Inazuma Eleven 4 Kicking To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . January 8, 2011 . 1:05pm

Inazuma Eleven 4 isn’t listed in Nintendo’s 3DS software index, but it is coming to the system. The confirmation comes by way of CoroCoro magazine, traditionally known for being the major source of information for Pokémon games.


Level 5 president, Akihiro Hino, first hinted at Inazuma Eleven 4 back in June, during an Inazuma Eleven series promotional event. Inazuma Eleven 4 has no release date yet. We’ll likely hear more about it in the weeks to come through various Japanese magazines, so stay tuned.


Meanwhile, Europe is getting the first Inazuma Eleven game on Nintendo DS toward the end of this month. A Wii version of Inazuma Eleven, titled Inazuma Eleven Strikers, is in development at Level 5, too.

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  • Oh great another title I love for the 3DS, this again will rise the possibilities of me buying it! :D
    And dude a translated Inazuma Eleven? Can’t wait for it’s release!

  • shion16

    we re gonna have riiyo for a long time :P

  • Guess I really do need a 3DS, at this point.

  • Apollokids

    They made Dark Cloud and they made DragonQuest8. And now i look at this and i am sad because they could never be where they once were- at the top.

    • Guest

      What the hell are you talking about? Level-5 has made some the biggest games in Japan including Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, and DragonQuest IX. They already got 5 titles coming to 3DS including new I.P. Level 5 is one of the most exciting developers right now and one of the few companies that are actually growing.

    • Exkaiser

      I’m not sure I understand. Dark Cloud certainly wasn’t at the top of anything.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And I’d argue it is what got Level 5 recognized in the west. Back when they were talking up that Xbox MMO that never materialized and even DQ8, “from the makers of Dark Cloud” were part of promotion. Such usually isn’t done unless some folks appreciated the title.

        • Exkaiser

          While it certainly did establish Level-5’s name over here, it was far from their prime. It’s a good game, but it’s not a stellar one.

          They are a very good company now, and to imply that they’ve somehow decreased in quality since Dark Cloud is absurd.

          • So far, in all their releases, there has been no game of them that made me feel what dark cloud 1 or 2 made me feel.

            DQ? You surely know those are not LEVEL 5 games, all they did was the graphics (i dont know if they helped in some other way, but this doesn’t change the fact that DQ is not from LEVEL 5).

            Layton? I love the series so don’t minsunderstand me, but their fame is based on all the puzzles, art quality and such, their main stories has been ok in my opinion, but it still doesn’t make me feel what games like phoenix wright make me feel, i respect it as a puzzle game, but i don’t respect it as a full game.

            Inazuma Eleven? Those were ok, based in football’s fame, with flashy moves, iif it is well done, is easy to get fame with it, the story is pretty lame though, the only thing that i love of Inazuma Eleven are the characters, and the rpg/football combination. Nice and original game, but lame main story (is not like they can do much with football so it’s ok).

            White knight chronicles? i like it only because of the mmorpg feeling, the main story is ok, but most of the characters are too generic (main character is the most one, sadly)

            Dark Cloud games has been the only games i can consider LEVEL-5 quality, from dark cloud 1 to 2 there is a huge change, and dark cloud 2’s graphics are just perfect, this is how sequels must be done.

            The story is great, well done, different, full of new stuff, the georama thing is great, the battles fun and hard, the way you can evolve your weapon, all the mini games, invent stuff, take all those photos, something that i loved from dark cloud 1 is the button smash controlled battles, where you must push a button in the right time when there is a battle sequence, the soundtrack is great, those dungeons, they can always surprise you, no matter if it’s the 10th time you in there.

            Why it hasnt been in the top of anything ? I have no freaking idea, maybe didnt call too much attention, sucky advertisment?, or overlooked because of other releases? As far as i know, those series did good in the US.

            Has it decreased in quality? In my opninon, yes and no, no because, as a company, they are doing what all companies aim to…. get money, and this is easily archieved if you make games that sell a lot, and most of them are mainstream games. And yes, from a player point of view, because i feel they are leaving behind the real people that got into their games fully, serious gamers for a way to put it. (this doesn’t means their latest games are not for serious gamers and blah blah, i don’t mean to offend anyone that likes their latest games, but if you played all these, you may know what i mean)

            At the end, they are doing what any company should do, sadly, that is how the world moves… At least they are trying to keep their “magic” with quality, but so far, nothing has made me feel like dark cloud.

            I hope that Ni no kuni can make me feel again like when i was playing dark cloud

          • Exkaiser

            Dark Cloud is hardly “full of new stuff,” when it comes to story. While I do respect that it’s not bog-standard, it’s not like similar courses haven’t been charted already by Actraiser or the Soul Blazer quadrilogy or even Jade Cocoon, and Dark Cloud really doesn’t make much of the rebuilding the world plot. It’s just there, but it’s not particularly involved or interesting

            The first Dark Cloud received quite a bit of hype in the West. It was often touted as a “Zelda-killer” on more than one occasion (Which brought quite a bit of negative backlash from some people accusing it of being a Zelda clone- when in reality it’s really nothing similar), but reception was mixed with some praise of the game but mostly middling to low responses.

            Dark Cloud 1 was a merely alright game, but you certainly like it alot, so I won’t really press my point. Dark Cloud 2 was quite a bit better, though I’m really only talking about the first game anyways.

            But… you accuse other Level-5 games of having weak characters or bad stories, but the characterization in Dark Cloud was really quite thin. The story, likewise, isn’t very strong.

            And what about Jeanne D’Arc?

