Hudson To Bomb 3DS With New Bomberman

By Ishaan . January 22, 2011 . 12:00pm

A new Bomberman game is headed to the Nintendo 3DS this Fall, courtesy of Hudson. With no finalized title or details on the game (other than that it will include both single and multiplayer modes), all we have to go on is a few screens and a Fall 2011 release date for now.


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  • online multiplayer please

    • I imagine it will be something to embrace spotpass, oh wait hudson had online multiplayer with no voice chat in their latest game…so it may have online

  • Oh awesome, I wonder why they wont bring Bomberman out to powerful home consoles.

    • neo_firenze

      They have released Bomberman games on XBLA, PSN, and Wii. Online multiplayer too.

      There was also the god-awful Bomberman: Act Zero retail 360 game. But that was bad because it strayed far from the usual Bomberman style and tried to make a “dark” and “edgy” Bomberman.

  • Apache_Chief

    I have pretty good hopes for this. Bomberman kind of went through a slump but recently I’ve played a few that I’ve really liked on the DS, especially the JP/EU exclusive Bomberman 2 DS. I was also surprised at how fun the Bomberman Land Touch games were.

  • How i would love to see games like that bomberman for N64 i played so much, where you had these little pets and depending on what they eat they transform into different stuff with dif abilities, great game

    • Yui

      If this is a remake of Bomberman 64 I will personally hunt down the CEO of Hudson and give him/her oral sex. That game was one of the defining experiences of the N64 for me and I love it and I still play it today and goddamn it would make me happy to retread it on a portable device. =D

      • i remember i got a gba game that also had that feature (pokemon style), it was like bombreman fused with pokemon, there were even colliseums, and you needed their abilities to get to different places, haha xD maan those were great times

        • Yui

          Bomberman Tournament! Man, I loved that game. I lost my cartridge years ago, though, so I haven’t played it in eons. :(

      • Dude, mental image @[email protected] cannot unsee that.

        Having not played bomberman 64 before, how is it compared to the Bomberman on PSN? I enjoyed it immensely

        • I dont know how the psn is, but what is cool of the bomberman 64, is that it has a good story, nice characters, cool bosses, and a lot of cool dungeons, it was so unique.

          Is a good way to get away of the traditional bomberman where all you gotta do is advance levels

          • Zero_Destiny

            I second this Bomberman 64 was different from the other Top Overview older Bomberman and was still really good. Like Mario 64 is different from side-view 2D Mario games of the past but still being very good.

          • Eh…Bomberman 64 was a HUGE disappointment for me. I only played that and the sequel though so no idea how the other ones were.

            For me, Bomberman was all about the multiplayer. It was one of those games were I could excuse the lack of any story in single player as long as the multiplayer held up.

            Now a port/enchancement of the Sega Saturn Bomberman would be awesome.

          • Code

            Agreed the storyline and characters, were great, it kind of broke my heart when they departed from that omo;

        • Tokyo Guy

          The N64 games were more like Jumping Flash without the jumping IIRC. They involved searching through large 3D areas to find various pieces and such and then opening the door to the next area. They were creative, colorful, and added so much to the franchise.

          I dare say that I preferred Nintendo in the pre-Gamecube days. The N64 in particular had some true gems that so many people don’t know of. The 2 N64 Bomberman games, the 2 N64 Castlevania games, the N64 Goemon games…these are games that so many overlooked and yet which are truly stellar examples of why the N64 was such a promising console despite it’s cart-based media.

          • I’m one of the ones who jumped ship from an SNES to a PS1 orz

            Cart based media is cool… No loading times but the relatively small storage is a bit of a turn off

          • Exkaiser

            As much as I liked Castlevania 64, I can’t say I would call it a gem.

            The Goemon games were tight, though.

        • Yui

          You don’t even know what I look like! Are you imagining Lisa Silverman doing it instead? ;P

          Anyway, Bomberman on PSN is more of the traditional Bomberman fare – it’s just multiplayer, with the one screen and the blocks and up/down & left/right. All that jazz. Bomberman 64 was a proper 3D isometric-style Bomberman with a camp but amazing plot (I still love Regulus, yo) and very, very entertaining gameplay, even in multiplayer. I wholeheartedly recommend YouTubing it to find out more. :D

          Edit: I misinterpreted your post. I thought you meant the PS1 Bomberman, not a new one. I haven’t had any experience with the new Bomberman so I can’t really comment on that, but Bomberman N64 is still amazing. =D

    • Code

      rar, I absolutely loved Bomberman 64, and Second Attack on the N64, I thought they actually both had excellent Single (this in particular I gotta stress) and Multiplayer modes >w<' Honestly I still to this day prefer the 3D-free space multiplayer compared to the traditional grid-based. Sadly though no later Bomberman games since then were ever as good in my books opo;

  • joesz

    Wow that’s an evolution to the main franchise.And now I have the idea of bomber game with vanquish’s style going through my head

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Argh. This game almost makes me want to actually buy a 3DS, but it still isn’t enough to convince me. Bomberman is the best multiplayer game around. To make matters even better, this looks like the single player is similar to the Gamecube titles or Bomberman Hero. So awesome.

