Namco Bringing Sailor Moon Game To Nintendo DS…In Italy

By Ishaan . January 5, 2011 . 10:30am

Namco Bandai Games Europe are reviving Sailor Moon in game form on the Nintendo DS…but only in Italy. Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende (or Sailor Moon: The Shining Moon) has you playing as Sailor princesses Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.


La Luna Splende is the Italian title for Sailor Moon R, suggesting that the game might take place during the series’ “Black Moon” arc. La Luna Splende has you exploring three worlds — the "Jewel Palace," the "Mystery Castle" and "Flower Garden," each consisting of 20 to 30 stages.


Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende is due out in Spring 2011. Namco haven’t confirmed the game for release in any territory outside Italy yet.

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  • Wow Sailor Moon, I remember watching it so long ago, Mercury was always my favorite, lol. It would be interesting if this made it to other european and united states nations. Im surprised countries havent been airing it again, arent we in a sailor moon anniversary year?

    • Ren

      Is my country the only one who tends to reair this and Sakura Cardcaptors every two to five years? Well, my country reairs Dragon Ball Z pretty much every year, so it could be because of that.

      • shy_mel

        I’m gonna leans towards yes because Italy and a few other countries (I think) have regained the rights in the last 1-2 years. At least I’ve read as much.

  • zhemos

    Next they’ll announce Tales of Graces F for middle eastern territories. While working on a sequel to muscle march for North America.

    • superdry

      I would totally love a sequel to Muscle March. It’s an awesomely weird game.

      • Guess I better Bing what Muscle March is…people play that on their tv on their Wii?! wow

        • Dude, Yahoo! is so much better than Bing.

        • In this age of Google… Why Bing?

          • To understand that Google is god in earth is still hard for people xD

          • Because we need to support Microsoft and not information hungry Google. It is easier to using Bing with the superior and phenomenal Internet Explorer Browser.

          • You sound like a drone who downloads information from mainstream media and doesn’t object to any of it. Both companies are just as ambitious as the other, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bad-mouthing either company in a serious matter the way you”re doing it is not something nobody should do though, as that’s just reeks of ignorance and arrogance.

          • But we dont know what they do with all this data, for all I know, while Im sitting here browsing the site on Google Chrome, they could be collected the sites I visit and buidling a cyborg with my tendencies of posting and personality in their home base, emulating my every move !!!!

          • Yeah… I’m not even going to try and come up with an actual response to something so ridiculously full of paranoia as that. Not even an actual troll would come up with something that ridiculous.

          • Superior and phenomenal IE? God, what pot are you smoking, Tsuna chan? D:

          • Use chrome, in my opinion, microsoft reap us off more than google… Hey, i never ever once used money on google anyway haha so…

    • Code

      America has never needed something more! Muscle March 2! Now with co-op play!

  • The correct traduction is The Moon Shines, non The Shining Moon

  • malek86

    This summer, one of the biggest national broadcaster started re-airing the series, so I can understand why they would want to publish a game like that here.

    Still… I don’t think there’s much money to be made for a DS game in italy. Too much piracy. If they published it in the whole Europe, maybe, but just here? I guess this game is gonna have an astoundingly low budget.

    • kylehyde

      Sailor Moon is insanely popular in Italy so probably thats the reason that they think that it could work.

      • malek86

        R4’s are also insanely popular in here, much more so than many other countries, and especially among young children.

        Perhaps they wanna have it as a pack-in with some magazine? it wouldn’t surprise me, wouldn’t be the first time. I have seen it happen with other girls-oriented games.

        • Im sure most of the little girls in italy (assuming is as famous as other people point) barely know how to use an R4, they will get lots of sales from lil’ girls :P

          • malek86

            Nope. The ones buying little girls their games are the parents, and they know too well how to use an R4… that’s the reason they bought a DS in the first place.

          • kylehyde

            And many parents are to old that some of them barely know how to operate a computer aside from the programs that they use to work.

  • MisterNiwa

    This is so f####ing random.

    • You obviously have no idea how popular Sailor Moon is in Italy.

      • It is? O.0

      • malek86

        Yeah. The only way they could make it any more popular here, would be if they made a Heidi spin-off, something like “Heidi becomes a sailor senshi”. Possibly with Lupin III as a guest star.

