The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is In Its Final Stage Of Completion

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 11:35am

Nintendo’s third quarter financial results briefing brought with it a quick update on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, in development at Nintendo under their Entertainment Analysis and Development group.


The game is due for launch this year, but Nintendo’ haven’t announced a date. It, along with Xenoblade, is listed as “TBA” on Nintendo’s release calendar. Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, however, revealed that the development team is “entering into the final completion stage of the game.”

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  • puchinri

    Yay. ♥

    The more I see of the screens, the more I want to play it. I just love that look.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the story though and what kind of LoZ it’ll prove to be (something fleshed out like OoT and MM, or something story heavy like TP?).

  • I was turned off by the E3 live demo as the HUD took up nearly 50+% of the screen real estate. It takes up so much space, just look at it, lol. I like the graphical direction though.

    • onilink888

      Don’t hold me to this, but I believe that HUD was made especially for the E3 demo. I expect it to undergo severe changes for the retail version.

      Can’t wait for this, though. My only gripes with this game so far are with certain design choices… The art direction is awesome, but man, not a single one of those enemies looks the least bit intimidating. Also, I’m not too fond of Link’s facial and hair designs…

      Here, for example:

      Looks like someone punched his face in… I don’t like it nearly as much as I do TP Link’s man-beautiful visage. :D

      • link looks like he smelt something horrible

      • Yui

        “I think it looks great,” onilink 888 said, shifty eyes darting rapidly from commenter to commenter in an effort to conceal his vested interest in the success of his own series. “Really, besides a few trivial art problems, it’s perfect!”

        “Sounds like a conflict of interest to me, fellow commenter,” Yui replied, expression twisting into an undignified frown. “You’re Link! You can’t not like your game. You want it to sell. Man, I can’t even believe I’m doing this.”

        Shaking his head and sighing, Yui removed his hands from the keyboard for a moment to ponder whether his actions were pointless or not. After all, onilink 888’s points were entirely reasonable, and furthermore, most agreeable; was Yui just being difficult?

        “This sort of existential contemplation is the reason I’d rather talk about video games than philosophy,” was all Yui could say, head too clouded from the effects of mind-numbing psychotropic substances to properly deal with the lengthy uselessness of his TL;DR post. “Anyway, you’re right. He does look like he got hit by the ugly truck now. Why can’t we go back to Wind Waker cel-shading?!”

        Then Yui typed out a ‘:D’ emoticon, vowed never to do anything like this again, and agreed heartily on every count, and then, all was good once more.


        • onilink888

          Haha, that was a riot and a half. :P

          • Yui

            I’m glad you liked it! Perhaps it’s something I need to do more often, even if I’m not the best at it. XD

          • onilink888

            You should, definitely. It’s a pleasant surprise to find something like that when sifting through mindless amounts of monotonous comments (such as mines, for example XD). That style of writing gives yours quite a bit of personality, which is never a bad thing. :P

            Ah, looks like I’m veering off topic… Need to say something to stay relevant… Oh, I hope Zelda’s just as drop-dead gorgeous as she was in TP!

            … That’s the best I got, haha!

          • Yui

            Now you’ve made me go and feel all warm and embarrassed. You’re too nice, really. ;P

            It just seemed like the best way to respond, considering your name and…I don’t know. I couldn’t help myself. I’m still really glad you liked it, though, haha, I thought it’d be more likely to be accompanied by tumbleweed than laughter. XD

            …it’s certainly something I can get behind. Zelda in TP was the best Zelda. You, sir, are too similar to me for your own good. ;D

          • A welcome change from all the negativity that tends to shroud the net. :)

        • alundra311

          One of the best comments ever hands down. :)

          • Yui

            You’re too nice to me, really. Thank you! XD

  • karasuKumo

    It will obviously be an amazing game but I’m not too mad about the art direction.

  • Code

    rar, I feel bad, I’ve had a real dip in interest in the Zelda series ever since Twilight Princess, this is nice looking, but it’s just not pulling me in like I’d hope.

