Kazuma Has More Problems Than Zombies In Yakuza: Of The End

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 4:00pm

Sega created all kinds of zombies for players to shoot in Yakuza: Of the End. A log keeps track of the different kinds – everyday people, homeless zombies, waitress zombies, policemen, and former convenience store workers staggering out of a late night Family Mart shift.


zombie4_1[1] zombie4_2[1] zombie4_3[1] zombie4_4[1]


Those zombies are fodder. Yakuza: Of the End also has mutated zombies like the tribal type. Before they turned, these troublemaking kids lived for street fights. Tribal zombies retained their fighting prowess and attack players with fast kicks. Overweight zombies, the guys that look like they stepped out of House of the Dead, spew gas while you’re gunning them down.


zombie5_1[1] zombie5_2[1] zombie5_3[1] zombie5_4[1] 


The most dangerous threat has to be experiment subjects. Grotesque monsters like Tsuchigumo (named after a folk legend) has sickle arms and a hard shell. Basan’s large dragon-like wings makes the creature agile in the air and hard to target.


zombie6_5[1] zombie6_6[1] zombie6_7[1] zombie6_8[1]zombie6_1[1] zombie6_2[1] zombie6_3[1] zombie6_4[1]

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  • badmoogle

    Is it just me or does one of the monsters looks an awfully lot like Venom?:P

    • SneakyHawk

      It’s not you. I also see the resemblance. Now if it gets bulky then it’ll really resemble Venom. :P

    • lurkingsalt

      If you remove the skin from that one, it would look like a licker form R.E.

  • DemonicX

    Zombies in Yakuza..? What were they thinking?

  • I just want to see this localized ASAP.
    Sega could take less than a year to localize Yakuza games.
    Also I hope they localize the PSP one.

    • Yakuza 4 hasn’t even come out yet. Let’s all make sure we buy that one and I’m sure they’ll localize this.

  • PrinceHeir

    it seems japan has been going more towards Action Horror instead of Survival, we need more games like Siren and Silent Hill as well as quirky games like Deadly Premonition.

    as for a Yakuza game with zombies. looks awesome but i prefer the old Yakuza way :)

    heck why not go back to Yakuza Kenzan period? that would make more sense :P

  • rainfire2010

    Is this the last game in the series?

    What made them choose zombies?

    • Suicunesol

      No, it’s just a side-story. Yakuza 4 is still coming.

      Let Sega have their fun. :P Zombies + Yakuza= so ridiculous that it’s awesome

    • They did Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan before, which has a samurai motif. They’re experimenting with awesome stuff :3

  • alundra311

    I think I see Venom and Thing. :)

  • Icon

    Damn, this game just looks like such fun.

  • I though the SEGA Zombie designs looked bad when I first played House of the Dead, but they somehow grew on me.
    They look fearsome/cool, but also enough over the top to look a bit riciulous. I think this also applies to most of their own designs and games, and I like that.

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