Senel Shows Off His Stuff In Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology 3

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 3:55pm

Crossover game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 features a number of Tales characters in one PSP title. The third game in the series adds a small army of new characters including:


Annie Barrs (Tales of Rebirth)


Emil Castagnier (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)


Senel Coolidge (Tales of Legendia)


Tear Grants (Tales of Abyss)


Like other entries in the Radiant Mythology line, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 allows players customize their characters with dragon armor or "narikiri" outfits, which completely transforms your character into another Tales star.



Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 comes out on February 10 in Japan.

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  • BK0000

    It would be nice if Bandai Namco would release this with Graces F.

    • Guest

      And Tales of Vesperia
      And Tales of Xillia
      And Tales Radiant Mythology 2
      And Tales of Nakariki Dungeon
      And Tales of*shot

      • Radiant Mythology and Nariki-whatever would flop (because of piracy and no1curr).

      • Kris

        Patience man! One game at a time!

        • But i want all of them now =(

      • Zero_Destiny

        You sir just want all the really unlikely to be released games lol

      • You forgot Rebirth man! How’d you forget Rebirth???? I am disappoint orz

    • raymk

      Well at least its been confirmed that we will get tales of graces F. people just hope that its on the wii along with the ps3 release.

  • Every time I see the sacred eres attacks, it makes me wish they actually could fit into the Tales of Legendia disc, along with all the other missing moves.

    • Even if most of the people/reviews doesn’t seem to say this, i think tales of legendia is one of the best tales released yet, i could even say is at the same level of tales of abyss in its own way.

      Without counting the amazing, amaaaazing soundtrack, that pwn any “tales of” soundtrack, i remember that game with more affection than tales of the abyss.

      I remember one of the things i liked the most, is that even after the main story was over, there still were more interesting chapters, each one wich each of the characters of your party as protagonist, of course, you as senel taggin’ along, and getting to know more about them.

      So anyway, Im happy to see Tales of Legendia Love here, i always liked Senel, Chloe and Will, and of course, Moses and his wolf/dog Giet, i clearly remember how Moses’s chapter (related to Giet) made me freaking cry like a girl. I even made a new save file just before of that chapter to see it again… Im happy it was localized.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I LOVED Legendia it’s up there. With me either it’s Legendia or Destiny II/ (Eternia). Those are the best games, or at least the best of the ones I’ve played.

      • Exkaiser

        I hated the main story. Worst part of the game, for real. The Character Quests were pretty good, but they were weakened by having to go through all the dungeons again after the main quest. But then, the only way to enjoy the CQs is to get introduced to the characters through the MQ. Eghhhh.

        Also, the battle system is incredibly weak, damn. Everyone’s fighting with weapons made of wet pasta.

  • Dimentionalist

    Siliconera Tales posts: Now with 100% less rage

    • And with a touch of lemon gummi…. hahahahhahaha! *cough*

  • Darkrise

    Gah! Emil’s rape face just isn’t as good as ToS 2! I wanted to see him go “Hahahaha… Darkness Devours! Ain Soph Aur!”

  • This game has SO many characters… I want it…

  • joesz

    Emil is the most pussiest character in the whole tales franchise

    • He is pretty cool in Ratatosk mode though

      • joesz

        He or you mean Ratatosk?

        • He in ratatosk mode, with his body and red eyes, etc. I dont remember very well, but did we ever see Ratatosk’s real body?… i think we did, anyhow, if i dont remember it, wasnt such of a big deal, Emil Ratatosk mode is pretty cool.

    • JustaGenericUser

      He’s also the only one to canonically get with his love interest in the middle/end of the game, unlike everyone else who either completely ignores the love interests or we get some vague end.

      • Dimentionalist

        You mean “veigue end” because he spends the entire game screaming the name of his love interest and doesn’t score.

        And Veigue is a badass! And you can hear him in English in Tales of Graces F when it comes out here!

      • Exkaiser

        Cless did.

  • The only thing i dislike about these game is that your head will explode every time you want to choose a party to go out with… Choosing between all this characters… is not easy my friends…

    I wish the second could be localized, as well as this one though… But well, at least it seems tales of graces F is coming… i really hope it is…

    • Draparde

      same, i had so much fun with the first one. and while i have the second one (a friend bought it while he was in japan) i’d much rather understand it…after not playing it for awhile i forgot how any of the characters i used names where spelled lol

  • xNekux

    WTF no Ain Soph Aur?!

  • Masengan

    Siliconera when are you gonna post about Tales of Graces F maybe being localized by Namco B.?!? This is huge news for us Talers =D

    • they already did

      • Masengan

        Oh you are right, I guess I missed it.

  • MarkMario

    Lol at where the play button is at on the last video

    • neogeno

      LOL yeah I noticed that too. I want to hit play but at the same time I DONT want to hit play. XD

  • kupomogli

    I want this and Tales of VS with English dialogue plz :(

    • JustaGenericUser

      (Namco releasing any Tales game in English)


  • Barrit

    I swear I heard a “haduken” in there!

    • From which video?

      • Barrit

        The top one

  • PrinceHeir

    gimme more Tales on the west please :P

  • Jude Mathis learned his moves from playing Senel on his spare time.

  • This would also be another great title. So many of my favourite characters from this franchise are in this one game… but will Namco actually release this outside of Japan? lol. Shut up, Arbiter! Don’t be stupid…

  • [Insert generic post of wishing for a localization]

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