    • I think that’s entirely reasonable. Twilight Princess was a good game the first time around, but it isn’t replayable. There really isn’t much to “do” either, especially when you compare it Okami, which does a fantastic job of fleshing out its world and characters and making all the different areas in the game transition in and out of each other very naturally.

      I think the most interesting Zelda in recent memory is Spirit Tracks. If it weren’t for the horrendously slow train, that would be one of my favourite Zeldas to date. I loved the co-op focus and how Zelda herself was absolutely hilarious to have hanging around you.

      Fantastic puzzles, too. Some real brain teasers in there. It even had a lot of Metroid-esque elements where you can go back to older dungeons with new abilities to find items and treasure. <3

      • onilink888

        Well, I can’t say that I agree with you there. Some might call me crazy for re-playing Twilight Princess once a month, but I do, and it never gets old to me.

        I prefer TP for its fairy tale/medieval epic hybrid narrative, the lore of the TLoZ universe that you put together as you progress through the game, its cast of characters, its absolutely masterful dungeon designs in the later parts of the game, the polish of its battle engine, its nostalgic soundtrack and its array of awesome items/gadgets. Oh yeah, and riding across the vastness of Hyrule on Epona while pwning everything in sight with Link’s on-the-steed swordsman badassery (or his wolfish brutality)!

        Mind you, I’m not calling Okami a bad game in any way, shape or form, and I liked it quite a bit myself. If anyone were to ask me what my recommendations for the action-adventure genre would be, the first three games that would come to mind would be Twilight Princess, Shadow of the Colossus and Okami.

        • Oh, there’s plenty to like about TP. I love the art style, and I’ll readily admit I’m disappointed by how Skyward Sword looks in comparison, at least for the moment (although, to be fair, we haven’t seen much of the game either). TP was the perfect balance of stylized and “realistic” to me.

          I’ve replayed Twilight Princess a couple times, too, but I didn’t enjoy it as much the second and third time. I wanted to go exploring little cracks in the wall and go on sidequests for people like I could in Okami, but it felt very limiting in that sense. :(

          Had some of the best dungeons though. For once, I can say a Water Temple was my favourite dungeon in a Zelda game. :P

          • onilink888

            Well, wadaya know, TP’s Water Temple (as well as Arbiter’s Grounds and the City in the Sky) happens to be my favorite dungeon of the franchise. :P

            Though, I could never decide whether OoT’s Water Temple was poorly conceived or simply beyond the minds and skills of us mortal gamers, haha.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I had to restart that DARN game SO many times when I was a kid because of that friggin’ Water Temple. GAWD!!!! It pains me still. I could honestly get through the part of Link’s childhood in like an hour or two. I practically had it all remembered, knew where everything was and how to get through it the fastest possible way. That’s what the Water Temple did to me. X( Oh good memories though. Ocarina of Time was so great :)

          • badmoogle

            I agree.In terms of art direction Skyward Sword looks like a step backwards from Twilight Princess and personally i don’t expect to see drastic changes in the visual department.:/
            I think the cute Windwaker style suits Zelda the most.That game still looks beautiful after so many years!

          • onilink888

            While it’s true that Wind Waker has aged quite well, I would never want to see its style uniformly applied throughout the the TLoZ franchise. It all depends on what the creators are trying to convey.

            Twilight Princess’s atmosphere and setting could not have done without its subdued palette, or, its heavy application of bloom effect to convey the feeling of surreality for its Twilight Realm segments, as well as its realistic and stylized artstyle, for example.

