What Were 2010’s Top Ten Best-Sellers In The U.S.?

By Ishaan . January 13, 2011 . 7:04pm

The list of the top ten best-selling games in 2010 in the U.S. offers little in the way of surprises, given that every item on the list is part of one explosively popular franchise or another, but here it is anyway for the curious:


Rank Title System Publisher
01. Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3, 360, PC, Wii DS Activision Blizzard
02. Madden NFL 11 PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, PS2 Electronic Arts
03. Halo: Reach 360 Microsoft
04. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii Nintendo
05. Red Dead Redemption PS3, 360 Take Two
06. Wii Fit Plus Wii Nintendo
07. Just Dance 2 Wii Ubisoft
08. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3, 360, PC Activision Blizzard
09. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood PS3, 360 Ubisoft
10. NBA 2K11 PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, PS2 Take Two


Total consumer spend on physical game-related content in the U.S., which includes portable, console and PC game software, generated revenues of $10.1 billion, a 5% decline over the $10.6 billion generated in 2009, according to the NPD Group.


However, 2010 also saw increased spending on on used games, full-game digital downloads and downloadable content, mobile gaming apps, and social network gaming.

  • Masengan

    Out of those 10 only 1 would interests me, I no longer know where I lie when it comes to Casual and Hardcore… I’m losing my edge.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We’ve become ‘traditional’ gamers in the eyes of the business types. We may still buy the most titles over the course of time, but those titles are not the ones (i.e. versus those with lots of DLC and related swag) that make the companies a lot of ROI. From the retailer side of things we also tend to buy more and keep, which means we’re not trading and recycling perpetually.

      • kylehyde

        I just have to say WOW. This is easily the most intelligent answer I’ve read on the day, seriously. I mean, that explination was pretty great.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Thanks. I’ve dabbled a bit at the absolute fringes of the gaming world so I at least check the business sites, but am a hobbyist at heart. The market is a changing drastically again, but this time it is the new ‘core’ that can’t quite figure out why what and how it is occurring.

          Something that actually gives me a bit of hope is the new ‘casual’ skews our direction as they delve deeper into games. The road between Frontierville and Harvest Moon is pretty damn direct, and a older female audience (the core of the new ‘casual’) is far more apt to find an interest in Persona than Battlefield.

  • I still have only one of those games, although I bought others and sold them away.

    Nintendo is doing pretty decently on its own, but considering that Just Dance 2 came out at the end of the year and New Super Mario Bros Wii was a 2009 title, new releases for the traditional gamer are absence on the list for them. Perhaps Nintendo needs to reevaluate where it is spending its money and just cater towards Mario and then these Wii Fit/Dance series to make the buck. They still do not have a dance entry, which is shocking, considering the popularity, and Galaxy 2 is absence which leaves some questions as to the quality of its glorified expansion pack value to the consumers.

    Pokemon’s absence is also shocking, though I guess people in the US are just giving up on the series, maybe it is time to give it a full scale entry on the console, or perhaps it would have been better to not have done a rerelease of Gold and Silver?

    The racing genre is also absent…gah!

    I think the benefit here is that multiconsole HD titles clearly do greatly, and first person shooter genre is alive and well with multiplayer focused titles such as Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and EA titles doing excellent on those systems. Once again leading more evidence that companies should ditch console exclusivity and make everything that isnt first party…available on all consoles.

    Oh and its great to see Western developers and publishers doing so excellently, hopefully this signals to Namco Bandai, Square Enix, and Konami of what type of experiences they need to focus on.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      It kinda sounds you’re saying that JPN companies need to make shooters, because that’s what sells over here.

      To that I say: GOD NO.

      The absolute LAST thing we need are more generic FPSs. What JPN companies need to do is focus more on what they do best, and not try to pander to “western” interests. The last thing we need is another emo/goth-DmC.

      • kylehyde

        I just have to say EPIC comment.

        Seriously one of the reason that I visit siliconera is because is I’m tired of sites that talk about every new generic FPS as the last sensation even if they turn into trash.

        • I dont know, based on this list and if its an American site, then it seems they should be talking about those things [FPS] as well because thats what most people are playing and therefore what should get the most interest. And hey, if they are doing that, then that gives this site purpose and meaning for getting and appealing to people who want to experience other types of games and stuff, you know?