        • maxchain

          Put me down for one each of the regular series and your idea.

  • MrRobbyM

    Why aren’t there more Sailor Moon games.

    • Guest

      Because the Anime has long finished and the shows aren’t really airing anymore? Well over in Italy it’s being rebroadcasted hence this game tie-in release.

      • MrRobbyM

        Well as Matty said. There were only two. There might be more but I don’t remember any others.

    • There was a beat ’em up Sailor Moon game that was released in arcades (not in U.S., but made it to Europe at least) that looked really cool.
      I think there was a 2D fighter, too, but I hear that wasn’t as a fun…

      • MrRobbyM

        I remember the beat em’ up pretty well. My cousin emulated it years ago when I was just a wee lad. I just looked it up a few minutes ago and…it’s a pretty bad game but it was fun back then.

      • TomSkylark

        There were several others, too–a series of puzzle game clones (a decent one for the “S” series, iirc, as well as several later balloon-popping puzzlers), as well a full-fledged Rpg called “Another Story,” which was either made by Square, or borrowed very heavily from FF VI. There’s a fan translation that has been circling the internet for a good decade, and is worth picking up.

  • This happening because the international Sailor Moon revival campaign has been a HUGE success in Italy, it pulls in just under a million viewers now on average. This game will more than likely do well there.

    Supposedly Sailor Moon was supposed to come back to the US after the license freeze in 2005, but it doesn’t look like any of the companies here (namely Funimation) are biting.

  • Ren

    I just noticed I never played a Sailor Moon game before. And I just remembered I played every Hamtaro one. Why can’t they make new Hamtaro ones too? The gba games were really good, at least from my younger perspective.

  • MizuMikomi

    So they are following after the revival of a preivously deader than a door-knob anime and making a game off of it, when they could be taking that effort and put it into localizing tales games?

    Bravo Namco, your business decisions never have been so flawless! [/sarcasm]

    • malek86

      In all fairness, chances are they’ll just outsource the development to some small european developer, so it’s not like they are wasting any effort on this.

      And I don’t expect the budget to be particularly large, probably just a quick cash-in. So I guess they aren’t really wasting any money either.

      • MizuMikomi

        Again, it was just a joke, I do stuff like this to get responses… I probably should stop that… haha.

        And I know they will, its Namco after all, what would you expect? Of course they aren’t wasting money, releasing a game like this in an area where its still extremely popular and re-emerging is a perfect business strategy.

        The only thing that will infuriate me is if I hear about them actually advertising for this game, when they don’t even advertise for Tales or .Hack outside of Japan.

        • Caligula

          Tales fans always claim that advertising will solve all of Tales’ problems, but the bottom line is games like .hack and Tales are niche games. You can advertise all day and night, but that’s not going to bring them out of niche status. Hit series like Final Fantasy are the exception and not the norm.

    • A DS game seems simpler and a Sailor Moon at that with some measurable aspect of popularity. I cant imagine the SM fanbase to have decreased over the years, especially with volumes of its series all selling no less than 300K units…its probably to aid in marketing as well so they can sell Blu-Rays of Sailor Moon, etc….Plus with not high sales for the previous two Tales of games…well, wheres the fanbase?

      • MizuMikomi

        It was a joke, but whatever; I am just being the butt-hurt tales fan I am, no need to pay attention to me I suppose. Lol

        And actually no you are wrong, Vesperia sold better in the west that it did in Japan; on the 360 that is, here is pushed out almost 250k copies, in japan it got about 170 – 190k. Hence why them not releasing the PS3 port here makes no sense what so ever.

        • 250K is high? Didnt Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 do better than that alone on both systems?

          • MizuMikomi

            High for a Tales game, I could care less about the other games Namco pushes out.

          • Exkaiser

            Pittance for a Tales game. Symphonia sold twice that much.

            I know you don’t care about that, but it’s what matters to Bandai-Namco.

          • Caligula

            Saying Vesperia’s sales were good because it did well for a Tales game in the US is kind of like saying getting a D on a test is a pretty good grade because you got Fs on all of the other tests. Vesperia’s sales might have beaten Abyss’s or Legendia’s, but they still sucked.

