A Small Bite Of Gods Eater Burst

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 2:51pm


I met up with D3 Publisher to check out the localized version of Gods Eater Burst. Before starting a hunt, I watched the localized cutscenes, which had English voice acting and the original opening theme. After the interlude, the character I made attached his God Arc through a painful processes of having it mounted to his hand.


The God Arc is the weapon you use to defeat beasts that roam in a post-apocalyptic Earth known as Aragami. Actually, the God Arc is made with remnant Aragami flesh. Compared to other hunting style games, Gods Eater Burst is more story driven. There’s a conspiracy to investigate, which will be unraveled using in-game graphics. So, if you decide to dress your character up like a giant teddy bear, you’ll be a teddy bear during event scenes.




The first mission I played was a tutorial level designed to get a player familiar with the God Arc. This weapon has three forms. As a sword, you can hack and slash at an enemy. Hit transform and the blade becomes a gun that fires elemental bullets. You don’t have to stock ammunition, but bullets are tied to an energy meter. Switching back to sword mode and slashing an Aragami fills the meter back up. The third form changes the weapon into a giant mouth that "devours" a target. It’s a slow move, but if you manage to take a bite out of an enemy your character will switch into Burst Mode. This grants your character extra speed, abilities like a double jump and more importantly a special stolen bullet with a limited number of shots. After an enemy is defeated you can devour it to earn extra materials. My initial impression was Gods Eater Burst feels more like an action game. The controls were easy to pick up and if you don’t like the setup there’s a menu option to remap the buttons.


Tutorial over. Now its time for a real fight. I joined a game where Vajra was the target. The lion-like monster is weak against divine attacks. We prepared beforehand by making a powerful divine bullet. The bullet customization is a neat little feature, especially if you’re a fan of shooters. This system allows you to add parameters (such as explosive) or elements (such as fire). The number of slots put a cap on the kind of bullet you can create, but it’s possible with enough resources to make lasers and the divine shot that goes through one enemy and hits another. Your custom bullet is carried over to your avatar card. Give this to a friend and you can be in their game as a NPC even though you aren’t physically around. This opens up some interesting customization options since its possible to make an avatar card with a character who has a machine gun or an ultra-powerful bullet, but only one shot.




With the divine bullet ready, we set out to find Vajra. Smaller Aragami known as Ogretails greeted us when we started the mission. We made quick work of them using sword mode alone. As we walked (actually dashed) through the city ruins, we spotted Vajra. I ran out of dash energy, but the other player went in to strike Vajra. I switched to gun mode and fired as Vajra cornered my group into what used to be an office building. Out of bullet energy, I ran towards Vajra and struck with an air attack. While I was chipping away at Vajra’s torso, the other player went for his head, a weak spot. I changed position and went for its tail to see if it would do anymore damage. The fight continued until Vajra leapt out of the building. Being near-death made the Aragami retreat. We chased Vajra to a more open area, with plenty of room to dodge away from its claws. Soon after Vajra was defeated. Victory was mine and I devoured the Aragami for an extra item. It wasn’t a race, though. Everyone can devour a fallen foe for a bonus.


It was only a taste, but I think the amount I sampled would make fans of the ever growing hunting game genre hungry for more Gods Eater Burst.

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  • MakoSoldier7

    you know, i have been interested in these games ever since they first were announced, but i never got around to playing them. always thought they looked really interesting though..

  • Im so gonna get this game, i also love the fact that we are getting the expanded version!

  • Code

    rar, one of my two purchases I’m making in March >w<~! Can't wait! I still refuse to call it Gods Eater though opo; Also for the record I shall also be calling my "God Arc", a jackknife, and "devouring" nomnomnom.

    • *deleted what i wrote first lol, didnt had much of a point*

      What is the other game you getting?

      • Code

        Duodecim, although there is other games in March coming out I’ll maybe look at them later on >w< (Ever since Nintendo didn't name Smugleaf, Smugleaf, White got put to the back seat omo;) but rar looks like March will be PSP-centric-month for me~!

        • MakoSoldier7

          is it true that duodecim contains the events of dissidia 1 as well?

          • Yes ! But you need to finish duodecim to unlock it.

          • So there’s no reason to own Dissidia 1…?

          • MakoSoldier7

            sweet i also heard they are removing all the “board game” stuff from the original dissidia stories, and making them dungeon crawling like duodecim. pretty sweet deal if you ask me..

  • Ladius

    It looks like dozens of time better than Lord of Arcana, and the localization seems to be good :) This march I will surely day one the english version as well as the fabulous Trails in the Sky from XSeed ^^

    • Having played both the English and Japanese demos of Lord of Arcana… yeah… God(s) Eater Burst is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

  • Blazeddc

    Can’t wait to give this a spin on adhoc party. Need to find a dedicated group of people to play with. ;o

  • I hate you, March

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love March but my Wallet that’s a different story XD

      • Ar Tonelico 3, God Eater Burst, Yakuza 4 and probably NFS Shift 2. I’d have to see reviews for Shift first before I get it. And Macross Triangle Frontier and Neptune in February. This is murder, man. Not to mention that I have eyed several figures… Uguu ;__;

        • Zero_Destiny

          MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol You forgot about YSI&II and Dragon Quest VI in Feb. as well. And I hear you on the figures. Being a Gundam fan has drained me. Curse you Gunpla curse you really cool action figures that they don’t release in America anymore. Why do you have to look so good on my entertainment center and dresser?!!!!!

