The 3rd Birthday’s Shower Scene Viewed 80,000 Times

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 9:14am

Fulfilling certain conditions in the game allows players to view The 3rd Birthday’s infamous shower scene with Aya. Square Enix have been collecting data on how many people have viewed the shower scene in Japan. The count so far? A grand total of 80,000.


Note that all 80,000 of these views have been within the game itself. Square collected the data via its Square Enix Members program. The number of viewers of different versions of the video across YouTube, of course, must be far higher.


(Yes, yes…we know we said we’d never talk about it again…)

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  • M’iau M’iaut

    Reminded of Lunar for some reason…..where the most important item in the game was not the Ocarina but both bars of soap!

    • WonderSteve

      Don’t forget Lucia walking into the bath!



    • Yea. I know. It should have more views. I mean it’s Aya after all.

      • OVERUSED


        Aya is super flat in the front and back department.
        I wonder what people are looking at?

        She doesn’t have anything to look at.

        • WonderSteve

          People have different preferences :P

          Aya looks sexy in my eyes. Not everything has to “supersized”

          • kupomogli

            I agree, Aya is sexy, but I also love supersized. Tifa has won me over as my favorite video game girl since the release of FF7. Mmmm. JJ size bewbehs. But not just that, her personality makes her a very likable character.

          • WonderSteve

            I don’t think Tifa’s size is that huge for the official version of her….for some reason, fanarts keep on making her boobs bigger and bigger.

            I like Tifa too, because of her personality.

            You believe me right? :P

          • kupomogli

            I wasn’t speaking of fan art, but on FF7 itself they’re massive. Square even made them jiggle on the FMV scenes, such as the scene before escaping Midgar, and the scene right after Cloud kills Sephiorth in Northern Crater.

            I believe you about liking Tifa’s personality, but her personality doesn’t matter too much when she’s got those. I love Tifa ^_^.

        • Different culture I guess.

        • PersonaBull

          Wow, you must like them oversized. Aya really isn’t all that flat. Trust me, I like dem true DFC’s. Aya’s got some goods.

          And they’re wonderful to look at <3

          • PrinceHeir

            Aya is Perfect :)

            not a DFC and not too much oppai, just the right size :P

  • Aya is a hot woman, but seriously what’s so good about a shower scene?
    She wont appear naked I’m sure of it, so why bother go through the game just to watch it?
    btw I beat the game and didnt see that scene, and really it dont make any difference to me, even though I love Aya <3

    • WonderSteve

      She doesn’t get naked is the whole point. It gives the viewer more room to “fantasize”. The “moan” and “steam” also add to that imagination in the dirty mind.

  • PrinceHeir

    Aya Aya Aya Aya Aya :)

    is so so so so so so so

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot :P

    please Square make a full sequel to T3B on PS3, while your at it. if Deus Ex HR has positive feedback, make a full sequel of it(i know the game isn’t even out yet) Adam Jensen as Lead Character and the black and gold scheme with full 3rd Person Camera View :)

  • Testsubject909

    *Gasps and begins to move across the stage, arm raised in a bout of momentary shakespearian acting*

    Ishaan… you have betrayed us. How could you!?

    Wait.. Ishaan… or Tsuna… I’m still not sure.

  • Aiddon

    uh, why is Square keeping track of this? I already thought T3B was shamelessly pathetic in its depiction of Aya, but now you make a big deal out of how many people have viewed the shower scene? At this rate that hole Square keeps burying their dignity in will reach the center of the earth

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