Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell Of Ar Ciel Arrives On March 15

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 2:05am

Reyvateils return on March 15 when NIS America releases Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel in North America. The final game in the Ar Tonelico series will be released in two packages. The premium box includes the PlayStation 3 game, soundtrack CD with 60 minutes of hymmnos favorites, and a hardcover art book.




Package art for the oversized premium box is a bit different too. The Premium Box (left) places the three main characters Saki, Aoto, and Finnel in different spots compared to the cover of the game (right).


ATQ_P015234_Premium_Temp.eps ATQ_TPCOVERPS3_3D_Eng_Fr_10-2.eps

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  • dusk

    Please allow me to express my feelings with a hymn song.


    “Wee ki ra chs Chronicle Key en grandee sos dius yor…”

    • Kai2591

      – For the sake of protecting you, my precious person, I shall turn into the Chronicle Key

      “Wee ki ra araus tes soare an giue mea iem.”
      -In exchange for the sacrifice of my body, now I shall offer this song..

      ~Translated by aquagon~

      Although…singing THIS particular song doesn’t seem right…cuz its a sealing song (its as if you want to seal the game lol)

      • Guest

        I can see how it is wrong for another reason. Isn’t their a passage asking something like: why does strength resides in the unselfish? Perhaps he doesn’t plan to play it at all. Haha, Chronicle Key is my favorite song and I’ll listen to Hoshiyomi in my car today after seeing this.

        • Kai2591

          Haha yeah.
          Its also one of my favourite Hymmnos.

          EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/ might be appropriate for this news though~


      Epicness could never be more auditive

  • Kai2591

    Ultimate Infinite Unprecedented Overwhelming Happiness.

  • Guest

    I had plans to pre-order it this week. I see some articles saying that other places will have the premium other than NISA’s store, but they haven’t updated their information nor could I find anything about NISA saying it is true… Anyone know? I know the calendar set is exclusive for NISA, just not the premium.

    • Gamestop is charging the full $59.99, like they did for Rorona and Neptunia, so I am assuming it is the premium edition there too.

  • ZOMG that premium set! I will have it on day 1 baby, day 1!!!! And the calendar on the store, Ill just fork over the extra and get that set for it (Ar tonelico Qoga Cosmosphere Calendar Set). The 60 minute soundtrack is gonna be spectacular as well as that stunning artbook!!! March is gonna be phenomenal! Dude, I so can not wait!!!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Ha ha ha We had a leg-up on everyone here *snickers* Now to check my pre-order status *NISA is currently under going maintenance* NNOOOOO!!!! lol


      • Darkrise

        Not just that, help us to buy giving some of that infinite pockets of money for us to show more support!

  • Ereek

    Already pre-ordered the day it was announced.

    It seems NISA has a problem with their system, though, and I wasn’t taxed for the Calendar set.

    • They didnt charge taxes on any of my orders through the store. Are you sure they even charge taxes?

      • Ereek

        Absolutely positive they charge tax. I’ve been ordering from Rosenqueen and NISA America for years now and every single order was taxed in the past. My Neptunia order from just a few weeks ago was taxed as well.

        • Wow thats terrible! I was just charged the $59.99 for Neptunia (well when they put it on the account, it now vanished off).

        • Barrit

          If you live in the state the company is based out of or if that company has an office in your state, you get charged sales tax. You must be in CA, which is where they are based, so you get taxed. I didn’t have to pay sales tax on Neptunia or on AT that I just preordered on Friday, but that’s because I don’t live in CA.

          • Ereek

            Well yes, obviously.

            But my entire first post, and the reason I’m discussing this now, is because I didn’t get charged tax. Which means something is up with the NISA store. I should have been charged tax.

          • Barrit

            Oh duh, my bad. That’s what I get for skimming over the posts.

          • neo_firenze

            ^^ Barrit has it 100% correct.

            Sucks for me living in Washington, because Amazon is from here. So are Nintendo and Microsoft, meaning I pay tax on all XBLA/Wii points. Oh, and I pay 9.5% sales tax. At least we have no state income tax.

