Tales of Graces F Officially Announced For U.S. Release

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 2:20pm

Well, it’s official. Tales of Graces F is headed to North America. Namco Bandai haven’t announced platform or release details for the game yet. No other Tales games have been announced for release at this time either. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  • Yamaneko22

    Yay:D Europe hopefully too… Later…

    • Yui

      Amen to that! It’s time for BamCo to become Big Damn Heroes and save Europe from its dearth of good current-gen JRPGs. :D

    • WonderSteve

      You can always import no?

      • Oni123

        its just not the same T.T import is last resort

  • malek86

    It says it’s for PS3, I think.

    Anyway, this calls for a victory dance:


  • WOOT WOOT ZOHMG Phenomenal news!!!! Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!! I hope it release this spring with day 1 DLC being the Code Geass costumes! Even if the costumes dont come Im already gonna delight in the game, and if they came after release, well I would surely replay the whole game with them (if thats how they work). So excite right now!!!!

    • can you explain whats “Day 1”?

      • Barrit

        I think he means Tales of Graces F was Namco’s Day 1 puzzle.

        • MarkMario

          No, he Day 1’s everything ._.

        • Darkrise

          He loves to say Day 1 for everygame he wants to buy, meaning everything will be bought on the first day it is released.

          • MizuMikomi

            His wallet is apparently a never ending abyss, that if you even dare to look within it you will get drawn in with no hopes of escape or survival.

            Drowning in money… not a bad way to die.

          • drowning in a sea of females isn’t so bad either. Don’t know why I said that. He remind me of a person on youtube called prime92 who happens to have the money to buy all the gundam models.

          • kupomogli

            Kaishou sort of beat me to it. I wouldn’t mind drowning in a sea of females. It doesn’t even have to be a sea of females. I’d die happy if I was to be suffocated by some large breasts.

          • DanteJones

            You know, if we look at this from another angle, since he owns a black hole that generates money he should be able to buy us ALL a copy! Right? :D

      • thebanditking

        “Day 1” is what most on the internet use to say that they will buy a game the day it comes out.

    • Saraneth

      I’m intrigued by the Code Geass uniforms too. This is really nice. I wouldn’t even mind Namco waiting a few years to release Tales games if it continues to release the extended versions.

      • malek86

        Wouldn’t it be better if they stopped releasing incomplete versions instead? :P

        • Wouldn’t be better if they stop adding stupid costumes to make Code Geass tards happy?

          • Saraneth

            Well, it’s not like the costumes are the only things added, so you don’t really have any good reason to complain.

          • Zero_Destiny

            They added DLC costumes, an additional story arc which takes place six months after the end of the original story, new story scenes within the original story, improved high definition graphics, new game secrets, and new Blast Calibers. Truly Namco are just lazy Jerks only seeking to make Geass fans happy. :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I don’t like to be called an idiot. I have 3.5 GPA. I like to think I’m pretty smart (and I also like to brag about it lol). Now [email protected] I’ll understand that, because lord knows I am. Anyways no one said you have to dress your charas as the charas from Geass. Besides there’s some really cool other costumes like how you can dress your charas up as other charas from other Tales games. [http://www.siliconera.com/2011/01/12/dress-the-tales-of-graces-f-cast-in-other-tales-costumes/] That’s the one I’m really interested in. Looks awesome. And even if you don’t like the idea of your charas wearing clothes from shows you don’t like it’s all harmless fun so it’s nothing to be upset about. Besides if it means Code Geass fans pay the company that makes the games you like more money how can you complain. It’s a win-win.

          • Caligula

            No offense, but giving us your GPA really wasn’t that necessary…

          • @Caligula shouldnt we pleasantly congratulate someone for the GPA?

          • ur GPA just meant that u tried lol and im pretty sure some handicap kid can get a better GPA just saying

          • SigmenddArthur

            Hate to break it to ya, but your GPA isn’t worth a damn in the real world. It’s just an excuse for college suits to stroke themselves.

            If you screw up on the job, and you use your GPA as an excuse, you’ll not only get fired, but you’ll be blacklisted as well.

    • alastor3

      WHY OF WHY there aren’t even gurren lagann costume it sadden me omg it’s epic namco announcing another Tales after 3 years! hope that mean’s Xilia and fucking .HACK//LINK

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’m more interested in the Other Tales series costume DLC than the Geass. :P I want to dress these charas up as other Tales protagonist!!! And Sawada I may be coping you but I don’t care!!! Day 1, baby, Day 1!!!!!! And I’m buying at least 2 or 3 copies of them. heheheheheh Need to show Namco I mean business. (even if it means even more poverty for me.)

  • ^_^



    Aaaaaahhh I'm too excited I can't sleep

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    The beginning of Bandamco’s redemption =P

    Great, great news.

    • doubletaco

      Only until they launch a non-existent marketing campaign and couple it with a terrible release date and wonder why it doesn’t sell well.

      Then we’ll be lucky to ever hear about an English Tales game again.

      • Darkrise

        Well assuming that they market it smartly like releasing it on a date without any games that are “highly anticipated” that can overshadow and also ADVERTISE! on both internet and tv.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Well, they still haven’t announced a release window, so let’s see how it goes.

        Maybe it would help if Bandamco didn’t have insane sales expectations and plan their marketing budget accordingly.

        I mean, it’s “only” an RPG. Marketing can only take them so far in terms of reaching a wider audience.

      • They’ll release it this March as well. Now, they’ll laugh as your wallet cries while pretending to ponder why the game didn’t sell well.

        • Zero_Destiny

          My greatest dream has now become a nightmare!!!! NNoooooo!!!! lol

        • Dude, I hope youre onto something! March would be epic!!! So many games and this game to top the cake!!!

      • Exkaiser

        As if a marketing campaign will really bring in any sales.

        Anyone who was going to buy it has already been paying attention to their antics. It’s not the kind of thing that’s got wide appeal that a lot of marketing is going to help its sales. Word of mouth is really more important.

        • Really? If they would commit to special offers for preordering, free DLC codes, vigorous commercial campaigns and ads on websites, then they could maybe replicate the high western sales that they experience with Ben 10, Naruto, and DBZ games…, ie, titles that met or exceeded worldwide expectations. I think its more of an issue as people dont know what the series entails.

          • Exkaiser

            With all that, they’d be spending more money than they’d make with the extra sales they’d bring in…

          • Its a strategy that works with Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai seems committed to trying to become a top publishers…so they gotta spend money to make money.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Gotta agree with Sawada again. Nintendo took the initiative and spent some good money on ads (with a celebrity), sponsoring events, and going to cons. And it’s done wonders for Dragon Quest. I can see it helping Tales just as well. Even if they just do online ads/magazine ads and offer some DLC as a pre-order bonus. I think it would help.

          • @Tsuna

            You play Dungeon Fighter, don’t you? lol

          • malek86

            “Its a strategy that works with Electronic Arts”

            Looking at their latest financials, it seems it’s not working out too well for them either.

          • @malek86 what do you mean? it always works for them, unlike ACTVN which has just three main series Cod, and the Blizzard titles making money), EA consistently rules the years with the most number of million selling games, so on a title by title basis their strategy works.

          • You’re mentioning a lot of titles that already have animes with a following.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Marketing has done wonders for Dragon Quest in the US/Euro. Not only that but I also have to agree with Sawada even just offering some DLC as a pre-order would surely increase day-1 purchases.

        • Draparde

          Believe it or not, but i actually run into alot of people who have played, loved a previous tales game, but either have no idea “tales” is a series or didint know about the new ones.

        • Still doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to market the game hard as it will help sales no matter what its pretty much been proven before that marketing does help make games sell…

      • I already expect all of that and feel that it’s our responsibility to make sure this sells. Don’t rent it. Buy it again if you already imported. Buy it as a gift. Point out the multiplayer to people who care about that sort of thing. Don’t buy it used. And above all, spread the word.

    • kupomogli

      The beginning of the end. Because we’re not going to see another Tales game anytime soon.

  • hell yes!!

    and “th TOV logo was to confuse and keep ppl guessing” according to Rich…

    but dam… TOGF!! i can already smell it!

