Nintendo 3DS Battery Life Averages 3 – 5 Hours, DSiWare Can Be Moved Over

By Ishaan . January 7, 2011 . 6:40pm

According to a list of Nintendo 3DS specs on Nintendo’s official website for the device, you can expect the 3DS’ battery to last you between 3 and 5 hours while playing 3DS software.


Playing regular Nintendo DS games on the 3DS won’t drain the battery as fast, and you can expect between 5 – 8 hours of battery life. Charging the battery completely could take up to 3.5 hours.


Nintendo’s spec sheet also reveals that you’ll be able to move digitally-purchased software (DSiWare) over from the DSi and DSiXL to your 3DS. However, there is an unspecified limit to the number of times you’ll be able to move a piece of software.

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  • 3-5 hours of battery life?! WOW! I guess we better stay tethered to playing long games at home and hopefully keep the charger with us as we have it in our workspaces too. I thought it was supposed to last longer than the DSi?

    • mirumu

      What’s interesting to me is that they say it takes 3.5 hours to charge, and that the most demanding games will drain the battery in 3 hours. That suggests playing a game like that drains more current than the charger can supply. e.g. if your battery is flat then even playing with the charger connected won’t provide enough power to play. That’s crazy if it’s true.

  • neetloaf

    And suddenly interest in the 3DS has dropped by a significant amount.

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      And in turn, the number of long games being released.

    • “Battery recharge time is approximately 2 – 3 hours, although this will vary depending on the remaining charge when you begin to recharge the battery.”

      Better, no?

      high brightness (4-6 hours), highest brightness(3-4 hours) (From Kotaku)

      This is also Noted in the 3DS site

      *The battery life varies depending on the brightness of the screen .
      *The approximate battery life. May be less depending on operating conditions.

      Just put it at the lawest/2nd Lowest Brightness, Turn the Wireless off(You can during gameplay) and I think You’ll be alright.

      • Exkaiser

        That’s right, the wireless being on constantly would be one of the major battery drain factors, huh?

        I’ve heard that about DQIX’s tag mode.

      • thebanditking

        These are Nintendo’s estimates, actual battery life for portable devices is usually lower then the estimates. I will bet on a solid 3 hours for a full charge to empty on the 3DS with higher fidelity titles draining it quicker. The higher end number is usually based on not playing any software and doing minuet things like browsing features or leaving the system running,

        • Seems odd that the recharge time would rival that of actual gameplay time….especially if games that actually require the wireless mode to be on.

    • thebanditking

      I agree, but only because there is little else to entice a purchase. I bought a PSP at launch which had a similar battery life, difference there was the line up of titles (Dark stalkers, Ape Escape, Lumines, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Ac!d) was much more enticing. I am sticking by my original claim, the system will sell out at launch and the 3 months that follow but without a steady flow of titles they system will suffer because of its price range.

      • I think by having the list of all those titles coming, with footage and select screens they may avoid the suffering issues without a steady flow of titles. People can see whats coming so they will buy it knowing that what they want to play is coming out by end of the fiscal year ending 2011, dude, am I right?

  • Woa that’s not so good, so taking it to trips will kinda suck ._., good thing i also have my psp

    • I usually carry both my handhelds for long 12 hours car rides or lengthy flights lasting all day. Though its still annoying that I cant truly play involving games without being taken out of the experience and having to need to go on a hunt to find the charger in my backpack backpack…(odd why did that remind me of Dora…)

  • They better offer a larger capacity battery like the PSP has.

    • Of course they will! Knowing the world of bizz, the devs surely had some longer batteries on it, but the higher up people said:

      “Yare Yare, make those batteries last less so we can sell a more capacity batteries later!wwwwwww desu”

  • Well DSi Varies between 3-4 Hours
    This just If You’re playing at the Highest Brightness and Max Volume with Wireless on

  • Guest

    That’s pretty bad but I dunno we’ll see. My results with stuff like this is never as advertised. Luckily I play my portables in the house if Im out Im not playing games or the session is really short.

    • I wonder, can it be played while charging on that charging cradle thing?

      • Oh that’s another thing, i can at least connect my DS and play but i dont know if i could in that charging base or w/e

      • Guest

        I’m pretty sure that’s been confirmed though I’m not 100% sure. I’m too lazy to luck it up. =P

  • malek86

    Is that for max brightness and active wi-fi or something like that? I guess I could use a lot more juice by having a slightly darker screen and deactivating wi-fi. Not looking good, anyway, because my DS Lite runs for around 10 hours.

    Still, it’s been a while since Nintendo has actually given me some good news about the 3DS. But in the end, the region lock will make or break the deal…

    • About the Battery?
      Yes, I’m sure, Even Nintendo Noted that in the site.

    • I will reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally get mad if the 3DS is region locked.

      And, knowing the humanity, im sure if its region blocked, a lot more people will try to hack it… Making it a serious threat for nintendo, even with their reinforced security.

      • Code

        rarr agreed I really don’t wanna see the system regionally locked omo; And admittedly I never thought about that but your kind of right, regionally locked systems probably are more likely targets of hacking, for the sake of playing imports >o>’

    • Oh lord no region lock! I still have dreadful nightmares of region lock since the PS2, even worse with Wii and 360…brrr.

      But really 3-5 hours, that’s barely enough to start the game and clear the first two levels(if it’s text, action and or story heavy). =/

      • malek86

        This paragraph from Kotaku has me a bit worried:

        “With the screen’s backlighting turned down (but not off), you’ll get 3-5 hours of battery life while playing a 3DS game.”

        I’m not sure where they’ve taken it, but it’s still worrying.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Isn’t region locking basically guaranteed if Nintendo has gone as far as to state the DLC can be transferred?

        • Guest

          Where did they say “DLC” can’t be transferred?

          • Tokyo Guy

            No, I think you misread what I wrote. I said it CAN be transferred. As the DLC is region protected, so to speak, it would logically follow that the 3DS would have to be too, less there would be a problem transferring things. (I’m guessing it is going to have to be done online somehow, be it re-downloading them ((probably not)) or registering something to allow SD Card access or something.).

            Also if Nintendo was so gung-ho on region protecting the Wii AND DSi then it would be quite a change of strategy to not do it again.

    • Guest

      What do you mean by make or break deal? If isn’t region free are you just never going to buy a 3DS or wait?

      • malek86

        Region lock means I’ll wait until it drops to a much lower price. Exactly how lower, depends on how many good games come out in my region.

        • Guest

          Aaah. I see. Europe I assume? It’s never been a big issue for me but there’s always those couple of games that never leave Japan. Im guessing you’re in Europe though and at least NoE has been a lot better at bringing over Nintendo games. I dont think you can say the same for 3rd party stuff though. That said you ever thought of getting an NA system and just buying NA games?

          • Then he’ll have to go through the process of importing it, waiting for it to arrive and probably get charged with VAT. It’s a bit of a pain…
            It’d be more of a pain if the Nintendo online store (if they’re making one) region locks you too, like XBL

            Edit: Imports are essential for XSeed/Atlus titles though

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t think XBL is region locked, you could access the Jpn Live or Jpn PSN by making a Jpn acct, you could buy pretty much everything on Jpn Live on a US system w/ a Jpn acct, even renting Zune movies if you have Jpn MS points, other than the few Cero Z stuffs like Dead Rising Case Zero which needs a Jpn credit card to verify age (w/ MS pts, it would say 99999 MS points lol), or the Games on Demand because the games are region locked. Jpn PSN locks you out of the video section though, and Wii is the worst, only a Jpn Wii system could access Jpn Wii channels and a US system for the US channels, since they don’t have accounts.. the ironic thing is it’s easiest to buy Jpn contents on the Wii or DSi because they let you use an American credit card w/o the need to import Nintendo point cards.

            I wish Nintendo would set up some kind of account thing later like PSN or XBL ID to tie in w/ your past purchases..

