The Teaser At The End Of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

By Ishaan . January 19, 2011 . 3:04pm

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, like every other Kingdom Hearts game, has a brief teaser pertaining to a new chapter in the series at the end of the game. have managed to get their hands on this ending/teaser, and it makes mention of a “Birth by Sleep Volume 2.”



The teaser shows clips from Kingdom Hearts games that take place after Birth by Sleep, including scenes from 358/2 Days. Could a potential Birth by Sleep: Volume 2 story take place after or perhaps during these events?

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  • This could be connected to KH3D/KH3 and not a different game.

  • Wow, more milking? Wait a minute, I don’t even know why I am surprised. :(

  • Launch title for the PSP2, its only natural. I didnt know they would actually issue numerically ordered games in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Ventus is a great character so I would love to see more (assuming he is in that teaser, and also I didnt finish BBS yet)

    • PersonaBull

      I can tell you for certain that, if there is a Birth by Sleep 2, Ventus won’t be an active part in it. That guy wont be around until the end of KH3 most likely.

      Also, I doubt a PSP2 release, but we’ll wait and see on January 27th before speculating platform. If it did get put on the PSP2, I’d bet it would look and play fantastically, so there’s no argument from me if that’s what happens. The people complaining about a KH game on every platform should make friends with gamers with systems they don’t if they’re short on cash. Don’t hate on a business for doing well.

      Kingdom Hearts: a chicken in every pot, a game on every platform! Dynamic gameplay for everyone! <3

  • shion16

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!

    • Birth by Sleep is the beginning of this story. It’s every bit as important as Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts II. Don’t let the lack of “III” fool you.

      I’m disappointed that Birth by Sleep was on the PSP if only because people seem to overlook it so easily.

      • shion16

        i already player it
        Its supposed to be a prologue but its more a side story than that
        And their lock system is annoying

  • Eddie

    I kind of fell behind on the story of kingdom hearts. The only games I have completed have been 1, 2, and chain of memories. I have no idea whats going on. All these hearts, heartless, nobodies, somebodies, half bodies, full bodies…. I’m so lost.

    • PersonaBull

      You should probably play some of these “side games.” Just be careful, contrary to popular belief, you just might ENJOY them! :O The story is pretty easy to figure out if you’ve played the games.

      People keep dismissing games before playing them. I don’t know how good an experience you could possibly have playing a game if you sat there moping about it the whole time. I know I’ve reluctantly played some games in the past and, despite how much I probably would have loved them, my reluctance stole any chance of enjoying the games.

      The “side games” are a lot more fun and full than most people give them credit for.

      • Heck, Birth by Sleep is my favorite Kingdom Hearts thus far. It had the production values, the story, the gameplay, etc that made Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II great.

        I don’t even like calling it a side story. It’s directly related to Kingdom Hearts’ overarching storyline. It’s how it all started! It’s Kingdom Hearts III in everything but name in my humble opinion.

      • Not just might, the chances are really high for someone (mainly someone who played and liked other KH games) to like them as long as they don’t start the game thinking: “This KH is just a side game! It’s going to be so horrible!”

      • Agreed all the way. Recoded has possibly the best gameplay of the entire series and it’s only looking up from here.

        • PersonaBull

          Well, ReCoded was certainly underrated even by me. I thought the same as all these naysayers originally that it was just a mini-game skippable port, but it sure shut me up quickly. I wouldn’t go so far to say it had the best gameplay, though. The camera wasn’t the best, and the auto-jumping for platforming gave me some issues (I really don’t know why they couldn’t let me just press the jump button myself. I ended up air sliding every time I wanted to jump across a wide gap ;o;) but it was a lot more full of a game than even I gave it credit for.

          I’d say Birth by Sleep holds as my favorite of the series, personally, storyline and gameplay-wise (especially as Aqua <3 I played the most naturally with her).

          It's definitely only looking up from here, though. I can't wait to see what else these guys bring to the table!

          • Not to be nitpicky here, but you could have turned off the auto-jump.

          • PersonaBull

            Nitpick away, I honestly didn’t know, hahahaha. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I play through! Thanks for telling me! <3 Man, that would have saved me such a headache…

      • Eddie

        I plan on playing them, I still have to buy a psp though. My only worry is the gameplay and over flooding. As far as gameplay I liked KH2 but I felt like it was to much of a button masher. As far as over flooding goes I love the Kingdom Hearts Universe and I am all for multiple titles in a universe, but I can’t explain it. It would be as if they released God of War 2 and then released 3 psp games and 4 ds games explaining the backstory of Kratos, his wife, a random cyclops he killed, and a soldier in his army. All while people were waiting for God of War 3. I’m look forward to playing the titles despite all that I have complained about though. ^_^

    • I enjoy the story but at the same time is kind of cliche and stupid in some parts. I agree with you that sometimes is preety confusing.

