Nintendo 3DS Coming To U.S. March 27th For $250

By Ishaan . January 19, 2011 . 6:44am

Nintendo just announced the Nintendo 3DS price and launch date in the U.S. at a press event taking place in New York.


If you were afraid of shelling out $300, you can rest easy — it’s launching at the same price the Wii did: $249.99.


The system will launch on March 27th. You can catch two different Nintendo 3DS conference livestreams right now: North America here and Amsterdam here.


Update: Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the 3DS now. Cosmos Black | Aqua Blue

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  • Would be nice to know the launch titles to see if it justifies the pricing. But this is so close to the PS3 price and 360 that well, who would be pressed to even choose this over those consoles, or even the Wii?

    Decent colors, high price, I really wanted other colors.

    • PersonaBull

      I think you’re missing the fact that it’s got the power of the Wii in the palm of your hand (I’m ashamed of the innuendo). There’s a much higher level of freedom involved in toting around a 3DS and possibly a charger than lugging around those huge xbox360/ps3 systems.

      That and you’re comparing apples to oranges at that point. If you want to match pricing, compare it to the PSP or the coming PSP2. Completely different market than the home consoles.

  • Serge73

    I’m fine with that price. I plan on getting a 3DS, but not right away. I’m pretty excited about it, but I don’t want to stress about hunting one down if/when they’re in short supply…

  • malek86


    Now I hope the european price won’t be 249€, because that would be robbery.

    • Did he say that the retailers would decide the price? That doesn’t help. XD

      • malek86

        I bet they are too afraid to announce the price because it would cause a roar. Sounds to me like it will be higher than we think… maybe Nintendo wants to use european profits to compensate, as usual :P

        • You’re probably right. XD I thought it could be to do with the different currencies, but if that was the case they could have just said the Euro price to give everyone a general idea.

        • Apparently HMV just posted £229 as a price. As a reference point for people who don’t know the £ price for consoles, I could get a PS3 from HMV for just under £200 the other day.

          Edit: Yep, now other retailers do too. Groan.


          • Wow. Is crazy?

          • malek86

            Even if those are pretty much just placeholder prices, I think 250€ is a fair guess. Unfortunately.

          • malek86

            Yeah, but can the PS3 do 3D???

            … well, actually, yes.

  • superdry

    $250? I guess I’ll pick up launch titles that interest me, then the 3DS when it drops in price since the damn thing is looking to be region-locked.

    • PersonaBull

      Wait, I don’t get this particular line of logic. Why would you buy the games for a system you don’t have at full price (which are more likely to drop in price faster) while waiting for a price drop on the system itself (usually takes quite a while). Explain how it’s better for your wallet, please. :/

      • superdry

        Just in case a particular title goes out of print before I actually do get a 3DS.

  • Truth be told, I was expecting higher. If the money is at hand, I’ll buy it at day one.

  • Hey, it’s Jonathan Ross prompting at the Amsterdam one. I hope he asks the price soon (or maybe I don’t?…).

  • I will probably not buy it right away. I will be busy playing DQ6 and PKMN White anyways…

  • PersonaBull

    Wow, I’m impressed. They really did take it to the bottom of my guess range. I’m happy I can stop seeing people exaggerate their complaining with “I’ll have to pay $300 for a handheld!” $250 is most certainly fair.

    I’m pretty sad it wont be releasing with that orange color, but I’m pretty short on cash and the initial game library luckily isn’t enough that I particularly need a 3DS. Regardless of a price drop, hopefully they’ll crank out some new colors by the time I decide to shell out some cash for a new system and a couple games to start a library.

    Also, it’s good that they picked almost a good month away from releases such as Pokemon Black/White. They might get some good sales on DSi/DSiXL units in the time between.

    • What are you talking about a game + N3DS is still paying “$300” for a handheld. Unless one isnt going to buy a game on day 1.

      I could have the cash but there are just games that Im already excited about for February and March…I mean I preordered it on AMZN just in case I decide to get it for the sake of owning it, but maybe I will wait until the summer, June or July.

      • PersonaBull

        Where I come from that $50 difference is huge. I may not have an endless bank account like some people on here, but surely you can tell the difference between a system itself starting at $250 and a system starting at $300.

        Bleh, I’m starting to regret that sentence. Regardless of how true it is, I’d rather that not be the only thing people read in my comment…

      • Better than having to pay $350.

        • At that rate than ewe might as well say $350 is better than paying 400$. With that statement in the opposite direction $300 is worst than paying $250, lol. But seriously, unless the games are fairly costless people will only be able to get one game for launch and then maybe once a month or so, people already barely buy Ninty game at cheap pricepoints anyway.

    • Guest

      no….it’s not. $150 is fair. $250 is console price.

      • PersonaBull

        You should probably look at the specs of this portable CONSOLE. $150 is plain greedy.

        • Do you think it really costs that much to make though? They didnt even throw in a 8, 16, 32, 64GB SD car but an unstandard 2GB one, and it doesnt play video and only two media types. And for a console…the Wii is still $50 too much, as it was when it first came out.

