These Are Your Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles In Japan

By Ishaan . January 7, 2011 . 8:09pm

It looks as though Inside Games’ report from yesterday was right on the money. The Nintendo 3DS will launch on February 26th in Japan, with eight titles to accompany its launch:


nintendogs + cats (three versions) [Nintendo] – 4,800 yen

Pro Evolution 3D Soccer [Konami] – 5,800 yen

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D [Ubisoft] – 5,040 yen

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (Capcom) – 4,800 yen

Samurai Warriors Chronicles [Tecmo Koei] – 6,090 yen

Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D [Square Enix] – 4,980 yen

Ridge Racer 3D [Namco Bandai] – 6,090 yen

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle [Level 5] – 5,980 yen


nintendogs + cats and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will retail for 4,800 yen, which is the same price as most Nintendo DS titles. As you can see from the list, prices for other games go all the way up to 6,090 yen.

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  • Guest

    I’ve no idea how to convert the highest to US$ but price ranges are better than solid prices right!? >_<

    • Don’t try to convert if you’re looking for official prices…games and anime tend to be more expensive in Japan. Overseas prices, we’ll know in a couple weeks. :) If you’re looking to import, though…6,090 yen comes to about $73.

      • Guest

        Hyuuuuu. That is expensive and I don’t plan on importing any time soon. =P

        • Code

          Yeah, the import market hasn’t been so hot lately regardless opo;

  • PurpleDoom

    Alright, so the higher price range is about the same price as a PSP title over there. Sounds good to me, so long as that applies to games released in the US as well.

  • Only SSFIV and Samurai Warriors (Guilty Pleasure) really interest me. At least there’s no rush to get the funds for one yet.

  • Ugh, not even kid icarus, or freaking zelda? I wonder if it would be the same in the US?…Lol, the only one i could be interested is in layton’s, but not that much, i would go for the cross over with phoenix wright first.

    This decides it, i wont get the 3DS when it gets launched. Ill wait for new releases, let’s just focus on ps3/psp/ds games for now, trailz on the sky hello~! my wallet and rpg spirit feel refreshed now.

    And lol, three versions of nintendogs >->…

    • There are a lot of games scheduled for “Spring” but not at launch.

      • I see, Yeah i think i’ll wait until im on vacations or maybe christmas… we will see :O, will be hard to choose

    • Testsubject909

      Does anyone honestly NEED to get the 3DS at launch? I mean…

      Look at 2011. Look at all them sweet games coming. Does anybody REALLY need to start spending hundreds into a new portable entertainment system with few games present?

      Seriously, just about anyone can just wait it out a bit. Buy the games you know will have the possibility of becoming rare and wait till the 3DS drops in price or you find yourself in a drought of games but with still a substantial enough income to afford one and just… profit from your patience. As the prices drops and as the library of games expands.

      • Well, PS3 at launch date had a handful of games, but not too many. That didn’t stop me from getting it since the 60GB had backwards compatibility.

        But that’s a long time ago. In this case, I can get a new PS3 with the cost the 3DS has, even a new PSP. In spite of me being a Megaman Legends, not even that will convince me to buy an expensive “handheld” product that probably has the same breakability as the previous DS’.

      • I dont know, is weird, the power of new stuff, its so cool and new and 3D and different that you just feel the need to get it soon xD, i got my ps3 close to the launch only because it WAS the ps3, i remember i got Folklore as my first game haha

        • Testsubject909

          Folklore wasn’t a bad game. Looked squished in an SD screen though and about 2/3 of the way through, the grinding for upgrading the powers were just too boring to go through for me.