            I moved from California and that was bad too because there are lots of businesses there, and even if their headquarters isn’t in CA, a ton of companies have offices in the state.

          • Ereek

            I am aware he was correct, but I’ll just point you down to my post below. I’m actually complaining because I wasn’t charged tax. Which means something up, because I should have been.

      • Tax is charged by a state by a state basis in America. Some states charge tax for making online purchases. Others don’t.

        • Well thats unfortunate, Im glad that here in the Commonwealth of Virginia that we are not charged that tax. (5% sales tax in stores is killer!)

          • Ereek

            Only 5%? In California we’re at 8.25%.

            Which is why I almost always order games from Amazon, they don’t charge me tax. I only order from the NISA store because they have special editions.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ha we’re at 8.75% up where I live. So pretty much enjoy spending a dollar in tax for every $10 you spend :(

          • 5%? In Germany we pay 19% tax on pretty much everything…lol.

          • Zero_Destiny

            But aren’t you socialist so that goes to like welfare programs and health. I think. We don’t get that junk in America. Well we have welfare but that’s taken from our income and we don’t get healthcare that’s another issue. Being from a Canadian family, I know that’s why taxes are so high in Candida because of welfare and healthcare programs.


  • Xeahnort

    I can´t choose between buying this or Dragon Age II. so many good games coming in march

    • Neckbear

      Buy Ar Tonelico, of course.

      Or well, that’s what I’m doing. I think I learned my lesson after forcing myself to play through DA:O.

      • LOL Dude what are you talking about?! Dragon Age Origins is awesome!!!

        • Neckbear

          Sorry, but after playing through it I just thought “Never. Fucking. Again”. And this is coming from someone that got enjoyment out of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

          The goddamn, copy-pasted repetitive dungeons like the Deep Roads, the completly annoying Fade, and the repetitive filler in-between until you get to the Landsmeet were what killed the game for me.

          The ugly character models and bland writing didn’t help at all, either. And I would bitch about the DLC, as well, if I didn’t get the Ultimate edition.

          I beat the game with Alistair as king, and honestly, the game only was midly entertaining in the Landsmeet and the fight against the Darkspawn. Oh, and certain parts that were pretty good- as the encounter against the Broodmother and the curse on Nature and the Beast.

          It didn’t help that the characters were annoying or walking clichés (excluding Shale and Oghren), and the setting was basically “How to make a Fantasy Setting 101: Now with tons of blood”.

          Honestly, I enjoyed only SOME parts of the game, and those parts weren’t worth the hours of boredom I had to force myself through.

          • Ereek

            Dragon Age’s main problem is with pacing. The entire game has some horrible pacing with almost every main quest dragging on for about 2 hours too long. You mention the Fade and the Deep Roads, but I also find the whole Urn quest to be the most boring part of the game. I’d say the Nature of the Beast was about the perfect length. Not too short, not too long.

            DA2 appears to be more in the style of Mass Effect. Whether or not that’s a good thing is purely opinion. Reading your opinion here makes it seem like you’ll enjoy it more.
            Edit: There’s also a demo incoming for PS3 and 360. You might want to try that first.

            “How to make a Fantasy Setting 101: Now with tons of blood”.
            This adequately sums up my opinion of Dragon Age’s story and world. It’s basically “Writer’s first fantasy.” I’ve read the exact same story in countless books in the last 20 years, with the same character tropes and story elements.
            As for the blood, I always turn it off. It’s ridiculous.

            Despite my whining here, I did enjoy the game. I liked being able to choose my race and background. Playing as humans all day, every day gets boring after a while. Recently I always end up picking Elf Mage, though. . .

        • Guest

          I dun like that Hawke guy. Do I have to have a beard I dont like beards

    • Hraesvelgr

      Ar Tonelico will get killed in sales by DA2, so I’d say go with AT, as DA2 will be readily available in the future, with extra content for a lower price. And this is coming from someone with no interest in this game.