    • Yeah I only played those three you mentioned and stopped the games after that just got ridiculous.

      • Eddie

        I must say it seems overwhelming.

    • you just want to see the story you can find all the videos of the cut-scenes.

      but if you want to play them then well, you will need to buy them and probably the consoles to go with them. i haven’t seen a bad kh game yet. though i have only played 4 games so far. i too am a little behind on it.

  • PersonaBull

    I’d be alright with it. We still don’t know what exactly the king was up to in the time between the end of Birth by Sleep and the end of the first KH besides a visit to Ansem the Wise and somehow getting the Keyblade of the Realm of Darkness. There’s also the whole scenario of just how Organization XIII came to be.

    Though, this teaser seems to point forward by showing what I imagine is a re-complete Xehanort on Destiny Islands, and there’s obviously gonna be something going on during the events of KH3D. Xehanort isn’t going to revive and just sit around waiting, after all. My theory is just that, if there is indeed a BbS2, it will cover what everyone else is doing while Sora and Riku take their Mark of Mastery test in KH3D.

    Take all the time and games you need to complete the Xehanort Saga, Square-Enix <3 I'll devour them all. These games are so entertaining! I don't see why you guys are accusing them of milking us. I'm milking this story till there's not a drop left. DELICIOUS! I'll take a full story with fun gameplay over a cheap thrill I'd forget about instantly any day.

    • I agree with what you say. As long as KH:BbS2 is good, I will buy it and shut my mouth up. However, this teaser was the first time I really felt like the milking (that has been good to me till now) had reached its limit. As long as they keep the quality, I’ll keep on following KH and playing every and each game there’s of it. However seeing this video gave me a bad feeling. I really hope I’m mistaken and the series keep itself as great as it has been till now. But one big drop to the wrong side and I think it’ll be my limit playing KH. I hope that never happen though.

      • This should actually be the last midquel in the saga that Nomura planned out for the Xehanort saga. In the KHIIFM+ pre-order bonus book, there’s an interview where Nomura had mentioned he wanted four prequel and midquel stories he wanted to tell somehow, “Roxas time in the Organization”, “Xehanort’s past(New body. Old body is distinctly called Master Xehanort)”, “the time of Riku’s absence”(not sure what this meant), and “the time of Mickey’s abscence”(referring to the time spent in the Realm of Darkness). The first two have obviously been done. If there still hasn’t been enough exposure on what Riku was doing from the start of the KH till the end of KHII, then KH3D will definitely address that. That would leave the “Mickey game” to be the only unknown left as of before KH:BBS,v.2 was discovered.

        • PersonaBull

          That’s my other theory for what BbS2 could be: Mickey’s absence. I have a feeling Riku’s absence will be touched upon during the Mark of Mastery test in KH3D (probably part of why they’re in KH1 garb), so all that’s really left is what Mickey was doing and how exactly he did it.

          Who knows, it could be both. Mickey’s absence between the end of BbS and the end of KH1 followed by Aqua’s escape from the Realm of Darkness. It could even tie in at the end to be intersecting, since I can’t imagine Mickey is just gonna sit around during KH3D.

          (I’ve gotta say, this is rather fun to speculate on <3)

    • Masengan

      I agree with everything you just said, just wanted to add that they can also show how Radiant Garden ends up becoming Hallow Bastion. I’m sure it has something to do with the rise of the Organization, can’t wait for the rest of the games, yum.

      • PersonaBull

        Ah, true! I totally forgot about the mystery involving the fall of Radiant Garden and how Maleficent ended up in power there (since Leon did say Maleficent was the reason they left their world in KH1). Nice call, that would be pretty awesome to see, too.

  • holyPaladin

    Oh not suprised if SE really want to make BBS2 –‘

  • *******SPOILERS*******
    We dunno what Mickey was doing in KH1, he appeared at the end of the game in the realm of darkness, where Ansem was sealed, that means Terra’s body is there, and probably Mickey met her there and now Aqua and Terra and together, that’s a theory of course but I kinda see it happening, Aqua couldn’t be just THERE waiting for Sora. -.-

    • PersonaBull

      Terra’s “body” was moving around as Xemnas creating a bunch of Nobody henchmen to make Organization XIII. Aqua isn’t so much waiting there for Sora so much as looking for any possible way out of there. Mickey was there getting the Keyblade of the Realm of Darkness, and, like you said, may or may not have met Aqua in the process. We have no idea. But, Terra himself wont be around until the rest free him from Xehanort’s hold, which probably wont happen until the end of KH3 (the close of the Xehanort Saga). Aqua seems to be running into a bit of trouble after the events of KH2, which is why I suggest KH:BbS2 will cover her escape from the Realm of Darkness or something to that effect, probably due to the latest plan of the newly re-completed Xehanort-in-Terra’s-body.