          • kylehyde

            No words can describe the reaction that produce me your comment, but maybe an image could help.


          • Dear Mister Trist. Do you know what the word “niche” means? Do you know what the word “mainstream” is? Perhaps you should search up the word “fratboy” as well. It appears that you cannot tell the difference.

            Learn the difference in their demands. I think it should greatly help your understanding, instead of speaking of methods of absolutely destroying the only things good remaining in video games.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Agreed. If we did it all Tsuna’s way all we would have is FPS and sports game. There fine games but you need other games out there too. Variety never hurts. And if we lose out on niche games, gamers thus have less games to choose from and miss out. And even in video games fads change and repeat. Just 20 years ago there was no FPS genre and everyone called those games DOOM rip-offs. Things change. And not to get to in-depth on the discussion but video games just like movies are both an art and business. Why be shallow and only try to make money by relying on current trends when you can create a truly unique experience.Plus I think Japan should just focus on what it’s good at and the same should be said or America. Not saying Japan shouldn’t make FPS, but I am saying they should make what they like and what sells there. If it’s good and we’re lucky someone might send it our way. And because it was made for Japanese people by Japanese people it’ll be unique. and thus give gamers in other places something different to play with.

          • @Zero_Destiny I didnt say to abandon variety but isnt it shocking that no Japanese game made it this year? In 2009 there were (7) all from Ninty, in fact the last year that had JPN games not from Nintendo on the charts was in 2006 (KH FFXII). I dont know whats different from then and now, but what happened to people being interested in non FPS/Sports/Action Adventure games, or did the companies fail to find ways to well keep people interested in other genres. Perhaps Im too much of a fan for diversity in the marketplace, but surely it would be nice to have more than just domestic games on the list.

            Niche and mainstream? that wouldnt really explain the absence of say an rpg right, heh, pokemons even missing, thats not a niche title…ffxiii, well in other year it was on the list. Surely if more effort were exerted then they could get their games on the list.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Tsunayoshi S “I’m glad you didn’t abandoned variety” the way you worded things made it sound like you did. I think you’re too worried about the list, like I mentioned earlier there are trends in gaming and all so don’t worry too much if say RPGs aren’t doing too hot. Plus niche games from companies like NISA and even Atlus never break the top 10 in America. But they still do good for what the company aims for. Games like these are just aimed at a different and smaller audience. It’s not a big deal if it didn’t break the top 10. I do hear you on wishing to see more Japanese games on the top 10 but I don’t think that’s what’s important here.

          • It’s not shocking at all. This happens every year. JRPGs are an incredibly niche genre, and unless you have a successful name that people recognize, you will never hit even 1 million copies sold. This is why Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games sell. For Pokemon’s case, Nintendo is probably happy with it’s sales anyway. They should have gotten at least over 3 million copies sold by now. Pokemon games still can’t compete with games like Madden. Pretty much every fratboy buys a copy whenever it’s available.

            Meanwhile, the majority American consumers have no interest in JRPGs. They like shooters, action games, and all. The thing is, Japan did try to sell “western games”, but none of them sold well anyway. Look at recent western Bandai Namco releases. Look at Capcom’s recent releases. Look at Vanquish (Though it was kind of a parody). It doesn’t work.

            Everyone has a different definition of “success”. Just because you don’t find something to be successful, doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same way. Like Devil Survivor. You said it sold like next to nothing, while Atlus said Devil Survivor exceeded their expectations. Let’s also not forget Demon’s Souls, the Atlus published game with over a million copies sold. It’s a massive success for Atlus because they never had a game that sold this well. It’s not in the top ten, but so what? Atlus is incredibly happy about the sales, and so is a lot of the Atlus supporters.

      • Looking at the list, where is the Japanese representation? Not even a fighting series or RPG or well any JPN title from 2010 made it up there (except Mario). I highly doubt JPN companies can excel in making a sports title, in a market dominated by EA presence and the growing (Take 2 via 2K Sports).

