Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection Arrives In The West This April [Update]

By Spencer . February 1, 2011 . 8:56am

48602Square Enix confirmed Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection for the West. The PSP remake of Final Fantasy IV has been upgraded with detailed sprite work, similar to the art in the 20th anniversary Final Fantasy remakes.


Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection includes Final Fantasy IV and the direct to mobile phone sequel Final Fantasy IV: The After Years plus a new storyline linking the two games.


Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will launch in Japan on March 24. Europe gets to fight the Magus Sisters again just a few weeks later on April 19. While we don’t have a release date for North America, we’re sure an announcement is coming.


Update: Not quite a North American announcement, but Amazon is taking pre-orders for Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection. The online mega-retailer is selling the game for $29.99 and says its coming here on April 19. Thanks for the tip Denpa no Sekai!




Update 2: It’s official, Square Enix USA confirmed the April 19 release date for North America.

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  • Ereek

    How many copies of this game do I own now?

    Still, I’ve yet to play TAY, so this is fine with me.

  • Nice, can’t wait, looks like the definitive version of FFIV…unless they bring this over to XBLA/PSN with HD sprites

    • LastFootnote

      In my opinion, for it to be the definitive version it has to include all of the additions that the GBA version had, including the two optional dungeons and the ability to switch up your party at the end of the game.

      I’m really hoping this is the case.

  • Yukito

    Awesome….with the exception that I played this game 500 times already on many other consoles. Sorry Square Enix, you aren’t going to keep catching me on remake central, especially with the same games over and over and over again.

    The way I see it, you guys seem to keep making them, so does that mean you are proud of these remake sales?…..Well, if they are selling, do something new like them for a change. It isn’t hard.

  • SigmenddArthur

    And once again, we won’t be getting the artbook and soundtrack that Japan and Europe will get…

    JESUS I’m REALLY starting to hate Square Enix USA. Douchebags is putting it lightly…

  • Wow, that’s quick. If they could have this kind of effort in localising 13-2 and Type-0, that’s even better! However, this has been re-released several times, so they just need to alter a bit of text and whatnot… Hmm

  • Square I’ll buy this on one condition, that you’ll announce a remake of Final Fantasy VI.

    • lol don’t be surprised if they continue the remakes with FFV & VI on 3DS like they did with IV & III on DS…

      • Zero_Destiny

        That would be great. Loved those remakes. Just hope SE doesn’t butcher FFVI it’s their best work. If they take one thing out or put one stupid uneeded thing in I’ll be up in arms!!! Argh, I’m watching SE, you better be careful and treat the remake right.

  • Saraneth

    Why would anyone want to play this when they could play the 3d version on the ds?

    • Sexy 2D sprites > fug 3D models

    • Because some of us like 2D sprites better than 3D .

      • Saraneth

        It’s not like 2d sprites are bad – I love the Disgaea games – but Final Fantasy IV ds just looked better than this, which is odd since it’s a ds game.

        • Ladius

          Yours is a subjective statement, I think FF4CC is far more beautiful than FF4DS with its cheap 3d graphics. Of course everyone has his own tastes, so I don’t presume to have any absolute truth either :P

          • FFIV & III on DS where well made remakes I don’t see the problem honestly the 3D graphics didn’t take away from the game but that’s just me…

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’ll respect your love for 2D (truly it is a great thing) but I personally I liked the FFIII and FFIV DS remakes. And I loved the graphics they felt like the graphics in Final Fantasy IX, which was great. I think Matrix Software did those remakes justice.

        • runesong

          I would debate that point as well. The low-res super-deformed 3d models of the DS version didn’t do anything for me at all. I disliked the FF3 remake for the same reason.

          Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the idea of a 3D remake of a classic FF game, I just want it on better hardware. And if I can’t have that,
          then higher resolution sprites is a great alternative.

          • Guest

            Square is capable of good 3D graphics on the DS just look at the latest KH game or DQ IX.

          • runesong

            Well said cow x3, Those are indeed excellent examples. I do love me some DQ9.

            Unfortunately FF3 and FF4 are *not* good examples. :)

          • I agree, theres also something about sprites that is just timeless. Looking back at FFIV SNES the graphics are still good looking and the characters look beautiful, zoom foreward to any of the ps1 rpgs such as Wild Arms 1 (disclaimer:love that game) and the 3d graphics are starting to show their age.