            Hopefully they won’t region lock the 3DS so we don’t need to import a Jpn 3DS to play Jpn games.. I’m not paying ~$400-500 to import a 3DS.. but I’m prepared for the worst..

          • Hmmm that is quite some input for me, because I have a friend who bought his 360 here in the UK, and for summer he went back to his country in Malaysia and found out that he couldn’t access his EU XBL D;

            Oh, I didn’t notice that Jpn PSN’s movie section was locked. I’ll go into Jpn PSN only for demos, themes and other freebies :3

            I don’t plan on getting a 3DS… Not yet anyway, so I’ll see how things go along…

          • Guest

            Yea I know importing isn’t the best case but like my example above if you really wanna play games and they’re not releasing locally it really is your only option. Well until the 3DS gets cracked. Or you know Nintendo can not be dicks and make it region free.

          • malek86

            I’d really rather not have two systems. It’s quite expensive. And if i only got a USA system, I wouldn’t be able to buy games in stores anymore. Comparatively, if I only get a PAL system, no more Atlus/Xseed titles.

            All this, only if the 3DS is region locked, of course. If it’s region free, I’ll be the first one to stand in front of the stores on launch day. But I’m doubtful, because even the DSi technically is region locked.

          • Guest

            Yea I understand. I just heard a podcast recently where a guy said he wasn’t gonna buy domestic anymore (Australian) because too many games never come over or or way over priced. He was gonna start importing form NA since it usually gets the most stuff outside including more Japanese stuff.

          • AdamBoy64

            Yes – the possible region locking concerns me a lot. To be honest, far more than battery life.

            Over here, it’s always far, far cheaper to import consoles and everything from the US. I haven’t bought PAL stuff in quite some time.. lolz..

            The 3DS being region locked would be a total shame..

        • Me too. I imported a lot of DS and PSP games, and I am (hopefully) planning to do the same with the 3DS and PSP2 when they eventually come out and I get them.

          If the 3DS is region-locked, then I’m not getting it until the first price drop. Or maybe I’ll even wait until the 3DS-lite.

    • Why wouldnt it be region locked? The currently still supported Wii is, the DSi iWare store is, the WiiWare store is, games embracing DSi features are too. I do not see why they would get rid of locking.

  • You’re kidding right?

  • XD 3 hours of battery life.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    This thing is sounding worse everyday. At first, I was so pumped. 3D without the glasses and supposedly graphics superior to the PSP. It also has a great launch game library. However, all of a sudden, it seems like it just took a nose dive. First, we find out that the hardware is a little fragile. Next, Nintendo advises people not to play in 3D for more than thirty minutes a day, implying it is actually hazardous to eyesight. Let’s not forget the steep retail price and the fact that each game looks like it will retail for around 50 dollars making this just a step below a console. Finally, a terrible battery lifespan that can end up even shorter than the time it takes to charge it? I think I’m going to wait for the second version of this. The 3DS Lite or 3DS Cash In. Depends what they decide to call it.

    • Where are you getting the game prices and the fragile hardware stuff from? We usually encourage people to provide some sort of reasonable evidence when they make claims that could start a discussion based around negativity in our comments.

      • kylehyde

        Amen for that

      • The game pricing was posted on Gamespot-
        57$ for Nintendogs as a launch title
        Of course this in Japan, and iirc games usually go for cheaper around NA.
        And perhaps other games will be cheaper.

        Now here is the link for those you don’t believe me:

        • Oh, we know the Japanese prices…there’s a post on our front page with the prices of all the launch games. Thanks though. :)

          I meant U.S. prices. Games are traditionally more expensive in Japan and 3DS game prices are more or less in line with what one would expect. Using them to form any sort of argument pertaining to the 3DS launch outside Japan is kind of…not a good idea. :p

          • OK, but what about those 3rd party games that will cost up to 73$ (as reported in the above link, and yes-on the front page)? Would they drop 20-30$ in North America?
            Also, just because other system’s have price drops for games, doesn’t necessarily mean the 3DS will as well.
            If you look at my first post, I wasn’t even talking about the US prices. Neither did “JustAnotherTraveller”. I simply stated that I though they would lower in NA, which you all seem to agree on

          • Why would they be priced lower than even regular Nintendo DS games?

          • Aoshi00

            Jpn game and US game prices are incomparable.. just like you don’t compare game prices to Europe.. they’re priced differently.. an example is FF13’s Jpn MSRP is 9240 yen (~$111 at current exchange rate) how much is our PS3 game here at most? $59.99. Were people worried that game was going to cost over a $100 here? If I’m throwing a guess, normal 3DS games would run for $40 at most, like the most expensive PSP games. The 3rd Birthday is 6090 yen retail, and the US copy will be $39.99, or Tactics Ogre (5890 yen), also going to be $39.99 in the US. Pretty much the $10 gap btwn DS & 3DS games, just like Wii games and PS3/360 games.

          • @Ishaan – I think he means $20-30 lower than in Japan, not $20-30 in price.

    • Guest

      Aw screw it. This essay aint worth being posted here. I’ll just agree with Ishaan and add my own opinion that I prefer portables and understand that portable =/= everything should be cheaper. The battery isn’t that bad now that I really take time to think about it and you’re other points have no facts behind them or are exaggerated. (Yes there was a much bigger post here before)

      • I dont understand, why are people happily accepting low battery life and high cost saying its expected?

        • Aoshi00

          When a system is so tiny and running such powerful graphics, there’s only so long it could run for, it would be nice if it runs for 20 hrs, but it can’t, unless you have an extended one like for laptops or PSP or extra external battery. If you turn on the Wi-Fi, 3-D, highest brightness, it will make the battery run out faster, that’s just logical. Example would be the Lite has longer battery life than the DSi or DSi XL which have more features and larger screens and higher brightness level, and now this thing has 3D.

          I’m pretty sure Nintendo has done everything at this point to give it reasonable battery life for a portable. My PSP-2000’s default battery only gives about 4 hrs or so, not that great either, but w/ the extended battery (~$25) then it’s 7-8 hrs which is much better.. so why is this all a sudden a surprise to everyone? I guess we would just need to see how this pans out. The best thing is if the rechargeable battery is replaceable and the compartment could be opened like the PSP and they sell an extended battery to give people the option to give it prolonged play time if necessary.

          • Tokyo Guy

            That’s a good point really; there is only so much one can do with a battery less they make the entire unit larger to accommodate for a bigger one.
            It’s interesting that my comments above about the 3DS take into issues totally unrelated to the battery, but so many people are fixated on this time issue.

            I think it’s important to consider that a LOT of the people who have the DS (at least those one can readily see in Tokyo) are playing it on the train or when they have some free time. They aren’t sitting on it for marathon gaming sessions. Nintendo no doubt realized this and thus the battery life is fine for this type of person, who is quite possibly the new Nintendo gamer.

            Considering this “new” type, if they were to make the unit larger to accommodate a large battery, it would be that much more cumbersome to transport in a purse or bag or pocket. So if they did a study that found some 40% of the potential market would like a longer battery at the expense of size, but 60% said the opposite, then they would no doubt choose the majority.

            As for the actual time estimate, I suspect Nintendo is more-or-less on target, but as others have pointed out, it no doubt requires Wi-Fi turned off, the screen NOT on the highest brightness, the 3D turned off (possibly), etc. Or maybe not…Still though I don’t see 3-4 hours being THAT bad.