        An FPS or FPSRPG amalgamation could work or something. FPS should be easy, Medal of Honor was down and is back up, CoD is doing well enough to branch into three paths, Bad Company 2, and even that Vietnam one, and now Homefront and other Futuristic shooters…JPN is missing out… I just find it odd that here in the US, its just European and American studio dominance and well Japan has vanished. Its as if the buyers are saying “theyre good for developing hardware” but that non JPN developed games are just better.

        Or they could you know do something like Assassins Creed or a space age game.

        Basically my strategy they should employ is, Make what sells to fund exploratory creative projects for the sake of making games the creators desire to share with fans. Companies in the US do it all the time, when they make those things that they have no aims to sell, just to make and well display for their fans. Heh Sony’s doing it too, Im quite sure they make no money with the Tester show, but using money generated from other products, well they can give their fans a show to please them.

        • You know… Over in the east, not most Western games don’t make it into their lists. They appear often in the “weekly” stuff, but they rarely stay on the lists very long.

          I guess Western developers should start developing Monster Hunter clones and Pokemon clones. It sells right? Yeah, screw quality and fanbase! It’s all profits baby!

    • mirumu

      I have a bit of a different take on it. I think the first person shooter genre is actually in serious trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to hate or bash the FPS genre in any way. I actually enjoy a good FPS and hope to see quality games in that genre released. It just seems to me there haven’t been many good ones released in quite some time.

      To get to my point, I suspect at least part of why Call of Duty and Halo sold so well is simply lack of anything else decent that scratches the FPS itch. There even seemed to be quite a bit of buyer’s remorse when it came to Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Just look at the user scores and reviews on Metacritic. They’re terrible. I think there’s a huge market out there that wants quality first person shooters, but the good ones have just been too few and far between and desperate gamers have just been gravitating to brands they trust like CoD, Halo, etc.

      Having said that I really don’t think the Japanese companies should be getting into the FPS scene unless they really “get” the genre and can bring something genuinely new and compelling to the table. Honestly I think they’d be better off innovating in the genres they have expertise in, or that they simply stop trying to focus on what the west wants and instead just try and come up with something new and cool without restricting themselves to concepts of genres and market segments. A lot of the best games of the past wouldn’t exist if someone hadn’t taken some risks and broken the rules.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Operation Flashpoint did decent job at hitting the more realistic fan but also showed that such an audience is a niche one. MAG was harmed by server issues (death of course to a online shooter) as much as anything. The idea of truly massive blast fests still sounds fun. BC2 has its own set of fans but Killzone and Resistance are just too Haloish to set themselves apart.

        I am interested to see how shooters designed from the start with motion controls in mind will fare. I’m not including the new Killzone or Resistance here as their controls got added pretty far along in the cycle. The rail shooters on the Wii show that the concept is viable, but I still wonder if the same will hold true during the 10th hour of some online death session.

    • Combined numbers distort everything. Pokemon games are separate games. We all know silver sold better than gold. Galaxy sold well but not instantly like Halo.
      Here are the individual numbers!
      1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (360)
      2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
      3. Halo: Reach (360)
      4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii)
      5. Just Dance 2 (Wii)
      6. Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board (Wii)
      7. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
      8. Madden NFL 11 (360)
      9. Red Dead Redemption (360)
      10. Pokemon Soulsilver Version (NDS)

  • nothing in this list interests me(except red dead). america i am disappointed in you.
    and can anyone explain how in hells name madden sells so well?

    • Dude Madden is the only NFL franchise, there is no other real competition and they market it well, support it well through the football season and well it is just fun, oh their marketing is great. Every year I get convinced to buy it because they really take the time to highlight just what makes it different than the previous entry, and usually present a convincing argument. NCAA as well…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Multiplat or not, I am actually a bit surprised Madden beat out Halo. The heat Madden generates seems to have dropped off a bit, and this year the bugs did seem a bit more breaking in their effects. The press I remember the most around the time it came out was that folks were not liking the easier focus and that the passing game was lacking.

        That being said, Madden is still Madden, and more than just about any other title, benefits from non traditional distro channels. SI was giving it away with magazine subscriptions and you’ll find it in sports stores and the like who carry no other gaming merchandise.