            Also, I’m not sure how well a re-release of Vesperia would do here anyway. Tales is popular in Japan, so the Japanese will snap up a new release just because they’re fans. Aside from the fact that the game’s plot was a complete mess, the fanbase isn’t nearly as big in NA, so not that many people will be rushing out to buy a new version here.

          • malek86

            Why do people compare Symphonia to all other games? Last I checked, it looks like its sales in the west were abnormally high for the series, must be due to some factors I don’t know about. I don’t think a new game would reach those kind of sales today. Vesperia probably did ok.

          • lol man, why don’t you compare it to a even bigger franchise, like final fantasy xD comparing naruto to other games would be kind if unfair

          • What other big franchise does Namco Bandai have, fighting games…Ben 10, DBZ?

      • Why on earth do people still say that the Tales of games have low sales? The last two Tales games (Symophonia 2 and Vesperia) both sold over 300K units in America, more than their games targeted at Western Audiences. Hell, Vesperia 360 sold more in America than it did in Japan. Back on topic, Sailor Moon, Sailor moon, Sailor moon!!! Now release dub of Sailor Stars in America Toei, and I want the old voice cast back too.

        • MizuMikomi

          See, this is what I try and get across to people all the time, but now one ever seems to listen.. its really starting to get old… -___-

          • This always happens here, don’t worry xD, happened to me a bunch of times

        • well if it was truly high enough sales then other tales games would have been brought over, right?



            Do you actually read the news here? DO you remember the time when Bandai Namco released their “expectations” of how well they want their games will sell? Did you not see that not a single one of them met their expectations? Does that even mean a thing to you?

          • Naruto did, didnt they even increase expectations for that, oh and for Ben 10 as well.

        • Exkaiser

          Because Vesperia for the 360 sold half what Symphonia for the Gamecube sold? Never mind that Vesperia was also more costly to localize than Symphonia was.

          And DotNW sold 200k, not 300k. Vesperia sold 250k. Symphonia sold 550k, IIRC.

          Vesperia 360 was also crippled in Japanese sales because of the lack of 360 owners.

          Sure, the sales are acceptable for a niche series, but that’s what the Tales series is. Namco Bandai doesn’t feel it’s worthwhile publishing niche franchises, which is why they’ve been trying (and failing) to make a smash-hit game instead of localizing things that have a track record of less than stellar sales. It’s a risky business plan, but they’re also a rather large company. Niche localizations won’t support them the way they’d support, say, Atlus USA. Moreover, sales of the Tales series haven’t been gone up since the hit that was Symphonia, the opposite, in fact, but localization costs keep increasing. Other JRPG series, on the other hand, sell over a million copies in the US [on major console releases] (Final Fantasy), or at least have growing user bases (Dragon Quest).

          Is it unfair to compare Tales to Final Fantasy? Sure. But from a business perspective, Bandai-Namco would much rather have a Final Fantasy on their hands than a Megami Tensei. You can’t really blame them.

          • Hraesvelgr

            On the other hand, most of the games they’ve localized instead of Tales have not done any better. It’s all fine and well for them to want to release games that will sell better, but they really haven’t been able to do that. The only games they’ve really been able to net sales with are their other long-running series, like Tekken or Soulcalibur.

            And, really, comparing Tales to Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest is a bit low. As far as I know, none of the Dragon Quest titles since VIII have sold as well, with the exception of DQIX, which has been pushed heavily by Nintendo. Even then, I don’t think it’s quite reached DQVIII sales yet. Another reason for DQVIII’s success may also be because it included a demo disc for the (at the time) newest Final Fantasy game.

            I don’t think I need to really say much about the Final Fantasy comparison, though. Frankly, no JRPG has ever come close to Final Fantasy and I’d be surprised if they ever do. JRPGs have been, and likely always will be, a niche genre of games outside of Japan. I can see where you’re coming from in saying that Namco Bandai may not want to bother with niche game titles, but they’ve released more than enough Tales games to have figured out the series’ status before Vesperia.

            And if they don’t want to release the games in English, then they should let other companies do it. Several other niche publishers have expressed interest in releasing Tales games, but NB won’t let anyone else touch them.

          • Exkaiser

            Dragon Quest IX was a portable game, naturally the sales are going to be lower that VIII’s because of the console-portable jump. Square-Enix itself said that Dragon Quest’s user base is growing, and the last two main games did quite well for themselves.

