Domain For Final Fantasy XIII-2 Registered

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 10:07pm

Square Enix’s official hub for Final Fantasy XIII is It appears that on January 10th, 2011, someone also registered as a domain. The report comes by way of Superannuation’s Twitter feed. was registered under the name of “Corporation Service Company,” whose name is also listed in association with websites for other Square Enix games such as Nier and Final Fantasy XIII.


Square have stated the possibility of a follow-up to Final Fantasy XIII in the past, but have never explicitly confirmed if they have plans for one. If they are indeed working on such a game, perhaps we’ll hear about it at their upcoming 1st Production Department conference on January 18th.

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  • This game will be phenomenally epically awesome if Hope was the main character, and they could bring in the members of Nora, Maqui in particular, Yuq too, the the game would be awesome. I hope its true and has those characters!

    • Uh, yeah…not so much…

      By the end of the game, he had grown enough that I no longer wanted to set Hope on fire, but I wouldn’t actually play a game where he was the main character. Lightning’s story needs to continue as does a resolution to the end of the game (which I shall not spoil here).

      • If it does continue with Lightning then I hope Hope is still in it…maybe they aged and married…

        • I’m a LightxHope fan too, so I have to agree, though I’d like to see a sort of struggling relationship as they work to rebuild society.

    • Might as well made Serah as the heroine so we can get the “Game with the most boring characters ever”

      • At least Serah is nice to look at. Hope and the rest of the characters he’s suggesting would make it completely unpalatable.

    • Guest

      Every time you post about a character you like its always some prepubescent boy. Whats up with that it’s a little creepy

  • WonderSteve

    Oh wow, I hope they hire more new staff for this. They are taking way too long making some of these games.

    We don’t even know when Versus XIII will come out.

    • Wont we find out at that conference in just a few days?

      • Yukito

        They will announce that they will announce it at a later date.

        • PrinceHeir

          then they will delay it and announce on another date.

    • PurpleDoom

      It’s not so much that they need to hire new staff as it is that they have to stop working on a zillion projects (thus spreading the staff they have very thin) and focus on getting stuff out in a timely manner. Hopefully we’ll get the dates for Agito and Versus at the 1st Production Conference, though.

      • WonderSteve

        I think they will give us a date of Agito at the conference, for Versus…I think will have a better idea, which year and quarter it will be done.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Can’t agree more. Stop doing SO much and just focus on what you already started square. Quality not quantity if you ask me. Too bad Square dosen’t seem to think so or at least anymore :(

        • mach

          And who says they’re not focusing on that stuff? It’s not as though FFXIII-2, assuming it exists, will siphon off staff from other games.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Maybe you can call it paranoia or maybe a little fan rage lol but it can be upsetting to think Oh man square’s making yet another game even though they have all these other games up in the air. I hear you though. Not saying FFXIII-2 would be a bad thing and will have an averse effect on the other games their making, it just feel it’s too soon I guess.

  • I, for one, would love to see Lightning’s story continued. Of course, it would be really funny if they went the X-2 route and just totally went out of character with her, but either way, I would welcome a sequel to XIII.

  • maxchain

    Final Fantasy XIII: Girls’ Night Out? Bring the undertones and you’ve got a deal!

    • WonderSteve

      I totally support your project proposal. I say let’s go all the way and make the game Adults Only rating. Too bad you and I are not the CEO of SquareEnix.

      • Yukito

        Well, ANYONE could make a better CEO than Wada. :P

        • PurpleDoom

          EDIT: Woops, realized I took above post way too seriously.

  • PurpleDoom

    As someone who enjoyed the first game, I’m curious to see what they could do with a follow-up. The major complaints about the first game (taking too long to “open up” and give the player full control, and the linearity) didn’t bother me as much as it did many other people, but I still think it would be an improvement if those two things were addressed.

  • DemonicX

    I’m hyped! I was one of the few who actually enjoyed Final Fantasy 13 and thought it was a wonderful experience. However, I don’t know if this game will sale very good. The first game sold nicely, I believe, but I’ve heard so many people say that they thought FFXIII was the worst game of the year..

    After their disappointment with that game and Final Fantasy 14, will they be willing to try a sequel to Final Fantasy 13?

    • PurpleDoom

      There were quite a lot of people that enjoyed it too, though. And as a general rule, Final Fantasy sells.