    • Croix

      In other words, he’s not allowed to confirm anything yet. He said it was a massively warped Graces logo, but let’s not kid ourselves, the underline, the V, the big star symbol, it’s all visible, and if there really wasn’t something going on with this game, then he really would have used a warped Graces logo. That, or there is some major trolling going on.

      • That is some pretty extreme warping, though he must have spent hours trying to get it to look like Vesperia.

        • Croix

          Especially going so far as to include the purple underline from the Vesperia logo with the katakana title *still visible in said underline*. Seriously, my joy for Graces will last at least a straight year, but if the Vesperia tease really is just a troll, I’ll cry anytime no one is looking during that year.

          • Exkaiser

            I can’t comprehend why anyone cares about Vesperia that much.

            It’s seriously not that great of a game, even for the series.

      • PurpleDoom

        And if it’s a massively warped Graces logo made to look just like the Vesperia logo, it’s technically the Vesperia logo. Methinks he was just talking about the Graces f logo that was in the background since the website was launched (after all, it’s pretty tough to make Pac-Man ghosts out of warped Graces f logos.)

    • thebanditking

      Using Tales logos to confuse people of a Tales release. Combined that’s a tease, a letdown and a “win” all in one. Reminding fans what they have missed while telling them what they get…..Namco logic at its finest

  • I just did a dance. I have tremendous excite.

  • thebanditking

    “Namco Bandai haven’t announced a platform or release details for the game yet.”

    Wouldn’t logic dictate that if its Tales of Graces F that it has to be for PS3? I don’t think they would bother porting it to 360 at this stage. As for Wii the amount of work the Wii version would need in bug fixing (even the re-release was problematic) on top of down porting all the content necessary to justify calling it “Graces F” just doesn’t make sense. Unless they release the Wii game and use the PS3 ports F moniker without the content, which would be very lame.

    • lostinblue

      They probably have the fixes narrowed down, considering they were done and they should be easy enough to apply. In fact the basis of the game should be largely untouched, considering it was ported and the cpu architecture is the same, PowerPC; the PS3 CPU is not really that much powerful than the Wii one in dhrystones and the like, it’s highly unlikely they changed the way it works.

      The only difference codewise between one build and the other should be down to the details of how it works with different hardware parts (gpu, specially; it’s doubtful they’re using the spe’s in cell for anything) a few assets that are different here and there and of course… the extra content.

      The extra content running on the Wii would probably be quite simple to apply providing it’s in like with the rest of the game’s graphics and it was done on-spec for the same objective. But no one is demanding that.

      If they don’t want to revise Tales of Graces Wii is fine, just release it at a lower price point… but don’t do the disservice of leaving it out; the way the game works with scripting and the like should be untouched too, and it was ready for being translated for the get go, so they could drop the script and english audio files onto the wii version with ease here.

      • Oh, but then they can’t put one of those neat “Only on Playstation” things on the cover.

      • thebanditking

        While true (in some aspects),we have no way of knowing if the code was changed so that point seems moot. So we have no idea if a new engine is running the PS3 port, which is possible because all the original assets could be carried over without using the Wii’s code (like the PS2 HD ports for example). Were this not the case the PS3 would essentially be running a Wii emulator with an upscaler, which does not seem likely given the texture work looks like more then just some rendering passes.

        Which if that is the case the down porting would be laborious and likely not worth the effort, because while they may share PowerPC architecture comparing the PS3’s Cell to the Wii CPU is like saying a Prius could race with a Ferrari because both use gas and have wheels. Porting is never that easy, not to mention the game would require additional work outside of the porting to fix the bugs and would effectively be the 3rd revision on that platform, couple that with the fate many core 3rd party Wii titles suffer and you turn a game which is considered a “hard sell” into a “potential failure”. I don’t think that’s how Namco want to re-approach this series.

        • malek86

          I’ll say it again: I believe Namco simply can’t add the updated content to Graces because Sony has some kind of exclusivity deal on it.

          After all, if they could, then they could have made some more money by releasing the updated content for Vesperia on the 360 as DLC. If they didn’t, I guess they simply couldn’t.

          Of course there’s also the chance that they thought it wouldn’t do enough money. But DLC is pretty much free to publish, unlike retail games which have to be boxed and distributed. That’s why I think it’s a problem of exclusivity.

          • thebanditking

            I’m not ignoring your comment, as its quite valid. Sony does have a clause in the publishing agreement that late ports (I believe its 8 months or more) must include extra content to be approved. Which makes sense as companies should offer something for re-releases but I also believe there has to be some kind of binding agreement not to move the content elsewhere later (not that Wii is setup to do DLC mind you). Though I thought that agreement only applied to late 360 ports, I have never seen the official paper work but thats what I have been told from various sources.

          • lostinblue

            I don’t know if that applies to overseas releases that didn’t happen beforehand. Then again I doubt Namco will bother localizing it let alone adding extra credit.

            I consider releasing the barebones wii version the bare minimum they should be doing for us Wii owners who hyped the game like there was no tomorrow, though.

          • malek86

            There’s no real reason to think the agreement wouldn’t work for the Wii too. Especially when you think that Sony won’t even allow straight visual novel or shmups ports from Arcade/PC. And any enhanced port always remains on PS3, or at least its enhancements do (not just Vesperia, think of Eternal Sonata, or White Album or Umineko).

            Basically, the point is that Sony asks for a certain degree of technical quality and exclusivity. A strategy which, I believe, has hurt their market a bit – if it weren’t for that, maybe some smaller companies like 5pb and Cave would be trying their luck on the PS3 too.

            It’s a strategy I don’t understand, considering that they are not market leaders anymore and thus they should be trying to attract developers, not scare them away.

        • lostinblue

          Hmm, let me approach this carefully.

          I’m certain they didn’t change the engine and that up-porting a Wii game onto a machine like the PS3 should be quite easy (the problem usually is making a game that was meant to 480p looking good in HD). Like I said the CPU is largely the same architecture and you could probably drag and drop most of the code onto it instead of rewriting it. Same is true for a lot of X360/PS3 games. Some multiplatform titles only use one X360 core (which is basically roughly the same as the PPE in Cell) in order to enable easy porting for the PS3. They can share most of the game, taking aside low end stuff of how the engine handles the hardware. I’m sure games like Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia took full advantage of that, for example. They weren’t hard at all to port from a CPU standpoint.

          Of course there’s adaptations in there because the machines are different. The way they access RAM, GPU, Framebuffer, the way they interact with the OS, specific hardware calls and other specific stuff will be quite different, but that’s an adaptation made on a case by case basis while leaving most of the code intact. When they already have the engine running on both machines what’s on top of it should be pretty manageable.

          The objective while porting is often keeping most of the code untouched, and with similar cpu’s, they can. This is also why some kind of “emulation” wouldn’t make sense.

          As for PS3’s CPU being a ferrari next to a prius (Wii CPU)… yes and no. For what it’s worth, not necessarily. The HD consoles this generation opted for approaches that favour huge fillrate delivery whereas the cpu’s actually are meant for general processing and became crippled in that aspect. PS3 and X360 cpu’s in order to have 3.2 GHz have more than 30 stages in their cpu pipeline; this is the same trick the netburst (Pentium 4) architecture used way back in order to achive bigger clockrates, but you’ll remember how AMD was competing with less MHz, because their cpu’s had way less stages.