          • I think its a surprise because its 3 hours and we are used to powerful smarthphones having very lengthy times even when extensively using their connected features and viewing media. Maybe thats why there has been statement on Nintendo pursuing movie watching on the device, maybe movies wouldnt last the duration of a single charge unlike smartphones. If Ninty had guaranteed say, no less than five hours then it wouldnt be shocking. People say its comparable to their PSPs battery life, and people were angry over that, so, to see this, a device coming out years later, especially when revolutions in battery efficiency has been made, is just, well shocking.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, smart phones are not dedicated gaming devices, browsing the net is quite different from playing playing Street Fighter 4 online or intense game like Kid Icarus. The 3DS graphics now are a big jump over the DS’s and now w/ 3D on top of that, so of course it would drain the battery faster, which shouldn’t be a surprise, you think w/ all those improvement it should last even longer? Just like more detailed graphics require longer loadtimes because there’s so much data to be read from the discs, which is why most games offer optional or full HDD installs now, like PC games.

            My Vaio laptop could watch blu-rays too, but when I first got it, it’s battery was maybe 2-2.5 hrs at most (contrary to their 5 hrs advertised which was a bit misleading), so I can’t even finish watching an entire movie outside w/o hooking up to an outlet. But I don’t want to invest in an expensive bigger battery for my laptop, i just use it at home.

            I don’t think anyone’s upset about the PSP’s battery life, the default one is 4-5 hrs, w/ higher brightness setting and wi-fi on it might drain even faster, w/ the extended it would double that. So w/ 3DS’s graphics now being comparable to PSP (or better?) and w/ 3D, this is pretty natural. At least until they invent some eternal energy source that never runs out. Again, they could maybe make a thicker and bigger system w/ a bigger battery inside, would you prefer that? You can’t expect it to be paper thin and run for 10 hours, that’s just being unreasonable and illogical.

            And all the while you’re complaining about blocky fingers on this amazing looking game? So maybe if they make the graphics even more intensive, the battery would last even shorter, is that what you want though, less blocky finger and a longer batter life? They need to strike a balance.

          • I dont know, perhaps Im viewing it in the way of most technology in that advancements are made quickly and technology gets optimized for efficiency. If they have truly been working on 3D since the days of long ago, then the device should be able to transcend traditional thinking of power being so taxing on battery life.

            I would honestly prefer less blocky fingers at the sacrifice of battery life. It is more inconvenient to have to look at blocky fingers for the duration of a game than to be tethered to a power unit.

          • Joanna

            Here’s hoping the compartment can be opened. It would be nice to be able to charge two batteries, every once in awhile when I need to go somewhere and might not be able to plug it into an outlet…or at the very least a car charger/adaptor would be great~

            But like I said above, the battery life changes nothing. I still plan on picking up a 3DS eventually.

        • Guest

          People aren’t actually. Everyone is up and arms about this now.

          Anyways I believe people are too lazy to charge their portable daily and are just used to leaving it on idle for hours on end or they turn it off and on for days without a charge. People just need to change their habits. I highly doubt people play these for 3+hours straight on the road, outside, etc. I’d also like to point out battery life stuff like this usually never adds up in the end. iPods used to promote 20+ hours and that was a damn lie. As for the high price no one can say anything until we get our NA/EU prices. That said it’s new hardware you can’t expect to be as cheap as current systems and the games are only a bit more. IIRC there will be premium priced games and lower priced stuff too. Just look at SFIV3D. I think price ranges instead of a solid price is interesting even if there isn’t $40 ain’t bad and I hardly ever pay full price for games anyways.

          • My iPod Touch could get the hours they said, until they started making the OS too robust and well too reliant on the always on connection, stupid OS…The 3DS isnt trying to, at least how I see it, replicate being a portable Wii or something, so it should have a focus on being a true portable device and well have no less than the battery life guaranteed by the last product Ninty released, the DSi XL.

    • Well, in the other post it said they’d be closer to PSP games than DS games. PSP games are only $40 bucks, not 50…

      • Many dont even retail for more than 34.99 anymore.

        • Guest

          They were at launch, its been five years since then and the PSP market in NA is terrible they can’t continue charge $40.

    • ECM

      One at a time:

      *Hardware is a little fragile: a citation of some sort would be great.

      *Nintendo advises people that 3D can KILL THEM: actually, no: what they did is just slap a standard CYA disclaimer on it a la countless CE products, and the likelihood it damaging the eyesight of anyone over six is somewhere in the neighborhood of nil. (There’s actually been some ophthalmologists that have been saying it’s actually *good* for your eyesight, but since nobody really knows at this early date what the effects might be, who knows, and Nintendo is being *responsible* for pointing this out. The monsters.)

      *Steep retail price: there is no price for this outside of Japan, and since you’re probably not in Japan, this is moot*. And the fifty-dollar price tag is a figment of your fertile imagination for the same reason as the hardware price: nobody knows what they”ll cost outside of Japan, though there is some speculation of a $40 price tag (outside of Japan), which puts in line w/…PSP games and early DS games (people seem to routinely forget this).

      *Terrible battery life: I have to say that, on the highest brightness setting, I barely get five hours out of my DSi, so I’m not sure I’m grasping this particular complaint given the limitations of size and, well, physics on battery life.

      *The 3DS Lite or 3DS Cash In.: well…duh? Nintendo wants to make money! Stop the presses! Siliconera should immediately drop everything and run with this Story of the DecadeTM: “Nintendo Is In It for the Money! News at 11!”

      Also: I’m pretty sure Team SDF has support meetings every odd-Tuesday–I hear they play *a lot* of Monster Hunter–so you might want to look into attending.

      • Tokyo Guy

        “Steep retail price: there is no price for this outside of Japan”

        Well I for one, do live in Japan. A price of 25,000 yen equates to roughly $300. If you ask me, that’s quite expensive for a child, who is the intended target customer. Just so you realize, the Wii is only 20,000 yen currently, and the PS3 is 30,000 yen.

        I have no doubt whatsoever that the 3DS will be sold out on the day of release and that stores here probably won’t take pre-orders meaning that there will be huge lines of people. (Then again the major stores DID take pre-orders for the DSi and DSi LL so maybe it’s possible). This happens for everything really, especially in Japan where people will line up for 10-20 minutes just to eat ramen.

        With that said, I once again want to point out that the 3D technology used in the 3DS gets old fast, and-at least for me-hurt my eyes after using it for more than a few minutes. Can it be turned off? Sure. But then it begs the question of why it’s included in the first place. 3D is a total gimmick that Japan has convinced itself is the future of entertainment when basically no one here gives a crap about it. Look at the sales of 3D television. Heck, just ask about anyone if they want a 3D anything and they will say no seemingly 99.9% of the time.

        I strongly believe that Nintendo felt it had to include 3D with this simply because it had whored the DS out to such an extent that should the DS2 simply have been the same product but with better hardware, no one would have been able to differentiate it from the DSi.

        • ECM

          Here we go again:

          *They will charge what the market will bear, so what the Wii and PS3 cost is immaterial. They would be irresponsible to their shareholders to do otherwise and if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Nobody is owed and/or needs a 3DS to live a happy life. (I hope.)

          *It gets old fast for *you*. You are *not* me. You are *not* anyone else reading this. So whatever your *opinion* might be, it does not stand to reason, period, that your opinion means much of anything vis-a-vis whether it will be poorly-received. The market will sort this out for us, but it will be intersting, in a year, when it’s sold (my opinion!) a gajillion units, what you’re spin will be then.

          As far as the usefulness of the 3D effect goes, your logic is flawed: the DS has a touchscreen but you didn’t have to use it at all and lots of games don’t! So, hell, get rid of it! It’s a gimmick! Nobody will ever use it for anything constructive because it’s optional! And Nintendo is going 3rd party! Any minute now! I swear! Go PSP2!

          I strongly believe that Nintendo felt it had to include 3D with this simply because it had whored the DS out to such an extent that should the DS2 simply have been the same product but with better hardware, no one would have been able to differentiate it from the DSi.

          Oh, well, if you believe it then it must be true! Kinda like everything else you wrote in your post! (And btw: using the word “whoring” kinda implies you have an agenda and aren’t being terribly dispassionate in your, well, I’ll call it analysis but it reads more like spleen-venting than a reasoned, honest, take on the situation.)

