No, NIS America Will Not Be Publishing La Pucelle Ragnarok

By Ishaan . January 24, 2011 . 12:31pm

We often get queries asking if La Pucelle Ragnarok will be published in the U.S. by NIS America, and we’re usually quick to say “no,” stating everything from the state of the PSP market to NISA having too many other games to work on.


Understandably, La Pucelle fans wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so here’s a quote from NIS America, when we asked them to give us the final word on the subject:


“All right. No, we will not be able to bring it over. We’ve got a lot of fantastic new titles lined up for 2011, and we think fans will get pumped over those even though we can’t bring LP:R out of Japan. For those who’ve supported it over the years, thank you very much for your efforts, but in the end, we won’t be bringing it out of Japan.”


La Pucelle Ragnarok is the PSP port of La Pucelle: Tactics, a Nippon Ichi-developed PlayStation 2 role-playing game published in North America by Mastiff and Koei in Europe. While Ragnarok was published in 2009 in Japan by NIS, Tactics was originally published way back in 2002.

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  • At least nisa is man enough to give definitive answers on things

    • Err, because La Pucelle is an in house developed game?

      • It is an in house devleoped game. And there is a huge fanbase.

        • Exkaiser

          Huge is a bit of an overstatement.

          La Pucelle is still quite niche.

          • What I mean there is a huge following amongst nisa fans and for nisa thats what they care about

      • So what? Tales of games are a house developed game and Namco bandai have their mouth shut like little girls that just made something bad for the first time in their lives.

        This is what they should do, seriously, what makes me mad is that they just stay quiet.

        Long live to NISA, im gonna buy neptunia and of course im freaking gonna get Ar tonelico 3.

        What i do not understand is why bring phantom brave for psp ._. after getting it ported to wii already. Is not that i don’t want the game portable ver… but it would be the 3rd release already xD

        • Iya desu, I was referring from the Divinity II post, where we were referring to titles not owned by Atlus, like blaze union psp, yggdra unision, luminous arc 3, and super robot taisen og.

          As for Growlanser and Devil Summoner, I have no idea why Atlus decided not to release them, although I am pretty much very interested in experiencing something pre-Persona PS1. Lack of interest in the general population maybe? ‘ “retro” screams everywhere’.

          As for Tales of, I don’t want to talk about it. It might take us by surprise, just like a chestburster bursting out from the first Alien movie

          • Yeah but at least nisa came flat out and said no we arent doing this instead of letting people hang

          • I know that you are very sad that Atlus has not been catering to your tastes and have deviated from their old business model, but as you said, you still have Aksys, NISA and Nintendo (although i question the inclusion of nintendo in that list, but whatever floats your boat).

            Thus, you can sit back and relax in the case that their new direction fails miserably. As for me, I’m waiting for good things from them,as this is one of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift

          • skymap

            Devil Summoner isn’t a good game.

          • JustaGenericUser

            I’m almost certain that when people are saying “at least NISA told us instead of leaving us hanging”, they’re refering to Namco’s localization policies, or lack thereof.

    • coughbamcocough

  • I curse this, but at this point, it was expected.

    I will be honest: I’m disappointed there’s 100% no chance of it coming now. But all things considering, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I guess I should just finish La Pucelle for the PS2 soon enough– maybe if I get lucky, someone will one day make a translation walkthrough for Ragnarok, and I’ll just import it.

  • BelmontHeir

    This. Is. Bullshit!

    • Wow, but they have so many titles lined up for this year that fans will be excited about.

      • look what your doing NISA! i actually agree with a statement by no-good-tsuna

        • Darkrise

          Same ^.^. Even though he did just repeat what was already said.

      • BelmontHeir

        They shoulda elaborated on those titles!

        • I actually like how theyve been doing it thus far since the fall of last year. Id rather one title be announced at a time and given a close release date than an onslaught of titles named months in advance. I just hate waiting for say, like Bioshock Infinite being announced in 2010 and isnt coming until 2012, why they make us wait so long.

          That being said, sometime in or before March they have to reveal new titles, since that month all of their known titles except Disgaea 4 will be released, I cant wait for the game announcements!

  • HarryHodd

    I don’t get the fuss if it’s just a PS2 port. Just play the PS2 version. Is there something added to this version or something?

    Edit: ok I get it it now. Definitive version :(

    • It has a crapload of extra content, including new characters/gameplay mechanics and extra quests and endings.

      Plus, the PS2 version was localized by Mastiff who basically raped the game with a terrible translation and censorship.

      • HarryHodd

        Oh ok. I can see how this sucks then.

    • Along with added gameplay mechanics, new storyline, and new characters, there’s also a New Game+ mode– something that was added post-American release to the Japanese and European releases of the PS2 version of La Pucelle.