            WW/PH/ST needed a bright, colorful and exaggerated visual style in order to convey an atmosphere of cartoonish levity as another example. We’ll just have to wait and see just how well Skyward Sword’s graphical direction suits it once the game’s out. :P

            Diversity of visuals is one of the reasons I love the Zelda franchise so much, and I wouldn’t have that changed for anything in the world. :P

          • Code

            rarr yeah, personally I found Twilight Princess flat, it never really stirred up feelings of exploration and adventure for me, like you said, I wanted to explore every little crack and crevice of the game, but it just didn’t deliver for me. I figure a lot of it too was for how large the over world was it felt so sparse, and once you were done in an area, like 99% of the time you had no reason to ever return, I’m sure the Gorons are still wondering how Link’s adventure ended opo;

            I think the game did lots right, and it did have lots of moments I really enjoyed, like I found the Mansion dungeon really clever and awesome (and I HATE ice-related dungeons) so I’m not just trying to the game here >ww<' But otherwise I don't know the game just didn't do it for me, it felt so very linear for a Zelda, there was very little reason to play through it again. Every since TP I've just really had mixed feelings around the series opo

            I still picked up and played through Phantom Hourglass, and I thought it was great, I loved a lot they did with it (my first Zelda was Link’s Awakening so I’ve always been really fond of portable Zelda >w<'), but for some reason I'm just not eager for the next Zelda like I use to be TpT; I have Spirit Tracks but haven’t played it yet, heard good things though, I really like the fact though Zelda is kicking around with you, the thing I wish most for the series is that Zelda gets in on it more >w<; Although I'll likely pass on playing Skyward Sword when it comes out, I'll still likely at the bare minimum be hearing about it well my Mom plays through it, as she's a HUGE Zelda fan, so maybe I'll be more intrigued then opo'

          • Wow, your mom plays Zelda? That’s really cool!

            And yea, Skyward Sword definitely has something to prove. I think their E3 presentation was weak at best. Yea, everyone wanted to see MotionPlus and they focused on that, but we didn’t hear anything about the story or the world or anything that people cared about beyond how it controls.

            I really, really want a more character-driven Zelda like Spirit Tracks and Majora’s Mask. The overall plot could be crap for all I care, but if the characters are good, I’d be willing to let a whole lot of other issues slide.

        • absolute_zero

          I agree, I thought that Twilight Princess was absolutely brilliant! It gets way too much arbitrary criticism from the community if you ask me.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I agree I didn’t like Twilight Princess as much as other Zeldas. The style just got to me. I guess I’d rather have my Zelda be more “happy” or colorful or something. I think that’s why I totally loved Phantom Hourglass and Sprite Tracks. A dark Mature Zelda is just not what I want, it’s not what I grew up on. Though I’m hopeful this game has a nice kind of Cell-Shaded look to it so it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too dark for my taste.

      • Code

        Personally I felt Twilight Princess’s style wasn’t honest to the series, I felt like A LOT of design decisions in the game were going out of there way to specifically appeal to an American audience (yet I think they kind of failed to understand just how to do that opo), and even more so to try and act as a counterbalance to the people who thought Wind Waker was too cute opo;

        • Zero_Destiny

          Exactly let Zelda be cute!!! I’d take Windwaker any day of the week over Twilight Princess. No reason to Beef up the charas and make everyone manly. And why, why, why try to appeal to the west?!!!! X( Just make a good game. If it’s good it’ll sell regardless of who it was meant to appeal to (for the most part) especially if it’s something like Zelda. Twilight Princess just didn’t have that Zelda feel, felt more like I was being pandered to :(

          • absolute_zero

            I’ll have to strongly disagree here. Zelda, from the outset, has always had a strong western appeal/themes/values: damsels in distress, heroes in shin- I mean green armor saving said damsels, slaying dragons – the list goes on, really.

            I’ve always thought that Wind Waker was the odd one out given that it was such a dramatic departure from Zelda’s standard setting (not saying it’s a bad game, though). People like to say that “Twilight Princess doesn’t feel like a Zelda game”, but some of us who’ve been playing Zelda, starting from the NES days, would say that TP is almost the purest incarnation of Zelda yet.

