Foot-Tap To A Shmusicup Boss Battle Video

By Ishaan . February 1, 2011 . 4:02pm


We haven’t written about Tzai Entertainment’s music-powered Shmusicup in a while. Here’s some Arachnid boss footage to change that. As you might recall, Shmusicup is a PC indie game that determines bullet patterns based on your music playlist.


Shmusicup lets you choose from enemies of various difficulty levels to fight against, so you can still listen to, say, fast metal, and not have the game turn too hard. Conversely, you could also choose to make the game harder while playing slower music to affect bullet patterns.

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  • I think the ground is a bit plain and the sidebar has too much movement which makes it distracting.

  • Am I the only one to think this a little too easy for a shmup? What’s the word on this thing running against something like speedcore?

    • Yeah, neat idea but kinda defeats the purpose

  • I want to be excited for it, but the song in the video, while nice, was way too mellow. One interesting thing I noticed was that, around the middle when the song gets really slow and quiet, the boss stopped shooting, then when it kicked back up, he started letting a barrage of bullets loose. That’s the kind of “Musicality” I can appreciate.

  • nyobzoo

    I would like to see this game using a song by DragonForce

    • Testsubject909

      Metal in general would hopefully boost the difficulty up?

      Hmm… no, I believe the best idea is to have the ability to choose one’s difficulty and in turn the bullet patterns generated by the music would be more intense or less so.


      Side note (to self). I should read the entire article rather then read half of it and view the video before going into the Comments section.

  • Not really seeing the musical influence on the bullets tbh, disapointing

    • Testsubject909

      Know what I found a bit disappointing? The sound effects.

      The end explosion had little impact and the power up grab “ping” was rather… underwhelming and a bit too loud.. Actually, it could be a bit too overwhelming and not subtle enough so to not really be so blunt.

      Also, if the boss remains alive all the way to the end, it kind of feels like it defeats the purpose here in a way and makes it so that shooting matters little to Nothing at all…

      Either put the song on loop, let the players make a playlist which in turn generates not only the boss but also little enemies while you make your way too the boss, or the enemies swarm while you’re fighting the boss, and make it more in a Warning Forever style game where after one boss is defeated, another pops up to catch up where the last one didn’t and continue until song ends or you end if you choose to put the song on loop or had a playlist…

      I hope, seriously hope, this was just one ‘feature’ amongst many others and wasn’t the core meat of the game. If so, I am disappoint.

  • Suicunesol

    That’s a pretty ingenious idea.

    • Testsubject909

      Kind of is, Though the PS3 has Everyday Shooter which is more of an arena music shmup, and Space Invaders Infinity Gene (I think that’s the name) also has a Music mode which works similarily to this. Albeit the action seems a bit more chaotic then it is constructed compared to this one.

  • My cup is full of schoomishiness.

  • Ladius

    Really nice, thanks for the video :)

  • I see they didn’t make the animation any better, seriously you have a detailed character ship, make her move D:

  • Wow…this is the least intimidating boss music they could’ve possibly picked for this. In fact, it seems, as others have said, really easy, because the music is really slow. If you put on, say, “Reign in Blood”-era Slayer or an early Carcass album, would it create a better difficulty?

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