LovePlus Mobile Chargers Make You Last Longer

By Ishaan . January 6, 2011 . 5:25pm

Not enough LovePlus merchandise in your life for when you aren’t hanging out with Rinko/Manake/Nene? Don’t fret, Konami have more…a lot more.


Due for release on February 10th, are LovePlus Mobile Chargers. But they don’t just charge regular phones…they’ll work with your Nintendo DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, PSP and iPhone as well, via a variety of pins (full list of compatible devices at link) that are part of the package:


Since the chargers are portable, you can carry them with you and use them like battery life extension devices. Konami say that using the LovePlus Mobile Charger with a regular phone will increase your battery life by up to six hours, and with smart phones for up to two hours.


Naturally, they come in three different flavours, too, representing each of the LovePlus girls. If you’re so inclined, you can book them on starting this Friday (Jan 7th). They cost 5,480 yen (roughly $67.50).

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  • Apache_Chief

    Those actually seem pretty useful, but I bet you can get a non branded version for a lot less money. Also, nice title.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    that’s cool……but expensive…

  • Manaka’s one pwnz

    • NO!! NENE FTW!

      • Aoshi00

        Nene in her waitress outfit bringing you a cup of coffee = FTW :)

        • *nosebleed*
          Oh no, my lab report D:

          • Nene’s fans united?!

          • Fear us, WildArms. Ph34R!! I declare a love war!

          • There are times, when fapping over super sweet gals is more important than some reports dude, this is one of the times.

          • Amen

          • You’ve shown me the light. Thanks for the moral support dude! Now I know my priorities :3

        • I dunno guys, Rinko is kinda awesomely cute.

          • Aoshi00

            Yay a Rinko fan, see we could all live in harmony :) I just don’t think this is the cutest shot of her though..

          • Wah?! Holding a guitar is a +10 cuteness in my book :P

          • Aoshi00

            But the smoke coming out of the coffee Nene holds is in a heart shape, so that’s +20 lol..

          • And being wet is a +50 in my book xD

          • Rinko isn’t bad, but i prefer them with longer hair xD

          • Oh good to know, thanks for the information, haven’t played the games yet(know enough about the three though). Man another thing which is so much better in games than in real life, you can have more save files.

          • Truth be told, I love all three of them, and I wish I would have the same pimp skills, like Souji Seta from Persona 4, this way I could have all three at the same time, yeah~
            This way I need three copies of the game, whew almost more expensive as a real girlfriend =/

          • But it has 3 save files :O

          • Yeah lol, you can have all of them packed in one game xD

      • I must say that nene is good as well, but manaka’s innocence won me o.o (and her tennis’s uniform)

    • Testsubject909

      I’ve never played the game, but based on some pictures I’ve seen. I’ll go with Manaka.

      Now… 6 hours huh? So, a guy who buys himself a harem of 3 girls gets 18 hours… He’ll be playing 24/7!


      Well, actually.

      Manaka or Rinko. Saw a youtube video of all three giving out goodnight kisses… Rinko was definitely, to me, the most adorable of them all.

      [edit 2]

      Somehow… I feel as though what I said could easily be followed by a picture saying “Forever Alone”.

      • Lol, NOOOO! You gotta come to manaka’s side… muahaha

  • shion16

    find a girlfriend is easier and cheaper xD

    • cheaper? 0.=, i dont think so xD, it really depends on the person though, but when i was in a relationship, and we went out, i always end up paying everything (it doesnt bothers me of course, most of men love to spoil their girlfriend :P)… but hell it was expensive and paying for 2 a lot of times is not cheap… T.T

      • shion16

        xDDD yeah good point
        The same thing happen to me with my girlfriend xD
        my apologies

        “find a girlfriend is easier but not cheaper ” xD

        • Aoshi00

          Getting a Marc Jacobs handbag for a Christmas gift was not cheap >,<…

          • Welcome to 3D :D

          • shion16


  • Eeek, the price. Hey if it makes DSi XL not have putrid batt life.