          Huge pipelines mean you have to wait longer for whatever is getting processed to get anywhere and need cache miss prediction. To make things worse these cpu’s have no cache miss prediction; when information gets lost you lose cycles waiting for the pipeline to clear up before resending the information. And top of it all, they’re somewhat simplified CPU’s next to a PowerPC G5 (in which they’re based) lacking out of order execution and other stuff that would make it dificult in 2005 to clock it as high (the top liquid cooled PowerPC G5 back then was 2.7 GHz I believe; with extreme cooling; 3.2 GHz were not a breakthrough, they were designed around it)

          There are PS3 benchmarks of the PPE alone (which amount to one Xenon core), I’ll drop them in, along with how it fares next to other cpu’s:

          Gamecube @ 485 MHz: 1125 Dmips
          Wii @ 729 Mhz: 1688 Dmips (?, did the math considering it has 50% more clockrate than the GC one)
          PS3 Cell @ 3.2GHz: 1879 Dmips
          PowerPC G4 @ 1.25GHz: 2202 Dmips
          PentiumIII @ 866MHz: 1124 Dmips
          Pentium4 @ 2.0AGHz: 1694 Dmips
          Pentium4 @ 3.2GHz: 3258 Dmips

          Certainly not a Ferrari. (Note: Dmips is a dhrystones test, it’s measuring general purpose performance, which is what the cpu’s are usually important for after all)

          Considering it’s not a PS3 from the ground game, using the SPE’s in a creative way to go around the fact the CPU is really no beast (no console this gen has beast-cpu’s) I’d say a game that pushes the Wii cpu is well suited to run capitalizing on the PS3 CPU. They’re the 3.2 GHz PPE is pretty much in like with Wii’s 730 MHz CPU. The rest of the hardware is obviously not though, but running the barebones engine/game structure is CPU dependent; going from PS3 to the Wii can be hard due to the assets being unable to being rendered on it without messing around a lot (polygon counts, shader model compliant shaders and bump and displace maps) but the oposite… Is very doable.

          I think I got carried away.

    • I almost feel that the way it’s written is an attempt to not make the PS3 owners here feel too happy. lol

      Just kidding.

      • lostinblue

        Except you’re not kidding, you mean it. No need to try to hide it after spelling it.

        • No, I’m kidding. Watch.

          I don’t like you, Lostinblue, and your posts annoy me. You are my absolute least favorite commentator on the site. That’s me not kidding. See the difference?

          • lostinblue

            Nah, you were not kidding. As for what you’re saying, let me return your kindness by stating that it is mutual.

            But I don’t go out of my way for that (like you did just now), in fact I often avoid starting an argument with you, for reasons that I really won’t go into (I won’t even say you “annoy” me, because I’m way classier than that, see?)

          • Well, you can argue with me all you want and question whether I was kidding or not, but the fact is…I’m still going to be able to play a localized version.

  • PrinceHeir

    only Vesperia left and when these games prove to be successful in the west. hopefully we get Xillia as well :)

    please when you localize these games namco(especially Vesperia) i want all DLC on disc. i want my KOS-MOS outfit ^^

    oh and Dual Audio please :D

    • thebanditking

      I am still worried about Vesperia on PS3. Namco is iffy about re-releasing upgraded ports. Maybe if someone picks up the Vesperia blu-ray movie for an R1 release they would see a reason to bring it back to market. I would love to see it happen but don’t think it will. I would settle for a statement of commitment from them that they are going to stop ignoring the series outside of Japan so we can at least look forward to Xillia.

      • PrinceHeir

        yes i would also love the movie to be included, maybe in the Limited Edition release? :)

        • LynxAmali

          No. >_>

          Release First Strike as a Normal DVD/ Blu-Ray. I don’t want to have to buy a PS3 when I already have a 360. I’d much rather have a DVD or Blu Ray release. Also; keep original cast.

          Despite not owning a PS3, I’m pretty excited for this. Hopefully, the “tale of Two Richards” teaser on the site means the Wii version’s coming. God, I hope that’s what it meant. I doubt it though.

          Kudos to those who own a PS3 and get to experience Graces F. Have to wonder how they’re going to handle the licensing of the different costumes though. Or will they not release them at all?

          • Zero_Destiny

            On a side note (not the whole Blu-Ray debate) Did you know the Tales of the Abyss anime is coming out in the US curiosity of Bandai’s anime division. The rumor is they’ll dub it with the same cast of the game too. :)

          • PrinceHeir

            lol they could make you know a separate version?

            while those who get the limited edition will be package as a bonus blu ray disc.

            your probably missing out alot of games by not owning a PS3. not to mention upcoming PSN classics like Xenogears and Vagrant Story coming soon.

            yeah let’s hope a wii version does come out just so everyone can play it. samurai warriors 3Z has a wii versions. i don’t see why Grace can’t?

            i think at least the KOS-MOS outfit will make it :)

          • I tend to think that the Wii version of Sakura Wars pretty much killed that series for the states. I’d hate for the Wii version of this to do the same. Besides, why not just call it “Tales of Graces” if they were going to release the Wii version? It’d be a very hard sell and all you’d hear would be Wii owners complaining that they don’t get all the extras.

          • PrinceHeir

            ohh i just learned yesterday that there was a Sakura Wars game for the US.

            i already plan on buying the PS2(since it’s Limited Edition) is the game good or bad? what about the Wii version?

          • Zero_Destiny

            @PrinceHeir, the game (Sakura Wars) is good. I’d nab PS2 version since it does have some nice goodies. And dual audio if that’s your thing. The Wii version’s good too. Their exactly the same. You don’t need any wable or and shake the Wii mote either it plays like a normal game. A think the Wii game still comes with a hardcover artbook on NISA site. PS2 just has more goodies is all. :D

          • PrinceHeir


            awesome, yeah i think i’ll get the PS2 version but it seems i rarely play my wii nowadays O_O though i plan to buy VC games as well as Muramasa and Sins and Punishment 2 :)

          • thebanditking

            I believe the “Two Richards” part is a nod to the Richard that works for Namco who was the first person to ask the Namco fans what they wanted, so I though the domain name was a part of that. I honestly don’t see any reason for Namco to incur the costs of the Wii release, especially with the consoles 3rd party sales of “core” titles being what they are. At this point if you own a 360 and a Wii, why not pick up a PS3? Blu-ray is an awesome format and even for anime is a big step up in quality (even with Funi’s upconverts) the actual HD anime’s are eye searing (Xamd for example). I do most of my gaming on the PS3 but own a 360, Wii, and the DS and PSP, the only problem with owning all of them is keeping up with the releases, lol.

          • malek86

            With the price of standalone players now, I don’t think anyone is buying PS3s for Blu-rays anymore.

            Besides. Thinking about it, 360 and PS3 are mostly interchangeable. Especially since 95% of the games out there are multiplatform, one could easily have one or the other. Me too, I had a 360 from launch, and eventually bought a PS3… but thinking about it today, I could have easily avoided buying it (or the other way around, if I had a PS3 I could have avoided buying a 360). These two consoles do feel a bit redundant together.

          • @malek86 I dont think so, they still have blu-ray and home entertainment deals with the PS3 as the center of it and touting blu-ray, as well as Blu-Ray players as feature rich as the PS3 still rival it in price…

        • Unfortunately, I think the ship has already saled for Vesperia. It quite an old game at this point and even if Graces F sells well, I don’t sell Namco bothering with it.

          Still, releasing it in the States with a limited edition Blu-Ray of the anime would be perfect.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Dual Audio on Graces means more Kana Hanazawa :D It would be like a dream. lol But I don’t care, all I want is the game. Hell if the game had no voice acting in it (English or Japaneses) I’d still buy it. XD
      I don’t really care about Tales of Vesperia PS3, or Tales of Innocence, or Tales of the Hearts, or Tales of Destiny 2, or Tales of Rebirth. I just want this to last. Really I just want Graces to do well and get Xillia as a reward for that!!! Oh boy I’m so happy.

    • PrinceHeir

      yay more Kana Hanazawa :D

      actually Eternal Sonata had Dual Audio(from Namco) so there is a slight chance this will have Dual Audio.

      well it’s always good to have more right? since we barely have gotten any Tales watsoever ^^

      • Zero_Destiny

        More is good. Especially when it’s Kana Hanazawa!!!!! XD

    • Extra_Life

      Haha, I actually had a terrible dream last night that all the characters in Graces f were voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, so imagine my relief when I woke up! Dual audio would be a fine feature for Graces f, given there is definitely room on that BluRay.

      • Caligula

        Haha, that’s a real nightmare indeed. I think it’ll be a nightmare if he appears in the game even once, though. I like his work (except for Emil… what -was- that?), but he’s in everythinggg.

        • Exkaiser

          He’ll voice Asbel.

          And Richard.

          And Pascal.

          • Dimentionalist

            I’m hoping Namco is smart and hires some new VA’s.

            Either way, I don’t care about dual audio. I don’t understand Japanese, and I’m not going to pretend to and go on about how Japanese dialogue is always superior. I’d rather they fully voice the thing in English, Bosch omnipresence or not.