          And btw: you can have the last word since I’ve already spent way too much time on this topic so the stage belongs to you and your army of 3D-loathing friends (and, apparently, all four islands comprising Japan).

          • Tokyo Guy

            In terms of the market, what do you actually know about the Japanese market? Do you understand why games like
            Monster Hunter are selling so well and yet traditional games like The 3rd Birthday aren’t? Do you know about Gree or Mobage? Do you understand why 3D TV isn’t doing squat in Japan? And how can you even begin to tell me about “what the market will bare” when said market all but rejected the price of the DS LL. That’s why the sales suddenly increased when Nintendo cut the price.

            There was no reason to say “wait a year…” because
            I already stated, point blank, the 3DS will sell out immediately and be successful. And I might point out that you seem to be utterly convicted that the 3D feature on the 3DS will be the big appeal for the long term. I would be quite willing to bet that most people end up turning it off eventually (or at least after a gaming session drags on).

            As for the 3D effect itself, have you actually used one of the screens that Sharp has manufactured for the 3DS? If not, then I’m afraid you really aren’t qualified to judge. Acclimation and eye strain might be an opinion/personal problem, however given that I’ve used the actual technology we’re talking about I’d say it’s safe to say I’m in a better position to speak about it, no? And the simple fact that Nintendo has already issued warnings about health and about eye strain I would hardly say that I am going to be the sole exception.

            And while we’re at it, let’s ask the real question as to the tangible benefits of 3D itself? Does it truly make something more enjoyable? Perhaps, but then again isn’t that simply because we’re not used to it? Touch screens hardly seem as “magical” as they once did decades ago, and even for people who aren’t into technology and who only started using them recently; the magic wears off quite quickly. But whereas I would argue touch-based input is both intuitive and natural, stereoscopic imagery isn’t per se; it’s simulated. Furthermore, the screen quality drops when the 3D feature is activated; whereas everyone is quick to point out that the LYNX 3D and Galapagos smartphones are touchscreens, I would point their attention to the Fujitsu W3 camera which has the same type of 3D screen but NO touch screen. Again: activate the 3D and the image quality drops considerably.

            It’s funny you mention MY “agenda” as if I am alone in this belief…do you even realize how many people on this site alone have posted comments over the past X months about how they are angry with Nintendo for releasing the DSi LL and then up and releasing a new piece of hardware all together? At least with the Gameboy Advance Micro, Nintendo had the “kindness” to make it cheaper. It’s like “let’s charge more for less” under the guise that the larger screens demand the extra money.

            And really now, if Nintendo has released FOUR different DS units in the span of 6 years when the actual core hardware hasn’t changed at all, I would certainly say that’s whoring out their product. Most agree the first DS was basically terrible yet they released it anyway. And for all your trying to peg me as some kind of Sony supporter, consider that I would say the same things about Sony and the PSP and the PSP GO.

            I must admit that it’s difficult to take you seriously. The little “jokes” you laced that post with are flat out immature, no? Additionally your reply to the original poster’s comment was quite revealing as you intentionally misrepresented what s/he wrote for example, changing the bit about eye-strain to outright death.

          • Ereek

            You know, I have a serious question for you.
            Do you ever post anything positive?

            I’ve seen you posting here for the last few months, but it’s always criticizing someone or something. In many SE articles you’re onboard the hate train, for example. I looked through your post history and most of the history on Siliconera is attacking SE and their games.

            And I don’t mean to be inflammatory, and I apologize in advance, but with these last few posts you come off as a pretentious ass.

            Most agree the first DS was basically terrible yet they released it anyway.
            Who are “most?” Have you taken a poll? Please provide a source for “most.” Who are you to speak of others’ preferences? While I don’t necessarily disagree with your point about the DS at launch, I can make broad statements without backing, too.
            “Most agree that the PS3 has no games.”
            “Most agree that the 360’s time has passed.”
            “Most agree that video games are for children.”
            See how that works?

            Anyway, try to say something nice once in a while.

            EDIT: In case someone can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic with the above quotes. I don’t really believe any of them.

          • I’m going to have to agree that you never have anything positive to say about anyone. If you dislike games and the companies that make them so fiercely that nothing ever pleases you, maybe Siliconera isn’t the place for you to be hanging out…

          • Caligula

            Sorry, but I think your claim that you are more qualified to speak about the eyestrain the 3DS causes can’t be made. Your claim is analogous to riding around in a car, being one of the few people who get carsick, and telling everybody else that everyone who rides in the car will get similarly carsick. Eyestrain, like carsickness, is a very individual thing. Some people get it, some people never do, and some people are in between. Just because you got eyestrain doesn’t mean everyone else will.

            On a similar note, just because you think 3D is just a dumb, boring gimmick doesn’t mean everyone else will. Maybe most people will find it boring, or maybe they won’t. Who knows; it’s not out yet. Don’t go touting your opinion like it’s universally held.

        • Children is the intended target audience? No, Reggie just said to MSNBC that Nintendos target audience is for people from kids to age 99 or something along those lines in addressing the question of the game 3DS and hazards to kids 6 and under.

          Ive never seen people say no to wanting a 3D tv after trying them in store displays or experiencing 3D IMAX…

          • Tokyo Guy

            Hmm…well I think the target audience for games is always younger people/kids, at least when it comes to the average Nintendo product. While it’s obvious that Nintendo has done a LOT to expand the market itself, I think the people who are the early adopters for any product will always be those most interested. To that end I find it a bit unlikely that a housewife, for example, with no interest in technology or such, would rush out to buy the 3DS at launch. They might not even know or care about it.

            It’s important to remember that the DS itself took quite a while before the non-gamer consumer started buying it, because initially it was just a Nintendo game machine. The 3DS benefits from being the follow up to the DS itself, but if people already have a DS they might not see a need for the 3DS (Nintendo needs to make it a bit clearer, IMHO, that the 3DS software is not compatible with the DS).

          • I think the people who are the first adopters are. well teens and adults maybe aged 40 and less…Theres already been so much coverage of the 3DS on tv talkshows, on news casts via MSNBC and was it on CNN too, and then on radio stations and then via in store displays that itd be difficult to find those who dont know about it and lest we not fall victim to underestimating what a housewife or such would want. Assuming these people check email, subscribed to Ninty’s emails, and follow the Nintendo twitter accounts and read the Iwata asks…then they would know the 3DS and what it does.

            I think people will upgrade anyway, they do it with their iDevices, cameras, and other things.

          • malek86

            “Ive never seen people say no to wanting a 3D tv after trying them in store displays or experiencing 3D IMAX…”

            I’ll be the first one, then.

          • Yeah, 3D gives me severe migraines in movies. If I ever do get a 3DS, I’m hoping I can turn the 3D effects off, actually.

      • I can only see psp level prices for the system software if the 3DS is at high cost. If they truly make more from software than hardware, well get more software to consumers.

        Team SDF, where? Ive been looking to join in for some Monster Hunter action. Its seems like an epic gmae.

    • Tokyo Guy

      You know for those of us who have actually been using this technology for many months now, I can tell you right now that the whole “no glasses 3D” gets old pretty fast, and-at least for me-it strains my eyes after a few minutes. There are a number of devices available here in Japan that make use of this technology, most of them made by Sharp.

      • ECM

        Lemme say it again: you are not everybody! Comprende? I’ve used 3D monitors and glasses for the past decade-plus (Nvidia and lots of companies have been pushing it for ages) and, what do you know! It doesn’t bother me and, gasp!, I like the effect (but you can disable it, so clearly it has no value)! But following your logic…that it doesn’t bother me it won’t…bother anyone (!) because my opinion, like yours, is law! But wait, the paradox! The world…is…crumbling…around..m…e…aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!