            Just because it doesn’t conform to what people’s preconceptions of what the objective Zelda experience is (not that there IS an objective Zelda experience to begin with), doesn’t make it any less of a Zelda game. :/

            To a lot of us, Twilight Princess is a dream come true; it certainly is mines.

          • Well said, brother. Although I’ve never really considered Wind Waker an “odd one out”.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I liked Zelda Twilight Princess just fine. It just didn’t do it for me. Sorry if I made it seem like I was calling it trash. And you’re completely right about how it’s a case by case bases on what makes a Zelda, a Zelda game for people. Case in point I like Zelda II but a lot of people hate it. So I hear you. Twilight Princess is my least fav Zelda though. But what you said about Zelda being purposely “western” kind of game is kind of debatable to me. Yes it’s certainly your normal western like game with how it’s story works and how the gameplay is but it’s approached in a very Eastern kind of way. Like the Dragon Quest games. It’s not overly violent, somewhat cutesy, has a lot of heart and charisma and it has many tropes of Eastern writing. But I felt that for Twilight Princess Nintendo tried to PROVE that they could break away from this cycle and BE violent. It felt like a west game made for the west. The game seemed to lose all it’s innocence and wide-eyed point of view. And thus I felt pandered to because us westerners LOVE violence. The dark gloomy world, the weird tron-tunnels, the sad music 24/7 it just wasn’t the happy and not afraid to be cute-ish Zelda that I grew up on. I’ve played all the Zeldas and love all of them (well except the Phillips CD-i ones you couldn’t pay me to play those lol). So to me Zelda was a timeless adventure of a young boy who has to save the Princess, fight evil, and become a man in the process. Twilight Princess just didn’t give me that feeling. It felt more like some crap Hollywood movie where I need to keep killing things and being COOL. To each his own and Twilight Princess had great gameplay and some fun puzzles but the story, mood, atmosphere; they all brought the experience down for me.

          • absolute_zero

            ******This is actually a reply to Zero_Destiny******

            I still have to disagree here.

            1) Majora’s Mask was a whole lot darker and twisted than Twilight Princess, however, it was more subtle in its approach.

            See here for one fan’s interpretation of its story:

            That’s FAR from being “cute and lighthearted” if you ask me…

            2) Link’s Awakening, if you think about it,

            *************SPOILERS AHOY**************

            is quite dark in the sense that you’re killing off the sentient beings of Koholint Island once Link goes through with the decision to awaken the Wind Fish. Some people also interpret it as Link’s dying dream as he drifts to his end on the ocean.

            3) “Extreme violence” is not the exclusive domain of westerners. That’s another false preconception. I don’t know if you’re familiar with a manga called Berserk, or, I don’t know, an anime called Evangelion. They’re held in extremely high regard there in Japan despite their mindless amounts of gore, blood, violence and morbid depictions of human nature at its worst. Twilight Princess, in comparison to those, would be like a stroll among the daisies.

            I don’t mean to sound like an ass here, I’ve just always believed that there was an underlying darkness in the numerous worlds of the Zelda universe, it’s just that it’s not always apparent (and a lot more pronounced in Twilight Princess). But it’s like you said, to each his own. :P

          • onilink888

            Concerning Majora’s Mask… Wow. That was… interesting. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at MM the same way ever again. O_o

        • Kaishounashi

          I hate that style too, but i don’t think that failed. A lot of my friends love Twilight Princess because it’s gritty and dark, but hate Wind Waker because of the cell-shaded. When i talked to them about the new zelda being a little between the last two, they all booed because they wanted more games in the TP style. :?

          But i like the new style more. It’s colorfull, nice, not a big departure from the series… It reminds me of the classic zeldas.

  • Caligula

    I wonder if that’s the truth. I remember they were delay-happy with TP…

  • vadde939

    Meh. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to be interested in Zelda anymore. It’s been going downhill after Wind Waker. TP was disappointingly average and the two DS Zeldas were terrible imo. I wish they could bring back the same sort of ‘magic’ the N64 era games had. Majoras Mask is still my favourite Zelda ever and the way the series has been going recently it looks like there won’t be anything good enough to beat it.