  • SolidusSnake

    Whatever day the price drops to $20-30, baby!

    • WonderSteve

      If everyone does that, we will never see another Tales ever again.


      • SolidusSnake


        • BUY 2 GAMES DAY 1

        • Zero_Destiny

          No buy 3 games day 1. And get all the DLC 3 times. lol Give your money to Namco, show them we mean business.

          • Yes, we need Xillia, and any other future tales games. We do not need another 2 year (forever) hell!

        • you got that right. xD

    • Darkrise

      … NO. Just no.

    • Dude, youre doing it wrong!!! One must get this game on day 1 baby!!! Day 1 or no buy!

      • Darkrise

        Don’t you dare say no buy.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Sawada’s right Day 1 baby this $h!T!!!! I don’t care if you have to take out a loan to get this money. Buy it. Buy like three. Teach Namco that we mean business!!!!!

    • Yeah, that’ll be a great way to make sure we never get Xillia.

      • SolidusSnake

        No big.

        • Well, I’ll just have to buy two copies to make up for your slacking.

          • SolidusSnake

            That’s the spirit… show those suits at bamco what the Tales fandom is made of! FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN!!!

  • holyPaladin

    Bamco regained my trust now :D

    Now when is the release date?

  • IceRomancer

    Alrite it’s finally official!
    I now hate Bamco a little less now :)

  • Barrit

    I just hope all the fans that have been asking for “Tales of” games back up the talk and support this release so we see more in the future. I really hope we get the Code Geass DLC!

    Are they still announcing more titles? If you check out this site and click on the links to the different Days, some of their predictions seem pretty spot on. Yesterday looked like TOV: http://scrawlfx.com/2011/02/a-tale-of-two-richards-day-6-tales-of-vesperia

  • Sorry Namco Bandai I’m not going to get excited yet.

  • HarryHodd

    This is an absolute must have RPG. Best news of the day!

  • Feels good to be a PS3 owner

    • Zero_Destiny

      Feels better to own a PS3 and Wii and have your brother own a 360 XD Now no matter what platform you release it on (and if it’s on all 3) I’m buying it. Hell I’ll buy multiple copies for each platform!!!!

  • Yup, gonna get this day 1 for sure. 2011 is shaping up to be one of the best years in gaming EVER!

  • Fonic

    Very excited. While they always have their flaws in other areas, there are very few games I find as purely fun as Tales games. I just hope it sells well.

  • So how many just passed out from reading this knowing we are getting a new Tales game since the release of Vesperia on 360 and World Mythology on PSP.

  • cmurph666

    Wait… Does this have Goku or Naruto in it?

    • goronyan

      oh god please don’t

    • DemonicX

      Thank god it doesn’t.

    • kylehyde

      I know is really strange to me too.

  • great great great. i hope it comes out soon

  • do i smell a ps3/ngp title?

  • Hm, cautiously excited.

  • Kamion

    Holy…. Crap…

    My Japanese Copy hasn’t even arrived yet!! After two months…

    • Darkrise

      0.0 Ouch.

  • mikanko

    Not that I expect it, but I really hope they’ll include dual audio and DLC. Heh, having Suzaku’s seiyuu and the Geass outfit is a money maker they’ll be silly to pass up.

    • Darkrise

      Same here ^.^ I hope they release the other costumes too, loved Pascals costume with the top hat and Sophies semi-victorian outfit. And the dual audio… They won’t have an excuse this time about no space so they have to have dual audio, I hope.

      • no dual voices hasnt been one never will be one

        • Darkrise

          Well it’s not too much to hope now is it? They did go dual audio for both 360 and ps3 versions of Eternal Sonata but that’s sort of unrelated. But anyways I’ll just hope.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Dual Audio would be great it means more Kana Hanazawa XD But Namco might not do it for money/legal issues :( I don’t care. Give me the game and I’ll give you the money Namco!!!!!

  • Come on Japanese voice option! and unchanged boxart… Probably neither of those things will happen sadly :(

  • lostinblue


    Funny how we spent so long hyping the Wii version that should have come ASAP only for them to skip it, and now change ideas… and still leave us out of it.

    Thanks for nothing Namco. (still hoping they cave in to logic, but not really)

    • Why do you want the version without the extended material?

      • vadde939

        Because some people don’t own PS3s and are not bazillionaires like you who can afford to buy tons of games and systems whenever.

      • lostinblue

        Because it’s a Wii game at heart (was, from the ground up), I have a Wii and am a Tales of fan. I don’t have a PS3 though, and I anticipated this game, back then, as a Wii entry too.

        We should be entitled to getting it, seeing we should have gotten it long ago and it should be painless either way for them to do (either with extra content or not).

        This ain’t a platform thing; vesperia PS3 should have come over… Graces Wii should come over. If there’s less content in it just cut 10 bucks on the price. Not bringing it though, it’s bad taste IMO.

        • malek86

          As for the content it might be a matter of exclusivity. Doesn’t Sony get all the updated content for itself? I thought that was the reason why they didn’t do new DLCs for Vesperia 360.

          While for the localization, well… imagine the number of Wii owners who would be crying foul if they heard they were getting a version with less content. It didn’t sit too well with 360 owners and Vesperia, and I can’t imagine it would sit too well with Wii owners and Graces.

          • lostinblue

            Sony demands extra content in order to authorize late ports. Which is fine, but it’s worth noting that not all “extra content” really makes a difference.

            I don’t really give a damn for extra costumes and the like, for instance.

            They can bitch all they want but the fact is that any Wii owner with a keen eye for good games should want Tales of Graces to make it over; with or without extra content. There’s no going around it that it should have been brought way back though.

          • malek86

            Judging from the reactions at the Vesperia news, looks like most people do, if only for a matter of pride (pretty stupid, but I think that’s it).

            I bet there would be a number of people willing to not buy the game just because the PS3 version has more content. “I only have a Wii, but I’m not buying this game on principle”, or some ridiculous statement like that.

          • lostinblue

            @malek86: People will always bitch about stuff like that; but they also always exaggerate in the heat of the moment.

            There’s people buying games from other platforms to break and burn them
            There’s people saying they’ll commit suicide if FFXIII is released for the X360
            There’s people saying they won’t buy because

            … the thing is some of them wouldn’t buy it anyway, they’re just being drama queens, just like they won’t commit suicide for them and as for people buying games to trash their hatred on them… it borders madness so there just be like 1 or 2 guys in the whole world doing that. And 1 or 2 extra or less sales mean nothing for the whole picture. I’m sure Tales of Graces would do well on the Wii, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World did fine after all.

            Does that mean everyone is doing that, or that the impact of such acts is even measurable? I’d argue not really, it’s just buzz.

            Most regular clients go to the store and buy a game judging from how the covers looks like, the feedback they heard (which most likely is that it’s a good game or something like that) or based on reviews they saw.

            Call of Duty 4 was released a few years after the HD versions on the Wii and it still did well, it didn’t have any extra content. There’s definitely a market and lots of people that shouldn’t really care.

          • vadde939

            I think Wii owners will be grateful to get the game at all (I know I would be).
            I really can’t think of a single time I’ve seen Wii owners complaining about not getting extra content and the Wii has had quite a few ‘inferior’ versions of multiplat titles.

          • Caligula

            People would complain if Graces got localized on the Wii with less content. Believe me.

          • kylehyde

            Well the reaction will depend on the publisher compromise. If the publisher is straight with the crowd from the beginning, said to “down” points and is loyal to their word then the crowd won’t be crying to much, but in other hand, if they promise something and in the end that promise gets brocken then there will be blood.

        • Maybe you should pickup a PS3 then.

          • lostinblue

            I will, in due time. But that’s besides the point which is the Wii version should be brought over.

            I bought Tales of Vesperia X360 collectors edition long before I had a X360. (and I am unable to play it because of region locking, I’m in PAL zone and the region lock on it is not easily parseable like it is on the Wii); I’d likely buy both versions eventually, which would mean I’d be purchasing the same game twice; same as a lot of people did with Vesperia in japan and graces. Buying both versions though, would have a bigger priority than getting a PS3, because that’s just the way I roll. I also imported Tales of Symphonia 2 and other Tales of games in the past, that I repurchased when and if they were released overseas. I’ll probably buy Tales of Graces F english version long before I have a PS3.