  • The capacity doesn’t seem to be very large.. More interested to know how long they can keep my portables running rather than phones

  • Aoshi00

    I want to get the Nene one (so cute!), that would be very handly for the PSP Go which has sucky battery life, my -2000 alrdy has the Sony extended battery which works wonder like doubling the juice.. If stores like P-A, Y-A, or AmiAmi stock them, I would get the Nene one :) The Rinko guitar one is okay, but it’s a picture from one of the CDs..

    • paya paya pon pon pata pon.

      Ahh… i wish i could get all this kind of stuff more easily, oh cruel destiny

      • I really want that 1/8 Nene, but it’s Konami Online Store exclusive, and prices are above RRP everywhere. I am disappoint

        • Aoshi00

          You mean this Konami one? Very nice..

          I guess we’d just have to settle for the Beach Queen one :) probably too embarrassing to put on the desk though..

          I’m actually not a very big figure guy, I was very tempted by the Nene Nendoroid, it’s adorable.. I should’ve bought it before when I had the chance.. the only anime girl figure I own is Tokiko from Busou Renkin. I haven’t even opened the box and it’s still mint lol… I would open it if I have a glass display case or something..

          • Ahaha I’m more of a figure person.. I spend equal amounts of money on games and figures, and artbooks a distant second. Why does figures have to be so expensive :(

            The only reason I wanted Konami’s Nene is because of this!

            Interchangeable hairs! Now you can customise your Nene!
            *Manaka and Rinko sold separately, T&C apply

            That’s one nice looking Tokiko you’ve got there XD I really should finish Busou Renkin…

          • Aoshi00

            TOO NICE! They even have the hair styles not used in the game, but I like their default hairdo the most, I don’t like the new summer ‘do in Love Plus +

            I love looking at these figures on AmiAmi’s blog, it’s just that they’re so expensive, that’s what keeps me from buying them, even the nendoroids aren’t cheap.. I really want to get the new Saint Seiya Cloth Myth figures, they’re much more detailed than the Bandai ones from years ago, again too expensive..

            Busou Renkin is awesome, people should read it for Tokiko at the very least, Watsuki does subtle moe much better :) I wish his short lived Gun Blaze West would be animated one day (Embalming might too.. but I don’t know where the story is going at this point).

            But yea, I don’t dare to get into figures, I would definitely go broke on top of games.. so I guess I’d just have to be content looking at their pictures..

          • Oh, awesome Tokiko! I wish I had this too, or at least the mangas(can’t find all volumes..)

          • Aoshi00

            I loved Tokiko, I think I got it from for around $60 back then.. I wonder if there’s a Tokiko Nendoroid w/ chibi Valkyrie Skirt in sleep mode :)

          • The wind was pretty strong in the first one uh? 3_3 i don’t think i will ever have the guts to buy one of those things, unless i live alone, single, and have more money than i need xD i need all those requirements.

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I feel a bit guilty too, I think I prefer the cute super deformed Nendoroids. Manaka in her Sailormoon pose, Rinko w/ her earbuds, and Nene’s frowny angry face, they just scream cuteness..


            I guess I don’t mind putting up mecha figures.. I have a couple of Patlabor ones, and have this little guy on my desk now. I used to have those Gundam and Tekkaman Blade plastic models, but my horrible amateur paint jobs kinda ruined them..


            Figures are amazing, just expensive…

          • Man, so awesome and so expensive at the same time =/..I love all these figures, and I’m looking always at shops, if they have some new amazing ones, but the prices are really nothing to laugh I always have to set priorities at what to buy and what to forget(or at least hope for a discount), It’s an amazing money trap, one can not escape, once trapped..

            Never had the chance to read it, but the anime was awesome, really loveable characters and unique too. Though I never knew that Embalming is from the same guy, might look into it.

          • Aoshi00

            Definitely a very expensive hobby.. I want to get some of the new Saint Seiya Cloth Myth series, but can’t afford them.. I know it’d be a bottomless pit if I start to collect one,


            You should read the manga if you have a chance, it’s only 10 volumes, the anime was good and mostly faithful to the manga, except the middle part the Renkin Sendan fights were condensed or omitted. Yep, it was Watsuki, the author of Rurouni Kenshin who did Busou Renkin and Embalming as well, going a bit slow though being in the monthly Square Jump…

          • What an awesome way to put it. Yeah, I’m pretty much trapped in thhat money trap. I keep telling myself NO MORE FIGURES, but I can’t resist going to HobbySearch/AmiAmi and drooling all over the figures while clicking the ‘order’ button.