          • runesong

            Indeed. And the higher resolution spites used in the FF1&2 remakes are beautiful, so this is a dream come true.

            While I can appreciate a beautiful 3D remake, or even a transition in a series from 2D to 3D (Atelier Rorona is a great example), I do love me some sprites.

            It’s a good thing we still have games like the Disgaea (and this wonderful FF3 remake) to scratch that itch! :)

          • That is another reason i loved wild arms 2 more (sadly the battles were 3D) The sprites were just so, soooooo great, but i admit, wildarms 3 and it’s watercolor 3D style was just as great

        • Bakuryukun

          Final Fantasy IV DS didn’t look better at all imo, I played through that whole game and I liked it and all, but I like the sprites way more.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I think so too. Final Fantasy IV/III had that nice chibi-ish 3D look to it like Final Fantasy IX it made my 5th or so time I played FFIV (and my 2nd time for FFIII) a lot more fun and re-memorable. Plus it looked like it took Matrix Software a lot of time and effort to make the games in 3D. Unlike this game. No offense but it looked liked they just crammed this one out in a couple of months. Plus the new sprites remind of the God Awful RPG-Maker graphics. Ugh It looks cheap. The older sprites looked better than that lol. But that’s just me personally. I LOVE 2D, if I could have it my way I’d say screw 3D!!! But there’s nothing wrong with changing things up and actually trying to make something that’s both faithful to the original and still it’s own thing. I really feel like there’s a lot of uncalled for hate on Final Fantasy III DS and Final Fantasy IV DS. Whiners who played the old games and think “They changed it and now it sucks” and new fanboys who only care for HD graphics and cutscenes and would of never of touched the game if it wasn’t for those “Fugly Remakes”. Argh Rant over sorry if I PO’d anyone but really? Why all the hate? God Forbid companies actually try.

      • alundra311

        2D for the win. :D

    • Yeah sprites look way better than 3D. Have a look at Chrono Trigger SNES version that game still looks so good every time I enter the Kingdom of Zeal it makes wish that games these days some time lack that kind of scenery and is in my opinion one of those few games that have aged gracefully.

      • Saraneth

        In general, yes. But in this case every screenshot just looks less colorful than the ds version of the game.

      • Yeah, at least for these games, wish they would just keep them in 2D, which looks totally fine, especially when enhanced like this PSP game. 3D doesn’t add anything to the game unless the game is designed around 3D and obviously the DS is a horrible choice when it comes to remaking a game in 3D.

      • Guest

        No they dont. Sprites is good on the NES/SNES when the hardware limits it.
        Good 2D is something like Princess Crown or Odin Sphere. You know actual advancement in 2D. Or any top level 2D fighting game.

        • Code

          “Good 2D is something like Princess Crown or Odin Sphere.”

          If you enjoy puppetry over animation >w<'

          • Guest

            LOL as if 2D midget sprites = animation. Learn what animation is. I could also list SF Third Strike, Garou Mark of the Wolves, KoF XIII, and modern SRW game. Does that work for you?

          • Code

            Oh I’m a trained animator >w<; I know very well what it is, don’t assume I was arguing for FFIV:CC, I was rather pointing out both Princess Crown and Odin Sphere might look nice, but the animation is still rather weak (although if your going to get into tween animation it doesn’t get better then Odin Sphere >ww<'

    • Yamaneko22

      Because this version looks prettier and has additional chapters?

      • Joanna

        Yeah, this. That’s why I’m getting it and if I’m not mistaken this package is cheaper than just the After Years on WiiWare.

    • I like 3D graphics as much as I like 2D sprites. That being said, FFIV DS’s graphics wasn’t good enough for me. For a landmark FF game like FFIV, if you’re going to do a 3D remake, do it with full 3D graphics, or at least Crisis Core level graphics, not that chibi stuff.
      But, updated 2D sprites will be just fine ^^

  • Is this the same FF as the DS FF4 release? or was this a different number in Japan? If it is, why are they putting out 4 again? And again, where is the FF3 PSP remake, my shelf is going to be looking wierd, lol.

    • Mine has missing enteries ever since the Ps1 era XD , goes I , II to IV and V , seems Psp is gonna be the same -_-.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Sad but true, so many gaps. We finally have all the games in the US but they don’t match up because of all the different systems there on. :(

  • Yay, playing it for the umpteenth time. This time with the hack “let’s make an osm spoiler at the end” that came off the burner of nearly all JRPG titles.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes all we need is a FFV and FFVI complete collection and whole 2D FF games are now completely enhanced :)

    for those who don’t want to play the newer one’s and want to relieve the old days of FF games, this is your chance :P

    • Exactly…IMO #4 has been whored out enough…BRING ON 5 & 6….and maybe a hi-res version of 3 ;) (sorry the DS polys for 3 & 4 just don’t do it for me).