        • 3D monitors and glasses from Nvidia have been using 3D for the home for that long?! I thought it was all new since last year?

      • Serge73

        I’m pretty sure if your experience was “likely” or “typical”, Nintendo R+D/test groups would have thrown out the idea long ago…

    • Serge73

      Nintendo also suggests that you take a break from Wii every 30 minutes or so too. >__>

      It’s probably just legal disclaimer stuff so if some kid goes blind for playing a 20 hour marathon or something, Nintendo isn’t responsible…

      • A shame that they even issued a warning for the 3D, considering they were aiming to get some 3D movies onto the device. That would be majorly annoying to take a break from a movie every 30 minutes.

        • Aoshi00

          It’s a general disclaimer.. the game manuals tell you to take a break every hour when playing video games, do you follow their instruction or find the the need to do that? Unless you play for 48 hrs straight in front of a monitor, I’m pretty sure you won’t die or have epilepsy from playing video games.. If you’re one of the people that gets sick from watching IMAX or 3D movies, then turn off the 3D feature on the 3DS since it’s optional.

          The battery life seems fine to me, my PSP-2000 doesn’t last very long either maybe 4 hours or so using the default battery, w/ the extended batter though it almost doubles that to 7-8 hrs. If it doesn’t last very long, play it on lower brightness while you’re on the road, and play it on the brightest setting when you have an outlet near you.

          • Say is it just me or does the battery life of the PSP goes to hell bit by bit everytime you charge it? It seems like everytime I play a game the battery drains a lot faster than normal..I think mine has barely enough life for 4 hours maybe(and that’s a bit maybe) 5. :/

          • Aoshi00

            I think that goes for all rechargeable batteries, every time you charge them they last a little shorter, I think they have a life of 1500 charges or something? Laptops and everything are the same. If you never unplug it, then the battery life gets worse even quicker.

            People have gotten the Sony extended battery (2200 mAh instead of the original 1200 mAh) for their PSP right?, it almost doubles the time from 4 to 8 hrs. The only drawback is the system doesn’t feel symmetrical when you hold it (for -2000/3000 at least).

          • I always thought my PSP lasts for a long time, but then I play on the second brightness settings and use headphones instead of the speakers output

          • I see, it seems I need myself one of those extended batteries! Thanks a lot. :D

          • Aoshi00

            No prob :) I suggest using, pretty good price, and I’ve bought things from this particular seller (BeachAudio), they’re reliable.


            It helps the -1000, but use it w/ -2000 it gives the best PSP battery life.

          • Awesome, man always so helpful, the least I can do is to thank you again, and so I will: Thank you very much! xd

          • Since I eat or post here or check txt msgs while playing games, heh I guess I never had to honor the take a break every hour when playing games since Im totally not all up in the game when playing like that (unless its a handheld game, as I usually play without my glasses on and I hate putting them on and off to look at my computer screen, if only the psp could output in HD on my tv…I wish 3DS had an HDMI port or the PSP2…)

            I just dont see the point of well, turning off the 3D feature…its a 3DS not a 2DS.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s exactly my point, most people probably wouldn’t be bothered playing the 3DS w/ the 3D turned on and don’t need to take a break every 30 min (as the disclaimer said) or it would damage their eyesight. Just like you don’t need to take a break every hour playing a console game if you don’t want to even though they “suggest” you to do it.

            But you were making a big deal about its “short” battery life, if you want to last 3-5 hours playing outside, then turning it on to the brightest level, w/ Wi-Fi and 3D on is not a luxury you could afford. There’s always a trade off. Like when I play my PSP at home, I switch the brightness to 3 (or 4 when it’s plugged into an outlet), but when I play it outside and worry if it would die, I play it on the lowest or medium brightness setting and make sure Wi-fi is off, the game wouldn’t look as good when it’s darker, but what can you do. So do you want 3D all the time (optimal setting) or be able to play it for 3-5 hours outside w/ no access to outlet, that’s your option. I guess they could make a bulkier portable w/ a bigger and longer lasting battery inside, is that what people what?

            I don’t know about being able to output in HD to a TV, they aren’t HD systems. But it would be a nice feature to have, that’s the reason I got my PSP-2000 despite owning the original, to play games on the TV (despite that ugly black box surrounding it..), the 3rd Birthday looks great on the TV btw.

          • How can you play it on low brightness outside? I always have to turn the PSP and the DS on their highest settings and even then the PSP is still difficult to see outside.

          • Aoshi00

            It’s not like I want to, of course the brighter the better, but if I don’t want my system to die midway when I’m on bus commute (sometimes I listen to music sometimes I play games), then I choose the lowest or medium, instead of the highest to play it safe, like the DS I have it on 3 outside, but I have on 4 at home. If I play it on the bus in the evening (lights out), then lowest brightness isn’t too bad, but yea, usually medium would be better, my PSP-2000 is no problem, but Go’s battery sucks big time, even w/o the UDM disc spinning, so that gives you the perspective of battery life and the idea of Sony innovating.

          • @Aoshi00
            Yeah sure, but alone the reflections on the screen are annoying enough, with the lowest brigthness I see almost nothing, so that’s a no go for me.

            The best would be to charge it every night, and if you are going to work, school or just out, you can take it even with highest’s not like one play 4-5 hours when he is outside, I barely play 30 minutes when I’m at school.

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada

            Yeah, I play with headphones too, though with higher brightness, it’s just that my old buddy is…well, old.

  • Doesn’t the PSP last about the same? My PSP slim doesn’t last very long before it needs another charge. I’m going to guess this is the max time you get on highest brightness setting and max volume, as well as the 3D pumped to full. I’m not too worried about this.

    • Mine gets about 5-8 hours at full charge, but some batteries on the PSP do suck.

    • My PSP 2000 gets more than 5 hours

  • Ladius

    Thanks Nintendo, I will wait for 3DSLite3DSi3DSomething with a better battery life.

    • How can they make it “lite”. Aesthetically speaking, it looks slim already. Any weight reduction would have to come from decreasing the weight of the battery…? The speakers inhibit cutting off space.

      • Aoshi00

        There will always be ways to slim down the systems later on w/ redesign, just like all consoles in the past, PSP-1000 was pretty thin too, then comes -2000 which was even thinner. But the trade-off was shorter battery life, and the solution was to use the bulkier extended battery instead of the default battery. So there needs to be a balance between form and function. DS Lite was thin alrdy, then they made the DSi even thinner even though it got wider.

        • Really, I thought the DSi also got heavier too?

          • Aoshi00

            Maybe a tad bit heavier, but it got thinner because there’s no GBA slot, but it got wider also which gives a better grip, like the original DS, I think it’s the perfect size, my fingers cramp easily playing the Lite. I think the 3DS now is like the Phat too, and there would certainly room to slim it down later, but again, at the expense of a smaller battery (like PSP-2000 or Go), as there’s a limit to how slim hardcore portable gaming systems could get, while having enough juice to last long.

  • Guest

    Hmm..for every optimistic person out there you can cling to this,

    It’ll be 3-5 hours with max brightness, max 3D, wi-fi enabled, and streetpass enabled. That said I’m a pessimist and I doubt it. =P

    • Aoshi00

      I’m hoping this has a battery life better than the PSP Go, I’m afraid to even switch up the brightness when playing the Go.. The XL is not as good as the Lite, but could hold a charge pretty well…

      I guess we need the Nene charger to save the day :)

      Well, we’ll see how the battery life pans out, for me the major factor is region lock, I really don’t feel like importing one just to play Love Plus at this exchange rate.. (who am I kidding, I probably would…)

      • Guest

        I thought the Go was supposed to have a better battery than regular PSPs?
        DSi could hold a good charge for me but I dont know about XL.

        I’ve been wondering what people mean buy region free being a big factor. Do you guys intend to import the 3DS? Do you mean you’ll just wait or never buy one?