      • Well Im quite it was never up for consideration in the sales race anyway, as DA2 already had its massive preorder campaign for the exclusive Signature Edition. Electronic Arts is too big of a giant that it offers so many more exclusive for those that buy (special edition priced the same as the standard version, 10-20$ preorder bonus, etc).

        I guess one could wait months for the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age 2, but why wait so long for the sequel to the extremely lauded and highly received outstanding Western RPG of 2009?

        • Hraesvelgr

          True, but I was saying that releasing the game near higher-profile games could possibly hurt its sales. Games like Ar Tonelico need as few sales obstructions as they can get.

          • I dont know, the months February through May are packed with high profile titles so they couldnt escape it unfortunately. Though the benefit is, with more people in the stores, perhaps people who had never even knew about the game would see it on the shelf and pick it up?

      • Ereek

        You bring up an excellent point. DA2 will go down in price considerably 6 months in the future, while AT3 will stay at relatively the same price.

        • Well that is if AT3 could still be found months in the future.

          • I still see the premium of Atelier Rorona in my gamestop. I don’t think Marrieta is the kind of city into JRPGs, so I think ATQ is in good standing.

      • raymk

        Well it won’t kill it at all there’s just 2 different fan bases(even if they are both rpgs) at work here. Either people are going to get one are the other regardless or both. I’m getting both but coming out on the same day doesn’t really hurt this game. I doubt that MVC3 will hurt sales of neptunia either.

        • Hraesvelgr

          They are two different fanbases, for the most part, but it wouldn’t be the first time a bigger name title kept people from noticing a niche title.

    • Dude, lol what are you talking about?! You should have already ordered Dragon Age II for the Bioware Signature Edition that closed on 1/11/11. It had the soundtrack, DLC, etc for the standard price of the game. You should just get it and Ar Tonelico Qoga. The games are gonna be way too awesome to miss out on!!!

    • Support the JRPG’s coming to the west!!!!!!!!


    • Darkrise

      Dragon Age is good but it’s mainstream so it’s not going anywhere for a long time, plus it’s $59.99-$69.99. You might as well wait for another 6 months or sometihng and get Ar Tonelico 3 since it’s pretty much niche and it’ll be gone before you know it. Something like that happened to me for Trinity Universe; I was able to get a ps3 on christmas and went hunting in every store I knew that was close my and possible to get to and they were all gone and never resupplied. Thankfully, I found a final copy(used) in a very good condition for $25 at that.

      • I wanted to get the special version they had on the NISA store but it is always sold out when Im looking to buy a game (you know when one gets in those random moods to just get up and buy something, lol).

        I have never seen it in a store though.

  • No EU love? :(

    • *pat* *pat* :(

    • Yui

      When does anyone in the video game industry show us love? ;_;

      • double *pat* *pat* :(

        • Yui

          *leans on WildArms’ shoulder in tears*

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hey YOU!!! I know you can’t help it if girls are hitting you but would you tone it down a little, at least for your sake. Who knows what Aya would do to you if she found out about this lol

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Far as I can tell, she likes them groups, even ones of 80,000+. Question is how does WildA feel about having to share the wife with half the civilized world?

            And it certainly can be claimed Aya has a touch of interest for the girlies as well.

          • But, everyone is happy with a harem ending!, is it that bad!?

            (actually, i hate when an anime has a harem ending >_>)

          • There is nothing but confidence between Aya and me! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU TALKING TO, YO!?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Harem endings are fine if it’s the MC and 80,000 girls. But your wife and 80,000 suitors?

          • I took harem to a new level, muahahaha

          • Zero_Destiny

            There’s taking something to a new level and then there warping something so much that it’s no longer recognizable. You sir did the later. It’s no longer a Harem it’s like some High Octane Mega-super-Million Harem.

      • Is this our fate? Should we accept it?


        *runs towards the sunset with tears flowing down his cheeks*

        • Yui

          NO!!!! *cries uncontrollably*

          We need to find some millionaires and have them fund EU localizations, immediately!!!

          Do you know any millionaires?!

