A Few Updates On The Last Story’s Dungeons

By Ishaan . January 10, 2011 . 8:25am

Development work on The Last Story is complete, so Mistwalker head and The Last Story director, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is taking a break and playing some games for a change.


Sakaguchi revealed over Twitter that he imposed a no-game ban on himself during The Last Story’s development, so he wouldn’t be distracted from work. The one game he did make an exception for, however, was Xenoblade, which he says he played right after it released. Like The Last Story, the Monolith Soft-developed game was published by Nintendo.


He also tweeted briefly about The Last Story itself, with regard to the game’s sub-quests and dungeons, and how they tie into its story.


“There are several sub-quests in The Last Story from small ones to big ones with dungeons,” Sakaguchi wrote. “Events and NPC which are the quests entrances are located at some specified sections which comes with scenario/story. It’s possible to advance without clearing these quests, though.”


There will also be no mounts in The Last Story, the way you can ride Chocobos in Final Fantasy games, Sakaguchi revealed. To help make getting around faster, you can use the map to instantly move between certain locations. However, Sakaguchi hinted, you will get the opportunity to ride living creatures in some form — just not for transportation.


Sakaguchi then proceeded to mention the game’s dungeons and how the dungeons are connected. “Almost all dungeon maps in the castle and city are connected. For example, a hidden stairs in the castle’s courtyard,” he wrote. “Other places are connected without “road”. I emphasized “tempo/rhythm (of game playing)”.”


Sakaguchi concluded his Last Story tweets by firing off a quick bullet list of facts about the game while revisiting dungeons:


  • Minimum dialogue
  • Select members upon entering
  • Treasure chests that show only upon revisiting dungeons
  • Different balance and adjustments upon revisiting
  • No levelling up
  • Loot in the form of items and money
  • You can leave the dungeon whenever you like


After he was done tweeting about The Last Story, Sakaguchi carried out a brief Twitter conversation with Manami Kiyota, one of the composers on Xenoblade, who told him she was looking forward to his game.

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  • RPGRocker

    “No levelling up”


    • Maybe is just to get better items or such…?

    • malek86

      I take it you won’t gain experience by revisiting previous dungeons?

      It means they probably have made it in a way so that the player can’t rely on grinding. Could be kinda like Chrono Cross.

      • badmoogle

        I really hope so.It’s about time for JRPG developers to leave grinding behind them.

        • Aoshi00

          I liked it, Lost Odyssey was kind of like that too, they put a level cap after you leveled up some in every area, so fighting more monsters would only yield minimal exp to prevent you from grinding and keep the game/bosses challenging, at least until the end-game when you go for the battle arena.

    • No leveling up when revisiting dungeons. Probably to prevent grinding.

  • PrinceHeir

    yay he played Xenoblade :)

    not if only nintendo would localize the damn game

  • If there is no leveling up, but rebalancing and such, then what is the reward for even entertaining the idea of defeating enemies. I would just use a Max Repel or something to avoid confrontations if Im not gonna be rewarded for battling. [All in terms of revisiting dungeons]

    Furthermore, I hope this is also one of the games that fits under that statement Reggie of Nintendo of America stated about Wii games that need to be seen to be believed, for 2011.

    • Read the following line after “No leveling up.” There’s your reward for battle.

      • I thought that was in relation to what one would find in a treasure chest, versus a reward for defeating an rebalanced enemy?

        • Loot means battle loot 95% of the time in RPGs.

          • The main character will have to fight a close family member turned evil… and after the battle, the only words uttered will be, “Did they drop good loot?”

          • I can actually picture that happening one day.

          • Odd, I always put it towards the chest, since pirates loot and such. But thanks, now the game sounds glorious. I will be sure to go through these dungeons, especially if the loot can only be obtained in this manner and affects the characters models on screen (oh maybe costume accessories?! glorious!)

          • Pirate loot is called loot because they acquired their treasure by ransacking ships and towns. Actually scratch that comment you replied to. The word loot by itself means a valuable item seized during battle.

          • Ok, for once, a comment you wrote made me laugh out of hilarity and not pity.

            When i read this line, I imagined it in some weird viking, faux-gay voice and I died lol: “oh maybe costume accessories?! glorious!”

    • HarryHodd

      Hopefully the loot is worthy.