            Also, the main reason I don’t have a PS3 yet it’s because of how much it’ll cost me. See, the only PS3 model I want is the fat one with 60 GB NTSC (full ps2 retrocompability; unlike the launch PAL console’s who lacked the Emotion Engine). I’ll have to import the whole system and unlike games I doubt it’ll get through customs without paying the extra VAT.

        • vadde939

          Yup. The point is that the game was made for the Wii originally so they ought to release the Wii version too. I don’t care about the extra content I just want the game I’ve been anticipating since back in 2008. Wii owners wait YEARS for what is a Wii game at heart only to be screwed over at the end but PS3 owners suddenly get a port out of nowhere and a localization announcement less than 3 months after the jp release. Not happy Scamco. >:(

          • HarryHodd

            The Wii version is inferior to the PS3 version in many ways though. I believe had it bugs that were never reconciled. As a PS3 and Wii owner I would have been upset about it being only Wii. I feel for you, it would have been nice to bring the wii over too but maybe there is more to it and for once in this series at least we get the definitive version.

          • vadde939

            Actually there was a recall where people who bought the buggy initial Wii version could exchange it for a fixed copy and after the recall remaining retail stock was replaced with fixed copies too. I never said anything about a Wii-only localization though. For me the ideal situation would be where both versions are localized. It’d be pretty easy to add the extra content to the Wii version too if they wanted to but if they didn’t I still wouldn’t mind.

    • Hey, at least they’re bringing the good version out!

      • kylehyde

        Not everybody has a ps3 or has in their plans to buy one (there are bills to pay). Personally I’m not much interested in the tales franchise (I’ not saying that is bad or something, because I know how the people love to twist the words), however I kinda understand how lostinble feels. Many wii owners waited for the localization of the game, even if this doesn’t have the extra content they will be happy if the game came as was released in japan, that would been better than nothing to them.

      • lostinblue

        There’s nothing wrong with the Wii version other than the overflow bug thing that most people won’t even step on in their lifetime.

        It’s not an abort version like… say Symphonia PS2 or Phantasia GBA were. Far from it… It’s one of the prettiest Wii games around and it runs at 60 frames per second in battle. Arguably it’s much more impressive to see on the Wii than on the PS3 where it’s doing nothing for the hardware capabilities.

        • But the ps3 version has a lot more of extra content, it would be smarter to release that one instead of the “incomplete” version, still, i have wii and ps3 so im happy with this, dont have a xbox so i guess i will always wonder how the hell vesperia is

    • vadde939

      Agreed 100x over. Wii owners have been wanting Graces ever since it was first announced in Japan we wait for ages only to have it ported to PS3 and localized on that instead. Thanks for nothing indeed. :(

      • Is not like we are different races… i have both consoles, and i must say, even if i didnt had a ps3, i would prefer they to release this one instead of the version without the post game content, i would get it eventually, but im kinda sad they prefered to skip tales of vesperia for ps3, oh well… T_T, maybe ill find some Let’s play tales of vesperia in youtube

    • Caligula

      Cave into a lack of logic, maybe. Why would you release the version that has less content?

      Namco can’t win. If they localized the Wii version, people would complain that they got the “beta” version instead. Just be glad they localized something, seriously.

      • lostinblue

        Well, they should have localized the Wii version long ago. As for why releasing them… why do developers often release watered down ports just the same? lots of PS3 games are worse than it’s X360 counterparts shouldn’t they be released just because of that? It should have been released and it should be released because it’s ammounts to pretty much the same work and it’s easy enough to do if they’re already localizing a “more complete” version, but above all, because there’s money to be done; two SKU’s are better than one, and ToS2 sold well for what it is on the Wii too.

        Also, did I pick your funny bone or something?

        • Caligula

          Well, if what you mean by “pick my funny bone” is post things I completely disagree with numerous times that I felt I should reply to, yes.

  • DemonicX

    Yes! Thank you Bamco!

  • Darkrise

    I feel so happy… That I’m breathless… Namco has truly redeemed itself, hopefully… This one piece of news, has made me incredibly happy.

    Oh $%@& it *FANGUYSCREAM!!!!* DUAL AUDIO PLZ!!!

  • I’ll be sure to buy it and add it to my backlog of games I need to play.

  • AzureChaos

    And now I must go buy 50 copies!

    • Zero_Destiny

      I don’t know who you are or anything about you but I already know I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

    • One for you

      One for your dad

      One for your annoying step sister

      One for your lawyer

      One for your ex-gf

      • but his ex-gf would think he wants to go back!

        • Sssssh! Don’t spoil the drama. ;D

          • Zero_Destiny

            It’s Okay just give your ex-girlfriend a copy of Symphonia 2 afterwards and she wouldn’t ever want you back. And you’d be freed from your Symphonia 2, It’s a Win-win (lol I kid because I atcually liked Symphonia 2).

          • Vesperia PS3 is a different story. Unless she gone walk dat stroll and get dat money, dat bitch ain’t gettin no goddamn thing from me!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Garyuu I hear you, I don’t care if God himself told me to give him my Dragon Quest IX. He ain’t gettin’ it. XD

  • ChocolateBar999

    I’d say I hope this means that Tales fans will shut up, but I’m pretty sure they’ll just pirate this one, Bamco will pull out on localizing anymore due to low sales, and they’ll just start up again.

    • Dude,lol what? People will complain regardless. Theyre already complaining because there is still no Vesperia PS3 version, and they are complaining that there isnt a Wii version of Graces F, and they are complaining. that there is no announcement for Tales of Hearts…

      Hopefully every Tales fan buys this game so that Xillia comes out!

      • ChocolateBar999

        “Hopefully every Tales fan buys this game”

        I’m hoping that’s enough for Bamco

        • It’ll never be enough for Bamco after all this time. Every Tales fan MUST buy this game so that their message will be delivered to Bamco, telling them where their rate of sales truly lie.

      • Darkrise

        “Hopefully every Tales fan buys this game”

        I will but are you sure everyone who is a Tales fan has a ps3? As I said before a month ago, not all fans are able since they don’t have the console to play in the first place.

        • Sony Playstation 3’s are now more low cost than ever. By now a Tales fan should have had enough time to get a PS3.

          • Darkrise

            … I know a few ppl who have just a wii and not a ps3 who would love to get their hands on Graces F. Money isn’t just for games you know, besides, we all don’t have a limitless pocket and bank account like you do. It took me till the end of 2010 to bargain with my parents to get me a ps3 and I’ve been going at it for 3 YEARS! Since disgaea 3 game out. Even then I had to pay the better of my wallet of about $200 just for me to get a ps3. COMPLETELY ruined my plans to get a few more games on boxing day.

          • Zero_Destiny

            OMG Boxing day? So you’re Canadian as well? That’s awesome :D!!!!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I’m only half Canadian though because my family betrayed the mother land and moved to the US. But boxing day is my fav holiday. All my Canadian family members come down here to Buffalo and we have a big party. It’s great. And wow small world because I got the same bundle with a controller and God of War I&II. We must of got the PS3 around the same time (I got my June 12th 2010, heheh I still remember the day I bought it).

          • vadde939

            Not everyone is as unbelievably rich as you y’know.

          • Zero_Destiny

            It took me like 5 years to get enough money to buy a PS3 lol I kid I kid, but I didn’t have enough money until just last June. So I did wait 5 years to get a PS3. Oh boy bought 1 controller(that came bundle with a game), Final Fantasy XII, and a PS3 w/no protection plan(thankfully Sony offers you a 1 year warranty). And I was out like $430 or something. PS3 is a hefty investment. But let me plead something to you Tales fans who may have some spare cash. Please, please buy this game when it comes out. Don’t even care if you can’t play it. Buy it and wait a year or two when you can afford a PS3. You would be like a Godsend. :D

          • Darkrise

            You too? Nice to meet a fellow canadian. ^.^

            When the ps3 came out, I wasn’t even interested in it but until disgaea 3 came out, more and more games came out for it which gave me more reason to want a ps3. My goal was finally achieved after 3 years, at a sacrifice of a few more games with some nice price reductions. =( The ps3 came with an extra free controller with the god of war bundle so it wasn’t too bad.

