Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Headed To Retail In North America?

By Ishaan . January 17, 2011 . 11:28am

In Europe, the Prince of Persia Trilogy collection was released at retail, containing The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. In North America, however, it was a PlayStation Network release, with each title being sold separately on PSN.


…until now, that is. A GameFly listing indicates that the Prince of Persia Trilogy is being released at retail in North America as well. GameFly have the collection pegged for a March 22nd release.

  • Perhaps they finally saw that the God of War Collection had more than a million sales and realized that it was a silly decision to only release the PoP Trilogy digitally in the US? Hm I might be interested, if they reveal plans to give another PoP

    • kupomogli

      An overrated series like God of War gets millions of sales yet actual “good” series get hardly any sales in comparison. I avoided Dante’s Inferno for about two months because it was a “God of War ripoff,” but after playing it at a friends, I immediately picked it up when I saw a sale because the game, unlike God of War, actually had good gameplay.

      I understand you’re just posting about sales, but I just want to rant about such a garbage series. God of War is nothing more than pretty graphics and subpar gameplay.

      • Even the developers admit that Dante’s Inferno is pretty much a love letter to God of War (which you may think is overrated, but I and many others happen to really enjoy).

        In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that the prospect of God of War 3 was a huge part of me buying a PS3. I just wanted to get that out there to counter your statements about the series.

      • GamerKT

        Really? I personally think that Devil May Cry 3/4 and GoW have the best gameplay for an action/hack-n-slash game. But okay.

  • I downloaded Sands of Time for the PSN and I’m kinda glad that I only downloaded one of them instead of buying a whole collection. The game just doesn’t seem as fun as everyone told me it would’ve been. I’m still early in it, so maybe it gets better, but I’m not really that into it, as of yet.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m glad this news came out after I got the PoP trilogy off Steam’s holiday sale for a total of $7.47. I wonder what the price will end up as for the collection, though. If it ends up around $15 (it obviously wont start at that price) I’d be willing to repurchase, since working out the controller options ends up a wonky hassle with the PC version >.>;;

  • Freaking yes!

    Being a bit of a tool (for lack of a better adjective) I missed out on buying the PoP trilogy for PS2. Was definitely interested in getting the HD remakes. (Aside from cost, why buy the old ones now if (in theory) shinier versions are available?)

    Glad this is supposedly coming stateside though. Had been wanting a disc based copy, and importing costs were looking to make snatching the disc a little spendy.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Dude, 2011 is already freaking epic. It’s slowly approaching overkill.

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully they also continue the POP 2008 game.

    i love cellshading in that game ^^

  • Kris

    I’ll be getting it then!

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