    • Guest

      Don’t you read!? The reason to replay dungeons is for loot! “LOOT” Its right there in plain english. Better items, and equipment are your reward. This isn’t some stupid random battle rpg where can use a repel item.

      It seems lately most of your comments are related to things your pulling out of thin air like GT running better at 120fps in 3D. Take your time and read slowly, think and please post a smart response. That is until Disqus adds an ignore feature.

      • badmoogle

        Um dude do you have to be so rude in order to make your point?

        • Guest

          If it was anyone else who doesn’t constantly exaggerate or get things wrong then I would but my patience has ran out with “Tsunayoshi Sawada”. I believe it’s a she and she is constantly misinformed and posts negative and false comments. Her posts also always lead to a huge wall of replies of pointless arguing and its gotten extremely annoying.

          • Negative and false comments…and this just after the day that someone got up in arms over me being perhaps blindly optimistic? I also can not remember when I didnt post something positive and glorious about Naruto or Fairytail, lol. I think the commenters are just in mass confusion maybe? And when have my posts after 1/1/2011 involved “arguing”, if these posts were arguging, well its the first time Ive ever experience jovial people arguing in happy and high spirits, lol. And dude, Im a dude, dude, lol.

          • The problem everyone has with you is that your comments are either extremely positive or extremely negative, and when you claim something, you don’t have any source to back you up.

          • Guest

            a STRANGE dude

      • But I didnt pull GT running at 120 fps in 3D out of thin air, as in that topic we were already discussing where that statement was made.

        Anyway, it was just a simple misunderstanding as I thought the “loot” was in reference to that which was earned through a treasure chest and not through battle, though would the game really not have an item that allows for getting past enemy encounters?

  • gatotsu911

    Please, no more headlines with “The Last Story” and “update”… you’re killing me, Siliconera.

  • No leveling up is fine with me, but I take they just shifted that to item collecting, which results in a similar situation. But I hope I’m wrong and items do not play that much of a role, as I found games that had only offer limited character development the most interesting.

    A solution has to be there, and it isn’t the easy/tedious way of replaying old battles.
    I’m not talking about self imposed challenges here, but well designed encounters or stages, like world 1-1 of Demon’s Souls, or a good portion of Capcom’s Gargoyle’s Quest games.

    • Exkaiser

      No leveling up seems to only be for when you revisit dungeons, from the way the article is worded.

  • “you can use the map to instantly move between certain locations.”

    Good. If I’d had to choose between a mount and a quick travel, it would have to be the latter.

    The Last Story is shaping up to be a treat.

  • vadde939

    Everthing about the Last Story is sounding better and better. Hopefully it will be localized.

  • Aoshi00

    Xenoblade and Gears of War, the Gooch has good taste in gaming :) (yes, I played Gears because he recommended it).

    I hope NCSX wouldn’t mess up my Last Story pre-order bonus. Yes-Asia didn’t ship me the bonus FF13 360 Int’l booklet (but they gave me half price off) and it took me so much work to hunt it down from an ebay seller, it turns out the book is quite rare and I can’t buy from yahoo Jpn auction… hunted down the two 1st print drama CDs as well before they’re sold out..

    I’m looking forward to the cover under the slipcase. I just got my Jpn copy of Metroid Other M the other day, the slipcase is the helmet and after you slide it off you see Samus! And the back is a different long haired Samus.. I was just getting it for the dual audio, didn’t realize it has such an amazing case..

    • Wow almost choked on the piece of garlic bread Im eating…thats the reason you played Gears of War?!

      • Aoshi00

        Why not? Usually I wouldn’t seek out shooters because I’m not good at them, but Sakaguchi said he liked it, so I tried it since it was such a popular game. I ended up liking the cover system a lot. The easy mode was accessible for even someone like me who is not that great at shooters. I played Uncharted on easy as well. I usually prefer TPS to FPS. After playing Gears, I discovered many things I liked about the series like the atmosphere and such (can’t wait for Gears 3), but yes, if it wasn’t Sakaguchi recommending it, I might not have tried it, because casual Jpn gamers “in general” are not great at shooters, since the Gooch said he had fun, I gave it a shot.

        And he played Xenoblade too, one of the best RPGs in recent years, so yes, I think he has good taste.

        His artistic and gameplay design of Last Story was influenced by Gears of War too apparently.

        Hm.. garlic bread… lol..

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