          • I’m just a lowly commoner ;___;

          • Yui

            Same. This is a saddening state of affairs. :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            If you;re looking for a millionaire than why not try to get a hold of Sawada in person. He has more money than anyone?

          • Yui

            I highly doubt he’d be willing to help me. Ashgail, maybe, but only if I…removed myself from the war effort. XD

          • Zero_Destiny

            And so the frontline has lost another brave warrior. Who will stand up and take his place in order to fight the tyranny that is Sawada’s wallet. *cries* Goodbye Yui you were only my nakama for a small time but it was unforgettable.

          • Yui

            Noooooooooooooooo! I was the lancer to your brave hero, the Barret Wallace to your invincible Cloud Strife! You can’t abandon me now, Zero, you simply can’t! I won’t allow this!! >:|

          • Zero_Destiny

            *whips tears from eyes* You’ll come back even though Sawada won’t support the EU because of it!!! I’ve found a true Nakama!!!!

          • Yui

            We’ll find a way without losing anybody, because that’s what a Nakama does!!! *sniffs*

      • M’iau M’iaut

        At least it can be easier to find US retailers willing to ship that direction. GAME is about the only reliable EU storefront who will ship to the US without having to use proxies.

        • Yui

          I’ve never had to ship in that direction, so I can’t comment on personal experiences, but American acquaintances have complained of that sort of thing to me before. Admittedly most European retailers don’t have a clue -they either dabble in games (CeX), are completely incompetent (GameStation) or both (Blockbuster).

          Still, GameStation are a subsidiary of GAME now. Do they not ship to the US?

    • Perhaps the love is that it is coming out in EU 1 week later. Be glad and rejoice dude!!!!

      • But the artbook…. The CD!! orz

        • Darkrise

          I’m sure there will be a LE for EU =) NISA is kind towards it’s niche audience unlike most companies nowadays.

  • Woo, I thought it was march 29th? Well that’s fantastic, I can play AT3 then go straight on to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky in a smorgasbord of amazing RPGs with beautiful music

  • Darkrise

    This… This… I’m so happy… That I can’t find the proper words… But what I do know is for the next 2 months… I’ll be probably be stuck in my room.d

  • CoolChibi

    Question: Do I have to play the previous games in order to understand this one?

    • I hope not, hopefully someone will be kind to answer the question. Though I will still get it anyway, I do not mind jumping midway in a series, a company wouldnt be contrived enough to release a game requiring people to play the previous ones, now would they?

    • Ereek


      1. Yes, it will help you considerably with the lore. If you don’t know what a “Beta Reyvateil” is and what their traits are compared to other types of Reyvateils (you’ll want to know the main 3 types) you’ll want to do some research before playing the game. If you don’t know what Hymnos are, how they work, and why only Reyvateils can sing them with power (though AT2 shows that anyone can sing them, just not with the effects), do more research.

      Did you know the game is science fiction? Admittedly, a rather unique form of Sci-Fi, but it’s more science-fiction than Fantasy. If not, do some research first. You can see an example of this by going to the official site, clicking “World,” and then checking out the world image.

      2. No. The story is told on its own, but there are references and returning characters. The lore is extremely important to understanding the world and its events, however.

      • All I got out of that was a big fat “YES!”, but thanks :)
        EDIT, i mean YES! as in you HAD to play them!

        No game should require extensive research to play, particularly if the story is not directly connected.

      • Is there anything in the game that even explains at least the background to people. I have difficulty believing that it is as complicated and intense in background as you make it seem that it is understandable to newcomers. Surely they werent like that knowing the first two games are literally out of print and that there are new people to the series…

        • Kamion

          It IS complicated but there’s an ingame encyclopedia which I found rather helpful after deciphering the moonrunes.

          Even if you haven’t played AT1 and 2, AT3 is a great game.

          You guys should really try to play AT2, though. It was, and is, the best of the series if we overlook the localization.

