Revolver 360 On Xbox Live Arcade Has A “25 Window Mode”

By Ishaan . January 6, 2011 . 9:29am


At 240 Microsoft points, Revolver 360 by Cross Eaglet is a bit more expensive than the other Xbox Live Indie Games we’ve been covering this week, but it also looks considerably more impressive with its constantly-tilting screen and crazy features like 25 Window Mode.


The game also has its own trophy system, global rankings and looks gorgeous in screenshots. Here, take a look:



As per usual, Revolver 360 has a free demo on Xbox Live Arcade, which you can try before you buy. You can also find more screenshots on Cross Eaglet’s website.

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  • I don’t actually understand the difference between “Short Range Mode”, “Infinite Range Mode”, and “Beyond Infinite”, as seen in that video.

  • Code

    rar, I think my blood pressure actually went up from watching that trailer xpx

    • the music definitely got my blood pumping. I concur also that the blurriness detracts from the video/quality.

      • Code

        I’m glad it’s the video that’s blurry and wasn’t a sign of having a coronary opo;

        I don’t know I want to like it, like the last few indie shmups that have been posted, (haven’t tried the demo just yet on this one) but I feel like “pace” is the magic word that these shmups need to investigate in x_x’

  • malek86

    Looks interesting, and somehow reminds me a bit of Rez.

    But I’m afraid it would give me motion sickness in 3,25 seconds.

    • TrevHead

      Thats why most shmups have slow moving backgrounds or atleast mute out the colour and have no features that catches the eye.

      Just look at the quicktime video of this iphone shmup, It makes me feel physically sick after 15 seconds and I dont normally get motion sickness in videogames.

      The crazy thing is, is the the dev wishes the scrolling speed was faster lol

  • godmars


    (Why is everything so fuzzy?)

  • TrevHead

    I remember seeing a video of this a while back while it was still in development. I thought that the rotation mechanic would be most likly just a gimik unless the dev added some complex (japanese style) stage design. Well going off that trailer it look like the dev has done just that. I hope its a success :)

    • dunno, I think the mechanic still seems like innovation for the sake of innovation, interesting but doesn’t seem like much fun

      • It is actually pretty interesting. Patterns are your standard bullet hell, but say there is a wave of bullets you can’t dodge that are vertical across your screen, you can rotate so the take up less room and you can dodge them. But enemies correct their firing accordingly, so if you don’t do it at the right time, you can end up with an undodgable circle of death.

    • You can be complex without being “Japanese”

  • TrevHead

    Infact Ild stay dont watch it through to the end, unless you want to feel like I do atm :(

  • Terrible video. Whoever captured this needs to replace their capture card. This looks all blurry and headache inducing. The actual game is nothing like that.

  • I… I WANT THIS!! I wonder if I have enough points left over…

    • They should go easy on the bloom lighting. Half the time, I couldn’t even differentiate between the bullets and the background, even by rotating.

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