    • Dude, what, lol?! that made me almost choke on my Sprite…Bomberman..the best mutliplayer game around?! Did you not play the phenomenal Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or something, NFS Hot Pursuit even?! Both have awesome multiplayer communities, in game features, and etc, Bomberman just cant compare…

      • wtf…?

      • Kris

        Sure is opinions around here.

        • Did you edit your comment or something? I played a Bomberman before on the Nintendo Wii. Even on that system it wasnt as fun as the definitive multiplayer experience offered to date on the Wii, Call of Duty Black Ops. Its fun for like quick burst but otherwise decent.

      • joesz

        You really need to get some friends and try out bomberman.Its not the best multiplayer game around but its definitely something

      • neo_firenze

        Bomberman is a classic multiplayer game. “Best” is subjective, but it’s pretty hard to find people who have actually experienced multiplayer Bomberman who can’t admit that it’s a damn good formula. And it works really well on portables – I had a BLAST (pun intended) with the original DS Bomberman playing 8 player games in person with friends.

        Not everyone likes FPS. That’s especially common among people who generally care about the kinds of games that Siliconera focuses on.

        • I also thought about answering seriously… but it was just stupid so i ended up chosing those 3 letters…, is like comparing a cake with a rock -.-‘ it would be hard not to point out what was wrong in what he said.

        • First person shooter games are part of the “unseen side of gaming,” the slogan of the site. Shall I list of the articles that make mention of first person shooter games? Beyond the fact that it is a classic multiplayer game…no because, as I learned from the comments on this site, because it is classic does not affect the quality of the game.

          Bomberman and most other multiplayer games that do not integrate highly heavily addicting and extensive options through community communication and modes, are just not good multiplayer experiences in this generation; therefore, Bomberman games in this generation that have been released have not been definitive experiences, as compared to FPS and Racing games. Though if truly the people who care about games on Siliconera ignore FPS games, then they wouldnt be able to grasp the phenomenal experiences that can be had on the definitive FPS games of the generation, am I right?

          Though as you imply, “best”, is heavily reliant on the eye of the beholder. So I just found it shocking that people think that is Bomberman is a good and excellent multiplayer experience, when, in my experience, it is not.

          • alundra311

            Why is it shocking? Is it really that shocking that other people have different opinions?

          • Im always shocked when people have different opinions, I like to think that the opinion I present is at least the most accepted and popular, lol; sadly in this case it is not.

          • “I like to think that the opinion I present is at least the most accepted and popular, lol; sadly in this case it is not.”

            Probably at places like gamespot or igns, but not at a small site like this. In fact, I don’t even recall the last time you made a comment that was universally agreed by the readers here.

          • alundra311


            “I like to think that the opinion I present is at least the most accepted and popular, lol; sadly in this case it is not.”

            You’re right, it’s not. 95% of the time, it’s not. So please accept the fact that not everyone thinks like you and that you’re opinion may not be the most accepted and popular so as not to annoy people and think that you’re just trolling.

          • I think people would take your opinions more seriously if you were to present them in a calm and rational manner more often and not come off as forceful as you usually do.

            Sometimes, the things you say make sense, but you say it in a way that aggravates people that disagree. If you look at the best comments, they’re the ones with opinions presented in a calm, open-minded way. :)

      • Lemme help you with that.. Get on PSN, download Bomberman Ultra’s demo and ask some friends to come around and play. It’s free

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh man a 3D Bomerman!!! I figured it’ll be an over the top 2D-ish/3D-ish game like the Bomberman DS/PSP games that are more like the old games (not that those are bad either in fact Bomberman ’93 FTW). But I haven’t played a 3D Bomberman since the 64, I hope it’s just as fun as that one. Good Memories.

  • heartless141

    soon to be Konami’s :D

  • Tokyo Guy

    How about Hudson finishes the Bonk game it has been working on for years now…

  • PrinceHeir

    since Hudson is now part of Konami(soon) maybe they can make i don’t know BLOODY ROAR 5?

  • thebanditking

    The play-asia ads showing the Bomberman reboot that they tried really reminded me of how horrible that game/idea was……who green lights this stuff?

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