            Of course the Final Fantasy comparison is unfair, but this is what Bandai-Namco is looking at. A JRPG franchise that can pull out a million in sales on every major console installment is the kind of hit they want, and not something that gets less than 300,000 each time. They’re not going to get that out of the Tales franchise, but that’s why they haven’t been localizing.

            As far as them knowing the series’ niche status, that’s why they haven’t been localizing many. They had an unlikely hit with the release of Symphonia and they want to get those numbers out of the franchise again, but it just isn’t happening. They want to sell 500,000, not 250,000.

            The fact of the matter is that they really haven’t had any successes along the lines of what they’re looking for. They don’t have properties that can sell millions of copies in the West.

            And the fact of the matter is that they are under no obligation to let other people handle their properties. “They should let other companies do it”? If they don’t want to split up profits or hand out the license, then they don’t have to.

            Remember, the last time they had an outside publisher handle the franchise (Tales of Phantasia for the GBA), it was a huge flop. If a large publisher like Nintendo can’t make a profit with the title, why should they let xSeed or the like? They still have to foot the bill if the project loses money.

            Tales fans talk a lot about what Banco should or should not do, but I find that often it comes down to what they want that would be best for the fans, and not best for the company.

            Really, I think fans should just accept that the series is going to remain in Japan and get cracking on the fan-translations. They wouldn’t be the first fandom to do that. Actually, on that note, the Graces and Hearts translation projects seem to be going just swimmingly.

    • Barrit

      Don’t worry. They’ll probably set an unreasonable 10 million sales goal and after it isn’t met never release a game like that in Italy again.

      • MizuMikomi

        Haha, very funny.

    • Exkaiser

      Angered response pointing out the flaws in your logic!

      • MizuMikomi

        I hope you feel like you accomplished something meaningful then. Also I prefer not to compare Final Fantasy to Tales for a multitude of reasons. Those of which, I won’t state because I’d piss off people and end up “baiting” tons of fans which would likely end up in me getting banned or something.

        The response to my original comment has already proven out to be ridiculous, and it really didn’t need to have that big of a blowout, I mean honestly it was 65% joke and 35% Tales fanboy… it’s nothing new around here. -__-

        • Exkaiser

          Why are you responding to my joke post? I don’t really understand.

          But yet you stated you posted your original comment to garner replies. You didn’t think this was going to happen? Some people are really pretty fed up with Tales fans dragging their troubles into everything.

          Tales butthurt is going to draw negative responses. If you don’t want to start a thread of it, then don’t post it.

          • MizuMikomi

            I couldn’t tell it was a joke and I was in a hurry, so I whipped up a response without analyzing your comment. Almost all of my comments about Tales are me joking around.

            I might be a fan, but I have already come to the conclusion they aren’t going to localize. I mean I just imported Tales of Vesperia PS3 last Monday; it arrived 2 days later, and I haven’t stopped playing it since then. I am one of those Tales fans that likes making fun of other Tales fans because I want them to see how butthurt they look, since I can’t stand it.

            Those were the types of responses I was hoping to garner; butthurt fans pleading their case to someone who could care less, but I shouldn’t have tried slightly baiting people in the first place.. especially on an article about Sailor Moon, of all things.

            For future reference: Most of my comments related to Tales are bed ridden with sarcasm, or mockery. Plus I am an avid importer and could care less about localizations from this series by now, if it happens great! If not, then no harm done to me. Lol

    • Sailor Moon was never “deader than a door-knob”, the fanbase was always active despite a slight remission starting in 2005 (when the rights were frozen, and no one was getting anything as far as the anime went… not even Japan!) It’s recently become a lot more active as of late thanks to Toei’s international campaign.

      They are capitalizing on a big success story for the franchise in Italy. The game looks relatively low budget so I’m sure it’ll probably turn a profit.

      • MizuMikomi

        It was a joke… sheesh, and I know the fanbase has always been active. And again, I recanted my statement saying; it is probably a good business move on Namco’s part, due to the popularity of Sailor Moon in Italy.

  • … Even though I haven’t actually watched Sailor Moon since high school, I think I’d still buy this if it came to the US. XD Probably if it was in the bargain bin.

    • cj_iwakura

      Coming from a huge Sailor Moon fan, the show has held up incredibly well. Especially S and Stars. (Super S is still mediocre.)