  • Monodi

    Oh Square…

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh please square no more. Final Fantasy X-2 was enough. I’m hoping it’s just a case of square securing copyrights just in case or maybe it’ll be a site for Versus or Agito or something. Seriously please just focus on the things that are already on your plate like Versus and fixing XIV before you make yet another unnecessary sequel. I mean no offense it’s starting to get ridiculous. Remember the days when it didn’t five or more years to make a portable game lol.

    • But…the FFXIII team has absolutely nothing to do with Versus XIII or FFXIV…

      Also, at best they would get a few members of the team to help out with either of those games; they wouldn’t move the entire team over. So obviously, the XIII team has to be working on something. They can’t just…sit around.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah I get what you’re saying but I don’t see the reasons for why they need so many teams to begin with. Why spread you’re resources so thin when these teams can work together and get the job done faster. Then again I know nothing of programing and am a little upset with all these titles square has had up in the air for so long. So maybe I’m just a little mad. But hey I’ve been waitin’ for so long for them so can you blame me?

        • Well, teams can only be so big or they get really unmanageable. The Versus XIII team, as I understand it, is the team that used to work on Kingdom Hearts, so they were a separate entity anyway. I understand it gets a little frustrating having to wait for Square to release info/games, though, yea. :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah the waiting with no word is the worst. I try not to be too hard on square but I guess I was little upset lol. Just that recently they’ve been screwing up a lot lately (or least I think that) so maybe I was a little angry. If it really is a Final Fantasy XIII-2 I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and try it out before making judgments on it. I’d just hope it’s not like Final Fantasy X-2 (hated that one).

          • neo_firenze

            And the Agito team is the 3rd Birthday team. I’m happy to wait for Agito if I’m getting 3rd Birthday first.

            I do have to speak up to say I’m not on board with FFX-2 hate. The battle system was amazing. I think a lot of people just couldn’t get over the story and the all-out girliness, especially in the first couple hours. But man, that fast paced fighting and the job/dress sphere system was awesome. X-2 is a real test of whether people like battle mechanics or story in their JRPGs.

            XIII was pretty disappointing to me though, I’d rather see something else instead of staying with more XIII. Like maybe the “what the hell are they waiting for” FFVII-IX remakes. For some reason, the company that rehashes everything just won’t do the remakes that people really want. I’m not the biggest FFVII fan (I thought it was OK), but everyone reading this KNOWS a VII remake would sell like crazy. And that would be a convenient segue into VIII and IX remakes :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            For me I didn’t like Final Fantasy X all that much so I guess you could say it’ll only be natural I ended up hating X-2. With X the story was really silly and makes little sense when you beat it and put everything in perspective. Plus it was too linear (for me at least). The saving grace was the battle system which was a blast and some intense bosses. I also for some reason like Tidus. I don’t know why since he’s your typical whiny chara I usually don’t like but I guess I just liked his nativity and how he was sucked into a new world and stuff. XIII wasn’t the best and but it was still pretty good. So I guess I’m the opposite of you. Instead of wondering “Why give XIII a sequel?” I wonder “How did X get a sequel?” lol But the way you talk about the battles does interest me. I was younger when I played it and didn’t give it much of a chance. Never beat it, got like 10 or 11 hours in and sold it to someone. Maybe I’ll give it a chance again, because I always picked gameplay over story. I just don’t have fond memories of that game I guess.

          • PrinceHeir

            what the hell did you just read my mind? :D im glad im not the only one that enjoyed FFX-2 ^^ the battle system is probably the best in the series not to mention it’s actually similar to XIII. the difference is that you can control any character, while XIII is fixed with the party leader. i love the dressphere and the garment system, being able to juggle skills on any dressphere is pure genius, not to mention unique and fast pased battles, tons of side quest, first final fantasy to have a 100% statistics, can have different outcomes(sure it was small but it was a nice addition).

            yes that’s actually the only reason why people hate FFX-2 because it was too girly for them, their not manly enough to play the game, i for one enjoyed the hell out of it. sure there are fan service and all but it’s sad that many people hated it just for being girly. there weren’t any sexual scenes watsoever, and yuna is pretty cool with her gunner outfit, rikku and paine are a nice additions to the game, you can tackle any missions at anytime you want, and they even provided alot of backdrop in the story(like shuyin was actually the real tidus, and he has a lover(lenne) who is similar to yuna, there was actually a machina that can destroy sin at anytime, the bosses are one of the hardest in the Final Fantasy Series. go to the via Inifinto below Bevelle and prepared to be decimated, even at level 99 it’s still hard as ever(kinda like VIII) and i love the reunion between tidus and yuna, shuyin and lenne ^^

            i think FFI-VI square will only “enhanced” the sprites and artwork and add some bonuses put them on handhelds, while FFVII-FFIX they will remade it in full plane 3D and HD, add voice acting, correct some translation, remix some music and there you go ^^

            i would definitely love to have an FFVIII remake, moreso than VII. make it like FFX mix with FFX-2(real time active battle system) no more drawing, just plain MP and HP. i would love the dance with Rinoa in HD :)