          • Joanna

            I haven’t played the other Layton games (too many games, not enough time), but Curious Village had a pretty good story. I especially liked that the puzzles weren’t just there and L5 took the time to come up with a valid story point for the existence of the puzzles. They could have easily just left them there for no reason, but they took the time to incorporate them into the actual plot, which, for puzzles so varied is no mean feat. The characters weren’t that deep or meaningful sure, but really, that sort of thing is more the exception than the rule. What matters to me is that they had interesting personalities, which I felt they did. I think the only thing I found lacking in Curious Village was Don Paolo. I wish he showed up more, he was so funny.

            But then again, my acquaintance with Level 5 games is fairly new. I haven’t tried Dark Cloud so I have no idea whether I would feel it’s better than Professor Layton. It’s just…saying the story in Layton wasn’t good, well I can’t agree with that, nor that it isn’t worth respecting Layton as a full (I think you mean proper?) game.

          • Yeah, i liked Layton a lot, but i just felt it was just puzzles and story, but more puzzles than anything :P that is what i kind of meant with not a “full” game, but this is really a really personal opinion xD

          • Haven’t played Jeanne D’ Arc… (woa didn’t knew it was from LEVEL 5) Actually, i never felt to attracted to it because i don’t really like when games follow a real story too much, i mean… i already know how Jeanne D’ Arc ended in real life, i imagine she ends the same way in the game…? It would had been cool if they made something like eternal sonata though :P

            I didn’t felt Dark Cloud chars were that overused, nor the story, A demon that eats all the towns and you are the only one that can recover them and reconstruct them? or in dark cloud 2, where the main theme is time itself, reconstructing stuff going back and forth, pretty cool…

            Well this all fall into a personal opinion, so not much i can say about it xD. But Dark Cloud games made me beat them, love them, and want for more, the MCs of Dark Cloud 2 were pretty well done, but, ahh i didnt liked the ending (i wanted the MCs to end together in someway T.T) xD

            Inazuma eleven and layton didnt had generic chars only the main story of inazuma, and the layton series wasnt that, “OMG”, the only game LEVEL 5 has made with generic chars, in my opinion, is white knight chronicles (and not all of the chars) but already having the main character way too generic kinda makes all to be too expected. They could had made better things with the white knight chronicles stories (i think this is a good story but not well used).

            Oh also, i don’t know why people compared this game to Zelda, ive played all zeldas to date, and i just can’t find any resemblance, maybe because the MC in Dark cloud 1 has pointy ears…? Seriously i can’t compare them… even the action part was different (and in dark cloud, harder) but Zelda required more thinking…

            Maybe now it seems it hardly has new stuff, but before, it was full of new stuff for me.

          • Exkaiser

            I didn’t say the characters or the story were overused, just thinly-written. Though, like I said, the first game’s reconstruction plot isn’t exactly completely unique- Soul Blazer, Terranigma, and Actraiser, to name a few, have gone down fairly similar paths.

            I think DC and Zelda get compared so much just because of the “Zelda-killer” thing, but that was just a marketing gimmick to sell the game and the PS2. I mean, sure, Toan has a green hat and pointy ears, but the games themselves aren’t similar. If I had to accuse it of being a clone of something, it’d be Soul Blazer.

            But, well, if you enjoyed Dark Cloud more than anything else by Level-5, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it! It’s not like I can PUMMEL your opinion out of you over the internet! And that would just be rude anyways.

          • Caligula

            I would recommend not making assumptions about Jeanne D’Arc’s plot when you haven’t played it. The game follows the historical line of events to some degree, but it does deviate significantly, and especially after Jeanne’s capture, which is only maybe halfway or three-fourths into the game. Not to give plot points away, but she does not die. So, basically everything you know (or thought you knew) about the game is thrown out right there.

          • It would be hard to make an assumption of something i have played xD, i was just relating it to the real story haha. Somehow i found a way to reply you here but i couldnt before, if you dont read the other post i made in the pokemon’s article, i wanted to say that thanks for giving me your opinion, now that i know she doesn’t dies, im looking forward to play it :)

          • Yeah :P, i just didnt liked that not many people standed at the side of Dark Cloud >8O, i still hope they release Dark Cloud 3 someday. xD

            By the way, what is your opinion of Jeanne D’ Arc? i never really piqued into it, but now that i know is from level 5, i can’t help but wonder.

          • Exkaiser

            I’m not too familiar with it, I’ve only played a bit of it, but I hear it’s really well-written, and it adapts the history well while still standing on its own. I’ve been meaning to finish it some time when I have the money to get my own copy. What I did play was pretty good, though.

          • Caligula

            Jeanne D’Arc was really good. I’m familiar with the time period and, royal demonic possession notwithstanding, the game did a pretty good job incorporating actual historical elements with fun gameplay and a good group of characters. I would definitely pick it up.

            Voice acting was fantastic, incidentally.

        • I wonder how many kids (like my nephew) bought Dark Cloud thinking it was Zelda…

  • Man I can’t wait for Inazuma Eleven 11. That game will bring the apocalypse.

    • Guest

      Thats when the main team will recruit Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star

      • Apocalypse soccer with Kenshiro as the main character, now that is a sports game I want to play!

      • RX79V

        And anyone who intercepts his shot will automatically explode. :P

  • If I’m not mistaken, they haven’t yet confirmed the 1st game for North America. Of course, we can import the European version, but it would be nice to get it here. And as for the sequels, who knows…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Think about what would be the most amazing crossover of all time — Inazuma v Kunio-kun.

    Talk about blood on the pitch……

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