Atlus Open Floodgates To Pandora Saga Open Beta

By Ishaan . January 10, 2011 . 5:32pm


Atlus Online held a closed beta for upcoming PC MMORPG, Pandora Saga, back in December, to demonstrate the game’s multi-tier job class system and battles. Last week, they moved into open beta.


In addition to raising the player level cap and making all classes in the game available, the open beta also gives fans who play it during its first week free (the open beta began on January 7th) Trial Dexterity and Trial Life Perfumes, which are in-game boost items.


You can head to the game’s official website to register an account for the open beta, and to the download page to check up on system requirements and download the game. The full game is due for release sometime in early 2011.

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  • Zeik56

    I actually just started playing this yesterday. I’m pretty impressed with it, it seems pretty high quality for a free to play MMO. The music especially is surprisingly good. The quests are pretty standard boring MMO crap so far though.

    Also can’t figure out how to get those free items.

    • Is the music… Ragnarok Online/Granado Espada good?

      • Zeik56

        Never played those games, so I can’t say. All I know is I’ve never played an MMO where I actually liked the music. (Or really even noticed the music at all.)

  • PrinceHeir

    i remember they released a trailer of a game that kinda looks like Demon Souls mix with Assassins Creed, anybody know the title of the game?

    • Zeik56

      Cursed Crusade?

      • PrinceHeir

        yup that’s the game :D

        we need more info about that game ^^

        • Ladius

          Be aware that Cursed Crusade is an action game by a little-know french developer, it has nothing do with From Software’s Demon’s Souls and Atlus is only the publisher.

  • I played the closed beta, couldnt get into it too much, this game is kinda hard on new players, gotta give a lot of thinking and random button pressing to figure everything out

    • Zeik56

      I just jumped into it with basically no knowledge of the game at all and I didn’t much difficulty figuring out what to do. Most of it is pretty standard MMO stuff. (And my MMO experience is pretty minimal at that.)

      • Oh i could attack do quest, complete them, the basic MMO stuff, but im not talking about that, im talking about how everything is set up, the town is way too big and i saw so many npc names that i didnt knew wth they were for, and all the explanation about the skills like thrust, slash or those kind of stuff, they didnt explain that at all, you have to start sniffing everywhere to figure everything out, and it already got me tired before even starting

        • Zeik56

          The main town honestly isn’t that big, and there are a lot of shortcuts to get to each part of the town quickly. The whole Thrust/Slash/Etc is pretty standard MMO skill stuff. You use a weapon and you gain skill points with that weapon type (swords give slash, spears give thrust, etc), which unlocks new abilities.

          You really can just ignore 99% of the NPC’s you see. If they don’t have symbol over their head signifying they have a quest then chances are they have nothing useful to say.

          • Haha xD, the ignore the NPCs was funny, ahh i tend to see what everyone has to say at first, in some mmorpg, they give quests so you can start to get the hang of it. I at least participed in the battle between nations thing, it was pretty cool, but the game crashed everytime we encountered the enemy, Ohhh closed beta

  • Ladius

    I wish Atlus USA would localize titles like Blaze Union, Yggdra Unison, Luminous Arc 3, Growlanser and Super Robot Taisen OGS Exceed instead of bringing over another free to play MMORPGs while drastically reducing their jrpg localization output :

    From what I hear Pandora Saga isn’t a bad title (even if its quests apparently are the usual dull and monotonous fare), but still it’s disheartening to see how Index has impacted even on the american branch of Atlus (this game is from Rosso Index).

    • Isn’t Yggdra Union already localized, or is there a difference between it and Unison, except the fact that one is on GBA/PSP and the other on the DS?

      I give you the other ones though, would loved to see Exceed, Blaze Union and LA3 in english, sad and odd choices they make for some years now..

      • Yggdra Unison is an alternate universe spinoff. Non-canon stuff. It’d be cool if it was localized… but I wouldn’t really care if they don’t. Blaze Union however… they’re insane if they don’t localize that. ಠ_ಠ

      • Ladius

        Unison isn’t an Yggdra remake, it’s a different game altogether ;)

    • Zeik56

      Actually I believe Atlus USA and Atlus Online have different teams working on their releases. These games aren’t the reason games like Blaze Union haven’t come over.

      • Ladius

        From what I understand Atlus Online is a subdivision of Atlus USA, not another company. Of course I don’t know if that team is new or if it was subtracted from the old jrpg localization teams, but seeing how jrpg releases saw a sharp decrease in the last 1-2 years I think it’s fair to assume that there is some kind of correlation.

        • Zeik56

          They saw a sharp decrease because of the economy. Atlus USA even mentioned that themselves at one point.

  • Guest

    looks….pretty dull

    yep its an MMO allright..

  • Just looked at the class list. “GRADIATOR.” Hooray, Engrish!

    I really want to know if there’s a lot of character appearance customization… a lot of F2P MMOs sort of leave that out.

    • Zeik56

      Depends on what you mean. The primary character customizer is pretty limited. You’ve got like 5 or 6 faces, 5 or 6 hair styles and colors, as well as about 5 different races. (Two with gender options.) It’s not a lot, but from I played of WoW it wasn’t much better.

      Of course you can also use equipment to customize your character.

      • I confirmed with a friend that WoW has very few appearance options. That’s really disappointing that MMOs do that. Looking like everybody else is no fun at all.

        • Perfect World apparently has a ridiclous amount of apperance options. There was another one but it escapes my memory for the moment.

  • Now that’s kinda weird. I was looking at MMO’s to play (CardMon Hero has finished its 2nd beta and who knows when it will be back up) and I came across this game at MMOhut and bookmarked it as a potential game to play.

    Might give it a a go. If anyone else is going to join give us a shout :D

    And for those who want more information on the MMO –

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