            FFIX will probably never see a remake of it, due to the fact that sakaguchi had worked on it, and he might protest with it, but seeing how a Okamiden and DMC are being made by different people, so anything else is possible.

            i would definitely put FFX-2 alongside MGS2, DMC4 as the most unwanted hate in their series.

          • I agree about Final Fantasy X-2 that game was AWESOME, you just had to give it a chance past the “J-Poppy girls with booty shorts” face. The plot actually became pretty good (at least better than XIII’s) mid game on up. The battle system was the BEST battle system in a FF yet!
            Back on topic. While XIII wasnt the best Final Fantasy it was far from the worst (hello II, III, V, XII) and I would buy a sequel. Besides jRPGs are becoming less frequently released in the US, so Ill support what they give us:).

      • dashutdown

        I believe the xiii team began helping Nomura’s team with versus after development of FFXIII was completed. You can probably goggle it if you want a source.

    • You guys Do Realize that FF4TAY is the exact same thing, right? Obviously they can do it better now.

  • PrinceHeir

    as much as i want a FFXIII-2 please just finish Versus XIII then come back for XIII. oh and please don’t announce more XIII titles this conference, again finish your current projects first before doing something else. where the hell is Dragon Quest X?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Agreed I can’t wait for Dragon Quest X!!! I love that series. Hoping it’ll be on a console but since IX was so good I wouldn’t mind if it was portable.

      • PurpleDoom

        Unless things suddenly change, Dragon Quest X is going to be a Wii game. It actually got announced way back in ’08, they’ve just been silent about it ever since.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yeah I remember that but I don’t think the Wii’s life-cycle will last much longer so maybe Wii2 or something? lol I don’t know. I tend to not think much about it since they haven’t said much about it. I’ll just keep waiting for now.

          • PurpleDoom

            With the 3DS rolling out next month, I don’t think they’re gonna launch new hardware for a little while as they support that. Plus, apparently DQX is going to get re-revealed in the near future, so hopefully some new details will crop up – I’m a total DQ nut so I HOPE it gets out soon!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Is it? Oh ho!!! That’s exciting a re-revealing. And I know Nintendo will try to stretch out the Wii’s life as long as possible but I don’t see it last more than two years (2013-ish). This Gen has been going on for like five years now so yeah, even if it wasn’t the first next Gen console it’s still pretty old now. And unless the development on the game had been going on in secret (which it might be) I don’t think Enix will be able to get a new Dragon Quest out by that time for that system. I’m assuming that Level-5 will be the company to make X since they made the last two and have been pretty buddy-buddy with Enix but they’ve seem to be pretty busy lately so there’s that too. But hey if it’s on Wii great. It’ll be a day one purchase. I too am a hardcore Dragon Quest fan (and my favorite one VI is finally coming out :)) can’t wait.

        • neo_firenze

          I’d be utterly shocked if DQX doesn’t end up on 3DS. And S-E is obviously open to changing things up even after DQ-related announcements. Just look at when they originally planned IX to be an action RPG, then changed their minds after backlash from fans.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’d like it if it was a 3DS title so long as they don’t turn it into an action game. If they do *sigh* I’ll still probably buy it day one. To big of a fan not too. Give it the benefit of the doubt and what not but I’d still be bummed.

    • Totally agree, SE should just finish their current promising project like Agito and Versus before they release another game. Seriously it’s been like 5 years, and we haven’t even get any official release date for Agito and Versus.

      • PrinceHeir

        though i think agito is gonna be released this december(since Tabata did T3B and he’s doing this one as well) i am really not sure when will Versus XIII release.

  • Happy Gamer

    The story did seem to sort of have bunch of openings at the end. For example alot of the other aeons/espers etc were not touched upon plus ton of side interests. In that case they could just do a simple huge expansion but i dunno.