            If only I could print money

          • Hahahaha i can’t xD i just love all chibi version of everything, if i see a tiny fork or a tiny spawn or whatever i always start to laught xD manaka looks so funny, i remember when the MC told her to do that pose xD.

            Oh, im not really into mechas, but i did love, love love love Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann, i would surely get anything if its from that anime.

          • There is one nice figure of the Gurren-Lagann Katoki version, wit tribals and a giant ass drill, It’s not even that expensive, I love it, but I have to say, it’s posability isn’t on the same level as the Gundam modelkits, from Bandai or the Evangelion, Gunbuster, Getter and other action figures from Revoltech(yeah I love my mechas <3)
            Well but as you aren't that into mechas, I leave it at that xD

          • It’s sad that Gun Blaze West got cancelled. It had potential! I love Nobuhiro Watsuki’s work, but I can’t seem to bring myself to like Embalming.

            The whole series is just, ooookay, that’s a frankenstein monster, kill it. Oh noes, he’s a frankenstein and I’m a frankenstein too what should I do? I stopped reading after Chapter 10… It’s just too confusing

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, GBW did have potential, I was especially moved by the prologue chapters and Marcus was a good character, but Watsuki admitted his planning was poor (pressure was probably high after Kenshin being a bit hit), and the simpler art style he experimented w/ just didn’t go over too well either.. I like the different settings of all of his manga though, Bakumatsu/Meiji, wild West, modern Jpn/school life, and now London, he put a lot of thought researching the background.

            Technically Busou Renkin got canceled too, but Jump gave him 2 more long chapters to give it a proper ending, and it ended up being a bit of a cult hit, and then two more novels and the anime followed.

            I got all 4 volumes for Embalming so far, I thought the first 3 volumes were pretty good, but the Ripper fight in vol. 4 was boring.. and his designs is kinda horrible sometimes.. but the darker and more gory drawing is refreshing. I like it when there’s less fights.. I still get giddy whenever a new volume is released because I’m still a huge fan of his, and they get released so sparingly, like Hunter x Hunter..

            If they’re making Nendoroid for Rurouni Kenshin and Busou Renkin, then all bets are off, they would own my wallet lol.. It’s sad they still haven’t done it for Tokiko, imagine the chibi Valkyrie skirt blades.. I want to hug her and touch her scar lol..

      • Godammit, you just reminded me that there’s still two months until Patapon 3 comes out… along with God Eater.

        • Haha, im also waiting for that freaking game, is strangely addicting ._., and of course any monster hunter fan is also looking forward for God Eater >8D
          Good thing we are getting the game with all the extras!

  • MarkMario
    • Yeah! Go help me down here! there are 2 Nene’s fan againts me :(

      • Aoshi00

        lol.. Manaka’s very innocent and cute, but who could resist the older sister-like Nene-san, mature and sophisticated, but still cute :) I think all Love Plus fans could be united. hey, I got all 3 artbooks and DSi cases, so I’m not playing any favorite lol.. Nene’s just so darn cute though. Have you listened to the drama CDs, their alternate personalities are pretty funny.. I can’t wait to see what they cook up w/ Love Plus 3DS.

        • Haha no xD lol, you are so lucky you can get those kind of things D:
          Yeah, i remember when i played it, i was having a hard time choosing between those two, also, Nene was always teasing you, it always made me laught xD.

          Lol, if i get to play the 3DS one only depends if that thing will be region free… *sigh*

  • Wow Siliconera. Nice article title.

  • PrinceHeir

    why does japan doesn’t want to export their japanese mobile phones? it beats the hell out of any phones release to date. Iphone? samsung? lol they are nothing compared to NTT DoCoMo.

    more Nene please :D

  • If this can buff up the upcoming 3DS’s poor battery life, consider myself sold.

  • …These aren’t actually bad looking, and I couldn’t give a damn about LovePlus. Probably get the green one.

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