      Basically, America got fairly shafted when it came to the game, all because Mastiff snatched up the game a year before NISAmerica began.

      • HarryHodd

        Thanks for clarifying. I’m now on the ‘this sucks’ train.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Yes, but even with the changes, it remains far more Rhapsody (i.e. a PS1 game) and certainly would not compare well to D4. And while Disgaea does have its angels and demons, it does not have the not so subtle Catholic church amalgam of La Pucelle.

        As much as I love the classic 8/16-bit RPG, it’s not a if NISA is gonna screw fans over this year. The love of all things Phantom Brave I chalk up to the fact its far more a pure tactical RPG, and one that has garnered a separate fanbase.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Agreed, NISA should worry more about what’s coming up instead of what they missed (unless they have a dry-spot here or there, which they DON’T lol) Disgaea 4, Ar Tonelico 3, Atelier Rorona where just better choices to focus on now, sorry. I know it sux because this is probably the same reason why we most likely won’t see any Atelier PSP remakes (which I’d kill for XD) but hey at least they got the balls to tell their fans sorry we’re not doing this while still offering fans a junk load of great newer games as well (though I too am exhausted of Phantom Brave and am perfectly happy with my Wii version of it lol)

          • True. We certainly don’t want publishers to try and bite off more than they can chew, making oversights and such. Personally, I didn’t enjoy La Pucelle too much. I’m not too sure the added features in the PSP port would have made it that much more enjoyable for me. It was mostly the battling experiences you would have to gain issue, but the other features were nice.

            Although, I was hoping for them to bring over Princess Antiphona. Maybe when that one gets a port for the next generation.

  • i think i just vomit into a briefcase and sent it to NIS America.
    But if i think about it, maybe i should just sent it to Namco Bandai…

    Just because NISA were such bros in my childhood and were called Nippon Ichi Software.

  • This makes me sad :(

    • Phoenix_Apollo

      Hey, maybe if Aksys isn’t too busy, you guys could…?

  • joesz

    I played this last was a good port IMO.

    Too bad they aren’t doing it,But as they stated,It’s not worth it to do so when you have a fantastic line of new games.

  • On the one hand, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”, on the other hand, I give props to NISA for giving a straight answer. I was prepared to pick daisies and play “They Localize It, They Localize It Not” until the end of the year.

  • Sad and unfortunate, but completely understandable. Such is life, and I would have easily paid double the usual PSP game fee for this port…

  • Fan translations it is then. I’ll be back to play it in eight years.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Now we can go bug other publishers about this game! I respect that NISA gave a definitive answer, but the writing has been on the wall for a while. I hope NIS Japan would allow someone else to publish this game in America.

    • PurpleDoom

      I’m pretty sure NIS Japan would have loved for NISA to publish it. Thing is, the original La Pucelle was published by a different company (Mastiff) in America when first released. If there’s a company getting in the way of this release, it’s probably them.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        I personally can’t see that happening, but it is possible. Either way though, I hope someone else tries at least, to localize it.

        • PurpleDoom

          Perhaps it’s not that Mastiff is not letting them have the rights as it is that there’s some sort of other complication in getting them. It’s a shame, at any rate.

  • Get crackin’ fan-translator’s.

    • Should you really be advocating that in the public domain?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        If as can be done with PC games, one only used a crack/installer to paste a translation into a legit purchased copy, that might qualify as a shade of gray I could accept. But I’m afraid that’s not the way it would be ‘commonly’ done.

        • Its that easy? Wow, I should look around there is one only in JPN game that I really wanna play cause the trailer looked awesome, but I doubt will ever get localized for the pc, er lucky dog, if I remember.

    • SeventhEvening

      It is a port. I’m sure the new content would be nice, but are there SERIOUSLY any La Pucelle fans who are that uptight?

      Anyone who wants to play La Pucelle can get a copy for a couple bucks and play it on their PS2. It isn’t like Valkyrie Profile, which was incredibly rare before the port was released.

      • Pichi

        Considering they are bringing Phantom Brave PSP, yet another port, which they have done for the Wii already, it wouldn’t be so farfetch’d for La Pucelle. Some would say it would make more sense for La Pucelle than the Phantom Brave PSP.

        • SeventhEvening

          I’m not saying that it makes more sense for Phantom Brave to be released, or that it would be farfetched to think La Pucelle Ragnarok would come over (I actually expected it to), but rather than I’m surprised to see such a strong reaction to NISA’s decision to not bring over a port.

          It seems ludicrous that fan translators would expend effort on a port of a game when so many other good, original titles don’t make it over. It also seems ludicrous that anyone would draw parallels between NISA deciding against a port of a game to Bandai Namco only releasing about 20% of Tales games.