    13 wasn’t the best game in the world. In all honesty I wouldnt have played it if it weren’t for the amazing graphics.

    Did I feel it was boring? Not really. It was okay enough for me to actually finish the game and also grind to get good weapons.

    But i was pretty disappointed at how it didn’t feel like a FF game.

    But I kept thinking of it as a diff game plus NOT and RPG and something of a hybrid adventure/3rd person exploration action game with tid bits of RPG in it and made things easier on me :)

    • mach

      A lot of the open ends regarding the origin of the L’Cie, etc. are supposed to be resolved across Versus and Agito (that was the plan right from the beginning). I’d love to see Lightning’s story continue (since she’s so awesome), but even if we don’t get a FFXIII-2, much of the mythology should be revealed anyway thanks to the rest of the FNC project.

    • Aoshi00

      I have a love/hate relationship w/ 13. I really hated the Jpn ver when I played it first, but if you play the game in the right perspective or mindset, namely know that it is linear, no towns, no exploration, not much of an RPG or FF, then the battle system is enjoyable (not using auto-battle).. because if you expect it like the past FFs, then yes this game was disappointing.. also I don’t remember how some lines are localized, but the Eng ver’s script under Jack Fletcher’s direction really has improved over the abysmal Jpn script. Even though it didn’t have much sidequests or mini-games, I did grind quite a bit for the trophies after end game..

      I think if they’re doing the sequel, it would be like X-2 reusing most of the location from the first game like badmoogle said, that’s why they’re not remaking 7 that everyone wants, because a 13-2 is relatively easy, they just need to improve on it, maybe give you full control of the party and a couple of new maps..

      So much content was left out from the game though, I thought Episode Zero prologue could be like 1/3 or half the game.. I would’ve liked the story much more if the novel was included in the game because there was so much more character development instead of being in a separate book (I guess that explains why I like the US ver better because after the Jpn ver I read the book and then play it in Eng again). I just realize two drama CDs are released recently too, w/ the VAs acting out the other chapters in the novel (the first chapter was the bonus disc w/ the FF13 LE OST), so I ordered those as well because I liked the novel (and luckily got the first prints that included the script).

      I also got the Episode i epilogue novel too, it’s not very long. But personally I don’t think a sequel is needed.. like FFX was a good game as it was and X-2 was unnecessary other than a quick cash-in (not to say I didn’t enjoy its battle system). But if they are making a FF13 sequel, there’s a lot of materials like the prologue and epilogue novels as is…

  • banballow

    But… will it have towns?!

    • Guest

      Or what about gameplay? Or fun? The game already has an auto-battle option, might as well put an auto-walk function. Is not like if the characters will get lost walking around in the game.

      • ShinGundam

        That is why FF XIII-2 has to be a TPS.

      • If you used the auto-battle option, you have no one to blame but yourself for not having fun.

        • DisgaeaGuy11

          The cursor is automatically positioned on that option. Moving from that command to ones that kind of/sort of required my input all the time was very annoying. I saw it as that being square-enix’s way of telling you to just let the game play itself. I hated that. /end rant

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Actually, you can set the cursor to be on the “Command” option by default.

          • Like Scrooge said, all you have to do is change it in options. No one to blame but yourself.

          • DisgaeaGuy11

            still a bad game. that wouldn’t of fixed everything else wrong with it, and it still says something that by default it’s set that way.

          • kupomogli

            Changing it doesn’t matter. You have a mere six abilities to choose from a mastered class. Pair that with controlling one of the characters. The battle system isn’t even decent.

            I’d rather sell my entire collection except for Eternal Eyes and that be the only game I play again for the rest of my life than to play FF13 ever again. Hopefully FF13-2 doesn’t suck.

        • Guest

          You’re right, it’s my fault that the game came programmed with an option to make the game play by itself. I’ll talk with the guys at S-E so we can fix this later, but first we need to go for some okonomiyakis and some beers. You guys want me to tell them anything in particular?

          • You couldn’t have taken three seconds to go to options menu and fix it? I tried auto-battle an entirety of once the entire game and that was the first battle. I played it, thought, “I don’t like that, let me go to the options and see if I can change it.” I changed it and enjoyed the battles for the rest of the game.

          • Guest

            That’s where i go back to my original point, when you put in your game something like an auto-battle mode, might as well go the extra mile and put an auto-mode for everything. That could had actually help made the game less tedious.

