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This Week In Sales: Japan Survives Another Devil Invasion

By Ishaan . August 3, 2011 . 3:43pm

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 and Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos invaded Japan last week.

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The Girls In Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Get Animated

By Spencer . July 22, 2011 . 12:42am

Where can you see characters from BlazBlue, Tekken, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear, and Soulcalibur in the same title? No this isn’t another crossover fighting game, Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos is a strategy RPG.

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Samurai Shodown’s Guardian Of The Jungle Purrs Into Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . July 14, 2011 . 2:03am

Cham Cham has her boomerang and simian sidekick and Paku Paku in Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos.

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Painkiller Kotone-Chan Prescribes Pain In Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . July 7, 2011 . 1:37am

Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan is one of the playable characters in Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. She’s armed with her usual tools – a power arm, saw sword, and syringe gun.

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Mai, Noel, Iroha, And Dizzy. Yeah, This Is Another Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Video

By Spencer . June 30, 2011 . 3:07am

And aside from a little kissing at the end this Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos trailer is almost all gameplay.

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Iroha And Two More Rival Characters From Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . May 29, 2011 . 11:00pm

Iroha, the dutiful maid, is stepping out of Samurai Shodown and into Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. She’s a playable character and one of the good guys (or girls) in the cross universe strategy RPG.

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Noel Vermillion Shoots Screen Of Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Cameo

By Spencer . May 19, 2011 . 2:48am

Noel Vermillion can blast enemies with Bloom Trigger and Bullet Rain in Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. Dizzy from Guilty Gear is in the game too so the two characters can team up in Namco Bandai’s PSP game.

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BlazBlue Star Noel Vermillion Is In Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 1:31pm

Arc System Works lent Namco Bandai one of their BlazBlue fighters for the clothes shattering strategy RPG, Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos.

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Pucker Up, Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Has Kissing Events

By Spencer . March 18, 2011 . 2:27am

Namco Bandai revised this mechanic for Queen’s Gate dubbing it the EGK system. It’s a Japanese acronym that translates to something like “kiss beyond the LCD.”

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Ivy From Soulcalibur Gets Tangled Into Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . February 28, 2011 . 1:26am

Namco Bandai is adding another one their female fighters to Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. Ivy Valentine from the Soulcalibur series joins the cast of the all-girls strategy RPG and she’s bringing her sword-whip too.

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Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Spins Into Stores In July

By Spencer . January 17, 2011 . 2:32am

Limited edition package includes a collectable figma figure of a character made just for the PSP game.

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Namco Bare It All On Queen’s Gate’s Armour Destruction System

By Ishaan . December 27, 2010 . 10:22am

Queen’s Gate has five body parts where enemies can knock the armour off the game’s female fighters.

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These Girls Are Definitely In Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . December 17, 2010 . 4:38pm

Dizzy, Lili, Katja, and a handful of Samurai Shodown girls are on the list.

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Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos Recruits Mai Shiranui For PSP Gals Strategy RPG

By Spencer . December 14, 2010 . 5:16pm

Namco Bandai has a crossover follow up to Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos. Queen’s Gate: Special Chaos borrows characters from other works and puts them in their own world.