        • There will for sure be great games which never are going to released outside of japan, which makes region free a really nice factor. If it is region locked you need to buy a second 3DS just to play these games, which is brutally annoying and damn expensive.

          • Guest

            Oh yea i totally get that and I get why you want region free, I want it too. Im just asking what do they mean “its a big factor” or “make or break” feature”? Are they not going to buy it or just wait for there countries release and not import.

          • Aoshi00

            One would think the PSP Go’s battery would last longer w/o the UMD disc spinning, but because of its small size, they probably chose to go w/ a smaller battery, hence its horrible battery life, drains very fast even if you’re just playing PS1 game you d/l from the PSN, maybe about 3 hrs or so. My PSP-2000 w/ the extended battery gives me 7-8 hrs.

            Right, people meant they only want to get one 3DS if possible, be it in Jpn region or in their own region (US or Europe), because if it’s region locked, you import a Jpn system and you can’t play games from your own region, or if they get one from their own region they can’t play Jpn games. For me, it’s make or break because I only plan on buying this day 1 when it launches in the US, the system should go for $250, importing it from Jpn w/ the current exchange rate plus online seller mark-up, this is going to cost like $500-600. Also I’m not very interested in other games so far, the biggest draw for me is Love Plus 3DS or Prof Layton 5. If it’s region free, I wouldn’t mind paying $250 for a US 3DS on day 1 to play Love Plus once the game is out, if it’s region locked, there’s not much reason for me to get it so soon.

            If the system has a big library, I don’t mind getting systems for both regions if they’re region locked, I have two PS2s, 360s, and Wiis. I’m used to consoles being region locked, PS3 is the only exception (but DVD and old PS2 games are still region locked even if your PS3 has B/C). But I don’t want to have to need to buy 2 3DS to play all the games I want (I actually have more than 1 PSP and DS though..)

            Portables are usually region free up to now, except UMD movies are region locked like DVDs and there were a handful of DSi games that were locked like Alice in Wonderland, so that has me worried.

          • malek86

            Being able to import games is a good thing for many, but it’s especially important for Europeans, because we almost never get any Atlus games anymore here, not to mention all that Xseed stuff… after 2008, there’s been a drought of good RPGs for the DS and PSP. I have had to import many titles because of that.

            If the 3DS is region locked, that will mean a serious drop in value for me.

          • I don’t know about a “make or break” for me personally, but it just sucks to have a region-locked system. My belief is that people should have that choice to import a game and be able to play on the system it was intended for. I know, it’s the company’s decision – take it or leave it, but then it’s importers who get punished when they try to play the games they bought from overseas when they have to resort to hacking or modding then the system goes bust by their command and then dealing in gray legal matters, etc. (I don’t do this myself, but if companies are going to continue this practice then they should expect these sorts of activities).

            It’s a frustrating situation (just ask some Cave fans or people who are interested in downloading off Ware, XBL and PSN). On top of that, you have probably read about how retailers are reluctant to stock “anime” or “cute” games, iirc. Well, that’s my part of my hobby in games, so if retailers are really going that route in the next generation… well, let’s just say my understanding of Japanese is getting a little better as time goes on. That’s taking an extreme route. If these games were localized then it’s no big deal to buy these games online. Still, can you imagine a game like Ivy The Kiwi or Scribblenauts released in one region and not in your own for months, or if at all? Again, an extreme case but you can see some of the ordeals one (or all) might face when dealing with a region-locked system.
            That’s a bit way ahead into the future, though. The opening line-up isn’t that huge, and there is still a lot of games that were announced that have yet to be shown, so here’s hoping things will be looking up!

          • mirumu

            Speaking personally, I won’t buy a 3DS if the games are region locked. It is “make or break” for me. Every DS game I’ve wanted to play in the last 3 years or so hasn’t been available locally so I’ve had to resort to importing.

          • From a business perspective it is a wise decision, who wouldnt want the consumer to buy the product twice?

          • Aoshi00

            They actually don’t want you to play games outside of your region (jeopardizing the sales of the eventual localized ver), that’s why the region locked it. Otherwise they would’ve made the system region free so more people could import games from any region = more sales. I think the ones who actually buy systems of different regions are a minority.

          • There really are barely enough people who buy a console two times, just to play not localized games, and I don’t see it as wise to annoy the consumer.


            But can’t they make something like lock the games that actually are going to be localized and let the other ones region free..this way it’s just annoying.

  • PersonaBull

    I hardly ever play a portable game away from a charger for more than 3-5 hours, anyway. I don’t know how this changes anything for anyone, or even why it’s surprising. Doesn’t anyone remember GameGear? The more power a portable system, the faster it’ll eat that power. It’s really simple, guys.

    • nyrjin

      I think that this is one of Sony’s best effects in the portable field. I doubt the 3ds would be released, and surely not as powerfully, or soon, if it weren’t for the PSP. I may like the DS more, but Sony’s system showed them up in all ways except creativity/renovation, and of course security…
      When the Gamegear was out, it wasn’t even a full generation behind. It was pretty much a compressed master system. Then compare that to Nintendo’s handhelds up until this. Not exactly a feather in Nintendo’s hat.

      • Well Sony wont be showing them up in creativity and renovation…unless Sony utilizes powerful long lasting batteries and mini blu-ray discs.

    • Code

      100% agree, really it’s not like I play constantly 3-5 hours off a charger, and honestly if I’m expecting to play more then 3 hours I’d probably take my charger with me. Also I imagine 3-5 hours is running 3D, I can’t help but feel battery life won’t be lower then 3 hours well in 3D mode and still be considered commercially viable as a portable system. But still any 3-5 hour game session I’m going to play would be on AC any ways, off-AC I typically play a couple 15-30 minute sessions on the go.

      • But then its not even portable, even the robust powerful portable Apple iPad doesnt require a recharge in 3-5 hours, but in at least 8 hours. Even then why lug around a charger?

        Thats a hazard two for playing at home teathered to a charger; people laying in bed with the cord winding through their covers and it could end up wrapped around them and then the could get straggled and suffocate and require emergency attention, or worst, they get electrocuted on the spot…all for the sake of playing a videogame.

        • Joanna

          lol. What an active imagination you have. I’ve been doing that for years (I bought a GBC charger way back in the day) and it has never happened to me. I did get shocked once when pulling out the charger for the DS, but it was a light shock. I know Europeans have higher voltage for their electrical plugs, but at least in North America, I don’t think you need to worry about getting shocked and dying (if anything, electrical shocks are suppose to be stimulating to the brain at low levels…so Nintendo is making you smarter! xD ).

    • Well I dunno about you guys, but while I don’t play 3-5 hours in one sitting, I don’t charge after every use. I only charge when I see the red light turn on. With a DS lite, I could play for a couple of days without having to worry about charging. But from the sounds of it, I might unexpectedly find myself running out of battery after a day or two.

      But I guess that isn’t so bad… :/ It’ll just be a little different to get used to.

      • PersonaBull

        At that point, it’s really a case of cleaning up your toys when you’re done playing with them. That’s part of the perk that is the charging station. No fiddling with cables (especially good for insomniacs like me that use the DS to not feel like I’m wasting that hour it takes to fall asleep after getting in bed) to keep it charged, you just set it down in that location when you’re done playing.

        I get what you mean, though. My poor PSP goes dead all the time because I just leave it anywhere in the house if I’m not playing it. But, that’s fine, because if I want to play it I’ll just plug it back in again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go on long trips out of the blue, and if I did I’d probably be busy driving. Otherwise, if I’m playing, there’s probably a power outlet in the building I’m playing in.

        • Ah well, I take a lot of public transit. xD So I end up doing that a lot to pass time.

          But yeah, it’s all about plugging it back in again. It might not always be available though.

    • Serge73

      I completely agree.