          • I don’t see what the hate for the , keyword, OPTION is. If you don’t want to use the OPTION, then don’t. I personally found it useful when fighting against weak enemies endgame when i just wanted to Spam X, but when i didn’t want to use it, I *Gasp* didn’t use it -.-

        • kupomogli

          With our whole “one character” and six attacks per job? Such an amazing battle system! If only more RPGs would give us no control at all over our characters. Please keep ’em coming Square!!

  • Man, all I want is my Final Fantasy IX remake. Is that too much to ask?

  • BK0000

    I wish they wouldn’t bother with a sequel. They need to hurry and finish Agito XIII and Versus XIII and put the XIII compilation behind them. The whole thing has been a huge mess.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      How could the whole thing be a huge mess when only a third of the whole thing is currently up for judgment?

      • Eri

        That is exactly the point.

    • alastor3

      Scrooge is right and btw, developper can do what they want, I mean they wanted FFXIII to be that way, some people like, some other didn’t, if they want to continue, who is gonna stop them ?

      GHOSTBUSTER (ok that was an inside joke with myself)

  • I haven’t beaten 13 yet, but to be honest, I like it a lot. I mean, sure the dungeons are just lines, sure the characters are a bit cliqued (Cept Sazh. He’s awesome) and a bit annoying, and the story is really really weak (imo) but everything else is pretty awesome.

    If they can just fix those, then I’d be all over a 13-2.

    • You do realize that you gave a negative point for everything besides the combat and Sazh.

      • Moriken

        …and the music!

      • The combat is the bread and butter. It’s kind of like going to a football game: Sure, you want a nice stadium, nice seats, a bunch of awesome friends to go with, and some good snacks… But even if you’re in the nosebleeds of a place that should *probably* be scheduled for demolition soon (during a blizzard), if the game is AWESOME and you’re sharing it with your best friend, then pretty much everything else can be forgiven.

        And it’s not like it has to be, because XIII’s story was middle of the road (read: not horrible), and the graphics were fantastic.

  • MizuMikomi

    I guessed this a few weeks ago when I was half asleep joking with a few friends, I said:

    “Watch them finish off the Fabula Nova Crystallis series with XIII-2”

    This was after Nomura tweeted that art of Lightning that had the text “Not to be forgotten” on it. SO I knew it was only a matter of time before something came up. Now… I have to finish XIII, yay me.

    • Aoshi00

      That line was on the FF13 Int’l bonus booklet w/ a Nomura Lightning drawing (I’m still waiting for it to be shipped to me, hunted it down on ebay since my pre-order missed it). It reminds me of Yuna’s line at the end of FFX, I forgot what the exact line was in Eng. like “Never forget them” (いなくなってしまった人たちのこと、 時々でいいから、思い出してください)..

  • ninetailes4life

    Square’s really trying to waste some money

  • Does anyone else remember how Square stated that–after the experience of working on and completing FF13–it would take 5 years to remake FF7 with the same graphical detail as FF13 for the PS3? I’m not screaming “OMG FF7 REMAKE SE!!!11” or anything, but… I’m sure you get my point. This would invalidate their excuses.

  • kroufonz

    if true it will be an open world fps/tps rpg tailored for “western” audience?????????????
    or maybe they’ll fix their mistake and back to turn based, fully controled party, with town, world map and airship?????

    seriously if this true i didn’t know what to expect, just finish versus first square, please!

    • ShinGundam

      Definitely Open world/TPS.

  • idofgrahf

    This is one game I know that I WONT be getting, whats the point of continuing a crappy story with almost no character development. FFX-2 was barely bearable and FFX had one of the better stories in recent FF’s.

  • joesz

    very enthusiastic news for me! let’s see what happen in that conference,yeah?

  • Hexen

    we’re going to see another singing girl group?

  • badmoogle

    I wish SE would return to their pre-FFX-2 era when every FF was a stand out unique experience regardless of the success of each game.
    Yes they have multiple teams now who can’t afford to let them sit around and do nothing but they could give them new different projects instead of sequels.Or even better divide them into small specialty teams that could help with the development of already announced upcoming projects and give a much needed help to “sinking” projects like FFXIV.Judging from the linearity of FFXIII,the “HD towns are hard to make” comments,and the disaster that was FFXIV i’m sure they need all the help they can get in order to avoid their upcoming games to be unpolished snorefests.As i said before in the past SE bitted more than they could chew in this generation.IMO they need to have less teams and more people focusing on fewer projects if they want the quality to remain a synonym for their past achievements.