      • thebanditking

        I agree completely with you & Garyuu on this. The 3DS launch line up not having any Key Nintendo franchises is a big misstep in my opinion and the cost is hardly justifiable as it is, especially given what $300 can get you these days (PS3 which doubles as a blu-ray player beats this, sorry). I honestly feel like Nintendo is doing this launch exactly like the DS 6 years ago. The game line up was sparse at best with maybe one really worth while title, leaving the real reason you bought it to be the “wiz bang” features. Honestly this system esthetically even looks like the DS phat, hard edges, lower battery life, the stylus goes in the top back of the system, bottom screen has odd bump up design. I just don’t think I’m biting this time, I honestly feel that its those who wait will be the ones to get the most benefit, likely for a better designed system with more games, and a slew of other new or improved features.

        • mirumu

          I’m getting flashbacks to the DS launch too. It’d be nice if they had everything in place from day one, but I think lackluster launch numbers will only benefit us in the long run as Nintendo scrambles to get more games out and push the system price down. If it takes a 3DSi and a second wave of games for the system to get it’s act together then I’ll look forward to that. I don’t doubt it’s going to be a popular platform at the end of the day though. All I can see that could harm that in the slightest now would be a flawless PSP2 announcement from Sony as unlikely as that may be.

          The most surprising omission from Nintendo’s launch lineup to me is Steel Diver. It’s not that I expect that game to have mass appeal, but when even long-developed titles like that aren’t hitting the launch date something seems amiss.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Hmm…well I don’t know how badly the 3DS will sell to be honest, even at the high price. There are many people who will buy it just because it’s new, and just because it’s 3D, or whatever else. But perhaps it won’t sell out at launch. Somehow I don’t see the DSLite craze occurring this time around. (For all those who don’t know/remember, the DS Lite sold out IMMEDIATELY and was totally unavailable for months. There were HUGE lines in major Tokyo electronics stores just to get one any time there was a restock. And I mean HUGE lines.)

    • vadde939

      Nintendo love to milk Nintendogs to death. At least there aren’t five versions like Nintendogs on the DS had -_-

      • LastFootnote


    • Yeah honestly I feel like I could spend more time on Sora no Kiseki FC and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd alone than I will my entire time with the 3DS

      • Ladius

        Completely agree with you, sadly this lineup is completely lacking any appeal for me. Also agree with the Trails in the Sky part :)

    • Guest

      Most launch titles always suck. Very rarely we get a strong launch lineup. The only exception to this rule that i can think of was the dreamcast.

  • DUDE, the amazon america link to the 3DS on this page has the 3DS for $299.99!!!!

    That is wow!!!

    But Dinosaurs in 3D on day 1, RAWRwesome dude!!!

    • Testsubject909

      3DS, no games comboed with it, rather limited library, new technology, untested games so it’s jumping blind that doubles as a 3D camera…

      or PS3, 300$, can be found with one or two games free in addition to the console with a great variety of upcoming triple A exclusives and a vast library of already excellent games, as well as a library of indie games online and multiple home uses…

      …of course, if you DO have a PS3… then, 300$ + around 60$ per 3DS games, or 300$ saved for upcoming PS3 titles… or 360 titles if you happen to have a 360. Actually you could also find combo items for the 360 at 300$, though this year’s exclusives is highly focused on the PS3.

      • That’s some dangerous ammo you’re waving around with that $60 figure for 3DS games. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t go about spreading false information to suit your own arguments. Thanks. :)

        • vadde939

          Is it just me or have there been alot of people making arguments about something without anything substantial to back it up on Siliconera recently?

          • Code

            Yeah, it’s not just you — a lot of petty heavy handed biased comments lately like Testsubject’s above. It’s fine having your favorite systems, hell PS3 is my favorite system at the moment, but all these PS3-fanboy posts worming there way into everything from DS, PSP and posts for pretty much every other system, is just becoming disgusting omo;

          • vadde939

            Yeah. One of the things I love about Siliconera is that it has always been a refuge from that kind of annoying fanboyism. The amount of it I’m seeing here recently really sucks :(

          • Me too…

            To keep the open console and community of the site this is something we all want to fix. I’d like to do it without resorting to using the banhammer because those are opinions, but if derailing discussion with “X console rules, Y console sucks” continues I’ll be forced to do so.