    • Joanna

      I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that Nintendo couldn’t extend the battery life a bit, but yeah the battery life isn’t going to change my mind. I never buy gaming systems based on specs, battery life, etc. I buy them based on software. That was the reason I went with a DS Lite over PSP and it will be the reason I will go for a 3DS over a PSP2. (I am in no way saying that PSP doesn’t have worthwhile games, it does, I simplely wanted the games the DS had to offer much more than the ones the PSP had to offer). So I agree with you 100% and I too usually don’t play far away from the charger…although I guess I won’t be bringing the 3DS out much because of the battery life (unless this estimate is based upon highest brightness + 3D effect on + Wireless Communications on, which would then mean the battery life can be adjusted to a degree, and would make me a happy camper :] )

  • Well, as long as you have a charger nearby, you should be fine. IF you’re going on a trip though, you might want to bring a spare device(PSP/DS/Iwhatever) just incase. Luckily, by that time, Duodecim and Tactics Ogre will be out. I don’t know about you guys, but If i were to get a 3ds at launch and had to go on a trip, LoZ+SWC+SSFIV+TO+DDFF would keep me entertained for hours!

    Also, have they said whether or not the 3d-enabled GBA gamesware thing will be released at launch? Maybe I’m overhyping it for myself, but Fire Emblem in 3d just sounds like so many kinds of Awesome.

    • puchinri

      Agreed entirely.

  • Since the only place I’ll be playing this is at home with it plugged in 24/7, I couldn’t care less if the battery life was 3-5 seconds.

    • But what if you accidently pull the cable and don’t notice it, you only have 3-5 seconds to plug it again, that would be a horror scenario if you play a hardcore rpg and haven’t saved for like 6 hours or so(yeah really stupid not to save, but it happens). o_o

  • 3-5 hours is indeed a low playtime, but I play my portable systems with the charger in anyway.

  • A couple other websites are saying that the 3-5 hours is ONLY on the lower settings. As for how fast that battery drains, Nintendo has only provided a select number of figures, all based on the presumption you’re using the handheld on a lower screen brightness level. With the screen’s backlighting turned down (but not off), you’ll get 3-5 hours of battery life while playing a 3DS game. So if it’s 3-5 on the lowest settings, I can’t imagine what you’d get on the higher ones. An hour? Maybe two if you’re lucky?

    • I’d love to see where these sites are getting their information.

      • vadde939

        Me too. I’m still optimistic about this battery life being on high settings as Nintendo promised battery life like the DSi which means around 10 hours on lowest brightness.

        • malek86

          Not exactly… Reggie was the one who said that. On the other hand, Iwata explicitly said that you should expect the battery to last less.

          And, of the two, I’d trust Iwata more.

    • Oh wow dude, that doesn’t really make sense. 3-5 hours on low? My PSP runs 5 hours on high brightness but without sound and it’s 3 years old with old batteries. I don’t think Nintendo is that suicidal.

      • I’m just quoting Kotaku. If they’re wrong, they’re wrong, but that’s what they and a couple other sites reported.

        • Just saw the Nintendo reference site they posted.. I don’t know what to say now other being a positive thinker :)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I seriously hope this is on the highest brightness setting. If not, that is pathetic even by iPhone standards.

    I will wait for a confirmation of whether or not it is highest or lowest before I start raging….

    EDIT: They promised us battery life similar to DSi. If this is the lowest brightness setting, that is not even CLOSE to DSi (which was 9-14 hours on lowest brightness).

  • AdamBoy64

    5 hours battery life is a fair bit.. I’m more worried about what the launch titles will be.

  • vadde939

    If this is only on high brightness settings then I don’t care at all but if the 3-5 hours is for low brightness then I am very,very worried.

    • Aoshi00

      If it’s like the DSi, or even the XL that’s fine for me, bad battery to me means PSP Go (even playing FF9 on it on lowest brightness drains the quick)… they really should let us change to bigger batteries like the old PSP..

  • PrinceHeir

    well i always play portable games with my charger on though they say the durations get shorter once you remove the charger .

    • Aoshi00

      My Vaio notebook’s battery wasn’t very good in the first place and now I have it plugged to the wall all the time, when I unplug the power it probably wouldn’t hold a charge.. now I’m basically using it as a desktop hooked up to a bigger monitor lol..

      • Funny, we’re using the same setup!!! My Acer battery wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes although it’s just a year old :

        • Aoshi00

          Dang the over advertised battery life for laptops :) The Asus ones are pretty good though.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Nevermind, that’s just baiting.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Well I usually play my DS at home anyway so recharging more often doesn’t make me want it less. And thank god, I can bring over Pop Island.

  • I see that many people are really not contempt with the 3DS’s battery, but it is not really that bad if you own a PSP/used a PSP before. The battery life rating is approximately similar to the PSP’s battery life of 4-6 hours per charge. I say for a system this powerful, it’s a fair tradeoff. Besides, if you play DS games on it, you get 5-8 hours, which is not that far from the 10 hours Nintedo quoted~

    So chill out guys

  • Tokyo Guy

    Hmm…in response to Ereek and Ishaan (the topic is apparently full and thus can’t accept further replies).

    LOL yes I tend to be negative with things. I have made some positive comments about games such as The Last Story, Xenoblade, Radiant Historia, Ys, PC Genjin, etc. however I suppose that by and large my comments are usually rather critical, especially when it comes to Square.

    Personally I loved Square up until around the end of the PS2 era. Square, quite frankly, was one of the main reasons I liked games. The SFC and PSOne era games were quite genre defying and many remain high on my list of favorites even today. Perhaps some of my dislike of them comes from hearing complaints from the people who work there, though I will admit I don’t care for the current incarnation at all. Reasons be what they may, but the end result is I feel their games are just sorely lacking nowadays.

    As for Nintendo, I have nothing against the 3DS and this is actually one of the first times I’ve ever spoken so openly “against” it. But having used this 3D technology before I haven’t been convinced it’s a legitimate inclusion. Nintendo has always taken the safe route for the most part with hardware, with Sony being the one to push the envelope. This time around Nintendo is trying to do it so it’s a bit surprising, and given that it’s with 3D it’s at least a bit questionable.

    But I think I did make a valid point in saying that if Nintendo had simply made a DS2 without the 3D, uninformed consumers wouldn’t really notice the difference between it and the current DS. By making it 3D that makes it quite obviously different. It’s kind of like when hardware manufacturers refresh the inside of their product but not the outside, and then you have comments like “So what’s new about it?”. With the 3D there is a clear and undeniable answer, even if no one necessarily demanded the feature per se.

    Essentially I tend to be a rather critical person, and don’t particularly like it when people worship companies as can be seen with fanboys and the like. Companies are out to make money, and often do that by exploiting their more loyal (or shall I say devoted) supporters, so my personal belief is that they should be kept on their toes, so to speak, less they be able to get away with bare minimum. If all Square finds is an unwavering mass of supporters, then it need not change or try anything new.

    However, even I have realized in recent weeks that I’ve been somewhat overtly negative so I will make a concerted effort to try and offer a more balanced contribution when/should I post something. That being said, I am actually a bit surprised anyone actually reads my posts on the whole, especially given their long nature.

    • Aoshi00

      The Scribblenauts logo is too jolly for you man lol.. I kind of like IMAX movies and don’t have problems watching 3D, I must say the 3D effect wears off after 30 mins or so into the movie depending on how obvious they make the scenes. I regret not seeing Despicable Me in 3D in the theater, now I bought the 3D blu-ray just waiting to get a 3D TV one day once the technology is more sound and the price gets better. Things like Uncharted 3 or Killzone 3 would probably cool to play in 3D right? Not necessary, but cool w/ the different layers.

      I’m not sure about the smaller cellphone screen, does 3D on a cellphone really look that straining to the eyes? Are they using the same technology, I thought the Snake Eater demo looked cool even though I haven’t seen it in 3D yet. But that’s just a movie too, not sure if it would get in the way or enhance the gameplay..