    The only reason for doing a sequel (or prequel) is to reuse assets and make an extra profit usually by milking a game that doesn’t have any more milk left.Actually when i first played FFX-2 i was quite disappointed that they reused most of FFX’s locations…It was the first time i thought SE “stole” my money by selling me a reused product.Yes the gameplay was different but having so many maps identical with the previous game felt kinda cheap.

    If FFXIII-2 will come to HD consoles and it’s not some mobile game,i expect them to follow the FFX-2 plan.Reuse most of the locations and assets from FFXIII,introduce a few new characters and alter the gameplay a bit and they will have a “new” game in no time ready to make some extra cash.

    Squaresoft was above this policy in the past but unfortunately after the merger this has changed.Wasn’t Squaresoft a profitable company before?Of course they were,it was the spirits within flop that brought them down and merged them with Enix not their game making policy.

    • ShinGundam

      X-2 , Advent children , FF11 and FF12( as game based on spin-off) were in development before merger.

      • badmoogle

        It depends what you mean by “development”.Companies doing pre-production work all the time but actual development is a different thing.At early stages you never know how a game will turn out.Was FFX-2 being developed as a sequel so early on even before the release of FFX?hard to believe.
        FFXI and FFXII are not sequels so i don’t know why you mentioned them.
        And regarding AC i was speaking about game sequels.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          Well, FFX-2 was actually released before the merger.

          • badmoogle

            I played the game in spring 2004 (EU) and was somehow under the impression the merge happened around 2002…my mistake.I didn’t have internet back then and the cover was saying Square Enix instead of Squaresoft which i was used to see until then.
            Still even if it was developed when Square was still Squaresoft the transition and talks about the merging had started since at least 2000 according to wiki.So even if FFX-2 was developed before the merging for me it was obviously the first product of Square’s negotiations with Enix for a different strategy planning for their upcoming years.
            Is it a coincidence that the first FF that came in the beginning of this new era of sequels,remakes and milking happened to be also the first sequel of this (once) standalone series?

    • Aoshi00

      That’s the first thing that came to my mind too, to reuse all the 13 locations and make a quick sequel, instead of remaking 7 (which EVERYONE wants) which they said would take them many years to make. I didn’t dislike X-2 per se because I loved X but it was an unnecessary sequel (penned and directed by Toriyama), plus I prefer X’s battle system to 13’s as well.. I agree, just finish the games announced years ago first instead of spreading the teams thin.. but then again like you said, reusing all the existing locations would be a quick cash-in..

      • Nei_chan

        I don’t want remake of FF7

        • Aoshi00

          As much as I wanted it to happen (after playing Crisis Core and seeing the PS3 demo), I’m not confident S-E would be able to do a proper remake either at this point, but my point was I would want a remake of other FFs more than a quick cash-in sequel of 13, which I could safely assume more people would not want.

          Like I still want a Chrono 3, but I think Mistwalker would probably do a better job than S-E.

    • While I agree with most of what you said (Despite wanting an FFXIII-2 myself), there are some points that are invalid.

      1. Other than reusing a little bit of Pulse, there’s not much for FF13-2 to reuse from FF13 because of what happened at the end.

      2. For towns, the reason they couldn’t be explored (and at least one, PalomPolum, WAS explored) was explained by the plot: they were on the run and being able to stop and visit towns at your leisure would’ve destroyed the illusion of Urgency (One could Argue that Gran Pulse itself is the same thing, but I digress). But since Light and the remaining L’Cie are, presumably on the “good” side now, they should be able to freely go through whatever towns may have formed since the end of 13.

      • I agree, it wouldn’t make sense to reuse everything, except maybe if they do a side story, which I don’t think will happen.

        Surely for me, this is the perfect chance for them to refine some of the “not-so-good” systems , leave or balance the better ones from XIII and add good old ones, like town exploring, quests and what not, together in a continued story, and I want my continued story!

    • Apollokids

      I would love to see FF13-2 released as a turn-based game.

    • RupanIII

      Oh man, I remem Spirits Within. Perhaps the huge financial failure of that gave them an identity crisis and caused them to question/abandon the formulas/trademarks that made them so successful.

      I agree tho, if it’s coming out this year I kinda doubt that’s enough time to rework XIII to address all the complaints thoroughly.

  • Apollokids

    Hold on one second while i register and hold it hostage for ransom.