          • PersonaBull

            There are a lot more factors to consider than just what it costs to make them. There’s distribution, the initial development, marketing, and all that fun stuff to consider. The 3DS has a lot more power than the original DS model, as well as the new software created to match it. People think the 3D part of the 3DS is a gimmick, but the fact that it CAN play games in 3D so smoothly is a great display of just how powerful it is for a handheld.

          • Smoothly? Dont you mean, “not at 60fps?” People said the technology in it is based on processors from 2006 and earlier, certainly nothing that is latest groundbreaking expensive. I honestly cant imagine that marketing costs that much, just see the WIi and how long it took to come down in price, surely its popularity wasnt a response of pouring millions of dollars in marketing by charging 50-75$ more than the product was worth.

          • PersonaBull

            Are you serious with that frame rate garbage? Didn’t you learn anything from a week ago?
            3D at 30fps is perfectly fine, especially for a system as small as your hands.
            Here’s another link you would probably benefit from reading through: It gives performance tests on an “Asus G51J 3D gaming laptop using 120Hz LCD panel and equipped with 3D Vision shutter glasses.” Check out those frame rates to fix your scale that seems to be set at “60-120 is merely* acceptable” for some reason.

            Also, I don’t know why everything has to be some groundbreaking technological achievement to warrant a profit with you. Regardless of how much of a profit they’ll be making on the 3DS, you’re certainly not one to be arguing for $50-75 less on the system with all your “OMG DAY 1” talk for every game announcement.

      • Aoshi00

        So a DSi XL is $170 and DSi is $150 and you want this new and more powerful hardware w/ 3D capabilities w/o glasses to launch at $150? Wow.. I know people are cheap, but still… wait 2 yrs and you would get it at that price. Some people think fair is probably Nintendo giving systems to everyone for free.. $250 sounds fair to me, since other consoles launched at much higher price than this.

        I was thinking of getting an iPod touch for ~$270, now a 3DS at $250 that would give me many hours of fun would be worth much more.

    • Aoshi00

      Amen, tell me about it, people kept whining “no way in hell I’m paying $300 for a handheld”. It’s just logical, $200 was just wishing thinking, and $300 is just not reasonable, so I just expected $250 in the middle all along..Nobody seemed to believe me. I’ve been saying the 3DS would cost $250 in the US for an entire year now, and it being 25,000 yen in Jpn just cfm’ed it, had no idea why people kept using the current exchange rate, it never had anything to do w/ exchange rate. 60000 yen PS3 was $600 here, 19800 yen Xbox 360 now is $200, it’s just that simple.. you knock off 2 zeros in most cases regardless of current exchange rates. Since it’s region locked, importing a Jpn 3DS is expensive though, NCSX has it now for $460 + shipping (which again has nothing to do w/ exchange rate).I’m relieved people could stop using the $300 tagline though.. if they think $250 is too expensive don’t buy it… I might wait a bit to get a Jpn one.. since $500 is expensive for a handheld, that’s what I call expensive.

  • Wait, he said we get it on 25th March? BEFORE THE US? Is that right?

    Edit: We being Europe. Just in case that was confusing.

  • See that 3DS pictured above? That’s the one I wanted! Nintendo fails me again!!

    (btw, just for the record, I’m purposely being hyperbolic)

  • Huh. That’s not a bad price really. Yay Nintendo.

  • $100 too much

  • I’m so glad for the price, it’s much better than 300! I already expected the colors at launch would be black and blue. I always stuck to red systems, with the exception of my PSP, PS2 and Wii, but I’m most likely going to break that cycle again and just get a blue one. I had a black DSi before getting the red wine DSi XL and it wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

    A red one would be nice, but now a color is just a color to me. So many other systems only come in one or two colors so it’s just as limited as the others.

    For example the 360 it was grey/white up until what last year they released a black one? I’ve never been one to follow Microsoft so I’m unaware if there were other colors that were limited edition or something like the red Wii.

  • Caligula

    Aw, I was hoping it would come out to coincide with Pokemon B/W. Ah, well.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Once again Nintendo teases us with colors at E3 then waits as long as they can to release said colors [if they release them at all :(] Still have bad memories from the Wii. Oh well not like I can afford it at launch, hopefully since it’s a portable new and pretty colors come out soon enough.

  • PrinceHeir

    they should have released the white one.

    i’ll probably wait for at least a year or two, with the revisions and tons of games already released.

  • MarkMario

    Meh, I’ll think I get one later, rather get a PS3 right now since there’s LBP2.

    Or maybe not.

  • Tatsuya1221

    This price is a little too off-putting for me, i can get a wii for less and for 50$ more i can get either a ps3 or 360.

    I might get one down the road but, at this point it’s a no go for me.

  • Icon

    You’re still paying upwards of $20 on sales tax depending on where you live, which knocks the total up to, let’s say, $270. Then, you need to get a game or two, so yeah you’ll be paying over $300 that day. Not sure if I want it on day one.

    • Fortunately AMZN doesnt charge tax to my state, so I get to avoid shelling out that much.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Now that the price & release date are out of the way, what games are actually coming out for this on launch day. Because some people need something more concrete than a “launch window.”

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