Yes, Evil Ryu And Oni Akuma Are In Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

By Ishaan . January 23, 2011 . 4:31pm

It feels like it was ages ago that Yun and Yang were confirmed as playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Capcom have remained rather tight-lipped on the subject of new characters aside ever since, but we now know for certain that Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma are on the roster as well.


First footage of the two fighters appeared earlier this week, and you can find a wealth of it at EventHubs, along with detailed character impressions if you go through their recent news posts.

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  • So they actually decided that Oni Akuma was an official name? Just because people on Forums started calling it that?
    Well, too bad Nintendo didn’t follow suit, I woulda loved Smugleaf as an official name.

    • It’s actually just “Oni” only people on the forums and internet use “oni akuma” But then again, this isnt the first time Capcom used internet names and memes for use in their games…

    • EvilJerk

      People on forums were calling him “Oni Akuma”, because the first hint of the character’s existence was the leaked Xbox 360 achievement “Birth of the Oni” back in November.

  • Chris Hansen

    Cool, two wasted spaces in the roster

  • PrinceHeir

    all we need is violent ken and we can have all the shoto’s and evil shoto’s in 1 game :)

    so when’s the console release?

  • Eddie

    I saw this yesterday many people have been upset over them being in the game for some reason…. I thinking its f’ing awesome that Capcom added Oni, and Evil Ryu.

    • I agree, and with Evil Ryu having that “dent” in his chest, no doubt inflicted by someone powerful and so making Ryu turn to “Dark Hadou”. Just guessing but I now realise Evil Ryu previous appearances had no scars or dents on his chest. Can’t wait to play these characters at home if with ever get a chance!

  • Such a waste..
    Why couldn’t they actually add characters we want, for example, Karin, Alex, Rolento, R.Mika or maybe even Ingrid?
    But no, they just add more characters with the same damn moves as each other.

  • As long as the don’t try to sell them to us in a new game this year. Super Street Fighter 4 Strike! Make them DLC, and call it a day. It amazing how fast you get tired of Street Fighter after it’s rebirth. 4 was good, but not as epic as they made it out to be. At this point I have had more fun playing with MUGEN. Using Satan Akuma, and Evil Ryu.

  • Still, not sure there’s enough in AE for me to purchase it when it becomes DLC. Was never a big Yun/Yang guy and these two seem like a waste of some slots that could’ve gone to more unique characters. I love Super Street Fighter 4, more than any other fighter this gen, but this doesn’t entice me.

  • Guest

    4 new slots but 3 rehashes. I could think of 3 other female characters I would have loved instead of these 2 and the other friend. Oh well, lets hope that these 4 “new” characters are in SSFIV3D.

  • mochiron

    These comments are going to turn me into a repressed gamer.

  • god you greedy entitled losers

    you should be happy your’re getting new characters at all

    it makes me sad to see the most liked comment is “Cool, two wasted spaces in the roster.” i mean how is that wasted spaces would you rather have nothing filling those spaces? If they added 2 other characters then other people would say “baawwww they should’ve added X and X character.”

    you people make gamers look bad

    • mochiron

      If Nintendo remain successful, self-entitled gamers will get stuck into an endless loop spouting shitty opinions at each other due to wanting to remain abnormal with typically negative opinions, and we can rise above into society being accepted for who we are, and what we brings a tear to my eye!

    • neon6

      Lol, our opinions of these characters make you upset. Enjoy some more LP dragon punch ken.

    • Hm, so you people actually like playing as characters with all the same moves?
      I like me some unique move sets with my Street Fighter characters.

      • Belenger

        That ended up great with Hakan, just saying.

        • Oh,Hakan…almost forgot about the worst character design of 2010. :)

          • Kris

            Aw, I think Hakan’s kind of awesome! He’s really fun to play at least…
            (I still wouldn’t want to be grabbed by him)

          • Yes, his play style is good, but that design..something about it just doesn’t seem to look right. :/

      • Same moves would indicate that they have the same properties as all the other shoto characters. But really Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma’s moves are similar but have different properties.

        It’s also not like Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma haven’t appereaed before either so there is some history to them.

        I would love to hear what different types of characters you would like to see and no saying “not a shoto character” won’t cut it.

    • Your conformist opinion makes gamer look really bad.


      • mochiron

        Yeah keep being a rebel even though you conformed to buying the game in the first place. Go play some non-mainstream games and pretend you’re the only one who likes them.

  • krokounleashed

    Ehm guys, there a 2 Slots left. Beside that, Oni and Evil Ryu looked pretty different from their normal versions.

    • thaKingRocka

      I think the position of the countdown timer indicates they won’t be using the two remaining positions.

      • krokounleashed

        Shouldn’t be too hard to move it a little bit.

      • fallen

        I’m thinking top right and lower left corners. But who would go in? Boss characters? SFEX characters? No clue

        • They can’t and won’t be using SFEX characters, which is good, since most of those suck. I mean, for crissakes, a guy in a skeleton outfit named Skull-o-mania? Who thought that was a good design?

          • Skullomania’s awesome and probably the best thing that came out of SF:EX!! (Well, he pays homage to Kamen Rider, and I’m a fan, so extra points :P)

            I think he’s one of the fan favourites, if I’m not mistaken

  • Apache_Chief

    And the award for “not listening to their fans at all” goes to…

  • Icon

    It’s bittersweet seeing Capcom back to their excessive milking of the Street Fighter brand.

  • mikanko

    Actually if people watch the videos they’d realize Oni plays closer to Gouken than Gouki/Akuma, and is pretty much a totally new character. Evil Ryu is very far apart from regular Ryu as well. The only concern I’d have with either is if unbalanced vs. the rest of the cast they are pretty much wasted spaces as anyone who plays competitively won’t be taking them seriously.

    • Exkaiser

      That’s what I was thinking, as well.

  • I hope these are DLC.

  • I think atleast Oni looks kinda cool. Evil Ryu looks kinda too dark “why he has hole in his chest?”.

  • Saw the gameplay videos. Looked pretty badass and that was on shaky low-quality footage. Too bad their endings were lame.

  • Chow

    Aren’t these screenshots from Japan? They actually officially called him “Evil Ryu” there as opposed to the [Hadou of Murderous Intent] Ryu? (Satsui no Hadou? I forget)


    It’s a link to the same page, but a shortcut to a specific comment. Apparently Capcom is taking down all the videos of Oni and Evil Ryu, as they weren’t supposed to be unlocked/revealed yet. It also seems that Ono got reprimanded for the early reveal too. If you look at the link in comment #21 at the Eventhubs link, apparently what you’ll see there is the consequence for what happened. Ono has taken down that tweet since then, but he left this one up.

    Edit: Er… This’ll probably cause people to become… enraged so, I suppose I should apologize in advanced just in case that gets out of control…

  • AaqibRawat

    im hoping for one more character.
    say what do you chaps think of there Ultras ?
    and also ryu has a new Axe kick.

    still i understand why people are upset with the 2 shotos.
    how are capcom going to make sense of the already shambled story now ? :{

  • xxx128

    Now make a PC port Capcom :D

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