  • Make the later enemies and bosses less ardious to beat and you’ve got me interested :D

  • when i saw the headline i was like..o.O.. seriously?

    well, I do love final fantasy… but, doing a sequel on XIII….?? erm… i am not sure about it though.. there are too many mixed reviews… i do hope that if this is like for real.. they should make some out of the norm kind of story… maybe something about mysterious murder case amidst many other things…tht will be like FF version of prof layton or phoenix..maybe more than that.. hang on…what am I talking about anyway? haha..

    And most importantly is that, it does not only involves girls.. like FFX-2 lol.. i cant stand that one.. also, i will be able to use my game save data.. anyway, good luck SE! But before that, I want FF versus and agito… I can’t wait to get my hands on them already..!! Been waiting for years~~~~~!

    • Aoshi00

      If they’re indeed doing a 13-2, it’s not because people want it (I’m sure people want to see VS, Agito, FF7-9 remakes first before a 13-2), it’s because it’s easy like X-2.. I liked that game alright just because of the strong feelings I had for X and the fast paced battle system. You better believe it, it will be FF-Angels w/ Fang and Vanille making a come back joining Lightning rounding up the sex-uped trio.. a Sexier ver of Serah would join them too :) That would sell copies! The game was way too serious anyway (they said they had no room to put in comedic moments), maybe some campiness is all it needs :)

      • You got a point.. I think I am forced to agree with you.. Sigh*

      • The After Years says hi.

        • Aoshi00

          After Years is a 16-bit sequel, so it’s much easier than doing a full blown HD sequel. If it took them that many years to do FF13 (Versus nowhere to be seen and FF7 remake impossible to do as they claimed), how long do you think it would take them to do another one w/ a lot of “new content”? My bet is they would like to re-use as much as they could to talk about the aftermath, or the flasback during or prior to 13 (prologue novel), like FFX. And S-E is not shy from milking, especially when it comes to FF.

          If not for reusing things from the first game, S-E would not be that eager in making another HD game, like they don’t even want to touch the FF7 remake w/ a stick, even though “most people” kept saying they wanted it for years.

          • I was referring to your assumption that 13-2 would just be some sexed up blahblahblah. They’ve proven with TAY that they can make sequels without “Sexing up” the characters. Considering TAY is FF4-2, I don’t know why people always refer to an earlier sequel as the basis for complaints, especially when they’ve done 2 more since then (TAY and Revenant Wings).

          • Aoshi00

            And Aya’s suggestive moaning, costumes, shower scene in 3rd b-day aren’t “sexed up”? (for the record it’s a pretty good game, I liked it better than Peace Walker’s control scheme. I only played a little bit though, need to read up on lots of stuffs to catch up to the story before playing more).What blah blah blah are you talking about? I didn’t even say I disliked FFX-2, in fact I liked it more than 13, I just said it was FF version’s Charlie’s Angels. Yea, Fang and Vanille are gone, but what’s to stop S-E from bringing them back, it’s all about fanservice like Tifa in Dissidia 2. Maybe Lightning and all the gals would have different personalities now that the bad guys are gone, just like how Sin was eradicated and Spira became a different world, so Toriyama (S-E’s best writer…) could have all the creative freedom to change things. And all the sequels, The After Years, FF12 Revenant Wings an RTS on the DS, etc you brought up are on portables as well, which are relatively easy to make compared to another HD game, so don’t need that much fanservice. W/ FF13 being the most divided game in the franchise ever, I doubt a sequel is what most people are craving for.. FF13 and S-E supporters need to be less sensitive (it’s like anyone who doesn’t love 13 100% is a sin or something.. if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have bothered buying the novel and all the drama CDs.. to get the “complete” experience, I’m replaying Int’l on 360 for Pete’s sake..)I’m not complaining though, they could make FF-13-2 if they like since the first one was such a lackluster game (didn’t say it was a godawful game, just potential squandered), I’m just saying people “want” to see Versus, Agito, or FF7-9 remakes first (pick one, due to personal preference), or even a FFX HD collection before 13-2.I think Fang told Lightning in Episode i she didn’t want to be brought back (I haven’t read it yet, still waiting for my copy), but knowing S-E, I’m sure they would go against Fang’s wishes :)

  • I’m actually pretty excited for this, if XIII-2 comes to fruition. I liked X-2, honestly loved XIII and would gladly dive back in for more.