        • Oh yeah I forgot about that Sports Illustrated deal, I remember I almost felt compelled to sign up for it too, lol, with as much as they were advertising. They should try to do similar promotions with FIFA here too.

        • Code

          I’m not really that surprised after spending the last few months working in a game store you quickly realize that Sports games are always big sellers (yet no one seems to understand you’ll only get 56cents for last years version opo), they don’t necessarily create lines, but they just sell a lot consistently.

          And although Halo does well, I think a lot of Halo players have migrated onto more realistic FPS like Call of Duty in recent years. I mean Halo’s still pulls big numbers but I can’t help but can’t help but feel like the series fan base has begun to taper off and many of them move on. Although I didn’t work the Reach launch I handled the Black Ops/Cataclysm launch calls, Reach was something like 160 calls, and Black Ops was like nearly 420 and Wow: Cataclysm was around 210 opo;

          What does surprise me about the list was no Gran Turismo 5, it’s not that we had a lot of preorders (not even enough to warrant a launch) but it was a consistently high selling game well I was working — I figure it’ll be a slow burn perhaps, just because the series has been on the back burner for a long time.

          New Super Mario Bros. definitely bizarre to see it hang on for so long, I mean it’s a great game, but well I was working it was constantly selling. So I’m not that surprised, weirded out, but not surprised.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ya but a lot of after launch Madden buyers are grabbing used, or waiting til the previous year goes down to $15 just so they have something to throw in the system when buddies are in the house.

            I had expected GT5 to be a long tailed title, but there I’d suspect the middling to ok reviews have had some impact. Although I’d say greater effect is that Sony took so damn long they let their customers get taken away by the Forzas, new look Need for Speeds and even Midnight Club.

          • Code

            Yeah true, although you have to have new buyers to have used games (not entirely true, it’s surprisingly how often we’ll load a shelf up with new games marked as used just to move`em opo) although I do agree 100% with you it is exactly what’s happening, a lot of sport gamers are cluing into the fact if they wait even a few months/a year they can get this year’s game for like $14-$15 instead of $59-$69, I do think in the next few years we may a transition. But at least for the time being they still are big sellers.

            Yeah also definitely what’s happening GT5 is I figure going to be a slow burn, the series has been out in the wings for so long, that honestly there’s practically a generation gap between games going on. Other racers with more regular outings have kept there name alive and relevant, and I think that’s paid off.

          • Hey just because it isnt on the list 2010 (or did you mean December?) doesnt mean it isnt selling. Didnt they not say it already passed 1 mln here in the US from day 1 to december, and then 5 mln worldwide?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @ Sawada

            You’ve always got to be careful with Sony’s numbers because they report sales as shipped (which businesswise to them is still ‘sold’) rather than retail sell-through. Given the amount of dollars on development and marketing that went on, I don’t think you can call GT5 a runaway success. It certainly is not the genre defining title that GT3 or 4 were.

            When so much is expected, one must include such in an evaluation. Sony’s had two such titles in 2010. GOWIII at the start of the year was supposed to be the system seller everyone held back their PS3 purchase for — yes GOWIII sold well and was a well done game — but at the end of the year it was being given away as a throw in by Gamestop.

          • I dont think games being priced at 29.99 months after release is a fair judgment of saying that the game was just bad. I can only think of one company that still charges full day 1 price for their games for no less than 12 months (Nintendo). And regardless we all know a Greatest Hits version of God of War III will be out possibly this quarter at the rate they brought Ratchet & Clank Future: Crack in Time to Greatest Hits.

            I think Sony just has well maybe a few million as their aim in sells before they just decrease price, and for them to consider the game a success. Heavy Rain is still 59.99 does that mean it failed to meet expectations or met it, if it is still that high cost going into this new year?

            I think its just really early to wipe off the game, especially since its a racing title, releasing in the midst of such a heavy time and well, a whole new year is before it and theres no rush to buy it since everyone knows it takes a long time to get through all the content?

    • FireCouch

      A lot of Americans like Football. Similarly to how a lot of Japanese like Monster Hunting.