          • Don’t start putting Febuary into this. There are five games I want to play that all come out on the EXACT SAME DAY.

            God bless game rental services, or I would be ruined. It’s incredible that none of those games are Marvel Vs Capcom 3 or the EU Release of Deathsmiles. With my Radiant Historia import as well, there are a grand total of eight games I’m looking forward to releasing with one week of each other.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Sadly had to push Marvel vs. Capcom back and Radiant Historia too. Wasn’t too interested in the Limited Edition and I think I’ll still be able to find it in a month or two down the line. YSI&II (desperately want to complete the spine and give XSEED all my money), Dragon Quest VI(After being punished by not getting V fast enough and it having a cool pre-order gift) are brought up on my want list.

          • It is our fate, Zero_Destiny ;___;
            My MG Strike Freedom is so sexy with its dragoons flying all over. Sobs

    • DONT HATE MARCH! My birthday is in march…


      AR TONELICO 3 !!!11!!11!!1!!ONE1!!!ELEVEN!1!!!!1!!!!!

      • FHOIW

        Lol. My birthday is in March as well…


        TOTALLY AR TONELICO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • And my birthday is in August,


          GIMME AR TONELICO 3!!!!!!!!!!=!!!!!!x!!!!!!! <3

  • Barrit

    So looking forward to this, especially after the demo. The gameplay was very well done in my opinion. Ad-hoc only is the only downside, but it’s kinda expected. I have a ps3 and router really close to each other, so I don’t really have an excuse to not use ad-hoc party.

    • We should play some GEB together via ad-hoc party it sounds like.

      • Barrit

        Yea, that sounds good. I am going to try out ad hoc party today on some other games and see how i like it. My longer ethernet cable is suppose to be coming in.

        • I couldn’t even figure it out when I tried recently, haha.

  • Zero_Destiny

    This seems really fun. I tried to get into Monster Hunter on the Wii but couldn’t get more than like 5 hours in. A more focused story might just give me a reason to continue to get my @ss kicked (since I sux at action games lol). Not sure to what to think about everyone getting rewards for a kill thou, the best thing about PSO was making a mad dash for stuff and snatching away other stuff from people. XD

  • No dual audio, no buy.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I’m amazed that you’d even expect dual audio, quite frankly. I know a lot of people think it’s as simple as including it or not, but there are various issues that surround inclusion of the original voice work. The most important one, of course, is money; it costs extra money to include the Japanese voice work, similar to the opening/ending themes that Japanese games often have, and, truthfully, this extra cost only pleases a small (but very vocal) group of players.

      Similarly, English voice acting allows them to broaden a game’s appeal, despite how small that may be. Given the choice of broadening their appeal and saving money by going dub-only, most publishers will go the dub-only route. About the only publisher that is an exception to this is NIS America, and their inclusion of the original voice work is highly questionable to me.

      But hey, if you want to neglect niche game titles because of a minor issue like that, then suit yourself.

      • Don’t care about the how or why. I know what I want, and what I will pay for. I will import the game if there’s no Japanese voices. The resources available to English version players will assist me just as easily. Indeed, there are already resources for importers.

        What is or isn’t minor is for each individual to decide, not for you to proclaim. If it is a minor issue to you, then that is fine. I respect your view. But it is not a minor issue for me. Whether you want to respect that is, also, up to you.

  • Hraesvelgr

    You know, I can understand the possible reasons for the slight name change, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get used to it. It just doesn’t sound as natural as “God Eater” when being said.

  • Patapon 3 on first week of March, this on middle of March, and Dissidia on end of March. Oh boy. I have a lot to buy.

  • KotaroInugami

    Can’t wait. Already preordered. So am I supposed to call that bracelet a “Gods Arc?” You know. To be apporpriate. :P

  • Best bullet that I’ve seen used by Canon (an NPC) in the JPN demo: Healing flamethrower.

    Also, I will make a Gravitational Beam Emitter blast. 8D

  • PrinceHeir

    i guess i’ll play this instead of Lord of Arcana, i heard the game was not good?

    oh well more hunting for me ^^

    please sega localize Phantasy Star Portable II Infinity :)

  • what? english voice acting? noooo!!! why?? i won’t buy it if it doesn’t have japanese voice over!

  • I downloaded a translatlated copy of Gods Eater Burst (most of the text was in English though a lot of the story and some NPC text wasn’t). I thought it was a solid game, though the way you aim with the gun is horrible.

  • “…and the original opening theme.”

    Good enough for me!

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