          • Code

            rar, agreed, Siliconera is one of the few gaming sites I feel has amazingly positive, bright, and intelligent commenters, and a comment section which encourages creative and thoughtful discussion. Honestly I take these kind of rotten comments as a damn insult to everyone who posts here, and a huge disrespect to the positive atmosphere that Siliconera staff and members have maintained omo’

          • Testsubject909

            How nice to be talked badly about in my face.

            But seriously, it’s an estimation and transition from it’s Yen in cost to Canadian dollars. In that essence, that estimation is far closer to what it should be.

            Of course, it is my fault for not clarifying, everyone outside of Canada immediately thinks the price is going to be the US pricing. So I’m sorry about that.

            But the estimation of a 60 Can$ per 3DS game, taxes included, is… pretty damn realistic. I already pay around 45-50$ a DS game, 10 additional $ for a buffed up cartridge to a new piece of technology is far from being false.

          • Code

            You read my posts you understand why I say what I say and I have no qualms with being up front about it opo’ Although to be fair it’s not really you as much as that specific post, I know you don’t usually post like that — but the post above just seriously high lights this attitude that’s really prevalent on here lately.

            As far as money and conversions are concerned I assume that was meant for elsewhere xpx; not sure what that’s about.

          • Ereek

            Not only that, but there’s been more arguments in general. More “hating on companies” (of all types), too.

            But, in the wise words of Spencer, it’s growing pains. Siliconera isn’t the small site it was years ago. There are more readers and more commentors.

          • You’d better believe it isn’t going unnoticed. We have our eyes on a few people (you all know who you are) that just need to screw one more time for us to show them the door.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Hmm…Well I am more of the mindset that hearing both sides of an argument is good for argument’s sake as well as for intellectual discussion. While my postings are often (or perhaps near-always) negative, I do seek to add something useful in them. But at the same time, if the posting is a clear advertisement for a specific console at the expense of another, that becomes more akin to the likes of GameFAQs and such where it’s flame war after flame war on a daily (hourly?) basis.

            One of the reasons I like this site is actually the high level of responsibility in user contribution. It was so refreshing to find a site where you can have an intelligent discussion without hordes of people bashing you and such.

            BTW Ereek, I posted a rather long reply to your comments in regards to my negativity. It’s on this page somewhere, but alas there was no option to reply to your post directly.

          • Testsubject909

            Explain how my arguments are fallacious please.

            The 3DS has untested games. Not to say they are bug ridden and haven’t been play-tested. But no gamer has yet played it, we have no immediate standard to set for 3DS games.

            We already know they’ll be superior to DS games, that much is known. But we don’t know how well it’ll make use of it’s new stereoscopic 3D gimmick, or if it’ll make good use of it either. Plus, the higher budget required to make the games can also translate in a desire to utilize less risk, which can affect the gameplay.

            The 3DS’s games Are untested, we’ve no reviews, little hands-on experience and mostly just videos to base ourselves on. Basically, we’re living on hype.

            The 3DS also does double as a 3D camera. I’ve also stated nothing negative or positive about it. It’s just there.

            And it IS true that there exists PS3’s that are comboed with multiple games. A friend of mine had a PS3 comboed with NHL 11 and Infamous. And I’m getting tired of having to repeat it but knowing the prices for DS games in Canada, taxes added, 60$ is pretty much the price I’m honestly estimating 3DS games to cost where I live (plus we just had a tax increase at the start of this year.)

            Tell me how the PS3 doesn’t have a strong library, or how it doesn’t have indie gaming support or good exclusives, or why the 360 wouldn’t be a good choice either.

            Because I seriously don’t understand how I’ve stated any lies or given any so called blank arguments.

            What I AM seeing is a lot of people reflecting the fanboyism and hatred towards my own argument and twisting what I’ve stated into a far more negative idea then what it originally was.