      • Code

        rar, if only now Monster Hunter was played on TV as a sport +o+

    • Exkaiser

      America likes football more than space marines.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      For me the most surprising/disappointing title is Brotherhood. It may not be a good thing from the view of fans like us that so many were willing to pay full price for an add-on online play disk. Not that the suits weren’t going to look for the fraggers bucks before us, but now they have ‘hard evidence’ they can trumpet everywhere that such is what gamers really ‘want’.

      • I think the benefit to Brotherhood though was that, well, the game dropped in price so fast, before Black Friday the game was already marked down 10-20$ off and still remains at that cost or lower. Maybe the game was truly just worth 49.99 or even 39.99 or less considering it wasnt truly as enriching as the previous or a true AC3, but still good game I think. I honestly dont know many people who bought it full price on day 1, unless you did. Most people realized Ubi drops the price fast though, even AC2, I got it for 39.99 last year in January brand new.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Naw waiting on the Magical Girl Enzio DLC before I consider the title. Slicing open necks with the aid of a Pink Candy Heart Cane ftw!

        • mirumu

          It’s still going for full price even now in the stores near me for NZ$129 (US$99 at current rates), and hardly any stores even stock it. Not sure what’s up with that. I’ll probably just wait for the price to drop, or maybe import if I have a quiet games month. US$39.95 sounds pretty good to me. ;)

      • Kris

        The singleplayer game itself has actually seen some improvements though. Brotherhood is a better game than AC2, but they just pimped the (surprisingly fun) multiplayer mode while advertising it…

  • The only title on this list that I have any interest in, whatsoever, is Red Dead Redemption, which I have yet to actually play. Otherwise, nope.

  • The only game that I like on that list is Red Dead Redemption.

    Whatever, the whole thing isn’t much of a surprise.

    • Zero_Destiny

      People seem to be givin’ that game a lot of love was it any good? II heard it was just GTA in West, not a bad thing but I figured a game like that would.t be as popular as it is. I guess I underestimated American’s love for sandbox games and apparently Westerns lol

      • I got it on sale, and the game itself is great. Though, it really is GTA in the west, I still find it very good. Your call, really.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hhmm… sounds interesting. Everyone seems to like it. I’ve seen some buddies play it looks cool. Doesn’t seem like my kind of game though. I like GTA and play it every once in a while but I don’t actively go out and buy’em. Just play’em at a buddy’s house or play my brother’s GTA on his XBOX. I do dig the physical bonus maps that Rockstar always gives you (this is Rockstar right?) in their games though and remember hearing about about DLC where you fight zombies or something. So I’m a little interested.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Another vote of support from someone who usually doesn’t play such things. Yet, it clearly shows that the sandbox has gone as far as possible in its current model. The disconnect between activities inside and outside the mission structure are just so great. I am most interested in seeing how LA Noire with its even sharper focus on story and characters finally turns out.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I keep hearing about that LA Noire too. From what I heard it’s suppose to have some epic graphics with the most realistic face and body movements in a video game. Is it another sandbox game? Or is it action or something? And on an unrelated side note I kind of don’t like it’s name since the game seems to be in color and not black and white. That’s not noire that’s neo-noire lol (please excuse my lame joke)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            They’ve still been able to keep a lot of things under wraps but it appears it will follow your character as he becomes a detective in a 40s Los Angeles style city. Supposedly there will be more ways your character can get things done; how ‘free’ your actions will be allowed remains one of the secrets. I definitely think allowing one to go completely Nico or CJ would harm the flavor; yes film noir was dark and bad things happened, but its not as if there were running gun battles on every street corner.

            Even Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe had to wait until they were at the Victory Motel…..

          • Zero_Destiny

            “Even Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe had to wait until they were at the Victory Motel” lol That really got an honest laugh out of me. Seems like no one really knows much about it. Even though I’m not big on these I do have to agree with you on the too much freedom will distract from the story part.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            LA Confidential is about the best movie making has gotten in the past 20 years. It belongs on any list of ‘best ever’. The only recent thing in its class is There Will Be Blood.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Oh no it’s a good movie. I just like how you referenced it. It was funnier than my lame joke. Haven’t seen there will be blood so I can’t comment on that. As far as the past 20 years I don’t know. My fav movie being Pulp Fiction which I believe came out in the 90’s needs some love too lol.