          • Darkrise

            Ah, lol boxing day is probably the best holiday for me since that’s when I can go on a spree for stuff that I’ve been waiting to buy for like ages. Well I got mine on December 21st, 2010 so I’m guessing it’s pretty common or it’s because it was so close to christmas that mercy was given. =P

          • AdamBoy64

            Yes, you’re right about PS3’s. Add that to the fact they’ve now been out four years, and are cheaper than ever.

            Still, as we’ve learned today, Tales fans are good at being ungrateful and complaining about everything.

            If they want their inferior Wii version though, I guess Namco could give it to them, you would think that would only help sales. .. I’m not sure.

        • malek86

          That’s Namco’s fault for fragmenting the fanbase though. Releasing a game on the Wii, one on the 360, and one on the PS3? Sounds like a good way to force your fans to spend a lot of money on hardware.

          They should’ve either stuck to the PS3, or just gone for multiplatform from the start (which implies that, if they are localizing something, they are localizing all the version together).

  • The only release date is “Coming soon to North America”. This better not translate into January 2012 or some crap.

    Regardless, DAY ONE.

    • Personally, I hope it’s during a slower month like June. I already have two-to-three games lined up for every month from here to May. Still, if it releases tomorrow, I’ll have to figure out some way to get it first day.

      • I would think that by soon, they mean within the now and this summer, I cant imagine in anyones mind that soon means “Fall/Winter).

        Whats coming in May apart from L.A. Noire?

        • Ereek

          I went and compiled a list for you.
          1. Duke Nukem Forever
          2. Fear 3
          3. Red Faction Armageddon
          4. Brink
          5. The Witcher 2, PC, Unknown console date (I personally can’t wait for this one)

          • Wow F3AR is so soon. I was interested in Brink but I think I need to try a demo.

            But Witcher 2, guess I will need to play through Witcher one fast, then hope one of my friends on Steam gifts it to me ^_^

          • Plus Gamestop has No More Heroes PS3 listed for May, so that’s another possible May title.

          • I thought they said on the US Playstation Blog that thats coming in the Fall.

  • AdamBoy64

    This is great news. Still unbelievable, in spite of the lead up.
    Those who are wondering about Vesperia PS3 localisation…

    I’ve been thinking, the Graces F localisation was the first one to be hinted at, on the first day. That’s just been announced. Vesperia was the last one to be hinted at, with a fair few games before it. I think we should give it some time.

    Great news about Graces F. I do hope it sells well.

  • Jirin

    Wait, wait. Are you saying Namco *doesn’t* hate it’s North American fans after all?

    I’m confused.


  • Roanoke834

    Definately glad they went with this instead of Vesperia PS3. Would rather get the game that isn’t already out in English, though I wouldn’t argue if they wanna release Vesperia PS3 later. If this one fails atleast we’ll get a game we haven’t already had.

  • This is what I’m talking about. Thank you Namco.

  • neo_firenze

    Tales of Graces F.
    Armored Core 5.
    Dark Souls (and announced ongoing relationship with Namco Bandai).
    Knights Contract.
    Ridge Racer 3D.
    Ace Combat Assault Horizon.
    Tekken Tag 2.
    Tekken vs. Street Fighter.
    Soul Calibur 5.

    Nodding vigorously with approval right now. Keep it up guys. On the verge of really shutting up the doubters – Tales of Xillia and a PS3 Vesperia localization would probably push it over the edge.

    • Tales of Graces F
      Armored Core 5
      Dark Souls
      And Ace combat Assault Horizon for me

      Suddenly, Bamco is getting my money

    • It’s all about Ridge Racer.

      • Dimentionalist

        Riiiiiiiidge Racer! It’s Ridge Racer!

  • kariohki

    Everyone complaining about the Wii version and ToV PS3 is just reinforcing the stereotype of the “unpleasable Tales fanbase”

    • Ladius

      Really, I’m a little depressed reading some comments here and in other boards :

      “Wii backport or no buy”
      “Dual audio or nothing”
      “Bargain price or no buy, it’s a wii port”
      “PAL release or no buy, even if it’s region free”
      “WHY ISN’T THIS ON X360?!”
      “Summer release or no buy”
      “Thanks Namco, I waited forever for this! Will buy when it reaches bargain bin!”

      I’m an ardent Tales fan, but sometimes I think this fanbase just isn’t worth the trouble.

      • Some these are just rediculous…

        BARGAIN PRICE or no Buy – um Graces F includes extra content, why sell for cheap?

        WHY ISN’T THIS ON X360?!” – um is there a JPN version of this?!

        “Summer release or no buy” – um should you be glad its COMING SOON?!

        “Thanks Namco, I waited forever for this! Will buy when it reaches bargain bin!” – um, excuse me, why not get it on Day 1 baby?!

        “WHERE IS MY PS3 VESPERIA?!” – er one announcement at a time?!

        “Wii backport or no buy” – what? why only release a Wii version in the US and not JPN?

        • Ladius

          I know dude, reading some of those points made me go WTF, it’s really sad to see the fanbase turn from “ZOMG LOCALIZE NOW” to all kind of whinings in a matter of seconds :

          The only way to make this fanbase happy seems to be a three-games package with Vesperia PS3, Graces and Xillia (still unreleased in Japan, but who cares, right?), all of them with Wii, PS3 and X360 versions, out the same day as the announcement in USA and Europe, with dual audio, Pal Multi-5 localization AND with a 39$ price tag.

          Oh, forgot to mention, throw in a free copy of Hack Link and of every Namco game you can realistically bitch about.

          • malek86

            “The only way to make this fanbase happy seems to be a three-games package with Vesperia PS3, Graces and Xillia (still unreleased in Japan, but who cares, right?), all of them with Wii, PS3 and X360 versions, out the same day as the announcement in USA and Europe, with dual audio, Pal Multi-5 localization AND with a 39$ price tag.”

            No wonder Namco didn’t want to localize the series anymore!

            Ok, but seriously, I’m not a Tales fan, so I’d rather see .hack//Link. Although I hear it’s not too good…

          • Ladius

            From what I heard Hack Link is a mess story-wise, don’t know about the gameplay.

            That said, I hope all this bitching is only an after effect of the announcement and that the fanbase can stay united in supporting every localized entry of the series, else we already know that we will be back at the “Facebook spam” phase in less than a year :

          • malek86

            Isn’t it basically a dungeon crawler or something? I don’t really care for the story on those. I just want to see Mistral again.

          • lostinblue

            yeah, because they hate money.

            Requests and interest is good publicity, and it was because of requests that they *supposedly* ported Graces over to PS3 too.

            They didn’t have to listen to them, just like they don’t have to listen to us; if they want our money and establish the franchise properly though they better start doing the minimum, bring the games like they should when they should.

          • Ladius

            @lostinblue: No one is saying that the fans’enthusiasm is useless, far from it: I even think the Facebook spamming had its importance, as annoying as it was.

            What is sad here is the lack of realism and the “won’t buy if you don’t satisfy my ever-growing list of conditions” attitude many Tales fans seem to have :

          • malek86

            Ok, tell you what, I ordered the japanese version of Link. Doesn’t look like the game will make it over, anyway.

            On a side note, a part of me wonders if I shouldn’t use this chance to get into the Tales series again, because I haven’t played anything since Phantasia. I’ve been looking for Vesperia for a while, but here in Europe it’s basically impossible to find for less than $90, so it’s out of the question. The other alternative would be DotNW, but I keep hearing it’s not particularly good – and if I want to try to get into the series again, I figure I should play the best one. How’s Graces on that regard? I’ll say the design looks a bit too loli-ish.

          • lostinblue

            You’re overblowing it. If they just did their part for the last few years instead of skipping games systematically the userbase wouldn’t be in the identity turmoil it’s in now.

            The Wii version of Graces should have been released long ago, Vesperia PS3 should be out and all the other requests are just stupid I’ll agree. But it doesn’t change the fact that bringing them now (along with Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts) would be doing the right thing: for us, fans, for them and above all for the franchise itself.