        • Ereek

          As I said, if you don’t know what those terms I used meant are, the story will seem a bit ridiculous to you and you likely won’t understand a lot of “Why” and “How.” As stated by Kamion, there is an in-game encyclopedia, but it isn’t as in-depth as it could be. If you haven’t played the games, you really should spend some time reading it.

          Or read my post down below that I have marked as spoilers from AT1 and AT2. That shows how some things will be both inconsistent and flat out “wrong” if you take them at face value.

    • Guest

      Ereek explains it well. I am sure new people to the series that likes these kind of games would enjoy it. I just think fans of the series will enjoy the charm for the third time and they wouldn’t need to research those little details unless they forgot about them.

      I’d say play through the first two because if you’re interested in this you would definitely be interested in the previous two. If the choice is between the third game or not playing the series at all I would say play it. I loved seeing references of the first game when I played the second, but I don’t think someone new could ever enjoy the third as someone that played the first two.

      • I played the first, but never got around to picking up the second. Still, I’ll definitely be picking this up.

    • I played the 2nd one before the 1st, you dont need to, but be sure that you will enjoy it more because there are cameo characters of the first game (and ive seen that there is a character that appears from the second one in this one too), is not really such a big deal at the end anyway, so dont worry. GET IT!

      • Ereek

        The difference between this and AT2 is that the third tower is completely seeped in lore from games 1 and 2. 1 and 2’s stories are relatively separate from one another while 3 puts everything together.

        Minor AT-in-general spoilers follow. They’re just things you’d know if you played AT1 and AT2. No AT3 spoilers are here.

        Let me copy a sentence that is integral to AT3 from the official website (something already stated in AT2):
        Clustania is a state that is ruled by elite Reyvateils, known as Pureblood Beta-type.

        The problem with just accepting this statement at face value is that it’s completely wrong in the context of the game. Betas aren’t “elite Reyvateils.” They’re held at a higher social status in Tower 3 because they’re artificially created clones of the tower administrators. That’s the entire definition of what a Beta is! The comment just assumes you know why Purebloods are different from the originals and Third Generations, as well as humans. Hell, it even assumes that you know that Reyvateils aren’t human at all.

        ~ End spoilers ~

        I stand by my point: It’s playable, sure, but you really, really should research the lore before playing. It will help your understanding of the world and characters immensely. And, in my opinion, the world is precisely what makes the Ar tonelico games worth playing.

        • Yes, i admit, i was kinda lost in AT2 at the beginning, i was like, uh? revy what? Arent they just girls? And well, it all started to make sense with the time. And when i played AT1, i felt more prepared, and they explained it a bit more in AT1 as well. You even start in the tower, in AT2 i didnt knew the tower was that important.

          But i am assuming that AT3 development team knew they might get a lot of new fans because of the “lack of rpgs” in the ps3, or maybe because is a new console and people try to look at new stuff, im hoping they made it easy at the beginning for people that just started to get into the world of ar tonelico.

          • Ereek

            I think what’s great about AT is that the world is so fresh and new and that it is overwhelming when you first start. I felt the same way when I played AT1 for the first time, I felt like I had no idea what I was getting into.

            If you play many Fantasy or Sci-Fi games you can generally make some assumptions about the Universe because you’ve seen them before in many forms. But Ar tonelico’s world is fresh. It’s not just “magical girls singing songs” or “humans saving the ‘world’ from a dangerous threat.” The “magical girls” aren’t really girls at all, but basically walking computers who are capable of having relationships (and children) with humans. The humans already destroyed the world once, they don’t really need to save it since it’s already dead and gone.

          • Exactly :D, i always felt Ar tonelico’s world is fresh. Another thing i like is that they not only put pretty girls there, they put complete human beings, capable of tricking you (im still hurt after what Luca did to Croix in AT2 ._.) or loving you in a very sick way, or caring more about their personal goals, etc, they dont just put a cute heroine that will follow you until the end of the world, and where you can also go into “their world” and know about their deeper feelings expressed and represented in infinites different ways.

