Positive Signs For Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition On Consoles

By Ishaan . January 6, 2011 . 11:48am

Now that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is out in the wild in Japan, Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono, is focusing on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, due for release sometime this year.


That doesn’t mean Ono’s forgotten about the console versions of Super IV, however. He’s been getting an endless number of queries from fans about content from the Arcade Edition for months, and mentioned at the possibility of a downloadable update as far back as October, when he submitted a written proposal to the concerned authorities at Capcom.


Unsurprisingly, it appears as though the necessary arrangements for a downloadable update have all fallen into place. Ono’s gleefully been sending winks and smileys to everyone that asks him about the Arcade Edition over Twitter lately.


“Heheheheee about AE!!” he replied to one follower, who reminded him of the matter on New Year’s Eve. “Hehehe, We are developing SSFIV for Nintendo 3DS just now. Next, we will be….. ;D” he teased, in reply to another tweet, also asking about Arcade Edition DLC.


Additionally, PC gamers still hoping for a port of Super Street Fighter IV may not be completely out of luck either. This is a dicier subject than the Arcade Edition, since different people from Capcom have addressed it with a range of statements, going from an outright “Not happening” to “We’re trying.”


Ono’s latest statement on this front, when pointed to a petition for a PC version of Super IV on Capcom’s community hub was, “I know it. I’m trying it. Plz wait it’s news.”


Capcom’s U.S. office is in charge of Street Fighter, so if there’s anyone Ono has to convince, it’s them. Naturally, the prospect of greenlighting a conversion for a piracy-prone platform is a little harder than signing off a proposal for making more money through DLC.

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  • I’m okay with this, but only as DLC. They’re not getting $40 out of me again for a handful of new characters

    • TrevHead

      I wouldnt mind getting it as a full game, but thats only because I dont have SF4 and was originally holding out for the PC release of SSF4. But with the way capcom has handled the whole issue im refusing to buy the original, atleast untill they get their act together with PC game releases

  • This better be DLC! I didn’t buy Super because this is not the 16Bit era anymore! We have hard drives now use them!

    • xxx128

      Yeah, and those 16bit cardriges were only a few thousand times faster than our harddrives :P

    • Guest

      Super Street Fighter IV: Hyper Mega Ultra Turbo Duo Arcade Championship Edition

      • epy

        …you forgot adding EX there.

        • And HD

          • GamerKT

            And Remix.

  • xxx128

    All i want is a PC port of SSF4AE. DO IT CAPCOM!

  • there will always be piracy on the pc

    deal with it

    • Code

      Or don’t! These are both options~!

      • TrevHead

        It seems that capcom have changed from a pro PC games publisher to one who is not. As even Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 isnt getting a PC release.

        And yes it is all down to piracy. Capcom games are always highly pirated but this might have to do with BCR 1 been a dlc only game which are allways pirated in high volume. The other highly pirated game was SF4, but this is probably more to do with it been on the crappy GFW label (pirated copies can go online anyway which is the crux of a VS fighting game)

        It seems to me that capcam higher management sitting in their ivy tower just see the basic statistics and dont understand the complexaties of thye issue

        • So, how do you propose they deal with these complexities…?

          • TrevHead

            When I said complexities I ment in how they view piracy. As for every game pirated doent equal 1 lost sale, most pirates wouldnt of bought the game anyway. And by insuring the best content is online (thats why no1 pirates a mmo) like SF4s online VS mode will mean that the dodgy copy is nothing more the an demo and anyone who really likes the game will go out and buy the product.
            (for example sf4 pc still sold really well even with rampant piracy)

            I would drop the GFW label, as it allows ppl to obtain the full game (online play enabled) by just buying a old GFW game for £2 and use its PW on the full priced sf4.

  • I seriously don’t know if anyone in the fighting game community should take ono serious since he’s been trolling us since AE been annouced. In my opinion, I don’t think they would just give ono the okay to release the AE DLC for console when the AE just released last month. I’ll give them a few months for the AE to die down…abit.

    • CrisSpiegel

      You have to learn to read Ono. When he says that it’s difficult, that means maybe even if remote. When he says he will do he’s best, something is definitely happening inside Capcomland. When he starts teasing, then release date will soon be announced.

      When things are not happening at the moment, he will say it straight. He never says never because there’s no never in business.

      I twitted this:
      @Yoshi_OnoChin Use whatever anti-piracy method you will but please bring us SSFIVAE to PC!!!

      That was the reply:
      Thx! I’ll try to live up to your expectations. ;D RT @CrisSpiegel: Use whatever anti-piracy method you will but please bring us SSFIVAE PC

      In Ono-ese, this means PC version is in their plans.

      • TrevHead

        I just want to know why capcom use games for windows? dont they know its a shitty label thats a dream for pirates? They should drop the label and do what valve do with their games like HL2, ie steam is needed for every copy, physical or DLC.

        I remember reading somewhere that steam only games are less likly to get pirated. Dunno if thats true though

        • PrinceHeir

          the reason why ono doesn’t want a steam release is because he said most of the international countries doesn’t have steam, for a app that most PC Elitist love to boast it’s not even available internationally, only major western countries which sucks since a lot of people are missing out tons of deals and games. i guess capcom really wants SSFIV to be a bigger brand for street fighter.

          hopefully they do make a steam release. games for windows suck ass tbh

  • TrevHead

    Anyway now that Sony is fcuked with the PS3 getting its rootkit hacked (making it so that no physical modding is needed) Now that everyman and his dog will be pirating their games. Are we gonna see Capcom abandon the PS3 like theyve done with the PC?

    • No, only the scumbags will be pirating their games.

      The Wii and the 360 were cracked a long time ago, but people still buy more games for those than pirate them. It’ll be the same for the PS3.

      It’ll hurt Sony, just as it has hurt Microsoft and Nintendo, but it won’t be the disaster that PC pirating is.

      • TrevHead

        Its all to do with how easy it is to pirate games imo, untill a console comes out that allows ppl to connect to the net and dl dodgy games straight to the pc the pc will have higher piracy figures. If the ps3 hack really does allow folk to pirate without modding or getting bused by sony then i can see every tom dick an harry doing it.

        • As I said, you’re implying that every one out there is an untrustworthy thief. Look how easy it is to hack the DS. You’d think that their sales would have sunk to zero, yet people still buy games on there.

          Personally, I don’t even like discussing piracy because I think it gives too much attention to the low-lifes in our society.My biggest hope is that Sony figures out some way to detect if people are using this and then bricks the systems of anyone who does. Piracy should never be tolerated. Period.

          • TrevHead

            Ofc not everybody does pirate, but a large percentage of ppl who are under 25 have pirated atleast one thing in their lives. As for ppl in parts of the world that games arnt marketed, piracy is the norm.

            I also have talking about piracy but it continues to be an issue with the greedy industry executives who are pulling games from the pc due to it

  • So for consoles that have the AE DLC installed, they’re going to splinter the online matchmaking? That sounds like a headache to casual consumers, and even for Capcom itself to execute.

    I say it should honestly be a disc release like other games that have expansion packs, like Red Dead Redemption, and Rock Band Track packs… This AE DLC, and im based this on the Catalog packs that are offered on the marketplace, will already be upwards of 800 megs for new characters and a re-balanced system changes. A Disc based release will bring the SSF4 completely up-to-date, with the new characters, new Series 2 Alt costumes for the original cast, and the new AE system changes.

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