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This Week In Sales: Atlus Commit An Innocent Sin, Namco Go Super Again

By Ishaan . April 20, 2011 . 4:28pm

The flood of new releases last week included Persona 2: Innocent Sin, The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z, and Pilotwings Resort. Let’s see how they did.

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Grab A Seat Before Watching This Video Of The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z

By Spencer . March 29, 2011 . 11:00am

Namco Bandai’s third trailer for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z is the longest yet. It’s sixteen minutes of super-deformed robot special attacks.

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The Second 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Trailer Cuts In And Attacks

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 1:44am

If you want to see Mazinger Z’s rocket puuuuuunch or the Nirvash Type 0 surf through the sky watch this trailer

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The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Lands On PSP With A Little Limited Edition

By Spencer . January 13, 2011 . 3:08am

Speaking of special editions, Namco Bandai has a limited edition package for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z.

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The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Gets Its First Trailer

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 11:26am

Namco Bandai release a rather exciting trailer for their newest Super Robot Wars Game.

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Super Robot Taisen Z Sequel Adds Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, And Votoms

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 6:10pm

For the 20th anniversary of the Super Robot Taisen series Namco Bandai has a Super Robot Taisen Z sequel lined up.

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