Pandora’s Tower: Until I Return To Your Side Coming To Wii This Spring

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 10:44am

At the company’s third quarter financial presentation, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, announced a new game in development for the Wii: Pandora’s Tower: Until I Return to Your Side.


The game is listed for a Spring 2011 release. At this point in time, we neither know who’s developing it nor what kind of game it is. You can check the game’s official website out here. The site notes Pandora’s Tower is rated CERO C, which is reserved for games aimed at ages 15+ and up.

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  • malek86

    A 15+ rated Nintendo game? Sounds like something that won’t make its way to the US.

  • It’s hard to look forward to more news when I see Nintendo’s poor localisation record. There’s plenty of justified complaining about the third party situation, but Nintendo is not much better at this point.
    So far, almost everything that is not part of a traditional Nintendo series stays in Japan, the region with the lowest interest in the Wii :|

    • Zero_Destiny

      Meh for me I think Nintendo is 50/50. Ever since the NES they’ve been trying real hard to release games that are popular in Japan to US/Euro. Just look how they Co-publish Dragon Quest now (and back in the day as DRAGON WARRIOR). They also Co-Published Tales of Phantasia a game that I think Namco wouldn’t of bothered with otherwise. They’ve published Baten Kaitos 2 in the US as well even though Namco refused to do it themselves (though you could argue that this was because Nintendo recently obtained Monolith Soft, but hey, they still pushed the game in the US none the less). Nintendo honestly took a chance with Fire Emblem which was really just heard of because it showed up in Smash Bros and word of mouth on the internet. They even tried less popular games like Magical Starsign and the Glory of Hercules. Really what it is, is that Nintendo tries to publish BIG games they know will sell/hope will sell. If it’s not from a HUGE series than it’s chances are less likely. They do take some chances but it seems really random (I think Nintendo only tried to push Magical Starsign and Hercules because they owned those developers). But why those games over other games they made/own? I don’t know, it’s 50/50 with Nintendo. I don’t think Nintendo deserves all the hate they get but I’m right with you with being upset. I really want to see XenoBlade, The Last Story, and other great games too. I mean I love the Mother series but Nintendo seems to shaft it.

      • PrinceHeir

        agree don’t forget Fatal Frame 4 and 2 Remake as well as niche games like Earth Seeker and Disaster Days.

      • Joanna

        Yeah, I think you’re the most reasonable commenter on Nintendo here. +1

        I agree too. And I think the lackluster sales of Glory of Hercules (15 k or somewhere in those numbers last I checked) will probably prevent more RPGs making it over, which is really sad because Nintendo *can* take a risk here or there. :(

        I’m pretty upset about the lack of FEIII remake since it’s a pretty well known series now. So I had assumed we would be getting it for sure. I know Dark Dragon was mediocre, but I still enjoyed it. And I’m annoyed with Another Code R as well. I really don’t want to mess with the Wii just to play one game. :/

        Well I’m still crossing my fingers that we get some of these Wii games at least since DS localizations are looking less likely at this point in time. :(

  • PrinceHeir

    for some reason she looks like Aya with longer hair :D

    localize this nintendo of america, your slowly becoming Namco please don’t be like that.

  • Ereek

    Is there any chance that this is MonolithSoft’s next game?

    • puchinri

      That would be pretty cool if so.

    • Maybe it’s the long-awaited sequel to Soma Bringer I keep hoping for. ;_;

      • Speaking of which… WHERE IS SOMA BRINGER (in the U.S.)?

        • Guest

          On a flash cart fan translated into English!

          • But I don’t like piracy…

          • You are not pirating if you buy the JP ver first

    • gatotsu911

      CG anime girls, arcane-looking symbols and Biblical quotes? Sounds like a Monolith game if ever there was one.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh GAWD that would be great XD!!!
      Baten Kaitos 3, please!!!!!!

  • if only 30k people are going to buy this… nintendo will definitely be namco…

  • Captain Rainbow
    Zangeki no Reginleiv

    and now this

    See, people complain about Nintendo reusing the same franchises over and over instead of making new IPs, and that’s not even the case. We just never see these new IPs come over to the states!

    • puchinri

      I still wish and hope we’d get those two. Especially Captain Rainbow.

