Kingdom Hearts 3D Swaps Between Riku And Sora Unexpectedly

By Ishaan . January 25, 2011 . 11:40pm


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance allows you to play as both Sora and Riku. In an interview with Famitsu magazine this week, series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed another few tidbits on that subject.


For starters, you won’t be able to swap between Riku and Sora whenever you want. Nomura says the game will swap between them at certain points. The catch, he says, is that the change from one character to the other will be sudden. It could happen simply while you’re walking around town, or even in the midst of battle.


Nomura once again emphasizes the presence of new Disney worlds in the game. Speaking to the title’s 3D effects by extension of being on the Nintendo 3DS, Nomura says Dream Drop Distance will offer 3D in the form of depth (“into-the-screen 3D”).


He also touched upon the game’s concept. The word “drop” (ie; to fall) is key to the game. Previously, Nomura revealed to Nintendo Power magazine that the game’s trailer, depicting several Soras dropping from the sky, was meant to communicate the idea that the impossible would occur in Dream Drop Distance.

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  • joesz

    I like the fact that you can play as Riku in this game.
    The Reverse/Rebirth mode was the one of the best thing in the KH universe.I greatly enjoyed it.

    Also this is for non Japanese speakers,Just wanted to help.

    At the first scene,Riku tells Sora If he have decided or not.

    At the second scene,
    Sid tells Mickey to call upon Sora and Riku.Mickey asks why to which Sid Reply’s him back”For their mark of mastery exam”

  • PersonaBull

    That actually sounds like it could be really….annoying. I really would like to know just how frequent these changes are. I hate being interrupted mid-combo to begin with, so will these changes mess with the flow of battle at all? I can see if it’s walking into a certain area or if you get the boss down to a certain HP, but if it’s really just random swapping happening I’m not sure I’ll enjoy this much. It’ll be tough to pull this little bit off, so here’s hoping they do it right.

    I have to say I really like the depth of 3D. I always hated when it was “omg stuff poppin’ out at you wooo!” 3D.

    Also, still saying I’m calling it: Dreamscape. Their Mark of Mastery test will be held in some kind of dream state, further proving the impossible can be possible so readily.

    • “Nomura says the game will swap between them at certain points.”

      I’m pretty positive that means it’s not random swapping. I think he’s saying it’s going to be less predictable than one would think.

      • I’m going to give Nomura the benefit of doubt here. I remember while playing through 358/2 Days, I kept noticing this weird “glitch” which threw me for a loop later in the story. If this is anywhere as neat, I wouldn’t mind the unpredictability at all.

        • PersonaBull

          That “glitch” was bothering me so much until they explained it. I do wonder if they’ll have it as Riku or Sora being present a form of “perception” as well.

          • What glitch are we referring to?

          • PersonaBull

            Well, I don’t want to spoil it for people who have yet to play the game, but I’ll tell you it’s a “glitch” that only happens in scenes and has to do with “perception” of that “glitch.”

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It never says random, just unexpected

      • PersonaBull

        “I can see if it’s walking into a certain area or if you get the boss down to a certain HP, but if it’s really just random swapping happening I’m not sure I’ll enjoy this much. It’ll be tough to pull this little bit off, so here’s hoping they do it right.”
        I said as much. “Random” was just a generalization word I apparently shouldn’t have used to cover the fact that it happens “simply while you’re walking around town, or even in the midst of battle.” I pointed out that the more likely scenario would be switching when walking into a predetermined point or getting to a certain time/HP level of a boss. Just covering my bases saying that, if it was just random, things could get a little dicey.

    • I’m interested to see how the switching back and forth works. I suspect they want to keep you on your toes, given what the battle system looked like, too. I really like what they’ve shown of the combat in that trailer. It looks like this could be the fastest and most stylish KH system they’ve come up with so far, with all the bouncing off walls and whatnot.

      Maybe the switching serves as some sort of auto-context-sensitive event, too? Like, for instance, you’re platforming on-rails, and the game switches constantly between Riku and Sora depending on whichever one’s abilities are needed to perform the next jump or acrobatic trick.

      • PersonaBull

        The “keep you on your toes” part is where it gets tricky, and where I was coming from with it being “random.” I was wondering if it was some hidden probability similar to getting the Final or Anti forms in KH2 or, like you suggested, an auto-context-sensitive event. If it is just a hidden probability that depends on heartless slain or steps taken or some combination of various things it would have the possibility of ruining the smooth and stylish look they’re going for, judging from the trailer. I’m just hoping the transition can be smooth. Unpredictable is okay, but constant interruption in KH gameplay has always been annoying to me (getting hit mid-combo/trying to heal). Interruption being a gameplay mechanic scares me.

        But! I’m trying to keep optimistic, since I trust Nomura and his team to get it done right. I’m sure however they’re switching system works will fit in a smooth way that brings about a whole new experience. Part of what I love about the KH games is how different each battle system tends to be in each game. <3

  • Masengan

    Random switching? Hmm don’t really know what to say, I just hope they do it right. I was kinda hoping to control Riku at MY leisure…

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It doesn’t say random, it says sudden. It’s all planned, it’ll just happen when you don’t expect it to

  • I am way too excited for this game! Can’t wait to finally see all new worlds, no more annoying Aladdin or Hercules! Wonder if any Final Fantasy characters will be present?

    • Probably not. I think they are trying to separate Kingdom Hearts from FF.

      • Yeah…I figured as much what with BbS and all.

        I remember Nomura expressing he wanted so and so in the games but they never made it and then in BbS they only placed Zack in, this sort of makes me sad since I liked having them around.

        • Zack is the only FF character in BbS because Nomura said he wanted an FF character from a prequel the same way that BbS is a prequel. Zack met that condition so they slapped him on. I would rather they stayed close with FF in later sequels. Im not really gun hoe for Disney all the time

  • This would be a disaster during a date.

  • Still hoping for Disney’s Dinosaur. Too bad it’ll never happen.

  • I ccan see how the switching thing would get old, but it could also be really cool as well. Imagine Fighting against a giant darkside and just after wailing on it’s headwith a 6-hit combo from Sora, the game switches you to Riku, who immediately busts into ANOTHER combo and kills the boss. Then imagine all the flashy crap they get to do in this game >.>

    New World Predictions:
    HBoND(Called it)
    Toy Story
    101 Dalmations
    Prin. & Frog
    Treasure Planet
    Can’t think of any more atm.

    Edit1: Hawaii

    • OMG Yes, Treasure Planet would be AWESOME!

    • They’ll most likely have Pocahontas in, and if not, I will be so angry. I totally thought the Indian tents from Peter Pan was Pocahontas at first in BbS.

      I’d also like to see Dumbo and Bambi since they were summons in the first one.

      • That makes sense. I was going for worlds that fit into the whole “Trust” theme, which Poca satisfies.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    If both of them are taking the Master’s Exam at the same time, you’ll probably be switching between their stories throughout the game.

  • kylehyde

    This sounds kinda “unexpected”, however for some strange reason I like the idea, I think that will add some good challenge and variety of gameplay.

  • PrinceHeir

    going the MGS2 route eh?

    let’s just hope you get the same amount of time you play with both characters :)

  • You could be fighting heartless and BAM! You switch. That’ll be annoying.

  • Sounds cool. But really, what if you’re too into the game, in a battle, or a heartfelt cutscene or you’re doing an acrobatic trick? That’s gonna suck big time, depending on what’s going on.

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