          I mean, NISA brings over almost every title NIS releases in Japan, even when they shouldn’t (Last Rebellion), so they’re hardly evil for not bringing over the port of a game that really wasn’t all that good in the first place (frankly I don’t think they should release Phantom Brave on every platform either). I’d rather see them expend efforts on a port of a game that hasn’t been released in the US, like Atelier Violet or an entirely new title, like Disgaea 4.

        • SeventhEvening

          A small extra note: It actually does make slightly more sense for Phantom Brave. It requires minimal script translation since it has already been released 2 other times. La Pucelle would require more script translation, possibly an entire new script and new voice acting (based on the reaction of other commenters to the PS2 versions script and editing). That’s a lot of effort.

  • zhemos

    Well this sucks. I don’t blame them though seeing as the PSP is more than likely on It’s way out.

    I just hope one of them games they have planned for us in 2011 is Atelier Totori.

    • Didnt they address that question on their recent postings on the playstation us blog when someone asked them specifically about that game?

      • PurpleDoom

        Yeah, I remember seeing that. He basically said he couldn’t give any more info than he did because it hasn’t been officially announced, though.

  • This is a tragedy… hoping Ignition or Aksys can scoop it up.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Oh dear. I would rather have no localization than an Ignition localization.

  • epiphaniesarefun

    It makes me sad, but it also gives me some respect for NIS for laying it down straight.

  • Darkrise

    Ah well, I’m sad but I’m willing to accept this tragic loss if we can have more great titles this year from NISA. Looking forward to Neptunia, Ar Tonelico 3, and Disgaea 4. ^.^


  • Cannot be published by another company?

  • LastFootnote

    A confirmation is nice, I suppose. A reason would be far better.

    • Pichi

      Indeed, as nice as it is for the straight out approach, I would like to know why. Is it piracy? Cost? Mastiff having the rights? Not sure we’ll ever know for now.

      But this is yet another dagger in my heart today! Sheesh, I hope things get better in the horizon.

  • amagidyne

    Damn, I was hoping they’d get this one. Still looking forward to Disgaea 4, Phantom Brave and Neptunia, so it’s forgivable, but damn.

    That said, does anyone know if the European version of the original PS2 game has the same censorship as it does in North America?

  • Ladius

    Straight answer > no answer I suppose, I hope Atelier LinaJudieViolet on Ds and Psp manage to be localized.

  • Methylene

    While I would like to thank NISA for finally out right saying it, I must admit I hate these types of answers. Maybe it’s just me but those “But we have plenty of other fun titles coming out” tend to tick me off. Yes, we understand that you have other games coming out, but like I said somewhere else: “When you deny someone candy, don’t offer them apples, even if they are better then candy.”

  • JustaGenericUser

    Oh well. At least we won’t forever be in the dark about a localization, unlike certain other companies.

    Maybe XSeed, Atlus, or AkSys could try to localize it?

  • Sorry NISA. I’m not interested in anything you have to offer outside Totori and Disgaea 4.

    EDIT: Also, is it just me, or is something weird with Siliconera right now? It says I liked a whole bunch posts, but I never actually pressed the “like” button for any of them.

    • SeventhEvening

      Ditto on Totori. Or anything else Gust makes.

  • Kunio_kun

    Lame… NISA can publish that piece o’ shote Phantom Brave three times but no La Pucelle?!? WTF?

    • cj_iwakura

      There’s this company called Mastiff. Look them up. Direct your ire at them.

      • puchinri

        Since they managed to publish Rhapsody again, I kind of figured they would be able to release Ragnarok.

      • Methylene

        For the last time, this isn’t Mastiff’s fault. THEY DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE GAME ANYMORE.

  • Glad i kept my original title :)

  • cj_iwakura

    It’s typically bad form to say you’re not doing something outright, otherwise, Atlus would have put the Growlanser community’s pleas to rest ages ago by confirming what we already know.

    And really, it’s out of their hands anyway. Just get the PS2 version.

  • puchinri

    That’s sad. I suppose it’s unlikely that another company could publish it then? The best thing that could happen is Atlus (or even Xseed) somewhow managing to publish it. (And I suppose we’ll never see the sequels in Marl’s Kingdom…)

    Fine, at least i can play on the PS2.

  • WHAT THE HELL! I’m so mad that NISA aren’t bringing this over I mean…Okay I lie I’m not fussed. Never been into any La Pucelle titles so this does nothing for me, not even stop me from being hungry which is the true disappointment.

    Keeping doing your thing NISA, say no more.

  • PrinceHeir

    wait this is the same Ragnarok(at lease based on) from the MMO PC right?

    oh well at least there’s alot of games coming out this year, unlike Namco “-_____-

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