    • capristrider

      I agree, Nintendo should try release these new IPs in the west, I sure there will be loads of gamers eager to get there hand on original titles from them. These titles could become more successful in the west like Metroid. Personally I would love to play Captain Rainbow!

    • I’m not sure how people would react to Captain Rainbow as it is. It would need localization magic perhaps some US known characters aside from Little Mac it make less obtuse.

      Zangeki no Reginleiv is kind of surprising. The game seems like its geared for the West since its rooted in Western mythology, there’s not a ton of text to translate either. Perhaps, it’s too violent? Blood sprays everywhere when you lob of limbs.

      I think Disaster and Another Code R were big surprises since both were published in Europe, but not in North America.

      • Another Code in particular is surprising, considering the original game did come out over here. I’m not sure how well Trace Memory did sales-wise, but I remember enjoying it and hearing that other people did as well.

    • Yeah, don’t remind me. Still pissed off about getting teased with Giftpia localization and nothing happened with that. No Fatal Frame IV either :(

      No way the prudes at NOA will give us a game like this, what with all the naked skin OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

    • NeoTechni

      Only 3? That proves their point actually. How many aren’t new in comparison? A lot more than 3.

  • puchinri

    How interesting. I hope we’ll hear more about it soon. (And see it localized at some point, if it proves to be good.)

    The dialogue on the website is certainly interesting as well. Loving the music too.

  • Guest

    *predict this never coming overseas* Godamn it Nintendo you’re your own worst enemy you know that?

  • gatotsu911

    I hope this makes it over the Pacific, even though every indicator suggests that it won’t.

  • So its gonna be a dungeon crawler taking place in a tower with an attractive female lead? Sounds like it could lead to an awesome story! Its excellent that they are still moving in the age 15 up range, finally games that will no doubt appeal to me!!!

    • Nowhere on this story or on the website does it say that it’s a dungeon crawler…

      • Dude, the name Pandora’s Tower literally has “dungeon crawler” written all over it, lol. How much are you willing to bet that it isnt, hm?

        • Suicunesol

          When it comes to the titles of Japanese games, the genre could end up being anything. :]

          • alundra311

            Heck, it could even be a tetris game.

        • Quantum Theory or whatever that game was called was all about towers, yet that wasn’t a dungeon crawler, it was a Gears of War-esque game.
          Pandora’s Tower doesn’t have to be a dungeon crawler. It could be third person shooter for all I know.

          • But that didnt have an allusion to a tower that is filled with many evils, spare hope; and believing in this, we see that the game will ultimately follow that we have to go through this tower, dungeon crawler style, to find the one who will return to our side. And quantum theory didnt have tower in its title…

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Pandora’s Tower….the dating sim! XD

          On a serious note, it entirely depends whether the term “Pandora’s Tower” is meant to be literal or symbolic. If it’s the former, then some sort of dungeon crawler RPG is likely. If it’s the latter….who knows, then. :P

  • Code

    …wait a minute! This doesn’t look like Mother 4 at all >O>!

    • What if she is the super hot mother of 4 guys that live in a tower?! IT WOULD BE MOTHER 4… HA HA ha hhaa…. *cough*


  • Guest

    I knew I wanted this game once I saw the title. I guess I will have to practice restraint and hope they bring this over after The Last Story. Love the music on the site.

  • HarryHodd


  • HarryHodd

    Won’t care about any Nintendo japan RPG or Monolith game until they prove to me they will localize them.

    • Confused-chan

      But…the article say Xenoblade is listed TBA for release on the release calendar…

      • I think you are confused as in an earlier part, it said the game (Xenoblade/Monado) has been listed in the American Nintendo listing since around e3 2008 with nothing more being said from Ninty…Games have been listed and never to be released before…

        • puchinri

          But the game also popped up on wbesites, got pulled and even got refiled again recently. I believe they recently said again that it’s TBA.

  • What I’m really wondering about is what kind of game is it? JRPG? Shooter? Platformer? Adventure? A mix of everything? lol
    I’m SO CURIOUS!! >.<

  • vadde939

    I get the same vibes of awesomeness from this as I got from Xenoblade and The Last Story. Somehow I just know that whatever this is it will be brilliant. Localization chances aren’t looking good though. I wish Nintendo would hurry up and localize Xenoblade and The Last Story already. I’d take all the new IP they’ve been publishing in Japan over another rehash Mario or Zelda title anyday.