      I think the disclaimer needs to be thrown out, even if you look at the regular game manual, they tell you not to play the game for over an hour and take a break (since you have people dying from playing MMOs not eating or going to the bathroom or something).

      By and large, I find your input quite valuable, and nothing wrong w/ being critical of mediocre products, but it would be more fun to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty..

      And ultimately, the only thing you could do personally is speak w/ your wallet, if you don’t think the product is worth the value don’t buy it, if you do get it. As long as there are killer apps (Love Plus 3DS for me, don’t knock me ok?), and if the 3DS goes for ~$250 in the US, then I have no problem getting it and enjoying the games on it, even though I know there would be 3DS Lite coming later, that choice is the consumers.. just like people get iPad and all the Apple stuffs even though iPad 2 should be out very soon, but they had a year of fun using it..

      • Tokyo Guy

        Well, thanks for the kind words. I’d like to think that, in spite of my being a pessimist of sorts, at least I can [hopefully] add something when I post, especially to people who aren’t in Japan and thus don’t have the same kind of “insight” those of us who are here might.

        With respect to your comment about 3D, that’s exactly what I’m talking about really: the effect wears off after about 20 minutes. It’s cool at first, I will agree. With the LYNX 3D in particular (it comes with Earth Defense Force 3D and an aquarium clock) I actually found myself trying to “touch” the various characters. But once you get over the gimmick, so to speak, it’s really just a normal game but with somewhat filtered resolution given the technology needed to make the 3D work without the glasses. You can literally notice when the screen changes from 2D imaging to 3D because the lighting and resolution alter. The LYNX 3D also has on-screen input to adjust the level of “depth” however I found it was basically useless unless it was at 90% depth.

        SO, the thing I’m wondering is if anyone will really care about the whole 3D thing after the first few hours. I mean at this point many people are probably going gaga over the idea of getting an “affordable” 3D product (that takes 3D pictures no less, as does the LYNX 3D) but the effect isn’t long lasting in terms of coolness-though I admit it will no doubt “renew” itself each time you get a new game-and what we basically have is a graphically enhanced DS game, hence my pondering why the 3D was necessary in the first place.

        If not mistaken, the screen used for the LYNX and Galapagos is the same size as the screen that will be used for the 3DS at 3.8 inches. And yes it is the same technology/screen that is being used in the DS as Sharp is also supplying the screens for Nintendo, though minus the touch capability apparently. (It’s worth mentioning that Hitachi had a mobile phone some 2 years ago that had the same technology).

        For reference, if you (or anyone reading this) is interested you can find Sharp’s website here:

        LYNX 3D (DOCOMO)
        Galapagos (SOFTBANK)

        Of interest is why Sharp put Android 2.1 on the LYNX but 2.2 on the Galapagos. Then again I’m afraid to say that Japanese smartphones just can’t hold a candle to those made by Samsung or HTC…I have since rid myself of the LYNX and imported a Nexus S.

        Anyway, I don’t want people to think I am dead set against buying a 3DS. I will no doubt end up buying one (the Red variant however, which no doubt won’t be out for a while) though that doesn’t mean I am not skeptical or questioning Nintendo’s logic. I buy things to have fun, and thus if I can have fun with the 3DS then that’s the most important thing.

    • Everyone likes intelligent discussion, TG…even if it’s negative sometimes. It’s just that there’ve been a LOT of overly (and unnecessarily) negative commenters on here in the past couple weeks, and we’re in the process of seeing to it that they don’t ruin the community for everyone else. I don’t want you to be counted amongst them, you know? Thanks for understanding. :)

    • mirumu

      It sounds like we have a very similar opinion of Square/Square-Enix, although personally I haven’t liked anything they’ve done since the PS1 days. I still kept buying right up until FF XII, but regretted it every time. I guess I hoped they’d suddenly return to form, but each release just brought more backwards steps (to me).

      Today I’ve completely given up on them as a lost cause, and just don’t care what they do anymore. Generally I don’t even bother reading the stories about them let alone commenting on them. There are those who for whatever reason still like their games (or are new fans perhaps), more power to them I guess, but I don’t feel my negative contributions add anything to that discussion any more. You could say Square-Enix and I have just gone our separate ways.

      Instead I prefer to focus my attention on other series or topics that do still excite me, and things I genuinely feel more positively about. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever make negative comments, but I hope they are constructively negative with the aim of us all getting better games or better understanding in whatever small way. There are also those stories that bring great news and excite me like nothing else. When that happens I’ll be as genuinely positive as anyone. I will never be positive just for the sake of it though. That’s just as bad as being overly negative IMHO.

      For what it’s worth I appreciated hearing about your experiences with the Sharp 3D tech. The 3D aspect is only a small part of what appeals to me about the 3DS, but it’s hard to get a feel for this sort of thing when there’s nothing else out there with a comparable experience.

      • You dont like Square Enix, I think their Western aquisitions have the potential to be awesome and the phenomenally epic Final Fantasy Tactics and XIII and future titles look to be pretty solid.

        • mirumu

          Well I certainly hope Eidos do a good job on Thief 4, and I’d watch Deus Ex 3 if it was a film. I’ve no interest in anything Final Fantasy anymore though. Been burnt too many times.

        • Exkaiser

          Just to clarify, Final Fantasy Tactics was originally made while Square was still Squaresoft, before the Square-Enix merger.

          For at least a few people, the merger is sort of an emblem of Square’s downturn. That is- they tend to refer to that as the point where they stopped liking Square as much.

    • Every statement, no matter the length deserves reading. Dont be too hard on oneself…if something is not a positive aspect than I cant see why it needs to not be brought up. It isnt like being negative and not bringing comments and stuff to confirm the negativity…well thats my late statement, dude, lol.

  • “Nintendo’s spec sheet also reveals that you’ll be able to move digitally-purchased software (DSiWare) over from the DSi and DSiXL to your 3DS.”
    Oh, that’s interesting. I have a Japanese DSi, so I wonder if it could be a possibility to transfer the Ware games from that to a U.S. 3DS. Since they were originally region exclusive that would be most excellent, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • This may be unrelated but something tell me that i shouldn’t buy the 3DS at launch because of what happen with the ds lite. Anyone experienced who bought their ds lite at launch experience the hinge problem?

    • I cant imagine that they will still have that hinge crack issue. I had it with the polar white one which eventually led to being able to complete remove the screens from each other, lol. I think they said it was because they were screwed too tightly, and I havent heard of the issue being on newer ds lites nor dsi’s/

  • This is why I always bring my charger with me ANYWHERE I go. And with all the kick-ass launch titles it has, that bad boys gonna be plugged into the wall A LOT!

  • neon6

    Just wait until they re-release the system again, something like this already happened to the previous versions of the DS.

  • Icon

    That’s unfortunate, but I don’t know if I’ll ever play on the 3DS for 3 – 5 hours anyway. If I play for an hour a day, I can go uninterrupted five days in a row, then I charge it. Not a big deal.

  • AdamBoy64

    This worries me more about what the battery life in the PSP2 will be.. especially if it is going to be more powerful.. Lolz.

    • But it wont be in 3D, so unless the PSP2 embraces 3G/LTE/4G technologies for its connectivity, then it could edge out the 3DS in the battery life department. Sony is a house of innovation and revolution, so there is no doubt that it will have lengthy battery life.

      • Aoshi00

        PSP Go has really “long” battery life… I get like maybe 3 hrs out of that thing.. and yes, I don’t dare to turn up the brightness when playing FF9 outside, outside I have the brightness on 1-2, at home it’s 3, or 4 (when plugged in).

        And Nintendo doesn’t innovate? Sony and MS had to follow and compete w/ them w/ Move and Kinect.

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