          • Im shocked they havent fulled revealed LA Noire either.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I completely agree. John Marston’s driven goals and his code of character aren’t really suited for the player’s indulgent, amoral sandbox behavior. Dunno if you’ve played GTAIV, but it has the same problem. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Rockstar just chooses frivolous mini games and freedom of violence because deeper human interaction outside of tightly scripted scenarios require a whole new level of work. Games that I thought worked really well with the current model are the older GTAs, Saints Row 2, and Bully, but as you said, it’s becoming a problem.

            I think the Shenmue games offer an example of a slice of life sandbox that doesn’t rely on violence but rather sensibly limits when it happens (thus strengthening its impact on the narrative), while Deus Ex (among other WRPGs) offer compelling alternatives to killing in forced confrontation with obstacles and dangerous situations (giving players *real* choice). Both hold the player accountable for making bad mistakes. Rockstar could do well to take note.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I found it farcical that Marston put off the town w*ores with “I’m married” when such actions would have been far more ‘in character’ in that time than how things go down in GTA. It’s all part the ‘you can’t kill kids’ syndrome from the latest Fallouts; where the developers set up a horrid disintegrating world where anything goes — and then choose to judge and limit the player for how horrid and disintegrating they choose to be.

            All I would ask is a few paths — let me join with the rustlers who come to burn Bonnie’s barn, select the Mexican army for my loyalty, or just blow the head off the government agent. If these choices lead me to an end where I can’t succeed, so be it, it’s my damn sandbox! Don’t give me some ‘tortured soul’ who in a cut scene blanches at the murderer he once was, right after I have depopulated Northern Mexico of 3000 NPCs.

            Bully handled outside interactions quite well. I could accept those limitations because I was 13, and living in a real community. When I talked to folks, many gave me more than the same canned dialogue, and there were things one could actually experience outside of the mission events. Yakuza also much the same too.

      • That’s what I thought at first too but its completely different from GTA. Though both are sandbox games RDR makes itself stand out from GTA because the way the game plays and the storyline. You just really have to try it out for yourself and see the difference.

        • I agree. No doubt mainly because it was handled in part by a Rockstar San Diego, who also did Red Dead Revolver. A game which I’m curious to play now to see if Redemption did take influence from that and/or then took more of a GTA direction.
          Actually, I only played Undead Nightmare, but it does take the ‘pick-up and go’ approach similar to the GTA games, but honestly they feel completely different. At least I know it’s not just me.

      • I think to the games benefit, it also came out at an excellent time in May, in which there were barely any other titles to crowd around it, and had great marketing and well, even on day 1, it had huge lines for midnight releases. Perhaps its period of release also allowed it to have huge sales (as there was also barely any new games to get in June, July, and August…)

        • Don’t forget the fact that it’s also made by Rockstar. They’re an extremely well known company, and even the fratboys know Rockstar.

      • mirumu

        It bears some similarities to GTA of course given it’s origins, but has a very different feel. Taking GTA4 for example, the story is bleak, most of the characters aren’t likable, the pace is fast, and the city feels oppressive. In Red Dead Redemption on the other hand you can largely avoid crime if you wish, the scenery is rich and vibrant, some of the characters feel real and are good people you might actually like to know, you can ride the open range at your leisure.

        It’s a more mature and balanced offering. It still suffers from some of Rockstar’s shoddy control systems and excessive juvenility at times, but to me at the end of the day the good outweighed the bad. The story’s conclusion (which I will not spoil) was especially poignant and I was honestly amazed that Rockstar of all people could pull off anything of that level of quality. I really didn’t enjoy GTA4 at all personally, but loved Red Dead Redemption.

        P.S. For what it’s worth, I’m not an American and have no especial fondness for the old west.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh I didn’t mean just Americans lol. Just mentioned that since we were talkin’ about US sales. But hey the more the merrier and if an American game about westerns does good outside of America (and to people who don’t like westerns) that’s definitely got to be good sign.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Wow so many positive replays. It definitely seems like everyone likes it. I might have to go and pick it up if I can find it on the cheap. Even though I’m more of an RPG guy (and the slow-paced old school turn based type to boot lol). I just hope I don’t get my @ss handed to me in the game because of it. I generally stink at these games. lol

  • Zero_Destiny

    Sadly the only game I care for on the list is Mario. And wow it did well. Been up there for a while now. I hope DK can do just as well but that’s probably just a pipe dream :( Donkey Kong doesn’t hold a candle when it comes to Mario Mania lol

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll probably buy AC Brotherhood maybe 2-3 months from now.

    guess people here in the US can’t get enough of their call of duties huh?

