Tokyopop To Publish Lives In February

By Ishaan . January 29, 2011 . 10:29am

In February, Tokyopop are set to publish a new manga by one of the authors of the Battle Royale manga, Masayuki Taguchi. Titled Lives, the two-volume series was originally published in Japan in 2006 by Akita Shoten.


The story of Lives takes place after a freak meteor shower devastates the Kanto region of Japan. The people caught in the blast find themselves transported to a world where humans transform into cannibalistic beasts. The events of the series centre around martial arts student, Shinma Shingo, who tries to salvage his humanity and find a way back home for himself and his friends.

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  • The Battle Royale manga was crazy. I’ve never seen girls being shot up so sexualized. In a way… I kinda liked it. O:>

    • Indeed Battle Royal was really an awesome manga, brutal and sexy, that’s how a lot more things should be! xO

      • Testsubject909

        I felt kinda bad about the kid who got fucked to death… It seemed to me that he honestly did like the girl. She just… kind of snapped.

  • “centre”? isnt that what a park or something is called. Im confused.

    Anyway, this sounds interesting though, I hope they release an online preview of it so I can take a peak and see if fits with the type of manga I like to read. The story of friendship seems to be there, so its almost, but it lacks pirates, ninja, shinigami, and mafia…

    • Zero_Destiny

      Centre is just the “English” way of spelling center lol. Americans like to use it for Parks and stuff because it sounds fancy just like we like to use the word Shoppe sometimes. And agreed about online previews, they really help, not asking for like a whole volume or anything but one chapter just to make sure and see if you like it. Also No offense but I like that it lacks pirates, ninja, shinigami, and mafia. It doesn’t need those because it has MARTIAL ARTIST BABY!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    i look forward to this :)

    speaking of manga any games you want in manga or comic form?

    i would love to see another adaptation of MGS in Comic form(art by ashley wood) and a new Killer 7 manga(the art was okay but not great)

    • Dude, lol why no capitalization nor punctuation in your posts?

      I think a Heavy Rain, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean, female Shepard Mass Effect 2 (I want more Miranda, lol) , would all be great in a manga adaptation. A true Persona 3 adaptation as well would be nice, Persona 1 as well.

      • Dude, lol, why no proper punctuation in your posts?

      • PrinceHeir

        well im lazy most of the time :P

        ehh i don’t think Heavy Rain and Mass Effect would do well, they are already making a end of eternity manga and star ocean manga would be nice.

        a Resident Evil manga would be awesome but we already have Highschool of the Dead for that ^^

        • Why not, the Origami Killer is a perfect setup for a mystery manga?

          • PrinceHeir

            well i just don’t like the characters at all :

            though if they would make a similar style that would be nice :)

        • Zero_Destiny

          Star Ocean 2 had a manga and an anime :) But both were canceled before they finished and all we got to end the story was a drama CD :(
          Also High School of the Dead is epic!!! A friend of mine got me into it when he told me it was his fav magna.

          • HSOTD is that good? I guess I can try to hunt out the manga since it is releasing now, though how was the anime?

          • Don’t watch it if your parents are around… It’s basically an action-packed-stylish-fanservice-anime-full-of hot-luscious-girls-fighting zombies. The director sure knows how to please his audience.

            The manga’s quite slow though

    • Zero_Destiny

      The world NEEDS more Dragon Quest manga lol And while we’re at it how about some manga for the Grandia series and lord Knows we need more visual novel to mangas like 999 and Time Hollow. I know P3 and P4 had magnas but I’m not sure about the first two PERSONAs and some other earlier MegaTen games. If not I’d like to see that. I’d say I want to see a XenoSaga magna (long running or how else would it work lol) but after seeing the anime I don’t know. You like XenoSaga right? Is the story not like the crappy anime?

      • Persona 1 needs more love (alot of the P3 and P4 fanbase doesnt play it for some reason >.<). I loved it (I know, shocking considering its retro and olde, and my stance on that subject, on the PSP, but it was awesome and is awesome). I would want a manga of that too.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Exactly I’d love to see that happen. I just beat P3 FES, I’ll probably move on to P4 if I can find a copy and than pick up a copy of P1 to psych myself for the inevitable release of P2 stateside. I’m really just getting into PERSONA but I’d love to see the stories more fleshed out in magna form. If you really like older PERSONAs why not check out some other MegaTen games. PERSONA is really an off-branch of those games (technically) and there all very similar. Why not Nocturne or something on PS2 or the Devil Survivor (can’t wait for the 3DS release of it since I missed out on the DS version).

          • PrinceHeir

            ohhh i also finished persona 3 too, but not FES. can’t wait to play it again seems i left it awhile.

            hmm oh No More Heroes too would be a nice addition alongside Killer 7 :P

            two bloody manga’s? F yeah :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Than add Mad World in there and we can end the trilogy of Bloody Wii/GC games to Magna adaptions lol
            FES was a great add-on too. I’m not a sequel fan and I really loved the end of P3 but it was great. The story was like the movie groundhogs day only with PERSONA charas XD!!!! Plus we got to play as Aegis and met her cute sis Metis which made it worth it in of itself. The gameplay is more of a dungeon-crawl though so it’s shorter and more focused didn’t really have Social Links this time around. You couldn’t control your other party members still :( and the difficulty was WAY higher, the game even tells you so when you boot it up lol But it was a lot of fun.

