Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble Has “Ultra 1000 Years of Death”

By Ishaan . January 26, 2011 . 10:01am

Atlus sent out a reminder about their third Naruto game, Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble, coming to the Nintendo DS in February. Unlike Dragon Blade Chronicles and Naruto vs. Sasuke, this one’s strictly a 2D fighting affair.


All of Atlus’ Naruto games were originally published by Tomy in Japan, and are being brought over as part of an agreement between the two publishers. In Japan, Tomy are soon set to publish another Naruto game, this time on the Nintendo 3DS.


Coming back to Shinobi Rumble, the game supports up to four players. You’ll be able to administer “Ultra 1000 Years of Death” on Feb 8th.




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  • Look at Naruto, looking fierce and epic as always! Dude, this game is gonna rock my DS’s world in February. I already whip my DS out once in a blue moon so it will be so nice to finally play it again but I so can not wait to play Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Rumble, Day 1 Baby, Day 1!!! I can finally put that $25 Gamestop gift card to good use.

    SN: The 1000 years of death looked awesome in Ultimate Ninja Storm, phenomenal move!!!

    • Ren

      Wait. Are you… taking dirty? ‘Cuz that post look a lot like someone dirty talking to a piece of software. Thanks, your post has weirded me, I’ll never be able to read your ‘day one baby’ rants the same way again.

      • PersonaBull

        Recent events have led me to believe Tsuna is actually Ishaan with a Sony contract. Every 2 posts have to include the words “phenomenal,” “epic,” and a piece of Sony hardware.

        (Your secret’s safe with me, Ishaan .>;;)

        • Half the reason I put up with him is because he seems to amuse the rest of you… But it gets really tiresome when people can’t ignore his excitable troll-baiting and jump into yet another pointless argument about retro games or voice-acting or whatever. -_-

          • Oh but Mr. Ishaan, you make me sound like a troll, surely you jest, lol. I only post with my sincere beliefs on subjects that I and others are passionate about.

          • vadde939


          • alundra311

            Passionate? Maybe. But most of the time, the things you post lacks courtesy and tact. If, and a big if, you aren’t actually trolling. ;)

          • PersonaBull

            It’s the slight probability that he’s serious mixed with people genuinely agreeing with him that ends up bothering me, otherwise I try to ignore him. Though, your recent bit of fun has at least made a majority of his posts amusing to me if I just think of them a certain way :P I can ignore them a lot easier that way, too.

          • Ren

            Please don’t take him away from us! He’s like a puppy, a hyperactive, easily exitable, destructive and often annoying puppy, but a puppy nonetheless! You wouldn’t hurt a puppy, even a troll puppy, would you? He’s like our own annoying and shameful celebrity, and everywhere always has one. He makes the coments section so much more lively and war like, that’s an aquired skill.

    • Surely I’m not the only one who read “Whip my DS out” as something ENTIRELY different, right?

      • Ren

        If you add the part ‘once in a blue moon so it will be so nice to finally play it again’ to it, it just becomes worse. Or better. I’m not going to contest anyone preferences.

  • Cloud_ST

    Another reason to love Kakashi.

    • alundra311

      Yup. Kakashi is awesome. He’s the only one I’m looking forward to in the manga.

  • Ren

    That brings memories. Say, how does the 2D DS fighting games compare to the Narutimate(I prefer the japanese name) Heroes and Accel series? Those were fun.

    • GamerKT

      This one plays like a gimped Jump Ultimate Stars.

      • Ren

        So I probably won’t like it, how sad.

    • Cloud_ST

      I agree,Accel was so awesome and probably the best naruto fighting game,storm and the others are not that great.

  • joesz

    I don’t like this style anymore-_-

  • PersonaBull

    Hey, is that a sprite I see? Aoshi00! They’re as HD as a DS can make them, but I hope you’re happy :)

    I have to say I don’t know how much I like the trend of special attacks being pushed with a button. A lot of the difficulty of a fighting game is being able to put in the right combination. I know it’s better for more casual players to be able to, well, not lose most fights, so as long as you don’t HAVE to press the combo-unleashing buttons I’m okay with it.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    More red meat for Tsuna to chomp on.

    (Victorique-san sits back to watch the fun.)

    • Ren

      They tell us to not feed the troll, but that’s kinda of a moot point when the site itself is a full course with optional dessert and free snacks. And watching him make a mess of his food is always worth it.

      Off: I always read your M’iau as miau, wich is the onomatopeia for cats in my country, so I’ve come to associate you with cats recently. And I feel like a derailer making these kinds of posts.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Cats would be correct! Miau/meow/nyan which is why I went by Nyanyaan when I started posting. MM goes back to an annoyance of a cat magical girl FOnewearl I played in the days of Phantasy Star Online (think an amalgam of Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa, or if you don’t know them any Maho Shoujo whose uber cuteness makes you want to strangle them). She got so annoying to the team that I was told with FFXI that I couldn’t be “meow meow” — and by the time most of them picked up what Nyan Nyan was things were too late.

        And no post that brings the board closer should ever be considered a derailer.

  • I thought it was called “1000 Years of Pain”? Reagrdless it looks decent enough to give it a go. Day 17 for me then.

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