    • Well, what can you say? It is after all their “call of duty” to play every single game that comes out from this series.

    • kupomogli

      You know what they say. Once you go Black(Ops) you never go back. Instead of Black Ops, my designated name for the new CoD is Black Co**s. I’m going to eventually do a PS3/360 mock up cover of the game showing CoD Black Co**s and two censor bars coming from the side with a girl and the middle going :O.

      I for one hate CoD, though. I’m not too fond of FPS games to be honest but I’ll play Unreal Tournament 3, Borderlands, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye.

  • RDR: Undead Nightmare is the only part of the game I played (it’s fantastic, imo), but I really want to try out the full game now. The controls took me a bit to handle, though. Controlling John Marston really did feel like controlling a horse sometimes :P
    The credit song was brilliant, too.

  • Hraesvelgr

    I think the saddest thing about Red Dead Redemption being in fifth is that it sold millions. I don’t know what it’s at now, but it sold at least two million by the end of June. I guess you just can’t beat a game that sells nearly ten million copies in its first day

    • You mean, beat a game that sold millions before its first day. I wonder where GTV will fit on the list next year. Oh though this year the list should repeat itself with AC3, CoD: Space Warfare/Ultramodern Warfare? Hm what Ninty title would be up here…

      • AdamBoy64

        Probably a 3DS title of some sort, probably that OoT remake – that’s if they can get the handhelds out there fast enough by the end of the year, and keep up with the demand.

  • Kaoro

    Wow, my video game tastes are clearly not aligned with the rest of the country – only one game from that list I own (Mario) and even then I much prefer Galaxy.

  • malek86

    Nice, I don’t have any of those games except for Reach, and I ultimately thought it wasn’t worth $60 anyway. Ok game, but a far cry from the first Halo. I knew I should have waited for a price drop.

  • Hmm, only game from this list I own is Halo Reach. Which is pretty badass. Black Ops is pretty fun as well from what I have played, haven’t bothered buying it though. A shame about the lack of love for Bad Company 2, Castlevania: Losrds of Shadow, Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 2, GT5, Just Cause 2, Enslaved, and a couple other 2010 games I bought but can’t recall off the top of my head.

    But all in all I don’t see how the numbers really matter. All that matters are the people who wanted the game got it and played it. Sales numbers only indicated the possible chance of a game getting a sequel. Something “typical” fans of something piss and moan about because of more potential people liking it, or changes that overall make the game better but they don’t like them because it makes it different from the original.

  • MarkMario

    Meh, the only game I like on this list is NSMBW and maybe AC:BH

  • Guest

    I don’t give a crap about any of those games. I guess i’m getting old.

  • When you look at the individual numbers, and not combined. This is how it looks!
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (360)
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
    3. Halo: Reach (360)
    4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii)
    5. Just Dance 2 (Wii)
    6. Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board (Wii)
    7. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
    8. Madden NFL 11 (360)
    9. Red Dead Redemption (360)
    10. Pokemon Soulsilver Version (NDS)

    When the numbers are combined on both systems. The distort the overall numbers. Of course NSMBWii is going to be on here having 12 months to add sales. SMG2 came out in May giving it only 6 months.

    • Theres Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pokemon however, combining the two pokemons wasnt enough to actually get it onto the top combined list, how low did heartgold sell. Or even better, both versions of Brotherhood must have had high sales individually, I guess its shocking to think that they did worst than say NBA2K or even Brotherhood which only had Nov + Dec.

  • T_T My RPG breed is dying. *sighs*

    • Zero_Destiny

      Don’t worry There’s still some Hardcore RPG players out there. lol And RPGs maybe more niche now and not top of the charts but I think there doing just fine.

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