    • onilink888

      To each his own, I suppose. I, myself, can only find more and more reasons to love the series as it ages, and I always ferociously anticipate each new iteration to the franchise.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Windwaker was too easy but other than that it was great. The DS games continued this trend and even stepped up the difficulty and gave players some cool new puzzle aspects. But I’d say Twilight Princess wasn’t the best. It still had solid gameplay but I didn’t like it that much. That’s how I feel at least. But hey Ocarina of Time 3D!!! If they can’t bring back the magic for you at least they can give said magical game one more time with some minor tweaks XD!!!!!

  • jarrodand

    Xenoblade in spring, Zelda in summer, Last Story for the holiday. Perfection.

    • In a year, estimated to be with 12 PS3 first party titles scoring more than 80% review wise, one desires for Nintendo to ONLY releases those three titles? Surely you are selling Nintendo short, I anticipate great surprises, at least more than just two per season, get excite and hope for more localizations dude…

      • jarrodand

        Oh, I’m sure we’ll see more than just this. Kirby and Rhythm Heaven are a given, and I could see Nintendo picking up some 3rd party stuff again like DQM Battle Road or the new Fatal Frame, plus WiiWare stuff like Line Attack Heroes or the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon trio. These are the 3 biggies though, lots of adventuring to be had if they come.

      • PrinceHeir

        here’s hoping at least a footage of Dragon Quest X ^^

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh GAWD Dragon Quest X!!! I need it!!!!!! lol

      • I don’t think score should be used as basis to think a game is good or not. When you’re looking for a game, you look for more than a “someone said it’s good, so it got to be good”. You look for a magic that attracts you to it and make you feel “wow, I want this game. It looks like it’ll be fantastic”. At least for me, most of Nintendo’s games are (not even mattering the game type [for instance, I dislike FPS’s and even so I’m attracted to the Metroid Prime Series]) fantastic. I’m a little too much of a fanboy, I know. But I can’t feel the magic on most games made by Sony. Between 12 well-rated (but not attractive to me) and 3 charming games (with scores that don’t matter to me) that I can play and feel a “magic”, I would always pick the latter one.

        • I can feel the magic with Naruto. I guess Im a bit biased against Ninty, Ill look to the score to further justify not buying a game, or judge the games on graphics alone. But then I will play their highest rated games and just not feel it (Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime series, Animal Crossing, still not tried Zelda, seems like an odd RPG, but looked cool in the wind waker style).

        • Joanna

          I don’t think that makes you a fanboy, it just means you have a preference. I’m the same, I don’t care for most Sony of IPs, but I adore most of NIntendo’s IPs. Half the reason is aesthetics; I love stylized visuals to photorealism. In fact the only Sony IPs I do like all have stylized visuals.

    • PrinceHeir

      genius :P

      though i would expect more like Fatal Frame 2 Remake(or 4) as well as that new Pandora game

      • jj984jj

        Well first let’s hope they tell us what Pandora’s Tower is. Hopefully sooner rather than a week before it comes out. >_>

  • Zelda is one of those games that has no hype until you see it. Once the game gets closer we will get more footage. Which then creates more hype!

  • darkfox1

    Oh shoot i forgot that this game was coming out lol

  • AdamBoy64

    There’re probably still trying to find new ways to make the game easier so Grandmothers can complete the game in an hour, thereby making it more accessible.

  • I wish this could be played with normal controls… i dont really have the money to buy the wii motion just for one game…

    • Catch a deal when they sell the game bundled with the Wii Motion Plus and a place sells it for the same cost as the game separately…I think its pretty much assured it will come in a bundle.

      • I thought about that too, but i would still be paying more than just the game *sigh* And i havent found any of my friends that have the wii motion…

  • please don’t launch them together

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