      • I only saw up to that psycho circus storyline – where there were the four girls named after moons (I think) that followed a witch’s orders, but weren’t really bad?

        I still hope, deep in my heart, that there will one day be a Virtual Console release of Sailor Moon: Another Story.

        • cj_iwakura

          That’s Super S. S was about The Witches 5 and Professor Tomoe; the best villain in the entire series. It never takes itself too seriously.

          Tomoe PLAYS TWISTER with his subordinates. Take that, Beryl.

        • Joanna

          The anime does tend to drag around there. That’s probably why I prefer the manga in general, no filler, story moves at a brisk pace, and Usagi is much more mature. Of course, the wackiness of the anime is reason enough for any fan to watch it as well. I’ve actually been rewatching it subbed recently. It’s much more endearing in the original. :3

      • Yukito

        I agree. S and Stars was amazing. This game actually grew faith in Namco again for me. Not ALOT but it did. If this is an RPG, …….. oh lord, will I be happy. Sailor Moon wasn’t forgotten…… this is just…..awesome. :(

  • *tsk* I can smell the 3DS version soon

  • shy_mel

    Give the US rights to Funimation already Toei! The DiC and Cloverway days are long gone.

    • If they truly did gauge peoples opinions on Sailor Moon on it, then maybe funimation has it and will redub it and such…?

      • The theory right now is someone DOES have it, but isn’t ready to reveal. It will probably be Funimation since they had it as an option on a survey they did and the the turnout was RIDICULOUSLY high.

        A VERY interesting note about Sailor Moon in North America: It was trademarked here by Toei in 2007. The trademark is going to EXPIRE in about 4-5 weeks. Hopefully something is said soon…

        • Wow, I didn’t know about that. I’m not a fan, but I know something like Sailor Moon would inject some oomph into this industry.
          Guess we’ll wait to see if anything is announced. It seems pretty common in anime/manga where a company just sits on a property and we won’t hear anything in years, if at all.

  • Pichi

    After seeing some screens, its kind of low budget in ways. I might bite if ever brought over, but I doubt it.

  • LOL oh snap! new Sailor Moon game coming for the DS this Spring, mmm mini skirts on my dual screen ~<3

  • lol remember watching sailor moon on fox kid…brings back memories.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Italy was always a country where certain animes tended to enjoy a great deal of popularity, like many of the old school Super Robot shows (Daitarn 3, Kotetsu Jeeg etc.), for example. So this isn’t THAT suprising, although it is a pleasant suprise. I am happy for my neighbours (I live in Slovenia, right next to Italy ;) ).

    That said, we will see if the sales will justify any further such localisations, especially since other companies who had done so in the past (Capcom with the Ace Attorney series) have ceased such operations.

    • malek86

      Yes, for some reason, Italy seems to like their old stuff. Many people here still have fond memories of Hokuto no Ken, Lupin the Third, Goldrake, Sanpei, Tiger Man, Heidi… and their opening songs never fail to be recognized even in internet forums.

      Maybe because TV was very popular here, and we also got many more anime than other countries.

  • PrinceHeir

    oh well Sailor Moon was one of the most poppular anime series in south eastern asia, i guess the Nanoha anime’s are the new sailor moon?

    just localize Tales already “-______-

  • cj_iwakura

    What in the hell.

  • cj_iwakura

    Also, this could be a port of the Super NES Sailor Moon R beat’em’up, which was pretty fun.

  • This is awesome! I’m all for any resurgence in popularity for Sailor Moon, as it doesn’t seem like another shoujo series ever managed to capture the same popularity afterwards. Good job Italy – here’s hoping Funi (or SOMEONE) finds some way to bring the series back in the US as well!

  • landlock

    Well it’s not that surprising Konami released Captain Tsubasa and Kirarin Revolution anime DS games in Europe last year. Can’t remember which country might have been Italy aswell. KR was in English aswell while Tsubasa was not.

  • lol I can totally see that happening since the remastered Sailor Moon episodes are/were being shown in Japan & Italy first. Japan was hoping it’ll start a movement when the remastered versions were being aired, but I haven’t heard anything else outside of Italy quite yet. But it’s cool to see Sailor Moon up here. Brings back soooo many different childhood memories.

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