          • PrinceHeir

            awesome :)

            only played the part where they met Metis, can’t wait to play more :P

            yeah i noticed the social links seems to be vanished and the intelligence status seems to be no use ^^

            oh well i still have my Persona 4 though so i’ll be playing that along with Megaman X Collection and Godhand. not to mention games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ar Tonelico Qoga and many more O_O

      • PrinceHeir

        well i haven’t watch the anime yet(even though i have the dvd :D)

        heard from my brother they change alot of things like some characters are out of place. otherwise it’s a good anime ^^

        Persona 3 and 4 manga seems to be good :P

        ohh and Catherine manga or anime would be sweet :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          I have a suspicious feeling that the anime was almost entirely filler. Never played the game but I felt that the show was just filler. SO boring. Maybe a fan of XenoSaga might be excited about it though I don’t know lol So don’t give up hope on it. I remember the dub for the show to be pretty good too. Not brag about good but not torture either, but I do remember that the cast for the game had nothing to do with the show which (even thou I didn’t play the game) PO’d me lol. On the Plus side we saw Kos-Mos animated XD!!! I barley have any memory of it though I watched it like 5 years ago and I can’t even remember how to pronounce the main chara’s name lol

          • PrinceHeir

            btw i just finished Xenosaga Episode II just now, it was awesome O_O surely i would have love to see Soraya Saga’s direction(thankfully we get to see some of her elements in Ep III) but it was just plain awesome :) i didn’t like the music and atmosphere and gameplay at first but once you get used to it. you’ll eventually enjoy it :P

            it get’s darker in the end and it seems to be just the beginning though Episode III seems to be last :(


            i almost cried at the end when Rebedo fought Albedo one last time. it seems Albedo was tired of living for far too long and he only wanted one last fight with him. not to mention he’s an awesome character i would love to see him in Episode III though(hopefully) i thought he was voiced by Quinton Flynn at first but it seems Crispin Freeman was the VA. im glad he reprise the role again. Michael Gough is one of my favorite VA’s ever. he’s awesome as Jin Uzuki and Dan Smith from Killer 7 soo badass :P

            soo many mechs in the game ^^ im glad they focused on that as well. i want a ZOE vs Xenosaga or maybe put them in a Super Robot War game along with Eva, Macross Frontier, Ace and Gundam 00

            */END SPOILERS

            i think we’ll probably never see another JRPG at least this calibur for awhile. Xenoblade seems to be good but i read it was lighter than other Xeno works(i prefer more dark and mature story) but im interested with the concept of the embodiment of Gods so i’ll play it alongside The Last Story ^^

            I need to buy Episode III NOW :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            Congrats on beating your game!!!:D But yeah where the game business is, is sad but true :( RPG’s now are either action games (not so bad but there’s TOO many of them), shorter, less-serious games, or just don’t live up. I haven’t had as many games resonate with me like they use to. If you’re looking for more games with KOS-MOS she’s in the Super Robot Wars OG game on the DS that Atlus brought out a couple years ago. It’s a real fun game too, it’s not a tactics game it’s more like a Tales game. The battles are still turned based but it’s all about button mashing and making combos XD!!! And if you’re looking for more awesome MECH action than Star Driver is where it’s at right now. Probably the best show in the running line-up of anime. Real pretty (when has Studio Bones ever let down thou lol) and it’s just real fun. Story can be a little crazy but in a good way. It’s great Super Robot fun :) The last episode I saw where Takuto had fight Head and we learned about his past really reminded me why I even got into anime in the first place. It’s great.
            “SHOUT APPRIVOISE!!!”

          • PrinceHeir

            yup, heck games like Xenosaga has blood and violence with mind twisting scenes and creepy atmosphere, yet we barely see any JRPG nowadays that has a that. most of them are light(which are fine) but we need more dark and broody JRPG that takes itself so seriously as you said.

            yeah i already plan on getting that SRW Frontier game since KOS-MOS is in it, but we didn’t get it’s sequel Exceed. the funny thing about this is that when namco pulled the plug on the series. there were developing Ep IV with planned V and VI alongside other games known as “Exceed” and “Frontier” i guess they used those 2 words in the SRW games ^^

            can you come up with other Xeno names? for me i think the names, Xenobuster, Xenoexceed, Xenofrontier, Xenoverse, and Xenotensei seems nice :P

  • Dude this manga is awesome but it should’ve been longer.

    • Gah! You just confirmed my fear. I was afraid that it would be too short.

      • Yeah it gets awesome but its short lived and leaves you craving more.

  • Testsubject909

    I already got it, in French. It’s awesome…

    But they’re not all that easy to find at my local library…

    That said. I also need to find Etoile (it’s a sort of cross-breed between Saint Seiya and The Three Musketeers).

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love Saint Seiya!!! *frowns* But it didn’t do to hot here in America. Too many volumes are out of print :( Oh well for some reason Bt’X did OK enough and we got all the volumes and there easy to find :D

  • robomomo

    sounds like digital devil saga

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