            I understand that what I say rains down a bit on someone’s excitement, but I personally consider it more of just a suggestion to see if a person’s excitement is blind and built only on hype, or honest and thought through for any variety of reason. Whether it be god-honest excitement and desire for the latest piece of technology. Whether the person already owns all systems and is more interested in the next step in handheld. Wishes to be an early adopter to help support the 3DS into the western world, or any other reasons really.

            And I can already think up an argument people typically uses: Why do you care?

            I just do. I’m weird like that.

          • Joanna

            Hmm…I live in Canada and I usually don’t pay more than 40$ with tax (some Nintendo and SE games being the exception where they cost 47$ with tax) and I live in Ontario and we have one of the highest taxation rates (HST is at 13% at the moment). Most brand new DS games are priced the same as in the states now (thanks to the drop in USD) so I usually end up paying 35$ with tax.

            I think what most people are getting annoyed at is that you seemed to suggest that 3DS games will be priced the same as PS3/360 games since you never clarified the price range for those (70-80$ is what I usually pay for new games on PS3 with tax). Yes people jumped to conclusions, but honestly can you blame them when the way you stated those numbers seemed to indicate that the 60$ per DS game would be better put to a PS3/360 game (and thus implying you were using USD standards, which are 60$ per PS3/360 game).

        • Testsubject909

          I’m just making an estimate based on the price in Yen of the launch title games here…

          Plus, keep in mind, I live in Canada. To me, a 40US$ game over in the US will be 50-60$ where I live, because of the price increase between the US and Canadian area and also due to taxes.

          So, from where I’m sitting, that information is quite accurate.

          I am sorry for not fixing the prices accordingly to US expectations. But I don’t immediately think as if I was talking to the entirety of the US population.

          It’s a matter of expressing my own personal perspective on things, that’s all.

        • Testsubject909

          Actually… looking at this thread twice.

          Aren’t you the one who said that importing this game would cost around 70$?

          Yes, I understand the cost of import and the cost of purchase at home differs and in Japan the cost of game is substantially higher then ours (that is, noticeable enough).

          But still.

          PS: if it seems as though I’m a bit aggressive at defending myself here.

          It’s because I do honestly believe I’m being wrongfully judged. If I did unintentionally behave like a jerk, I tend to accept it and ask forgiveness.

          In this case, I do honestly see my side of the argument as valid. I’ve re-read my post a few times just to be sure, and aside from choosing to view me as a fanboy rather then as a neutral party, I personally think that my original post above is passable.

          Of course, I’m not a mod here, so it’s not my decision ultimately. But I am capable of judging myself and my past behavior and deciding if I have acted out appropriately to my own set of ethics and morals.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Well I can see your logic. One of the major benefits of the 3D TV “boom” here is that it has driven the price of HDTVs down considerably. I’m not sure if people are aware, but HDTVs in Japan have consistently been around 200% more expensive than those sold in North America. Heck, I remember around 2006 when my friend bought a Samsung HDTV that was like 54 inches or something, and it cost around $1200 and yet a comparable model here was around $4000. Japan’s pricing is outrageous, be it televisions, games, music, movies, etc.

            Anyway, with HDTVs becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer here (the country has yet to switch over to digital ONLY broadcasting BTW) it follows that things like the PS3 and Blu-Ray become viable media options as well. So I think you have a point in saying that there are equal alternatives for the 3DS.

            At the same time though, do remember that portable games are so successful because they are portable. I for one-especially now adays-find it somewhat cumbersome and annoying to have to make time for a console game. You have to be at your house, you have to sit in front of the TV, you need to devote long amounts of time to it, etc. None of that need apply with a portable game, because you can take it anywhere and play in small bursts.

      • Guest

        You sound like one of those terrible charts Microsoft and Sony released bashing each other as to how one is cheaper than the other because of all the extras you had to pay for.

