Hyperdimension Neptunia Bonuses Available At All U.S. Stores

By Ishaan . January 13, 2011 . 8:33am

When we asked our readers for their Hyperdimension Neptunia questions last week, a lot of you wanted to know what bonuses the game would come with and at what stores. You’ll be glad to know that Neptunia bonuses aren’t limited to the NISA store or to Gamestop.


Every copy of the initial shipment of Neptunia in the U.S., regardless of where you purchase it, will be the game’s premium edition, and come with the artbook. NIS America warned us that these would be limited, so anyone hoping for the art book would likely want to pre-order to be on the safe side.


There’s an added bonus for those that buy the game from the NISA Online Store. If you order the game from the NISA store, you also get a set of Neptunia playing cards in addition to the game and art book.


Unfortunately, these bonuses are limited to the U.S. NISA say pre-orders for Neptunia will be going up “soon,” with the game slated for release in February. Look forward to answers to our fan-powered Neptunia Q&A in the near future!

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  • I doubt it being in limited numbers will be much of a worry unless this somehow sells like hot cakes.

    • I dont know about that, their stuff has sold out in week 1 before via their store.

      • But they have said that it dosen’t matter which store it’s in, it will be the same as the ones you would find in their store or Gamestop. hence why I said what I said :D

    • Barrit

      I agree, I doubt the premium edition that is going to retailers will be very hard to find a few months down the line. I know in Rorona’s case, it’s still available on Gamestop’s Web site and I saw it in one of their stores about a week ago.

      The NISA exclusive sets are a different story though.

    • I don’t know, I just got a PS3 and noticed that while games like Disgaea 3 cost pretty low (new) in most places their other games like Trinity Universe is a bit more scarce and still cost the same as retail – from used sellers.
      I’ve had my sights on this game for a while, so once they drop the order link I’ll be ready!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Well I don’t know about the Rorona limited edition but I can still find Trinity Universe and the standard Rorona at my Bestbuy and Target lots of them. Though there still MSRP but I think that’s reasonable since they haven’t been out too long and are niche games.

        • Youre Bestbuy and Target sell RPGS other than FFXIII?! I wish mine would!

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Not many though, the games I mentioned each have like only one slot. while other games like GTA or Halo have like 5 or 6. But yeah there’s still a lot of these games there the whole slot is like full ;( I think I’m the only one who buys these games in my area sometimes lol

  • Wow they are so benevolent, I guess I will have to bite the cost for shipping bullet and get it from the NISA store. This is great, I hope bonuses come for Ar Tonelico, Phantom Brave, and Disgaea 4 as well.

    • PurpleDoom

      Phantom Brave had better come with bonuses – the game has been up for pre-order for quite a while now, but the price on Amazon just inexplicably shot up from $29.99 to $49.99.

      Disgaea 4 is practically a given, though. It’s their biggest franchise, after all.

  • kariohki

    Oh this means I can get it at GameStop finally–*PLAYING CARDS*

    Whelp, still ordering from NISA with their crazy shipping since I live so far from them.

    I missed out on the Atelier Rorona art book too!
    Damn you NIS D=

    • Tim: Check out videogamesplus.ca, first run includes artbook.

    • I missed all that, i dont even live in north america, but at least i know a company that receives stuff and then bring ’em here, for a cost of course… But i can only do that with Amazon, so NOW IM HAPPY THAT I CAN FINALLY GET SOME COOL STUFFY.

      This will actually be my first premiun release of a game for ps3, im happy wansy… i admit i would like to get those cards as well though…

    • Chow

      So what about Canadians who import from the store for these US bonuses? Do we not get them any more like we used to, or were they just being flat specific about the store?

      • Well, we can probably still get away with importing from the NISA store, but… It’s not all that practical. The last time I ordered something from NISA’s official store, the shipping wound up costing more than the actual game.

        So. It depends. Are you willing to pay double the price for it?

        • urbanbuddha

          you can buy it at the store and they do ship to Canada. I’ve purchased from there before (almost all of their atlus games).

          When I pre-ordered, it was $ 60 + ~12 (for the cheapest shipping). Though I do agree with Dustin, shipping was a pain for the previous games. I think now that they have fully integrated with Nis America, they’ve been able to keep shipping down?

          *** The only issue I have ordering online from them is that they do take a while to ship their products…especially “day-1” stuff, like you’ll wait at least a week.

  • Guest

    I dont really care about bonuses. What I think they shoulda done was redesign the guest game summons in full 3D glory. Like Shinobi jumping out of nowhere with a downward sword slash or Super Sonic speed running around the enemy in a hurricane Spiral, Ryo Hakuzi running over the enemy in a forklift or Segata Sanshiro Judo throwing a monster.

  • Barrit

    Playing cards sound pretty cool. I’m glad it wasn’t anything weird like that beach towel the Korean release got lol. Although I will admit, it was a hilarious beach towel!

  • That’s really great news! I’m so excited for this game – I think it’ll probably the first one where I’ll actually cave and buy the DLC so I can have Gust-chan and Nippon-chan fight. (I didn’t even buy any Dragon Age Origins DLC, and I loved that game.)

  • Neckbear

    So, this means that if I buy the game on Amazon, I’ll get the artbook, as well?


    I wanna get the NISA Store Edition for the playing cards, though. They sound awesome.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay!!! I don’t have to pay like $12 for shipping. lol Honestly I would of been glad with just Gamestop (not may fav store but better than NISA online exclusive)like they did with Rorona but I’m glad NISA is expanding it’s boundaries. Now I can actually just go to the store and buy it in person with no worries about shipping or anything. I love that. Thank you NISA.

    • They mentioned in the other neptunia thread to me they are switching over to free domestic shipping on orders (I assume you can still pay for faster shipping if you want)… I just checked and the Mana Khemia 2: Alchemic Art Collection which was running me around $12 for shipping is indeed showing up for free shipping… so this should be included.

      I can’t wait to start placing more orders with the nis store now that it has free shipping ^^

      • Barrit

        Damn nice, I recall reading something about shipping, but wasn’t sure on the exact changes. Thx for the info!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah thanks for the info. I live on the east coast and the shipping was ridiculous. But I’ll still probably get it at a store just easier and hey when you buy at a store there’s no shipping lol.


  • krokounleashed

    So Europe won’t get the Artbook? Meh.

  • No love for Canada???? I had to import the Atelier Rorona LE and shipping alone was $20 more. I’ll probably have to do it too.

  • Hopefully Tecmo Koei will give us the same bonuses here in Europe. I love the game’s artstyle, so an artbook would be very welcome!

  • This makes me happy.

    I approve.

  • Darkrise

    I knew it… *sits in a dark corner*

  • PrinceHeir

    “Every copy of the initial shipment of Neptunia in the U.S., regardless of where you purchase it, will be the game’s premium edition, and come with the artbook”

    going with the Atlus route hmm? :D

    yes will be buying this for sure :P

  • Does this mean US and Canada? Or just US?
    (usually we get the same stuff, and exclusionary talk could be meant to reference out Europe)

  • Kai2591

    Oh..I thought this was about ‘DLCs’ lol.
    But good enough~

    Still can’t decide whether to get the artbook or not though….hmm~

    • IF we read it right then every copy comes with the artbook, unless you arent aiming to get it day 1?

      • Kai2591

        Only every initial copies…hence its limited. But nevermind that, cuz the problem is i live in southeast asia LOL.

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