How To Unlock Asagi Wars Effortlessly In Prinny 2

By Ishaan . January 11, 2011 . 11:58pm


Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties Dood! is essentially two games in one. Once you’ve fulfilled certain conditions — and trust me, they aren’t lenient — and completed the game, you can unlock Asagi Wars, a whole new mode starring Prinny Asagi.


We’ve covered Asagi Wars in great detail before, detailing how it’s different from Prinny 2’s main adventure, with the primary difference being that it’s more focused on firepower than melee attacks.


If you aren’t in the mood for bending over backwards, however, there is an easier way to unlock Asagi Wars, with the help of a free downloadable PlayStation Network patch, and a code. Here’s how you go about it, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:


Prinny 2: Asagi Wars Premium Special Ticket (free): Can’t wait for Asagi to become the main character? Well, she can’t either! Grab this special ticket and help Asagi come to the front of the line. Gain access to Asagi Wars right from the beginning! Forget the Prinnies, this time Asagi can be the hero! In order to activate after installing, place the cursor on “New Game” at the title screen and press the buttons in the order of: ∆, □, о, ∆, □, о, ×


We’ve tested the code and patch combination out for ourselves, and it works, so if Prinny 2 ever gets on your nerves, you can always switch over to Asagi Wars for something different.

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  • It will be a while until I get this game, probably when I feel like I’ve finished the first.

    • OneOkami

      Maybe I’m just really bad at it but I never imagined I could ever become the least bit worried about an allocation of 1000 lives to complete a game before. The jumping inertia especially was not something I was used to with 2D platformers.

  • How I wished she would finally have her own game, though this is still very nice and in the right direction, dood.

    • that would ruin th character Asagi is… its like a mystery character with a mask, once removed it looses that *sparkle*…

      • Agreed, never ruin a good working running gag :P
        Just saying she deserves a own game, sometime in the distant future~ x3

        • and then NIS will go under and her game will never be released =D

          • Yeah exactly what I thought xD

          • Testsubject909

            And in that sense, the essence of Asagi’s true nature, and the ever-running gag will be exactly what it will be…

            Though it’d also be nice if it’d just become Vaporware and the new running gag that would oppose that of Duke Nukem Forever.

      • raymk

        No it wouldn’t some gags need to end. Especially in asagi’s case i wanted her as a main character never a gag she deserves her time her.

  • Darn, guess I’ll have to be waiting until I can do ASAGI WARS. .-. I ordered Prinny 2, but where I’m at usually has no wireless internet, so I can’t do that from my PSP.

    That’s so sad.

    • If you have a computer with a memory stick slot, you can probably download it via PC and dump it on there, then slap it back into the PSP!

      • skyblaze

        Hey NickyD! I have a question… Laharl doesn’t quite sound the same in Prinny 2… do you know if he got a permanent new voice actor?… or if his original one just wasn’t available at the time? (or maybe my ears just need to get checked out and it was his original one all along…) but yeah… thanks!

        • Can’t say for sure, but we did use a different VA. Probably not permanent, but that’s all I can say/know!

          • skyblaze

            Thanks! It just caught me off guard you know? Still enjoying the game thoroughly by the way =D

      • Ah, that should work! Thank you, I’ll probably do that then when I get the game.

  • TNA_Lewis

    This is the same code to unlock the extra scenarios in their other games, such as Etna Mode in Afternoon of Darkness.

  • cj_iwakura

    Cheating is for baby prinnies. Unlock it the real way!

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