Yet Another Customization Trailer For The Last Story

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 10:29am


Nintendo and Mistwalker’s promotions for The Last Story are getting more frequent as we approach the game’s release date on January 27th. Here’s a new trailer that introduces the game’s characters and demonstrates how character customization affects The Last Story’s event scenes.

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  • Guy with the eyepatch is awesome. The costumes changes being reflected in cutscenes is awesome. This game will be awesome with all the options and colors available. Dude I so can not wait for its English release!!!!

  • joesz

    Wow….. My final exams really made me forget about this game’s existence.

  • Sigh… These trailers are making the wait unbearable.

    Nintendo, just announce a release date for America, dang it!! >:O

    • badmoogle

      Yep i saw this at neogaf earlier today…:(
      But i still have some hopes left…decisions can change very quickly.

      • (..)Tales of graces, Xenoblade and now The Last Story? WHY NINTENDO, WHY

        • badmoogle

          Maybe because they don’t have the word “party” in their titles.:p

          • or Sports..

          • solid278

            The Sports Party?

          • Guest

            Quick! Change the title to The Last Party!

        • Why would they be obligated in any way to publish a terrible, buggy piece of crap like Tales of Graces (Wii version) by another publisher?

          • They could release the fixed version though (i would still prefer ps3 ver 10 times more)
            Oh well, good thing there is people working translation, one way or another, i find a way to play them, the companies pretty much left us hanging in the air, so we better take care of things ourselves

          • vadde939

            They could release the fixed version. A fixed version does exist after all. Since Graces (along with Rune Factory Frontier) just got a reprint as part of Nintendos ‘Everyones Reccomendation’ budget lineup I don’t think Graces Wii has been completely forgotten. (at least in Japan)

        • i want dangan rompa

      • And the wii is region locked HA HA ._.

    • Pesmerga00

      I wouldn’t put much, if any faith in that. It’s just a standard email PR response when asked anything. Many companies do the exact same thing. I’m sure you would get the same response if you emailed them yourself. Really, how much is an online service rep from a company as large as Nintendo going to know about future localization projects?

    • “No plans at present” mean exactly that. It’s neither yes or no. It means there’s no announcement. As Pesmerga00 said it’s a PR response. A simple e-mail wouldn’t suddenly make Nintendo spill their plans.

  • Code

    Color me impressed >ww<'

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    for a split second after I laid my eyes on this pic, I thought it was news on FFvsXIII and my eyes widened to the extreme, then I realized it was Last Story and I was very dissapoint. lol, I own a PS3, u guys can sympathize, right?

    • Guest

      you should get a Wii anyway

      • It’s not really worth it, at the moment, though, at least for me. I don’t know about DisgaeaGuy, but I won’t buy a system until it has 20 exclusives that I absolutely must play. The Wii only has about 6 right now that I’m interested in. As it is, when a friend who doesn’t really know much about gaming would tell me they just bought a Wii, and ask what games they should pick up, the majority of my suggestions were PS2 ports (Okami, Sakura Wars, Samurai Shodown Anthology, etc…). If the Wii had more of a selection that would interest me, I’d pick it up as a secondary system, but I know too many people who tell that their Wii’s are collecting dust while they play either their PS3’s or 360’s.

        • Draparde

          yeah…my wii’s collecting dust while i play my ps3 :< … honest.

          im sorta glad to have it just in case however. something always like to slap me in the face from behind lol.

  • This looks so greaaaat, and the princess look nice, umm… i admit im not too fond of the character designs but it still looks great

  • vadde939

    Damn this looks good. I hope Nintendo localize this but I gotta say I’m feeling pessimistic about it with all the bad decisions they’ve been making recently.

  • ikiryou

    I do so love character customization, as long as there’s plenty of different options to go around. The combat looks satisfying, even without the dungeon level-grinding (which I’ll miss…).

  • Happy Gamer

    mistwalker became the new Square soft for me, where I await every little project they announce. Its hard to keep up with how much stuff SE is coming out now days and i look for what may be good among em, not say “wow another RPG from square!”

    i been waiting for this game since day 1..and the female chars are wow! lol

  • Happy Gamer

    the customization is a really nice touch. Its one of those few things I feel that really brings out “role playing”

  • Guest

    I see myself spending way too much time on the character customization. Love that they carry over to the event scenes too. Little things like that make a big difference. ARCRISEFANTASIA!

    Really can’t say anything more. Title looks great only two negatives are character design and lack of color still everything else more than makes up for it.

  • Aiddon

    good times

  • onilink888

    Was anyone else thinking “ZOMFG THAT’S GANON!!111!!!11LULZ” at 4:12 to 4:18?:P

    • LOL Yeah I was like “Whaaa…?”

    • PrinceHeir

      yeah he kinda look like ganondorf and is dracula in this game? O_O

      looks nice will be playing for sure :P

      please localize Xenoblade? you already passed on Fatal Frame 4, please don’t turn into namco.

    • I was. :)

  • Draparde

    This game looks nice. it will be day one if it comes out in english.

  • Aoshi00

    Great, didn’t realize it supports classic controller too since Sakaguchi played w/ the nunchuck and remote.. I did play Muramasa w/ the nunchuck though..

    I need to stop watching any more trailers, w/ the demo by Sakaguchi I think I’ve been spoiled too much, just two more weeks..

    Toyoguchi Megumi and Noto Mamiko FTW :)

    • I’m assuming no GC controller support though, eh? Hopefully I’ll have a job well before this comes out…

      • Aoshi00

        Most likely not, does GC even have enough btns? The classic pro controller w/ the grip is actually pretty good, except a little on the light side. Though I kinda regret getting a black one, fingerprint and smudges drive me nuts, since then I’ve always gone w/ white or matte black. It’s been a while I give undivided attention to a Wii game :)

  • HarryHodd

    This looks pretty good. The city looks nice and chatacter customization is cool. All these trailers and screens and still nothing but bland environments though.

  • Saw this yesterday and was very excited for The Last Story…Then today I find out that Mistwalker have said they have no plans at present to release it in North America and Europe :(

    Enjoy collecting more dust Nintendo Wii.

    • I thought Nintendo usually around each season announces release dates for titles collectively, perhaps its just not time to announce a release date.

  • Shame it probably won’t get a western release. And unlike Mother 3, an illegal quality fan translation alternative will be practically impossible, so it will suffer an even worse fate. It also looks like Ni no Kuni will also not be localized, why are all of the games I’m looking forward to probably not even going to be translated? I guess the only game I have left to look forward to in 2011 is Skyward Sword :(

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