        • Testsubject909

          Just because I am stating that the 3DS is an unknown piece of technology and that we’ve yet to have any standards to place upon it’s games.

          And suggest an alternative which costs just about the same as buying said new system and games, which by now has a large library of cheaply priced items which are all highly entertaining.

          I’m to be reduced to the status of those who use one-sided arguments ignoring all facts and reality of other consoles?

          And if it’s the 60$ again. I repeat. I’m Canadian. You know how much I pay for my PS3 games? Around 73-75$ a shot after taxes gets included… My DS games? 45-50$ easy.

          If it’s about the Exclusives… it IS true that exclusives are mainly focused on the PS3 this year. There were great years for the 360, great years for the PS3, great times for the Wii. It just so happens that what we know for sure is that there’s a large number of good games coming for the PS3. It in no way negates the good exclusives that already exists for the 360…

          But that argument falls flat as it doesn’t really counter anything negative you said about me.

          • Aoshi00

            But if DS games cost $50 in Canada and 3DS games would cost about ~$60 (a $10 bump up seems logical), then how much are your PS3/360 games? It just means all games are expensive where you are, not just portable games right?

            I don’t think it’s fair to compare weighing buying a 360/PS3 and a 3DS. If there are people who still haven’t bought a PS3/360/Wii after 5 yrs, it just mean they aren’t all that interested in the first place.. the consoles and DSi/3DS offer different experience.. it’s like the IMAX movies now, I paid $19 to see Tron Legacy in 3D because I think it’s worth seeing it that way.. w/ the same money, I could’ve seen maybe 2 non-3D movies.. not to say it’s nt expensive, but I don’t weigh btwn the two because I have my mind set on experiencing Tron in 3D.. like if people are truly interested in 3DS, they would buy it on top of getting a 360/PS3, not choosing btwn the two.

            New gadget always cost more, it only depends on how “impatient” you need to see or play this thing.. like a movie, watching it in theater is ~$10-15, renting it on DVD from Redbox in 6 months is a buck a night. So is that extra $14 worth it? It depends because they’re different experiences. . I really don’t think the 3DS is that expensive compared to say blu-ray players which were like $1000 when they first came out (even the PS3 was only $600), if it’s $250 in the US and has enough fun games in the first year, that’s what you pay for playing it a year before everyone else..

            The PS3’s launch library was bad though, I did regret getting it one month after launch (I was just itchy to spend the $300 gift certificate I got for Xmas so I spent $300 myself, but still not worth it then.. there weren’t even that many good blu-ray movies at first, now I have like over 50). Getting a Wii for $300 at launch was more worth it than getting the PS3 for $600 for me at that time because Twilight Princess was a killer app for me and the Wii sports motion novelty was refreshing unlike anything I’ve played before.

          • Testsubject909

            Well, in the end. It’s your money.

            Personally, I waited about two or three years before getting a PS3.

            I got a 360 roughly a year after it launched, but it’s early demise caused me some grief and intensive research on it’s hardware specs and build.

            I’ve never really trusted the durability of a 360 ever since. I do know it’s done some good and upgrades, but the flimsy heatsink still worries me.

            I will eventually get a 360 though, definitely. There are many games I want on it. And the 3DS does have upcoming games which do pique my interest, but I won’t be purchasing a 3DS immediately. I will however ensure that i do have a copy of games which I have an inkling may find themselves to become sparse or rare.

          • Aoshi00

            Even though my org 60Gb was B/C, I have since gotten a slim because the fan noise always kicks up and it was distracting watching blu-rays on it.. my first game for it was Folklore (or Motorstorm I forgot), but back then Dualshock 3 wasn’t even out yet and we only got the lighter sixaxis which didn’t feel right, and PSN was at its infancy w/ not much contents.. now I don’t really touch it unless I play PS2 games on it, my other PS2 slim is Jpn..

