai-Namco isn’t being finicky with Tales. It’s the same deal. Not that many people like RPGs (and anime-esque RPGs at that), and since it’s a text-heavy game, it’s immensely expensive to translate and provide voice acting. Why bother putting in the effort when basically nobody wants to buy it? Yeah, Tales fans insist there are tons of people who want to buy Tales, but the sales figures for every game aside from Symphonia indicate otherwise.

      • WonderSteve

        I thought the Macross license issue was resolved? I remember seeing DVD with “Macross,” not “Robotech” in stores.

        Someone enlighten me? or was I seeing the ghost of Minmay?

        • Exkaiser

          That still had Harmony Gold’s involvement.

    • LoL at Gundam 00 fan.

  • godmars

    But no PS3 version announced… :(

    • Exkaiser

      Seems like they’ll release a number of chapters on the PSP and then compile them on the PS3, a la Impact.

    • WonderSteve

      SRW will probably never get a budget large enough for PS3 development. Unless, the development cost on PS3 becomes very cheap.

      If there is an immediate PS3 version in the future, I expect it will have a lot less series, which defeat the purpose of the game.

  • pridesin

    Do these series ever release outside the Japan??
    I have not seen any of these series being translated so far.
    It seem fun game to play.

    • Exkaiser

      Three games in the franchise have been officially localized, none of which feature licensed robots from anime. Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1 and 2 for the GBA, and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier for the DS.

      • pridesin

        Thank you for the information, I hope newer versions to release in the U.S in future.

        • Endless Frontier is a must play. I loved it and am gonna do a second playthrough! I love the voices too, even if they are in Japanese still awesome, and the games mechanics are super good dude!

        • Guest

          A translation team just fan translated Super Robot Taisen J for GBA the other day. Plus SRW Alpha Gaiden for PS1 and SRW 3 for SNES has been fully translated for awhile now.

          The only reason those OG games were released in the U.S. was by way of Atlus publishing Banpresto’s games before Banpresto was completely taken over by BandaiNamco. After they got fully taken over however, it seems Atlus has lost rights to publish them in the West since thats now the BandaiNamco’s full rights and we know how picky BandaiNamco is…

          • Exkaiser

            No? Endless Frontier came out in the US after Banpresto’s games division was shuffled into Bandai-Namco Games.

            Banpresto’s games division is actually still pretty autonomous within Bandai-Namco Games.

          • Guest

            No it didn’t. It came out right before the final takeover of Banpresto.

  • Guest

    Eureka seveN, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann. My top 3 anime (in that order) all in one game that I’ll never get to play. Woe is me. Translation is also out the window thanks to PSP, then again none of the SRW fan-translations for DS have been completed. Still even with just a menu and item translation I’d find a way to finish this.

  • Day 1 purchase!! Some MUCH wanted/surprising series additions (Dai Guard is very under appreciated IMO).

  • These games always looks awesome but it always blew my mind that they’ve never made a game like SRT but with Kaiju. The dialogue would be all “rawwrr” “woooooorahhhhh” “aarrrggghhh” and stuff but the visuals would spectaculate the eyes with cheesy rubber suit goodness/crumbling cities/explosions… sprite form!

    • Guest

      They kinda did

      Godzilla had a SRPG for the Sega Gamegear and the Ultraman series had a SRPG for the GBA

      • Exkaiser

        They also made Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 for the PSX, which also had Ultraman.

  • … Mazinger Z or Shin Mazinger ?

    • Exkaiser

      It’s Shin Mazinger.

  • I wonder if their going to keep the zodiac theme going with the Originals.

    • Kibbitz

      Didn’t notice a theme, could you explain?

      • Gunleon and the Wounded Lion sphere. Virgora series and the Sorrowful Maiden sphere.

  • Kibbitz

    Just wanted to point out that neither God Mars nor Macross F were in SRT Z, so they are not ‘returning mecha’. They are returning in a sense, I guess, since they were in previous games. Fantastic list, count me in.

  • This is the eight time I’ve said it since I’ve seen the scans.



  • Tom_Phoenix

    If this cast list is to be believed, this makes Z2 the fourth game with the largest cast list. Only Alpha, Alpha for Dreamcast and Alpha 3 have more shows included (@/@3 31, @DC 32….yeah, that’s right, @DC of all games has the most shows included XD).

    Right now, I am speechless…although one thing I can say is this…..THANK F**KING HEAVENS, FINALLY!!!! I was -so- getting tired of handheld titles constantly being treated poorly. It’s rewarding to finally see them giving portable systems the respect they deserve….although, to be honest, considering that the home console market in Japan has already been heavily cannibalised and that portable systems have become the bread and butter of Namco Bandai and the Japanese gaming industry at large, they didn’t really have much choice in the matter. I honestly wouldn’t be suprised if Z2 was intended to be a home console title, but they changed their mind upon seeing the mass market shifting towards portable systems.

