Japan Gets These Nintendo 3DS Games In March

By Ishaan . January 13, 2011 . 10:30am

Earlier in the week, we posted a list of announced games for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. At the time, most games outside of the initial 8-game launch line-up had vague release dates, sorted into “Spring” or “Summer” and beyond.


Some of these now have slightly more concrete release windows, having been confirmed for release in March. Here’s the list of March releases:


Pro Baseball Spirits 2011

Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (March 31st)

The Sims 3

My Garden

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Shanghai 3D Cube

Virus Shooter XX

Steel Diver (March 17th)

Nikoli Puzzle

Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen

Gundam: The 3D Battle (March 24th)

Dead or Alive: Dimensions (March 24th)

Baseball Famista (March 31st)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D

Rabbids Travel in Time

  • I do like the 3DS, but its early launch titles are pretty weak, I don’t see one piece of software that really sells the system to everyone. Not that they are bad games so far, but… just not ones that make people go “wow.”

    • Agreed. I would like to see more RPGs – bigger, more “epic” games. Of course, it takes time for any system to hit its stride. I suspect we’ll see some system-selling games coming up later in the year. Personally, I never buy new systems on day 1 anyway.

      • Code

        RPG’s generally aren’t associated with being launch titles though, I figure because of longer development cycles.

        I mean there’s definitely games, just no must have titles. I think ASW is smart jumping onto the 3DS launch early with Blazblue, it’s good for the system and good for Blazblue, but given the game’s been out for like 6 months on PS3/360 I think it’s taken it down a notch from “must have”.

      • RPGs always take a good while to be released, this is nothing new, and is what suits rpgs, those are games that you need time to work on, because they have to be at a good peace through all the game, those are games you will be a good while playing it. And in these days, people are trying to make new things to the rpg genre.

        If you are a rpg gamer, then you know how to be patient >8D

        I do agree that i still don’t see a game that make me WOW!! -.- i want zelda

    • RagnaXBL

      not even blazblue?

      • Exkaiser

        EDIT: Ignore this, I misunderstood your post. Derp.

    • Guest

      Not even Kid Icarus?

    • Guest

      Launch titles are usually weak, wait more for the good onesto arrive.

    • thebanditking

      I agree completely. I made the mistake of buying a DS at launch and watched it collect dust while it got either no new releases or poorly designed ones. I am not making that mistake again.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    BlazBlue and DOA Dimensions are the only games on that list I’d actually buy. Hopefully NA launch will have a better launch line-up.

  • What the… Are they ever going to release Zelda? After all, that was one of the first games they showed! I can’t belive they are not releasing it with the 3DS and not even a month later

    • Caligula

      Nintendo loves to take its time with Zelda, so I’m not surprised it’s not being released at launch. They probably just showed the game off to hype up the 3DS.

      • They got me hyped alright, i still can’t belive i will be playing a remake of Zelda OoT X_X

  • justinslot

    I like the two fighting games, but I might wait for the Saints Row game to buy a 3DS. Yes–I am that big of a Saints Row freak.

    • I love how everyone chuckled when Iwata announced Saints Row at E3.

      • justinslot

        Awww…is the Row really that disrespected a franchise? I thought the consensus opinion was SR2 was an entertaining experience, and more fun than GTAIV.

        Or was the laughter at the absurdity of Saints Row on a Nintendo device?

        • Nono, I don’t think anyone meant any disrespect, haha. They were probably just taken aback by Saints Row on a Nintendo device, being announced by Iwata of all people.

          • kylehyde

            Specially if we take account of who was one of the faces of saint row 2 (I will omit for avoid any kind of disclaim)

  • Dude the people in Japan are so lucky!! They are getting Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen so fast, lucky, lucky, lucky! Im pretty stoked to see it in action. I wanna see that Rasengan in 3D!!! Dude, its gonna be epic!!!!

    Best near-launch title, ever!!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    just give me RE and MGS and and i’ll be happy ^^

  • thebanditking

    And again this list contains nothing I am interested in, even the “decent” 3DS launch titles are just rehashes or sequels to games I have 3 of on the DS (Layton, for example). So far the 3DS is not doing anything fresh and most of the lineup looks like a “Best of the DS, now with PSP graphics!”. I am sure I will pick a 3DS up eventually but not for at least 6 months.

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