Inazuma Eleven 4 Trailer Kicks Into Action

By Ishaan . January 10, 2011 . 2:25am


Level 5 president, Akihiro Hino, was the latest developer to give a presentation at Nintendo World 2011 earlier today. While most of Hino’s presentation recapped previously-announced Nintendo 3DS games such as Fantasy Life, Professor Layton & the Mask of Miracle and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Hino also showed off a trailer for Inazuma Eleven 4, also headed to the 3DS.


Inazuma 4 takes places ten years after the events of Challenge to the World. The state of soccer in this time has decayed. The game stars a new protagonist named Tenma Tatsuzake, and consists of an entirely new cast of 11 players.


Inazuma Eleven 4 will feature a new system that will set it apart from the first generation of Inazuma games on the Nintendo DS.

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  • azez

    woow <3 Inazuma Eleven this and
    Tales of A. is my reasons to get 3DS …

  • Aoshi00

    Was wondering who the new guy was… cool, Endo’s the coach now :) at least he’s like a bum like Phoenix in Apollo Justice..

    • I have soooo many thing i need to say about this lol.

      I was wondering when Endou would go out… But this is kinda stupid… D:, 10 years later!? So Endou shouldn’t be that old… He didnt became a pro player?, and what happened that made him stop playing (after all that he has been through)? and after all they did, soccer just became dark and not for fun? And and Endou just look the same but tall lol, i want to see his hair, and lol super saiyan!? AND AND WTF, DID ENDOU MARRY OR ANYTHING!? AHHHH WTH HAPPENED AHHHHHHHH. I felt goosebumbs and all but too many mixed feelings T.T i mean, wtf… After all that thing of never give up, and with my friends! and all those times they were all beaten on the floor -.-…


      • I absolutely have to agree with this, now I don’t understand japanese, so no idea what they talked about in the trailer, but I really, really(!) hope they explicitly explain what happend in this 10 year time skip.

        Though sexy adult Haruna is always a plus for me, maybe we see the other two gals too.

        • Haha well, from what i understand, soccer has become more darker and people dont play it for fun just to win pwn win, and raimon school always gets pwned, they want to win, but they cant, and at the end the new MC yells WE DONT WANT TO LOSE, ENDOU KANTOKU!! WISHAAAA goosbumbs when Endou appears xD.

          Still! lol, i cant imagine what happened to Endou, my bets are in that he got really hurt or something (even if he gets more pwned than in battle animes in every match) there must has been one match where he broke his arm or whatever…

      • Aoshi00

        Endou’s not that old is he? I’m pretty sure he would still be voiced by Naruto at least :) Maybe the games are rigged by the evil league now so nobody could win.. the music’s pretty epic and I’m looking forward to the ball popping out.

        Good theory, maybe he was injured and could only play for like 10 mins every match, like Oozora Tsubasa’s injured ankle or something.. I’m actually not very familiar w/ the Inazuma Eleven universe, only played the demo that came w/ Layton and watched several eps of the anime.

        • Nope, he was a kid when you used it, i say about 13?… so he should be in his twenties now >_> max. 25 years old. Yeah as a game this looks pretty cool, i like the 3D graphics, i will miss the sprites though D:

  • shion16

    adult haruna *0* !!

    • Good thing she still has those glasses that make her charm points go up by 10000 #.#.

      Actually…. she is pretty much the same xD She has this adult air around her though…

      • shion16

        glasses are 92% of a person soul (shinpachi)

        • Hahahaha xD you made me remember so many good chapters of ginatam haha, do you remember the one where there was like a tv show, and haha, they were in these sliders, and when they start shinpachi’s glasses go down, and everyone like SHINPACHI!!! hahaha xD

  • I wonder when we will get this… we are barely starting with Inazuma Eleven 1 and we still have no date for it… And skipping all just for the 3DS would be just lame, unless they make a super inazuma eleven 2 and 3 pack after the 1st one…

    • You’re going to make me cry. STOP IT.

      • Haha D: guess we gotta be patient and see what happens, but i expect them to skip some games T.T

    • I expect them to skip straight to this after Inazuma Eleven 1 in Europe…

      • lostinblue

        maybe not, the DS is not dead just yet.

      • vadde939

        If they do skip to this after Inazuma Eleven 1 what woul they call it? Calling it Inazuma Eleven 4 would just confuse people. Maybe we’ll end up with a confusing ‘Inazuma Eleven 2’ on 3DS much like Final Fantasy ‘2’ and ‘3’ on SNES. -_-

  • These have to be the two most shota protagonists ever.

  • lostinblue

    It was removed from youtube. :(

  • JustaGenericUser

    Hahaha, somebody in youtube bitched.

    Anyway, it’s kinda hard for me to look at this series after I had the misfortune of seeing certain scary arts of them…

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