            I love that realistic part of Ar Tonelico :D, i mean, is ok to play games with male MC where the heroine is a MUST, and they are always pretty simple caring, but in this ones it feels more real, after all, women (at least for me, as a man’s point of view) are really, really, complex human beings xD

            And of course, i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the music on this game, my earts are in the paradise everytime i play ar tonelico games

        • Again, have not seen a bigger warning sign to not play a game in my life than your posts. Just say “no, you MUST play the other two.”

          • Ereek

            A bit late, but nah, you can do it. It’s like starting the Elder Scrolls at Oblivion. You’ll be missing a lot of lore from the earlier games (Daggerfall had a ridiculous amount of lore), and you’ll likely have to read up a bit on it to fully understand it. If you started TES at Oblivion and played without reading up, either the books in-game or the TESwiki, all you would get is “Mehrunes Dagon is some evil guy who enjoys destruction.” You’d be missing 3/4 of the picture.

            Ar tonelico 3 does have an encyclopedia, and you’ll likely end up reading it when you get confused without it if you haven’t played the games in the past. Reading it will clarify as well as expand on conversations.
            If there’s anything you don’t understand, you’ll be able to read it in there right after a cutscene, but if you do this I’d probably recommend a second playthrough. During the second playthrough things will make more sense, since you’re used to the terminology.

            For example, read this page.
            The latter of which is something I would consider the main “must-have” knowledge. This is the type of information they throw at you right from the start.

            If any of the above terms are confusing to you, expect to be confused in-game until you read the encyclopedia, because they throw that information at you right from the start.

            I’m one of those people who likes to read up on worlds that I’m playing in while playing the game. And that’s completely possible to do if you read the in-game encyclopedia.
            If you don’t do that, the Ar tonelico world might not be for you.

          • As long as everything I need to understand the game can be found within the game itself, then ok, I agree, it’s possible to jump in here. And I’m now considering it again. Thanks Ereek!

          • Ereek

            Replying to your comment down below.
            Now, not to be a spoilsport, I realized that I would be lying if I said every single thing is in-game in the encyclopedia.

            The main thing you won’t find in-game are song translations. Since the songs are sung in an artificial language, it’s not as easy as knowing some Japanese to understand them. Hymnos is a surprisingly complex language, probably the most complex artificial language I’ve seen in gaming.

            If you want the translations of every song the women are singing, you will have to:
            1. Do some research on the Hymnos language at:
            2. Some songs have a translation on Youtube. Here’s Chronicle Key, what those two up there are saying.

            You can play and completely understand the game without knowing the translations of the songs. Knowing the translations does, however, enhance your experience as it adds depth to the characters. For example, in AT1 two girls sing different versions of the same Hymn, but because the hymns are based off of emotions, they come out completely different, musically and lyrically. One’s harsher, colder, telling her enemy, quite literally, to go to Hell. The other is softer, but still firm, saying she’s willing to forgive if you stop now, like a mother.
            Other songs give a bit into their personality. For example, in one song, one girl begs for her God to give her strength, while the other cries out for freedom that she’s been denied.

  • holyPaladin

    Nice I’m kinda waiting for this one :D

    Although I prefer Atelier series

  • March 15th. *Charges to gamestop*


    xA harr hLYUmLYUmOrO eje/.

    xA harr hUmmOrO eje ag dazua/.

    xA sorr kLYUvLYUr du qejyu/.

    xA sorr kUvUr du qejyu dn balduo/.

    xI rre fIrIlU hIlIsUsU ayulsa dazua/.

    xI rre cEzE fIrIlU hIlIsUsU ayulsa dazua, vega ouvyu giz sphaela/.

    xA harr nAtLYInO hymmnos/.

    xA sorr mLYOrArA du sphaela/.

    xO rre mLYOtOyOyO giz wOsLYI du giz/.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Still kind of bummed because of how similar the boxes look. The LE just doesn’t feel as special, but who cares. At least we get a lot of goodies and what not. Can’t wait for the game to come out, already pre-ordered it. heheheh

    • Neckbear

      Yeah, I know what you mean, although the boxart themselves still look pretty damn clean and good.