            It can’t possibly grow, as a franchise, when every title that gets announced getting here it’s uncertain. Nobody is wondering if Dragon Quest X will make it over, for instance… it will. With tales the games get announced, people hype them and then they don’t come here because the damn company chooses to skip them, they’ve set their userbase time and again to be let down, and with that they’ve instigated hatred for themselves.

          • Ladius

            While I completely agree regarding Namco’s errors in (not) localizingpromoting Tales titles, I don’t think having every current gen Tales game localized right now as many fans demand would help the franchise grow (well, we would have Tales available for paltry sums after their bombs, but that isn’t exactly the best way to expand a franchise), and as much as I would have loved playing ToV Ps3 I would have found its announcement in 2011 a suicide move, unless they were ready for low sales and did it as a present to the fanbase (and that isn’t going to happen, I fear).
            Namco has done so much wrong it isn’t even funny with this franchise, but this announcement could be a turning point and it would be sad to continue with the old whinings as if nothing had happened.

            And no, I don’t think I’m overblowing it, sadly I am seeing those kind of comments almost everywhere, in different degrees of radicalism (of course my last post was an hyperbole, but that was obvious I hope). Take another jrpg niche fanbase long deprived of its games, the Falcom Ys-Trails series for example. When XSeed announced the Psp chapters’ localization did you read something along the lines of:

            “Localize the superior Pc versions or no buy.”
            “Felghana with dual audio or f.u.”
            “No Brandish? Ok, it’s day never for me.”
            “All three Ys titles on PSNXBLA, thanks.”
            “19$ or no buy, Felghana and Chronicles are x years old.”
            “I don’t care about the amount of texts, I want a single Trails package for 39$”

            Of course every fanbase has its dose of bitching and whinings, sometimes completely understandable (and the Tales fanbase percectly fits into this category), but seeing those reactions minutes after a new announcement makes you think.

          • lostinblue

            @Ladius: I believe that “if” Namco localizing Tales of games could be something that could be taken as a given the overall Tales of sales per game would be so much better now than they were in the past; you can only create a strong userbase if you are stable enough to keep feeding it otherwise a lot of them will just loose interest or not care altogether… nobody likes to hype themselves up for something that they’ll never have. Keeping up with game localization despite the first entry(ies) sold so-so is not stupid at all, it’s looking at the whole picture rather than short term.

            And Namco’s error has been that throughout they tend to think very short term; and what afterwards? we’ll see.

            If they were willing to invest in publicity even better (for it to grow) but their biggest error really is how inconsistent they are with their releases.

          • Caligula

            “should have been released”? Oh, please. Namco isn’t obligated to release anything. The fanbase just has an unrealistic and unfounded sense of entitlement.

          • Testsubject909

            Personally. I think they could do a port of Tales of Vesperia for PS3 relatively easily enough, and if they’d sell a special collector’s edition with Xilia for the PS3 with….. let’s say, reduce the price of Vesperia down to 45$, do the same with Graces, add the base price of Xilia at 60$, add a small bonus like soundtrack CD and art book to buff the price tag up about 10-20$.

            90 dollars plus 50 with about ten bucks more. At 160$, all three latest Tales game on the PS3 with a shiny new flimsy plastic package, an afterthought soundtrack and even the most minimalistic of artbook at 10 to 20 pages.

            The tales fans would lap it up, talk about how it’s a salvation and they could possibly do well. Possibly, of course, I’m not an analyst here so I really can’t tell and despite all the pent up desires of the fanbase, I don’t have any of the numbers to crunch so to see if such an idea would even be possibly worth it for them.

            An alternative would be to put the full game on PSN. Even if it took forever to download, fans would buy it up asap, and they’d save up on the production cost.

            There are tons of ways to please the fans, it’s just that they’re quite pissed at the recent events and treatment from Namco. In a way it’s understandable as well. Here you are, a loyal supporter, and when the next game of a series you’ve constantly purchased and a franchise you’ve supported on both the high and lows suddenly doesn’t ship with the primary excuse being that a complete unrelated JRPG on the same system didn’t sell too well despite it also being sold on the 360 with limited exclusivity to begin with caused them to not ship it over…

            Yeah, you’re bound to hear a lot of hatred and disgruntled fans.

            This seems more like a desperate attempt at regaining some good graces *badump tissh*, but the wiser fans out there will probably not bite and many of them are probably waiting for a complete redemption then just getting some relative equivalent of a “Sorry, our bad”.

            Not to say porting this is easy, there’s still a lot of work behind it. But this won’t completely abate the flames of anger, doubt and the sensation of betrayal a lot of people had.

            And if any of you are trying to be smartasses going “Well it’s a business/corporation, duh”. Careful where you’re treading there.

          • Because Vesperia, Graces, and Xillia wouldnt be getting ports to the Wii, the fans would complain and not lap it up and probably boycott Namco Bandai Games….

          • Caligula

            I love how the fanbase feels “betrayed” by a company that is not obligated in any way, shape or form to localize games.

            I’ve been playing Tales for about six years now, and stopped caring about Tales localizations four years ago. Why? I found other games to play while waiting. I wish the Tales fandom could do this instead of becoming so petty as to “hate” a company, feel “betrayed,” and waste their time spamming facebook pages.

        • Caligula

          Tsuna, I must tip my hat to you. We might disagree on some points on other video games, but you captured things pretty damn well here.

      • runesong

        Now to be fair I don’t think it’s unreasonable for an anime rpg with all-star VA to have fans that refuse to buy it if its dub only. In fact, that’s only natural.

        Let me stress the “anime rpg” part. Honestly I think that’s a big area where Namco has a serious disconnect with their fans. They could learn a thing or two from NIS. Some people want a dub, some people want dual audio. You want to sell to a broader audience? Well there you go: two audiences that can be easily pleased.

        Give us dual audio, and the words “DAY ONE BABY!” will likely be said in droves… myself included. :)

        • Zero_Destiny

          Dual Audio has been increasingly used in this business and is a great thing but if you ask me it shouldn’t be all you care about. If you want to listen to famous actors than buy a drama CD or something. Games are meant to played the fact that something like voices makes you not want to play a game I find upsetting. Certainly we all have our standards but your’s seem to be WAY high up. Dual Audio, dub only, no voices. Does it matter in the end if the game was fun? Certainly you got into gaming because you like to play games (even if it’s just for their story) and it’s an experience you can’t find elsewhere.

          • SolidusSnake

            Ever played Star Ocean: The Last Hope? A bad English dub can really wreck an rpg. Although I’m sure all the hardcore Tales fanboys will buy the game regardless, just like I bought Star Ocean. But playing the version with Japanese voice overs on the PS3 later on was a vastly superior experience.

          • runesong

            So very true!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            No I haven’t played it yet (SO4) but can’t wait to get a copy!!! Now let me tell you about a little game called Arc Rise Fantasia. Not only did I play it with the God Awful Engrish dub on 24/7 but I loved every minute of it had real fun and was emotionally invested in both the charas and the story. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time with no voice acting (well it was becoming a new thing) but I don’t care. And I’m still honestly surprised every time I hear a portable game with voice acting in it, I mean really I never dreamed of this when I was 10 and had my first Gameboy. It’s like we’re in the 25th century or something!!! lol Haters going hate I suppose lol And I know a lot of people really care about voice acting and it can in fact ruin the experience for them but it shouldn’t be the number 1 reason you play the game. Plus Namco’s latest Tales releases Vesperia, Symphonia 2, and Abyss all had good dubs. And it’s not like I don’t want a dual audio release I LOVE Kana Hanazawa. XD If I could play the game with her voice I’d be so happy. But it’s not the number one reason why I want the game.

          • I didnt mind about the english dub, what i disliked in that game were those freaking big and shiny eyes…. and that face that resembles a doll T_T

            But great game, and i love the Anime drawings a lot lot more, thank god for the International version.

          • I will never understand why people are so bothered by the dub on Star Ocean.

          • runesong

            Are you capable of enjoying a movie where the actors fail to play their part?
            For me, that kills the movie, and those rules apply to games as well. My favorite thing about an RPG is the story, and bad voice acting is a knife to the heart of good storytelling.