            I think I also got my 360 a year later after launch, I imported it solely for Blue Dragon (and later Lost Odyssey), but it was a good system because most US games are region free, so I was able to play pretty much all games from both Jpn and US. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones, but my 360 never failed me (except once when I unplugged the HDD while attempting to transfer contents, but MS was kind enough to replace my Jpn 360 w/ another Jpn 360 before the 3 yr was almost up). Since then I’ve gotten 2 more 360’s though, a US arcade bundle because the are several region locked US games I want to play and I want the HDMI connection.. and over the thanksgiving I got the Slim just because I felt like upgrading (there was a $60 credit on Amazon, I got the 4GB for the matte finish and bought the 250Gb HDD separately).. but I still have my old Jpn 360 to play imports.. They are many deals on the 360 all the time, always like $50 back getting the 250gb or something.. or the 4Gb at $200 and you could use 16Gb memory sticks for storage..

            I mostly never regret getting anything early, but PS3 would be one because the initial library was just so scarce, you only had games like Genji.. and then Lair turned out to be a mess w/ the sixaxis control.. the only consolation is it has B/C, but the fan is just a little loud and I don’t know how to fix it, I vacuumed the dust and there’s plenty of space for air circulation.. but now both the PS3 Slim and 360 Slim are very quiet and I like it.. I guess if one doesn’t mind waiting, it saves a lot of money.. like my first Sony LCD 23″ was $1300 (it was a gift, but I felt guilty for the person who bought it because now it’s so much cheaper), the 2nd TV Samsung 46″ I bought was $1900, but it was worth it because I’ve gamed and watched movies on it for 3 yrs now.. but I won’t be getting a 3D TV unless the price drops by the next Thanksgiving or something..

            I guess I’m just used to importing at crazy prices.. for the 3DS, I find $250 to be an okay price provided there are games I want to play right away, I like Kid Icarus and all, but the killer app for me so far is Love Plus 3DS, so I might wait for that game to be out to get the system..

  • Well 6,090 yen is a lot of money for a handheld game(not saying they aren’t worth it), so considering I don’t have a money tree at home, I probably have to be a lot more careful from now on.

    • PurpleDoom

      6090 yen for a handheld game is actually pretty standard over there; PSP games have been using that price for ages. Unless you buy imports, I’d say that they’re probably going to be nowhere near that expensive in the US ($39.99 is my guess, and that’s just a few dollars more than a standard DS game.)

      • Yeah true, I just converted it, that why it seemed so expensive. >_<

        • Exkaiser

          Yeah, don’t worry too much, games are just more expensive over there than they are in America- mostly because of the value of the Yen vs the Dollar these days.

          Importing’s been hell for the last few years.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Hmm…Most stores don’t charge more than around 5,000 yen for a portable game unless they offer points or something. Yodobashi Camera tends to be the most expensive, with stores like Softmap often selling for far less. And then you have stores like Amazon Japan that totally cut the price even pre-release, often by 10-20%.

  • I’ll probably buy the 3DS games, then buy a 3DS when a 3DS Lite or something comes out.

    Give the dev some sales and play’em later.

  • Odd – no Mario even…

    • I think it would be odd if there was a Mario game.

      Aside from Paper Mario and Mario Kart, Nintendo has not “officially” announced a Mario game. Neither of those have been playable too, but there were tech demos at E3.

  • vadde939

    Layton and Street Fighter are nice but the rest dont interest me at all. Oh and the pricing of Ridge Racer and Samurai Warriors is just a joke when those two are by far the least appealing games in the launch lineup imo.

  • PrinceHeir

    No metal gear and resident evil :(

    will be waiting 1 year i guess which is fine by me ^^

  • neo_firenze

    Whine all you want about launch titles being no good blah blah blah.

    I’m gonna be playing my 3DS at US launch :D Time to see what the US launch titles will be. From the Japan list, I’d get Ridge Racer, SSF4, and Layton. Kinda suspicious that Layton won’t be a US launch game though (maybe to be replaced by Zelda?).