      • I meant how Mickey obtained it, and if they met there must be a really good reason to why Aqua stayed trapped in there. ¬¬ Or maybe she did got out during the KH-KH2 time? A volume 2 will help a lot, but will probably have just Aqua as a playable character, which would make sense, as she is the only playable on the final story.

        • PersonaBull

          Aqua definitely didn’t make it out until at least after the events of KH2. If you watched the secret movie Blank Points it has her talking to Ansem the Wise who tells her about all that’s happened over the years. That’s also why I’m not so sure anyone ran into Aqua at all over the course of 10-12 years in there. That’s what makes her story so tragic, really. She’s basically been wandering the Realm of Darkness since the end of Birth by Sleep.

          But yea, Aqua will probably be the only playable character in a BbS Volume 2, with maybe only the addition of Mickey helping out at some point. Who knows, maybe even Kairi will start being useful? I’d love that, actually. If Kairi managed to save Aqua from the Realm of Darkness? <3<3<3 Awesome resolution to that particular problem.

          • But Ansem told her Sora will be the one, but maybe, KH3 could have a way to tell the story in a BbS fashion playing Sora, Riku and Kairi’s story, as she got her Keyblade at the end of KH2. Just hope they don’t add weird plot twists that will make story weirder than it is.

      • Aren’t Terra/Xehanort/Eraqus/etc still inside Riku?

        • I believe they were “purged” from his body after that heart-to-data machine exploded in KHII, as there’s no other way to really explain how he got his original form back.

        • PersonaBull

          It was only Xehanort’s heartless inside Riku, and, as Tommy said, that last bit of him was “purged” at the end of KH2 (which is how Riku got his normal form back). Then Sora and Riku took care of Xemnas, finishing off the other branch of Xehanort to return to the original Xehanort-in-Terra’s-Body.

  • BBS was great! =D hope this does mean BBS2

  • This actually isn’t surprising, considering Nomura had already hinted before that there would be a game between BBS and KH1. I accept this readily and willingly; I’ve enjoyed every “Side” game up to this point and as long as the gameplay gets upgraded through each installment (ReCoded and the trailer of KH3Ds showing this trend Fantastically), then I’ll take all the story he’s willing to give.

    Also, Am I the only one who got chills when the Castle showed up? OMG, Destati is so awesome!

    • PersonaBull

      The KH soundtrack is so intense, I totally got chills too. I will love that soundtrack for years after this whole Xehanort Saga is done with.

      • Masengan

        When I think of intense this theme comes to mind.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Well, since we’re doing this, allow me:

          Yoko Shimomura, you goddess <3

          I gotta replay KH II sometime soon.

          • Masengan

            Oh yeah, that one! One of these days I’m gonna play all the KH games one after another.

          • PersonaBull

            The last time I did that was when 358/2 Days came out. Once news starts up for KH3 I’ll have to start going through the entire library of games to finish by the time it comes out for a grand finale with all the individual parts fresh in my mind. Maybe I’ll import some of the final mixes by that point just to have the most full/insane string of KH possible.

            That’ll be a good month-or-three….<3

          • PersonaBull

            If we’re doing favorites I’ll just leave this here:

            Yoko Shimomura is a goddess indeed <3

            edit: close second =

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            SO good.

          • Hmmm… I have too many favorites to list but…


            These would be in my top… 10 maybe…


            This is #1 for me though, even over Fate of the Unknown.

          • PersonaBull

            The Other Promise is definitely my top under the category of emotional storyline song.
            Fate of the Unknown is my favorite “stuff is goin down, it’s fighting time” song.
            This is my favorite “ominous” song (probably mostly because 1. I love piano more than any other instrument and 2. it was used it almost every ominous scene KH2 and onwards lol)

            Good picks for battle music, though, Tommy.

            edIT: Also, I feel like this one is overlooked too much since it’s a remix if I’m not mistaken, but I love it to death:

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Great great picks, Persona and Tommy.

            We could be posting links for the entire OST, and it would always sound great!

            My last contribution:


        • Oh you’re preaching to the Choir. Well after I bought KH2 and was waiting on a new KH, when I popped this song in my MP3, it brought back so many memories; I actually rebought KH1 TWICE because of this one song.

  • lol I love how you guys are just assuming this will be a portable title. this COULD very well be a major console release, before Kh3 makes it’s debut there.
    …but if not it kind of makes me sad : /
    been waiting many, MANY years to see kingdom hearts fully realized again on current gen consoles, but if SE is starting on yest ANOTHER portable game, then thats just cementing the fact that KH3 is so far off, ill be well into my twenties by the time it comes out..

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