Udon To Publish 400-Page Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive

By Ishaan . January 25, 2011 . 8:30am

There exists a 400-page behind-the-scenes design book on Valkyria Chronicles (the first game). While it was previously only available in Japan, Udon are publishing it in the U.S. Amazon have the book available for pre-order at a huge discount. Here’s the description:


Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive takes you behind the scenes, showcasing the gorgeous artwork of this truly epic world. The book features 400 pages of character designs, vehicle and weapon designs, maps and promotional art, all accompanied by detailed background information and creator commentary.


The Design Archive is due for release on February 8th. A huge thanks to Taylor for sending us the fantastic tip!

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  • mikanko

    bai bai monies

  • PrinceHeir

    i cannot wait for this :D

    i’ll buy this for sure :)

    hopefully somebody can also localize the Final Fantasy XIII Episode 0 please :D

  • Meh, paperback!?

    • The original Japanese version is also a paperback… I have a copy myself.

  • Wraithtek

    It’s been listed on Amazon since at least August (when I preordered). But still, a nice reminder for those who hadn’t heard of the English version yet.

    Let us know if they announce an English version of the VC2 artbook.

    • Aoshi00

      Need one for VC3 :)

  • Thanks much for the tip, all over it.

  • I pre-ordered this about a month ago, you can’t beat the price! I do wish it was hardcover though…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    They’ve also got one for the Atelier Series


    and a little love from Tony Taka


    • WAIT WHAT?? To think that I missed that Tony Taka artbook. Thanks for the heads up M’iaut2!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Even that cover could be classified NSFW — I wonder what we might find inside…..

        • I doubt you’ll find anything really NSFW in it since its on a family friendly console (aside from clalaclan being tied with vines and swimsuits) :3

          If we’re talking NSFW, then his doujins are a good place to start *cough*

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Some of the associated artwork I’ve seen with Shining Tears allowed minds to wander quite easily. He certainly hasn’t limited what he’s published with Clalaclan and other World girls elsewhere. I’ve got a sweet maid figure of her but I know there’s some quite dark ones too.

          • Hmm I think the ones we were talking about were shopped, or he published it somewhere other than the official artbook… I’ve seen several pictures floating around,especially in imageboards.

            Oh you’ve got a Clalaclan maid too? I was in a Clalaclan frenzy before and had both Kotobukiya’s Clalaclan.

    • Rarutos

      Oh man, and here I had bought the Official Chronicle in Japanese for almost 100 bucks. Oh well, thanks for the tip!

    • IMPORT!!! i might hold for Tony Taka’s though, i have no idea what kind of content i could find inside.. And im living with my parents and lil bro so…

      • Psst, ask them to use discreet packaging and when you get it, pretend nothing’s happened

      • Zal_Yagun

        tony’s work for the Shining series is usually clean with no full nudity (I know, SURPRISING), but expect the same amount of skin in a magazine’s swimsuit issue.

        Is a going to be a trend for sega to hire Artists who’s previous works were not for children? Cause Raita Honjou brings up interesting thing when searched.

    • Yui

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing out the Atelier design book! Definitely worth getting!!! =D

      By the way, Tony Taka didn’t do the work on the Shining Force series, did he? Because they’re really the only parts of the Shining Franchise that I particularly like, and I’d like to get it, truth be told.

      • Uh oh, he started work with Shining Tears, which is ok… I guess

        • Yui

          Ah, Shining Tears, with your two-character system, transformations and convoluted, uninteresting plot…I did like a lot of the artwork, though, so…

          Anyway, thanks! You’re a star!!! =D

          • Yeah, i started to know Tony thanks to shining Tears, i really like his style… But i didnt knew what i was getting into when started to research more about him xD, glad i did though. Heh:P

          • Yui

            So what sort of other stuff does he do? Besides Shining Tears I’ve never heard of him. For me, this isn’t like when I bought Kaneko or Soejima artbooks, this is a stab in the dark – recommended? =P

          • Well, to be bold, the guy is into ero/nude stuff, actually, i think he is more known because of that, at least in japan, i really loved his style in the games, so i had to look more works from him…, so yeah, +18 rated stuff o-o, he makes some really amazing stuff though, talking in the artistic way. He also makes a lot of ecchi stuff too, i imagine this book is that style.

            And i like all the desings he did for shining hearts. Basically, he makes “decent” stuff (in the social decent way) only in games.

          • Yui

            Ah, I see. Well, I’m not prudish enough to eschew good art in favour of not having to look at ero, so I’ll have to look into picking up a copy. Thanks for the help, man. =D

          • Darkrise

            Tony also worked on Shining Force Feather (great looking game) as well as Shining Hearts. I want it. I want both localized. =(

          • Yui

            Good point! I’d forgotten about Shining Hearts. Damn, suddenly my interest in the Shining Franchise has been piqued again. XD

    • Zero_Destiny

      WANT the Atelier BOOK XD!!!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We moved both of these books into the top 10 of pop art books on amazon today! What a bunch of dirty pervs we all are!

    • Kai2591

      NICE. Thanks for sharing~

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    How much blood do I have to donate? /asks himself

  • puchinri

    I had it on preorder for quite some time now. The only sad part is that there’s no preview for it. Though when I went to J-town recently, they had a store sample I glanced through. It was nice seeing the art for all the tanks and characters. Made me wish more art books were released here.

  • That’s….. ridiculously…. cheap…. I’m drooling all over it… Oh why do they have to make it a 1:1 conversion on Amazon UK…

  • WonderSteve

    I have the Taiwan Traditional Chinese version of this book.This is a MUST own if you are a fan of Valkyria Chronicles.

    The pre-production concept art and the prototypes of VC in this book are very interesting to read.

    There are also comments from the directors/designer on almost every single concept art/design.

    It has so much info, it is as heavy as a dictionary.

  • Tracked down and found a JP copy in Bic Camera when I went last June. I only flicked through it but it was ace.
    I’ll need to save up some money for this… so I can read it.

  • Guest

    Crazy but I have yet to still play this game and yeah I own it just backlogged

  • IMPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEAP!!!

  • It doesn’t seem Udon has confirmed it yet though…

  • SlashZaku

    Ordered this a few days ago along with VC2. Icing on the cake from SEGA would be a VC3 West announcement (now that VC3 is releasing this week in Japan). Wonder if they’ll do the 2nd book as well.

  • Pro_from_Dover

    400 pages!!! Hot damn!!!

  • cj_iwakura

    I actually have the import of this. Impressive, Udon. Now do some Megaten stuff.

  • lurkingsalt

    While no official date is posted on Udon I hope the above date is listed above. I guess I could e-mail Udon and see if they have to release an Offical Press Release to confirm the date.

  • Kai2591

    hmm…to buy, or not to buy?…

  • urbanbuddha

    Thanks for the tip! I pre-oredered this. :D

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