    • Aoshi00

      I have no idea what kind of game this is either, but I know I would be getting this just from this vibe..

      What’s the deal w/ Nintendo NA not bringing these new IPs here (Disaster, Reginleiv, Another R which is a sequel..), do they want to be the next Bamco or something like the others said? Xenoblade, Last Story, these are like some of the best games on the Wii.. even if they’re taking their time to localize, they should still throw the fans a bone (meanwhile you have S-E who hype up games for years that aren’t even in development yet)… as long as they don’t get crappy treatment like Arc Rise Fantasia..

      • vadde939

        Well Disaster and Another Code R sales were pretty bad in both Japan and Europe so I can kinda understand why Nintendo would want to forget about them. Zangeki’s lack of localization is inexpilcable to me considering Japanese sales were decent and it seems like a type of game that would be fairly cheap to localize not to mention it would be a great showpiece for MotionPlus which has virtually zero support. They better to localize Xenoblade and The Last Story though. Both games have alot of hype even outside of Japan and have been pretty much universally praised. We may not know how well The Last Story did yet but Xenoblades sales were good, it managed to outsell Other M by alot which is nice. I really can’t think of a single good reason for these games not to be localized as they are, in my opinion at least, the greatest Wii games ever and everybody ought to have a chance to play them. I get the feeling Pandoras Tower will follow in the footseps of Xenoblade and TLS as one of the best Wii games so Nintendo really ought to localize all three. I’m not expecting to hear of a Last Story localization until at least E3 and I don’t think Pandoras Tower will make it over until maybe next year but Nintendo had better announce a Xenoblade localization soon.

        • Aoshi00

          Yep, Reginleiv is such a fun multiplayer game too.. too bad about Disaster and Another R. I thought Disaster was quite fun (except one stage you needed to steer the car w/ your remote in a hurricane), they could have it as a budget title like $30 at least.. I don’t know how well Trace Memory sold either, I imagine a lot of people would like to play the sequel.. just a good point and click adventure on the Wii.. the DS game was great like Hotel Dusk..

        • Aoshi00

          sry *double post*

        • Why use sales to look for the reason to bring a game out of Japan. Perhaps market conditions are the inhibiting factor or just the games dont appeal to the overall make up of American Wii owners and buyers. It didnt seem like a lot of people here bought Sin & Punishment Star Successor.

          Oh well E3 will probably be surprising wii announcements, its not like they can leave the titles you mentioned in Japan ( I dont see Zangeki though, what would they name it, lol?)

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    After seeing how Nintendo of America treats the Wii, I have doubts that this will make it over here. They simply don’t care about the fans who like Japanese games.

  • exhume

    I know it’s becoming something of a ubiquitous style, but that illustration (particularly the hair, the colours used and the big glyph thing) really make me think of Hyung-Tae Kim’s artwork. It’d be great to see another game with his character designs! Either way, I sincerely hope this sees a release in the West, I currently own a grand total of two Wii titles.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the style looks strangely familiar too, the mouth part look like chars from Magna Carta 2, and the hair too like you said. Even though the bodily proportion are quite exaggerated, I like his unique art style, would be great if he’s doing the design.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I foresee… a JRPG/Puzzle, heavy on the puzzles and also indulging in dating sim-elements. Riding on the wave of Wii JRPGs like Xenoblade and Last Story, this will be up there with the other two as the big three of Wii RPGs.

  • In Europe we’ve been a little bit luckier than in USA with these kinds of games… Maybe because European gamers are closer to Japanese tastes (just a little bit)?

    Who knows.

    In any case, I will look forward to know more about this one.

    Another developer candidate would be Intelligent Systems. “Xenoblade” is still too recent, and since they are going to release this game almost right away, it’s obvious it has been in development for a while.

    Intelligent Systems hasn’t made anything for Wii since “Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn”. Maybe this is their come back.

  • Aiddon

    well, at least the site has my attention (and the woman speaking sounds a lot like Mamiko Noto, the woman who plays Manamia in The Last Story)

    • Aoshi00

      Wow, it is Noto Mamiko, more reason to get.. love her Manamia in Last Story too.

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