Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Spins Into Stores In July

By Spencer . January 17, 2011 . 2:32am

imageNamco Bandai set July 28 as the release date for Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. This simulation RPG features a mishmash of anime and video game gals including Lili from Tekken and Junko Hattori from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou…


with destructible outfits. There are five parts: head, chest, waist, arms, and feet to crack. Famitsu explains if you destroy all of the clothing all you can get a perfect KO instead of a regular knockout.


A regular game costs 6,279 yen ($76), but there’s also a limited edition for 10,749 yen ($130). The highlight of the package is probably a collectable figure of Maron Macaroon, an original character made for the PSP game. A bus pass holder and the game wrapped in a deluxe box is part of the limited edition set too. That’s Maron below. No pictures of the figma have been released yet.



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  • mirumu

    As strange as it may sound the first game, Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos, was a pretty good SRPG in the mold of Super Robot Wars/Taisen. Hard to play without skill in Japanese, but quite a bit of fun all the same. If this is more of the same then it may turn out surprisingly well too.

    • Agreed, the first game was indeed fun and I loved the simple humour in it, lol.

      Looking really forward to this one too, to see all this great girls from different series, fighting together/against eacht other(with ripped clothes..) is really satisfying me, but maybe I’m just simple minded. :P

    • Apollokids

      I also heard that Queen’s Blade was a solid game. A diamond in the rough of Japanese srpg titles.

  • Phlo

    What if instead of making games about clothing destruction and fanservice, they made an anime crossover SRPG with awesome animations like Super Robot Wars does for mecha? That would be pretty much the best thing and I sort of wonder why that doesn’t exist yet.

    • Queens Blade/Queens Gate is actually quite a good srpg, even if it mostly concentrates on fanservice(not a bad thing mind you), though I agree the idea isn’t too far off, I clearly would love me some anime crossover srpg.

    • They do have one, with Jump Heros. Its really just Shonen Jump stars, but It DOES exist.

      • Phlo

        I can’t find any game by this name, could you clarify?

        • All I can think of is Jump Ultimate Stars, which is a fighter(Smash Bros. style) for the DS. Can’t think of any rpg/srpg.

          • Phlo

            Yeah, I’ve played Jump Super/Ultimate Stars and it’s definitely not what I’m looking for.

    • Guest

      er…nothing like that exists closest would be the SRPG Namco X Capcom or several Doujin PC SPRG games forget their name (Touhou).

      Or Sunday X Magazine: White Comic. But that’s a turn based RPG that features an original main character using Kodansha Manga characters as fighter assists and attacks and supports.

      Also there is Legend of Dynamic: Goushouden for GBA which is also a turn based RPG featuring characters from Go Nagai’s Manga/Anime works

      • Come to think of it, Battle Moon Wars fits that description perfectly. However, it only consists of Type-Moon characters

        • Phlo

          Also a bit rough around the edges…but the later parts were pretty good for a doujin game.

        • Guest

          Yeah thats what I was thinking of.

          Cross overs I guess are better served as fighting games

          • MUGEN probably took care of that already, although I would like to see the guys from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure take on another universe…

          • Guest

            Also I take it you played Sunday VS Magazine for PSP

          • Ugh, not Sunday VS Magazine.That game was beyond terrible. I got it just for Ringo…

  • z_merquise

    It wasn’t exactly new since the previous Spiral Chaos also had destructible outfit for the female characters and they are automatically defeated when all of their “armor” parts are destroyed.

    Still, thanks for posting an update for this game. Looking forward for Siliconera to post more updates. The extreme fan-service may cause this game not to be taken seriously but beneath that, the previous Spiral Chaos got an addicting gameplay, charming 2D graphics (ooohhh, me love 2D) and awesome animations and surely, Quee’s Gate would be the same, if not, better. It’s developed by Banpresto after all so I hope even the people who are only interested for Super Robot Taisen series would give Spiral Chaos a chance.

    This game would surely be as awesome as the previous one but I’m more interested in this game since it got Dizzy of Guilty Gear and Iroha of Samurai Spirits, other girls are also good but the 2 characters mentioned are my favorite.

  • Darn if only the editions bonus was Katja and Hana from Seikon no Qwaser ^_^, hope to see more images.

    • SlashZaku

      Forgot I had the site in my updates but it seems we’re getting a 2nd Qwaser season this year: http://www.qwaser.jp/

      • Oh snaps oh snaps oh snaps!!!!!!!!1 2nd season! I so can not wait!!!!!! Day 1 BAby!!! Sasha!!!! Ekaternia! Teresa ( I loved Tereas!)

  • joesz

    This game was definitely better then the anime.

    • The anime was nothing more than softcore porn ^_^’

    • mirumu

      Better than the first season definitely, but I thought season 2 was pretty good.

  • Darkrise

    Still haven’t beaten QB yet but I’ll still buy this. ^.^

    • Apollokids

      I think thats a good choice. There are videos on youtube by a user named “Playongo” and he goes through the system menus as well as battle menus and how everything plays. It’s very informative.


      there is also an english menu patch but its quite small. I am also looking forward to playing this game with the help of his guide.

      • Darkrise

        Well the menus were pretty easy to figure out and I’m already halfway through my first playthrough (I just got the game on christmas). Only thing I didn’t understand was what everyone in the game/every event without voices, were saying.

      • Awesome link you’ve got there, apollo! I can only read katakana/hiragana + basic kanji, but couldn’t really understand them :P This is some good help~

      • raymk

        Thanks for the link buddy i’ll be using that. Also this is a pretty good series that hopefully nisa can get their hands on if possible.

  • PrinceHeir

    “and video game gals including Lili from Tekken”

    awesome :D

    now if they can sneak Alisa and KOS-MOS that would be the best thing that can happen ever ^^

    • raymk

      Yeah Both would be ideal for this game and are probably in the game as bosses. Remember kasumi from dead or alive isn’t playable either.

  • I’m getting this just for Dizzy :3

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