      I just hope they don’t re-use the same art for the manual and the disc, though. Many publishers have been doing that lately, although NISA had different artworks for the disc/manual/artbook of Rorona. I hope they do the same with Neptunia and Ar Tonelico. I don’t know, I love simple details like that.

  • now NISA has to bring over Atelier Totori next.

  • As soon as I understood that NISA would bring this over I started saving money for this title.

    Now it arrives earlier than I expected. Obviously I´ve already preordered it :)

    Can´t wait for it to arrive here at home. Only thought is how I will be able to finish Neptunia before this arrives…





    4 DAYS AFTER MY BDAY, FAIL D:! WELL, IT WOULD REACH ME 2 WEEKS LATER THOUGH, i hope my calendar arrives in good state… or i will kill people…

    • Zero_Destiny

      You sir are just like your wife Aya, with Killing people and all lol

      • I would start diving into people´s body and making them explode, and i would make Aya do the same, double killz.

    • With the “fanboy roar” right?

  • PrinceHeir

    this Hyperdimension Neptunia oh man :)

    hopefully NIS localizes Totori still haven’t bought rorona though :(

    • im waiting for rorona to reach me D: already brought it, and already pre ordered neptunia and ar tonelico 3 *_* i feel poor but happy

      • PrinceHeir

        damn it Wild Arms soo lucky :P

        you should watch your back, Aya might be watching you as you open this games X_X

        • Aya will sit next to me while i play >83 envious?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes very envious, all I have to sit next to me while I play is a slime plushie. *stares at plushie and smiles* You know what I take it back I’m happy with this little guy. lol

          • Darkrise

            I have a Suigintou cushion from Rozen Maiden to be next to me when I play it. lol =P

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ellis, Haruhi, Nia and the girls from Kohime Muso plus a snowshoe siamese who always finds space. When Victorique-san plays its a damn paaartaay!

  • im preordering it now lol.

  • TyeTheCzar

    “His hand is inside her!”

  • HarryHodd

    I have an unhealthy amount of hype for this game. I know I’ll love it though.

  • goronyan

    first they cover neptune’s boobs with her hands and now they turn Finnel backwards lol lol lol

  • Guess I’ll be importing Ar Tonelico Qoga afterall even though it’s coming out in the UK 10 days after. I want my premium box just like I did with the previous two Ar Tonelico game unless koei can bring the premium edition here which would be really nice.

    • Are you getting it from the rosenqueen store?

      • The premium box would cost me £48 including shipping. $17 is alot for a shipping that would take over 2 weeks. I’m going to try and see if I can get axelmusic to sell the premium box since their shipping cost is cheaper and there’s a slight chance that I could come across a free shipping code. Rosenqueen is pretty much now nisa america store.

        If any of this isn’t possible then I guess I’ll go ravage my room for the remaining £16 (price different from shopto and nisa america) or just simply buy the koei release because I could get myself a gundam model or a figure with the price difference. Nisa should seriously start publishing their own game in europe as well as Atlus.

        I is REALLY SAD!

        • I IS REALLY SAD TOO, NYAAA. Guess I’ll just settle down with the koei release. I still have several purchases to make that month anyways orz

          I second that statement. Nisa and Atlus, hear us!

        • It takes the same time for me to reach the game, and im on the same continent ._.

          • delivery been slowing down lately. I usually get my stuff about 3 working days and now it takes an entire week. This is just if i was to buy stuff in the UK.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Ugh, reminds me that I’ve yet to complete Ar Tonelico 2… so many games, so little time. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this one at some point.

  • Roanoke834

    Had to order the Purge Party Calender edition XD With a title like that how could anyone NOT order it? Seems kinda like the sort of calender you don’t want anyone seeing though….

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Which is why I shouldn’t have, but did buy two. One for the wall and one to keep sealed……not for the ceiling you sick minds!

  • Can anyone tell me if they feel you would have had to play the previous games in this series to really get this one? Also, which number in the series would this be? Seems a bit confusing…

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