Armored Core 5 Assaults U.S. And Europe In Early 2012

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 1:35pm

Namco Bandai’s second game, to be published in partnership with From Software, is Amored Core V. Like Dark Souls, it’s been a while since we heard details on the game, so let’s get caught up before we admire the screens Namco sent out to the press.


Armored Core V is primarily focused on online multiplayer battles. The game emphasizes forming teams with other players and trying to capture enemy bases. From Software are adding a range of improvements to Armored Core V’s online multiplayer feature set. For instance, it’s possible for someone to log into the game in the middle of an ongoing multiplayer game and chat with his teammates while he waits for the match to end.


While teamplay is the core focus of Armored Core V, singleplayer mode is available, too. However, the game’s multiplayer focus can be felt here as well — the online game extends over into ACV’s solo mode. Even if all players of a team go offline, the battle will continue in singleplayer mode.


The goal, From say, is to create an online multiplayer experience that’s easy to participate in. Goals are set in a step-wise fashion, and there are no weapons that are too over-powered in the game. More important than skill is the ability to cooperate, allot jobs and form a strategy.


Armored Core V will also feature an increase in the number of parts to upgrade your mechs with that you get at the start of the game. While Japan gets Armored Core V this year, Namco Bandai are publishing it in the U.S and Europe in early 2012.


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  • Sounds like a step backwards from the awesome For Answer, should be cool if you like online gaming

  • PrinceHeir

    the interface looks so futuristic :)

    badass game is badass :)

  • zhemos

    Not making an article about this? :P

    • Yui

      Literally just heard this about ten seconds ago. The best announcement of 2011 so far? I say so! Thank you for providing the link to the site. =D

    • SolidusSnake

      Tales fans are so impatient :p

    • I’m thanking God now. brb

      and you too, zhemos :D

    • Wow what does that have to do with this. Either ways, Armored Core series > Tales series

      • SolidusSnake

        Sho nuff

      • Yui

        You’re right about that – this isn’t a Tales article. Sorry. :(
        On topic – looking forward to AC5! Not really a single-player fan, but multiplayer is immensely fun whenever I’ve played it before. :D

    • Maybe waiting for a press release or systems etc?

    • Huh, makes me wonder, does does Wii do 480p? If so I have going to have to get the cables for this. If it is PS3, I guess I have to wait until I find another deal on the PS3. Hopefully this time the place that has the deal will keep good on it.

      Damn you Target.

  • badmoogle

    Damn the visuals look so much improved from the last two games!From Software is on fire!

    • kupomogli

      While it would be nice, I’m sure all of those images except for the mission select ones are from CG video.

      • For in-game graphics, they look awesome.
        If those are from pre-rendered video though, God help From Software as that looks TERRIBLE from CG.

        I mean, just take a look at the images where they are parachuting.

        And the garage looks too Chromehound-y to be CG.

      • badmoogle

        I think these are in-game graphics taken from a cutscene.From Software’s CG cutscenes are instantly recognizable because they are so good that they look out of this world.:)Seriously,personally i think their CG artists are even better than those of Square Enix…

  • So 2012 is awfully far away!!! I hope they meant 2011, lol. Though I wonder, what of Single Player?

    • Not going to say day 1 baby? I sir is surprise.

      • When I first read this it seemed like a completely multiplayer experience, but I just reread it and it says,

        “While teamplay is the core focus of Armored Core V, singleplayer mode is available, too. However, the game’s multiplayer focus can be felt here as well — the online game extends over into ACV’s solo mode. Even if all players of a team go offline, the battle will continue in singleplayer mode.”

        which kind of confuses, me, so I cant commit to Day 1 until I have understanding

        • I’ll help you on that department.

          Through past Armored Core games, the single player campaign is basically mission selecting. There are many branching missions that lead to different ones, but before Nexus, each game had a single ending. My memory is thick on what the PS1 games were like though. “Armored Core for Answer” also had a branching storyline with different endings (with an ex-Armored Core pilot as your operator. har har :D). Here’s the most note worthy. lol

          From what I hear, the story is suppose to be more direct and realistic in AC5.

          So like I said, try out either AC4 or ACforAnswer.

          • kupomogli

            All AC games up to AC3 had no branching storyline. While certain missions you could only play one of two, you could always make them up at the end.

  • glemtvapen

    This is fracking awesome. Looks like the mechs now have forgone the usual anime-ish design and look more like realistic military-grade weapons.

  • yus, i wanna play it nao!

    • Hey, uuuuuh….Rumia…..your hype face is showing. :)

  • mikanko

    One less game from my 2011 list I’ll have to purchase this year. Must save monies ><

    The online sounds a lot like chromehounds, and has potential to be my played online game next year.

  • godmars

    The one thing that would make this perfect would be terrain damage. Being able to shoot though buildings or gouge into concrete.

  • If From Software wants to release the game early 2011, why plan an overseas release in 2012? Granted, I still want them to spend as much time as possible to make this game good.

  • kupomogli

    I need some friends who play Armored Core.


    Oh yeah. Who wants to bet that Armored Core 5 will have something from the Gundam universe downloadable or otherwise. I’m hoping for Zaku 2 parts as I like the Principality of Zeon more than the Earth Federation.

    I hope there’s nothing other than the Universal Century in there. I don’t want any Seed, Wing, or G Gundams tainting my Armored Core.

  • Exkaiser

    Man, I can’t help but drool over this gen of ACs. So chunky and dangerous-looking. They’ve got a really walking armory feel.

  • Lets hope its not as laggy as ACFA ._.; … Any one still plays it ? It´s been a while since i had a match there :P

  • Teamwork? Screw that I’m going to be the Leeroy Jenkins of the team and bumrush the enemey :D

  • Fredrik

    I don’t really like this.

    When I play a game I want a strong singleplayer campaign, but there’s no chance of this game having that when the singleplayer just is just the same as multiplayer, but crippled. Too bad, the rest seems like really good improvements from the past games (for example, I’m much more fond of this city enviroment than the wasteland found in the past games).

  • I always been interested in Armored Core and love the PSN demo but couldn’t quite make the jump. ACV (or AC5?) looks RAD though! Might pick AC4, so to prepare myself. So many games, so little time!

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