    And I’m going to already have my system ready to go for the really good stuff. Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Layton x Phoenix Wright, Megaman Legends 3, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

    • Exkaiser

      Isn’t the fourth Layton game not out yet over here? That might explain why the fifth game wouldn’t be available at the 3DS’ launch.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Wow that’s a pretty limited list I’m afraid to say. Why is it that game consoles just can’t launch with any must have games? It seems as if unless Nintendo actually makes something legitimate (i.e. not Nintendogs) there will never be a “must have” launch game for their consoles.

    And Puzzle Bobble 3D? Is Taito so vehemently opposed to making a real installment to the Bubble Bobble series?

    • Yesshua

      Well, “must have” is in the eye of the beholder. I think that a new Layton game is must have. You don’t. Neither of us is wrong.

      My sister thinks that Nintendogs + Cats is must have. I don’t. Neither of us it wrong.

      I’m sorry to hear that none of the launch titles suit your fancy though. Hopefully some of the later releases will do better for you.

      • Tokyo Guy

        How should I put this…There is no “mainstream gotta have it game”. Given the high price point of the 3DS, IMHO there is a need for a mass-appeal game. Nintendogs might work given that the original was so successful, but given that many of the people who bought the original weren’t “gamers”, I don’t exactly see these non-gamers going nuts over a new DS. Casual gamers have a very different mindset than hardcore ones, and typically the hardware is (initially) geared to the hardcore ones. And I dare say that Street Fighter is most certainly a hardcore type gamer game.

        Layton will do well in Japan, but again, there isn’t a good say, action platformer or something. It just kind of seems like the original DS line-up, especially the North American one (though at least that had Mario).

        • An action-platformer is your idea of a mainstream gotta-have-it game? When was the last time one of those topped a sales chart?

          • Exkaiser

            New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

          • That’s more of a traditional platformer, though, isn’t it? By action-platformer, I thought TG meant something like Castlevania or Mega Man.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Ah, sorry. I meant something like New Super Mario Bros. 3D or something. Perhaps I should have just said platformer. I have no doubt that game would sell boat loads considering how unbelievably well the DS and Wii installments have fared.

  • Guest

    Rar! How dare they release such few games! Lord knows I have $200+ for the system and another $XXX to buy each and every game they announced that I want on launch day!!! Please you could probably only afford 3 games at best and you still need to time to complete them and by then a new title will be out.

    SFIV and Professor Layton will hold me over for a while., That said we still dont know our launch line up. Just 2 more weeks.

  • Not a single all new title for launch. All sequels or ports. Sounds a lot like the current situation on other systems :|

    • Professor Layton Mask of Miracle is a port?

      • No, but it’s definitely a sequel.

        • Love the series but i don’t expect it to be that different from the others, it will just look cooler xD and maybe there are some 3D puzzles?…

        • You sir are correct. I read that too fast and got served. *bows and walks away*

  • Draparde

    i need something to play my ds games on as my current very old DSlite is nearly broken completely. so i’ll be getting this someday once it comes here…probably not release day.

  • Aoshi00

    I would like to see what 3D puzzles they have for Layton, but I haven’t finished Devil’s Flute yet still.. Hm.. at this point, no Love Plus 3DS no buy for me yet..

    • Code

      rarr, I have such a love/hate relationship with Layton series opo; I love the puzzles, characters, and stories, I hate the fact I’m stupid and the game makes me well aware of it opo;

      Seriously though I think this might be the real AAA title of the bunch just because it feels like one of the few games that just lends itself so incredibly well to it’s platform.

      • Aoshi00

        lol, I admit I get stuck and use those coins a lot..and sometimes when I’m really stuck I cheat by reading FAQ.. some of the puzzles are pretty devious. Otherwise not many other games I want to play on this yet.. I just think the 3D would bring Layton and Love Plus to another level, especially Layton’s puzzles if they put enough thought in them :)

        I just came back from seeing Tron Legacy in Imax, it was pretty awesome, the 3D was cool, but mostly the thundering sound…

      • Lol that’s the same reason I don’t play the series, I suck at math too so I pretty much gave up on them.