    Having said that, this title is the very definition of a “killer app” for me. As excited I am for the 3DS, this honestly makes me consider getting a PSP first. Although, even if I do decide to get the PSP first, the fact that my intern abroad starts in April means that I won’t get to enjoy the game at the same time as everyone else. =( Oh well, I guess I will wait for 3DS information regarding region restrictions before I commit to a decision.

    One thing that is disappointing to me personally is that, with Z2 being a portable title, it increases the chances of OG3 being made for consoles. Personally, as happy as I am about this, I would much prefer if OG3 was a portable title and Z2 a console one. Or…wait….if Z2 is being developed for the PSP, then the 3DS title could turn out to be…. O_O Well…I guess I will just have to wait and see how that goes.

    Another disappointment is that Masoukinshin is not included. I guess the fated encounter between Asakim and Masaki will have to wait:

    Also, FINALLY, they are using the Gundam Wing TV series again. This makes me enormously happy, since I much prefer the Gundam design and plot from the TV series over Endless Waltz. I just hope we get Rhythm Emotion as a BGM, since that hasn’t seen use since Destiny.

    • z_merquise

      Now that you mention it, I feel like listening to Rhythm Emotion again. Gundam Wing had the best theme songs in a Gundam series, in my opinion.

      Ahh . . . the music really brings back memories when I am starting to get into anime and shows like Gundam Wing, Samurai X, Trigun , Slam Dunk and Cowboy Bebop were the first shows that I grew to love back in the mid to late 90’s.

  • GamerKT

    Damn, I thought there was gonna be another Gurren Lagann game…

  • Gurren Lagann, hell yeah! Plus I’m one of like the three people in the entire world who liked Shin Mazinger, so that ought to be fun too. (Still wish Imagawa had managed a complete story in the time allotted, though.)

  • Phlo

    Couple of errors:
    Eureka Seven isn’t being added to SRWZ2, exactly. E7 was in Z1, it’s the E7 movie that’s in Z2.
    You listed “Mazinger Z”, which has been in SRW since the very first game in the series, as a new series. You’re looking for “Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen”
    And the errors about “returning mecha from SRWZ” that someone else already pointed out.

  • PrinceHeir

    we need another Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier like game :)

    put all the mecha franchises in japan(including the ACE Another Century Series)

    why no Xenosaga AGWS? :(

  • evilmoogle

    Wait what! for psp?!
    A freakin’ miracle!

  • Not enough UC Gundam.

  • z_merquise

    Namco-Bandai is on a roll with good news lately. First, Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos, then the confirmation of a new SoulCalibur game, now this.

    Only thing left is to release Endless Frontier: Exceed outside Japan.

  • z_merquise

    I just found some interesting info about the game. I only got this from NeoGAF by the way:

    Okay some details on SRWZ2 Hakai-hen:

    – This is the part 1 of SRWZ2. The game is divided into 2 parts.

    – Development started at around March 2009.

    – For many of the new series including Geass, Gundam 00, and Gurren Lagann, they are 2 part stories. Hakai-hen will only cover the first half of their stories.

    – That means Season1 only for Geass and Gundam 00, and up to ep15 (and the first movie) for GL.

    – Gundam Wing TV and Gundam 00 will have a connected storyline in SRWZ2, the reason for this is probably because both cover essentially the same goals in different perspectives.

    – Dai-Guard and Trider will also be connected because both storylines feature corporations as a story backdrop, and their business worlds will connected in SRWZ2.

    – Even though this is a 2-part sequel, the Hakai-hen will still contain huge climatic original enemies of its own in the game.


    Special thanks to duckroll of NeoGAF for the info!!


  • Chaheezor

    It seems with all the complaining people have forgotten the game can be imported and played as PSP has no region lock. If you want to play it that badly then import, I mean you clearly have no other choice besides not playing at all and moping about it.

    I know I’ll be importing once I get a new PSP

  • Your Geass is the Geass that will pierce the heavens! btw is Godannar gonna be in it?

    • z_merquise

      It looks like Godannar wasn’t listed, sadly.

      I really wanted Godannar and GunXSword to appear in this game. And Zone of the Enders. Oh well, there’s always a sequel.

  • lunier

    Godmars and Macross Frontier were never in the original Z though…

  • LynxAmali

    It’s actually Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-Hen. (True Mazinger Impact- Z Chapter)

    With that being said, WTF?! I thought Konami had the rights to TTGL. >_<

    Double Dancougar and Gravion makes me happy. Double Dancouken possible? Or for that matter, Double DanCou Formation or Double Dancougaken?

    And lulz….Getter Robo Armageddon. Hopefully, they use Armageddon's characters and plot and allow us to change between Original Getter Team and Armageddon's starting team. I NEED MY HEATS!

  • Mazinger + Getter Robot + Gurren Lagann = Ultimate brofist.

    Take all my money too. I hope too see more about Asakim too =)

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