A Lightning Fast Sonic 4 Splash Hill Zone Speed Run

By Ishaan . January 10, 2011 . 3:27pm


The above is a speed run for Sonic the Hedgehog 4’s Splash Hill Zone – Act 1 stage, performed by Paraxade0 who Sega credited in a post on their blog after they noticed his run. Episode 2 of Sonic 4 doesn’t have a locked release date yet.

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  • It is so great to see people still playing this phenomenal and outstanding game in the Sonic franchise as it is one that is one to remember and ranks up there with Unleashed and Sonic & The Secret Rings as the greatest sonics games of the past 10 years.

    I hope to someday be able to achieve a matching or better time in this phenomenal game. Dude, I so can not wait for Episode 2 to be released!

    • Exkaiser

      H-hey man, your comment made me physically ill.

      Sometimes it’s just not funny.

      • Well, as long as you forget about the GBA games, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and, arguably, Sonic Heroes, he’s kinda right…

        • wait a sec you’re saying sonic adventure 1 and 2? wut

          • Replaying or rather perhaps playing Sonic Adventure 1 for the first time on the PSN, it feels, well odd or really different than say Sonic Unleashed/Colors/Sonic4/Secret Rings.

          • I grew up with Sonic and SA1 and SA2 were the Shiz. Loved those games.

          • oh i thought you said those were games you disliked

            we would’ve had a problem then

        • Exkaiser

          But even ignoring those (I wouldn’t argue Heroes, myself, though it was better than Sonic 4), Sonic Colors just came out last year and it was actually good. Sonic 4… was anything but phenomenal and outstanding.

    • i sense sarcasm but i’m not sure

      anyways if you’re counting it as it’s own game it’s average at best (mediocre bosses, wonky physics etc.)

      compared to the older sonic games it’s horrible i wonder why they didn’t just copy paste the old physics system

      • neon6

        He must be sarcastic if he’s mentioning Unleashed considering only 1/3 of that game was good.

        • Aoshi00

          The sad (or scary?) thing is I don’t think he’s being sarcastic, he said many times one of his favorite was the unplayable Sonic 2006, he’s either a major troll or has extremely questionable taste.. as demonstrated by favorite chars being Vaan and Hope among many things..

          • I just think Sawada it’s the #1 Troll ever. I mean, he’s so good at it people take him seriously.

          • Wow Ill take that as a compliment, thanks dude!!!

      • There’s more to reenacting previous game designs than just copy and pasting.

        Besides, even that won’t stop the sonic fans from saying “X don’t run like X” or “Y doesn’t jump like Y.”

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Haha, yeah, those games are pretty below par for Sonic. But maybe cut the guy some slack, maybe he grew up with these games instead of the classics like most of us have here.

    • Sonic & The Secret Rings I accept but with the caveat that “it’s not saying much”.

      Not played Sonic 4 but not really in a hurry (It seems to be a nice diversion but in this age, that’s all it is, a diversion).

      But Sonic Unleashed is nowhere near great. It’s not terrible but it’s no where near good either as it’s just plain medicore.

      Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were fantastic and proof that Sega CAN do a 3D Sonic game. No it wasn’t perfect or as tight as Mario 64 but good God man was it fun overall. And the soundtracks are still one of my faves (Cheese pop, rock and hip-hop for the win). God I miss the Dreamcast.

      Back to Sonic 4, Episode 2 can correct the mistakes (I say that as in what the reviewers and fans have pointed out) but it may be that with failing to satisfy people with what they demanded, that they have lost a lot of goodwill and many won’t be willing to give them a second chance.

  • Aoshi00

    Amazing speed run indeed… I barely made that 1 min mark for the achievement after many tries..

  • PrinceHeir

    that was fast O_O

  • Code

    I’m confused how they got Sonic moving so fast xpx When I played this at a friends, we just played pass around, and NEVER once did Sonic move that fast xpx which was kind of my biggest disappointment with it — if he moved that speed constantly I’d be much, much, happier xpx;

    • Aoshi00

      I think you could get that fast and non-stop in this stage if you time your jumps right.. I tried many times and I could be fast in certain segments if I’m lucky..

      • Code

        I miss the days when going lightning fast was for all the masses >w<;

        • What, the days are now, dude. Wheres the fun in a game where you cant become an expert and are an expert on day 1. Its just, well not a lasting experience and fun. I do NOT miss the days of no homing attack. Sonic with homing attack is just well not fast.

      • That’s what i love about sonic, the speed, i actually feel that is a pretty “romantic” theme xD, he will always resolve everything just by speed, running~! Just run and forget anything, and can be done i real life too >8D
        Ahhh i wish SEGA could do again great sonic games, the last one for mw that was SOOO freaking epic was the Sonic for gamecube, where shadow first appeared, Sonic Adventure 2 was it?
        Seriously, i will never forget the goosbumbs i felt in the ending of that game, so freaking epic, and the music ohhh TO_OT

        • You meant to say that Sonic Colors was the last one that was so freakin epic, dude!

    • Exkaiser

      Part of going fast is doing the homing attack on flat stretches of ground- it gives you a bit of a speed boost.

  • D: Watching this reminds me of watching Ivy the Kiwi speed runs – both of which are hard to follow for an untrained platformer like myself.

  • Tokyo Guy

    When exactly is Episode 2 going to be released?

  • mikanko

    This game could have been just fine if they hadn’t messed up the physics. The momentum Sonic has in the air just feels totally off of what the game established in any of the other 2d Sonic games, making the gameplay feel horribly awkward for anyone who’s played the old game a ton.

    Sonic Colours is pretty good though!

    • Exkaiser

      Honestly, I think the whole momentum-cancelling-completely when you let go of the stick would mess up any side scrolling platformer. It’s just completely unnatural feeling.

      But then there’s stuff like not even being able to roll down a hill.

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