  • No mario? no Zelda? no franchises?….. kinda wierd……WWJD?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Bit of a small amount, really. Will Nintendogs become one of the top selling 3DS titles, like the DS Nintendogs, then?

  • epy

    Professor Layton there is all I need.

  • I’ll probably get the 3ds on launch, wait until the wanted games come out to get those, wait until they decide to release a white color 3ds to America that was released in Japan a good amount of months already, and then give the black 3ds to my little bro while I keep the white 3ds. I have this planned.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hmm, Street Fighter is a definitive buy at the start… might be interested in Ridge Racer as well. Yeah, that should keep me going ’til later on when more software arrives.

  • Other than Layton, it’s kinda hard to get excited about that launch lineup

  • NeoTechni

    Wait, no Zelda, no Starfox, and no Submarine game?

    • Exkaiser

      These are just the day one games. More games will come out in the first month launch window, certainly.

      • NeoTechni

        Yes I assumed the system would have more than 6 games in its lifetime.
        But I also assumed at least one the games I was buying it for would be
        available at launch

  • thaKingRocka

    I love Street Fighter, but you won’t see me getting particularly excited about playing the game on a handheld with fewer buttons and a d-pad or playing it in 3D when I feel the pinnacle of beauty is a well-crafted sprite.

    However, I like the idea of racing in 3D. I bought Ridge Racers with my PSP back in 2005, and I loved it. That’s a genre that works nicely on a handheld. I look forward to Mario Kart 3D as well. They could have a lot of fun bringing the background to life with that one.

    Puzzles in 3D? That literally adds a new dimension to the craft. I’m not willing to pay full price for a puzzler, but when it hits the discount bin, I’ll be giving that a go.

  • thebanditking

    Well, if the US line up is even remotely similar to this I know what I’m not spending money on this spring. In a way its better this way, I have enough to buy with out blowing $300 on a new system and a game.

  • Well SSFIV and Layton are the two that interest me, but I suspect Nintendogs will do well – I think I saw on a video that they gave it that “walk mode” feature again (your dog meets other nintendogs while you walk around in real life) and that tends to work better in Japan where many people are traveling on foot or mass transit. I also wonder if they’ll do anything with the augmented reality they were talking about on launch.

    I don’t usually pick up hardware at launch, but I’ll definitely be interested to see how things go with the 3DS at launch.

  • Strain42

    I’m officially waiting. Right now there are only two 3DS games that I know I wanna get. Devil Survivor: Overclock and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. I’m fine with waiting until those, and a handful of other games are released.

  • nyobzoo

    and that’s Japan’s launch, I’m betting there’s probably be less for the US launch

    • PurpleDoom

      I’d say it’s more likely for there to be different games, rather than less.

  • No Pokemon or Dragon Quest = no buy.

    • PurpleDoom

      Dragon Quest is coming along later. Much later, probably, given that all we know is that it’s a Dragon Quest game for 3DS, but it’s coming.

  • MarkMario

    Is it sad to say that I will be getting nintendogs + cats 1st….

    • Kaoro

      Yes, it is, but not as bad as getting all 3 versions of it at once.

      You ARE just getting one version, right?!

      • MarkMario


    • *chokes on drink*

      Uh, *cough* no, not at all. *cough*

  • HarryHodd

    Just can’t get the excitement for this thing at launch. Best to wait.

  • Not a big deal, really. With the exception of the Dreamcast, I can’t think of a single system that EVER had good launch titles. Every system I own, I bought years after it was released once there were 20 titles for it that I wanted. I don’t see why people are freaking out about this.

    • I thought the launch of STEAM for Macs had great launch titles.

      • I’ve never cared about PC gaming, so I can’t agree or disagree with what you’re saying.

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