    Sure, I’m pinning my hopes on Versus XIII as an overall better Final Fantasy, but if they did cut as much content from XIII as we’ve heard, I want to see that.

  • Yay! I’m really Glad they’re going through with it, cause there was definitely more of the world I wanted to see!

    And for those expecting girls’ night out, well, there was only 1 girl left by the end.

  • What if Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the English name for Agito or Versus XIII?

  • karasuKumo

    It might not be all that bad considering they have feedback from the first to work with. I don’t know the ending yet so I don’t know how it could be continued :S It would be interesting to see how much it could improve though.

  • Christian Wright
  • runesong

    I fully welcome a sequel to FFXIII. Like quite a few other people here, I thoroughly enjoyed XIII, and would love to see a continuation of its excellent story. I certainly hope that SE keeps the challenge intact, along with the great cast.

  • Aiddon

    why, just WHY? XIII had horrible characters and story-telling so why would we want a second dose of that? The only good that could come out of this is if Toriyama is on it and thus can’t make FF XV due to being pre-occupied. Though I still don’t count on Square being smart and giving XV over to TALENTED designers and writers.

    • I think its another case in which the vocal majority of the internet are actually the minority in opinion. If it was truly that horrible then why would they, potentially, even entertain the notion of making a sequel or so? The game had high sales.

      • PurpleDoom

        I definitely noticed this as well. I actually read GameStop user reviews for the game because I was bored once, and there were LOADS of reviews saying “I don’t get why so many people hate this game, it was my first FF and I thought it was great!” And I think there were a lot of FF fans that enjoyed it as well (I know I did.)

      • FireCouch

        “I think its another case in which the vocal majority of the internet are actually the minority in opinion.”

        That’s the first thing you’ve ever said that I agree with, and it applies to more than just games.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        The game had very high initial sales due to brand recognition, the fact that FF is one of the few (if not the only) JRPG series with a significant Western audience and the fact that it was one of the most anticipated PS3 titles since launch (some people bought a PS3 just to play FF XIII). However, the backlash against the game made itself apparent, with rapid price cuts and a ton of copies flooding the used game market. Overall, the game didn’t end up having any legs.

        So while I do agree that vocal minorities sometimes tend to make some games more horrible than they actually are, I think the negative response towards XIII probably had a degree merit to it. Either way, XIII-2 is not going to have the same factors in its favour and will probably receive an even poorer response, especially if Square Enix does nothing to resolve the problems people had with the original.

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    and not a single **** was given that day. dumb moves like this is what compels me to switch to handhelds.

    • Really, smart guy? I see lots of people here that seem to care. Maybe if you don’t, you shouldn’t be posting in this thread, hmm? :)

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Well IF they do make FFXIII-2, the fastest and easiest way to do it would be to release it on a portable system, and at this point the 3DS or PSP2 would be their best option.

    Also I’d be interest to see what they would do with FFXIII-2. Is it a direct sequel, a prequel, or a reissue + the 50hrs of content that was cut-out? Who knows?

  • This seems like a good opportunity to expand to include the features that the first version had sorely missed.

  • Well maybe they will wise the [email protected]*# up and make a FFVI (III in america) -2!!! Was only the single best story line and character development they ever freaking produced. and no, this isn’t open to debate by you emo, feathery haired loving fanbois who don’t get story cohesion or were simply too young when the title came out to know it

  • neon6


  • They should just hurry up and make a FF7 remake! I dont mean to bring it up. But damn they were like; “FF13 took us 3 in a half years to make! Making a FF7 remake would take us twice as long!” Yeah sure o_O.

  • kupomogli

    While FF10 wasn’t anywhere near as bad as FF13, it still wasn’t as good as any of the prior FF games.

    FF10-2 on the other hand was way better than FF10. The amazing gameplay makes up for the terrible storyline.

    If there’s an FF13-2, hopefully it atleast has amazing gameplay.

  • GetYooOut

    I’m a hardcore gamer and I welcome a Final Fantasy 13-2, it was an extremely deep and thought provoking game. I enjoy playing games like that.

    To be honest it reminded me of Final Fantasy 10, another Final Fantasy game that not everyone appreciated. And it absolutely begs for a sequel, because the story isn’t over yet….. (According to this little script I read)

    • Agreed…..Final Fantasy 13 2 makes an interesting sequel.

      They could always go down the Final Fantasy 10 route……is Lightning’s story actually over?

      I don’t think so…

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