      • Guest

        No I want a 3D FF V & FF VI on either 3DS or NGP using full size 3D character models that look better than Dissidia and Crisis Core character models. Not HD sprites, not bobble head DS 3D graphics. Otherwise we already have FF V & FF VI on GBA which I can still play on the DS anyway

        • Except V, and VI (GBA) are pretty much ports with added content…art is by in large untouched. I actually really like the look they went for in the psp FF I, and II. IMO it would be pretty sweet for V, and VI.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Remake Final Fantasy V, VI, and VII for the 3DS!!!! hehehe And VI better still have Ultros in it!!!! I don’t care how ridiculous a giant squid who harasses your party would look in 3D!!!!!

      • Exkaiser

        Why would they take out a recurring character like Ultros in a remake…?

    • You mean like FFV and VI on the same UMD? Genius!

  • So many Square Enix games for PSP >.< How am I going to get all of them O.o

    Tactics Ogre's already coming in and I'm definitely getting Dissidia Duodecim… But now this coming in April… GAHHHH.

    • Dude, all of their games are budget priced, better grab them while they are hot, the savings on all of them essentially equate to a free game, if I counted them up right, awesome, I know!!!

  • Yipee~~!!!! At last! I heard news about it! Can’t wait to play the game!!! I love you SE~! XD

    But I see no pre-orders in Amazon uk?

  • Hope it isn’t really April. I would still be playing Patapon 3 (if it does come out in March), Gods Eater Burst, and Dissidia 012.

  • Guest

    You know what was a 2D RPG with good sprites? Samurai Showdown RPG for PS1.

  • FFIV was the first FF game I played if we’re ignoring Mystic Quest, so definitely some nostalgia for this game. My roommate got the DS remake and the 3D was OK, but I’ll definitely pick up CC to add this game to my collection.

    If for nothing else, then to once again enjoy the line “YOU SPOONY BARD!”

  • bet anyone that the limited edition in europe is a art book and some crappy post card.

  • and confirmation on the Limted edition coming here?

  • FFIV was already remade on DS i’m kinda surprised they didn’t release a complete package on that system as well…

  • Hours

    Very happy that it’s finally confirmed. FFIV is one of my all time favorites and this version seems to be the definitive one. (I want to know more about the linking scenario. It sounds quite interesting.)

    Now I hope Final Fantasy III, V & VI get the same treatment next. I’d love to have all the main 2D FFs in this style.

  • No UK release date I see :( :(

  • Already preordered and all :D Can’t wait

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well it looks like I have to buy Final Fantasy IV for the . . . *thinks* What is it now? Hhmmm, the remake on the DS, the GBA enhanced port, the psone port, the VC download, the original Super NES version because I came across it real cheap at a garage sale. Oh yes, I got it now for the 6th time. That sounds about right. Well I’m glad I never got around to getting the Wiiware version of FFIV the After Years at least this way I can save some money (I think you’ll spend like $37 if you download all the episodes of it lame XD). Plus classic SE of America move with the changing of the boxart. Not sure what I think of it. It has Amano’s awesome art but I really did dig Amano’s color art of the Japanese version.

  • The first time I played FF4 was the DS remake, and I could not get into the game at all. After a while, the difficulty seemed got a huge jump, and I just didn’t find the story all that interesting. The graphics made the experience worse.

    I might give this a second shot though. Everyone I talked to thought it was strange that I disliked it. I’ll pick this up when it’s a wee bit cheaper. I shouldn’t be buying any games at all right now.

  • mikedo2007

    Nice, look like I don’t have to wait that long for this game to come to the US.

  • That’s some bland case artwork….please color or something.

    And YESH! I get to kick Zeromas’s ass on the PSP! AND I get to play The After Years without having to plug up my Wii!

  • Yay! Now I can play Final Fantasy IV and The After Years all on one system! Now all we need is V, VI and III. and the 2D collection will be complete!

  • Joanna

    I was going to get After Years on WiiWare, but this is definitely the better deal, so I’ll just pick this up even though I already have FFIV.

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