            While I appreciate that not everyone agrees on what constitutes good and bad voice acting, you also need to appreciate that everyone gets to make that choice for themselves.

            And my standards are not crazy high. I primarily buy niche rpgs. The least RPG I completed was Atelier Rorona, which should be a good indicator of that statement. But I do have a preference towards dual audio, is it makes everyone happy. And I buy the games that provide it, to vote with my cash as any good consumer should.

            But seriously, why would anyone in their right mind have a problem with providing a player with the choice to experience a game in the way they enjoy the most?

          • Zero_Destiny

            I watch movies for cinematography, camera angels, nice visuals, intriguing stories, acting, good direction, nice props/backgrounds, make-up, special effects, and good music/sound effects. There are many aspects that make a movie good. If one aspect isn’t great a movie can be saved by the others. Movies entertain in a variety of ways. Why can’t I enjoy video games similarly?

          • runesong

            Apparently I can’t reply to your last comment unless I do it from here. I was rather enjoying our discussion.

            “I watch movies for cinematography, camera angels, nice visuals, intriguing stories, acting, good direction, nice props/backgrounds, make-up, special effects, and good music/sound effects. There are many aspects that make a movie good. If one aspect isn’t great a movie can be saved by the others. Movies entertain in a variety of ways. Why can’t I enjoy video games similarly?”

            Actually there’s no reason you can’t at all. In fact, I envy people that can enjoy a film based purely on the visual thrills. Unfortunately, I’m just not wired that way. For me, it’s all about the quality of the story and the acting.
            The visuals are not that important to me overall.

            And in the end, that’s the real point, right? We’re different people, so we naturally enjoy things in different ways. I can thoroughly enjoy a game with middling gameplay if the storyline captivates me. You can handle weak voice acting if the game is super fun.

            Neither of those things is wrong. :) That’s why I’m all about choice. Hell, I even support people getting the game dubbed. I simply won’t do it myself if that’s the only option. (well, unless the voice acting is, say, Persona 4 good.. but that will require a rental to know for sure)

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Maybe I’m being a little too hard headed. Nothing wrong with really enjoying your acting. If that’s your fav aspect that’s cool. I just hope you buy Graces regardless because we need to show Namco we mean series businesses. lol Sometimes I forget people really do like voice acting. For me it certainly helps and I have my fav actors just like everyone else but I like games because I can play them. No hard feelings. And if we do get a dual audio I would so play it in Japanese since that version has Kana Hanazawa. XD

      • rock1644

        Yeah, it is really sad how ungrateful people are. I for one am very happy we are getting the superior version of a great game.

      • Exkaiser

        As an ex-fan, I have to agree with you. After stepping away from them, I’ve figured that they’re basically one of the most obnoxious fandoms around.

        Tales fans should be REALLY EXCITED for this. For over a year now they’ve been bitching that if only Namco would localize a game, they’d give it some massive monetary love, but now that one’s coming out half of them are tripping over themselves to avoid it. What the franchise needs is for people to stop bitching about it and just buy the games.

      • What can I say… Some people just like to have things as they want. I don’t see how you have the right to judge people just because they are not happy of something that you are.

        Selfish, we got the localized version (360) already.

        “Dual audio or nothing”
        Understandable, Abyss’s voice acting gave me an ear cancer.

        “PAL release or no buy, even if it’s region free”
        FYI, some people have NO means to import. Besides we Europeans, Australians etc. get f***** enough.

        “Thanks Namco, I waited forever for this! Will buy when it reaches bargain bin!”
        And that’s most likely because not all of us are rich. I completely understand that, besides they say that patience is a virtue.

        • Caligula

          I could understand complaining about Eternia’s dub, but Abyss’? What was bad about that?

          • Exkaiser


    • vadde939

      Wii owners have been waiting for Graces ever since it was first announced in Japan only to have it suddenly ported and localized for PS3 so we have every damn right to complain.

      • Come on dude, this doesnt make sense, now were just gauging who feels more wronged here. Wii owners who had a Tales game already released on their console in the US, or PS3 owners who had no Tales game this generation on the console…

        • vadde939

          Of couse it makes sense. PS3 owners can have Xillia. A half assed spinoff like Dawn of the New World is no consolation for missing out on the only proper Tales made for the Wii.

        • AQuatermain

          If Tales of Graces never have come to the Wii, it would make sense what you’re saying. But the fact is that if there is a version for the console. If it is confirmed that it is only for the PS3 … we can only resign ourselves to those who only have Wii and never trust again in Namco Bandai.

          Sadly, but what can we do?

        • lostinblue

          We had a spin-off tales done with recycled assets (who still sold better than Vesperia on X360). Don’t make this a platform thing, the game was made for the Wii should have come out on the Wii, in english.

          If the PS3 version was made and didn’t make it we’d be agreeing it should be brought over, so really… there’s no point.

          PS3 has 3 Tales games now, Wii has 2, X360 has one. They should all make it over; they’re bringing Tales of GRACES though, and there’s a Tales of Graces for the Wii… Hence why it’s getting mentioned.

      • malek86

        Well, that’s the market. Games move around easily these days. PS3 owners got shafted hard with MH3, for example. I’d also say that 360 owners got shafted with Vesperia, but at least they got an english language version, so maybe it’s actually the opposite.

        Anyway, my point was that single-console owners should be pretty much used to it already.

        • vadde939

          I’m used to it but that doesn’t make me okay with it. Especially since Wii owners get shafted the most. For once the Wii was getting a really good ‘core’ game and then they go and do this. :(

      • Neckbear

        Oh come on, don’t tell me you only own a Wii.


        I mean, even if you do, it’s that hard to buy a PS3? It has some great exclusives n’ stuff, after all.

        • With how many games I play on a regular basis, I can’t imagine only owning a Wii. Even with a 360, there’s, at least, a wealth of multiplatform games. But if you only own a Wii…I guess you learn to make games last a few months.

          • vadde939

            The Wii is the only current gen home console I own. Most of my gaming time is spent on handhelds.

          • Oh okay. Well, there’s a wealth of games on the handhelds. What’s one less Wii title? Maybe they’ll do the right thing and localize Last Story for you guys.

          • vadde939

            Yeah even if Wii owners don’t get this there’s still The Last Story and Xenoblade to look forward to (assuming they get localized) but it’s hard not to be angry when a game you’ve REALLY wanted since it was announced in 2008 is suddenly ported and localized on another platform while you end up with nothing.

          • lostinblue

            Contrary to popular belief… There’s lots of good low-profile games on the Wii. (even if high profile on it is mostly only Nintendo)

            I have a X360 and I didn’t really meddle with it just yet because of how big the backlog on the Wii is, and I’m talking about third party backlog. It’s nothing against the (X360) platform mind you, but the Wii gets a lot of uncalled for hate; a lot of you sniff at stuff like Tales of Graces on it (the argument we’re having I believe, since you’re belittling the platform that first got the game on topic) , Arc Rise Fantasia, Little King Story, Rune Factory Frontier, Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon or Muramasa… won’t play them out of spite for the platform but will always ask for ports.

            It’s not such a bad platform when it gave birth to those; and more (non-rpg’s). In fact I don’t think it’s a bad platform at all. It’ll go down stereotyped (because it’s prejudice people and third party’s have been doing to it for years, until the point it was at least partially true) and without reaching what it could have been, but then again so will all platforms this gen.

            It has some great games though… Just like all platforms do.

          • I’ve said many times that if the Wii had 20 exclusives I really couldn’t live without, I’d pick one up as a secondary system. I don’t have any platform loyalty. I went with a PS3 because it has the best games and the most console RPG support, not because I have any loyalty to Sony.

            But there are only 6 games for the Wii I have any interest in. There used to be 8, but then No More Heroes and Dead Space: Extraction got announced for PS3. If the Muramasa rumors are true, then it’ll be 5. I never said it didn’t have good games. It just doesn’t have very many of them compared to the HD systems.

        • vadde939

          Yup I only own a Wii. And I won’t be buying a PS3 as any money I can afford to save for gaming will be going towards the next gen handhelds instead.

      • *Really echanted port

      • Caligula

        No, you don’t have a right to complain. God knows the fanbase has done enough of that. The fanbase wanted a game and got one, so be glad you guys got something, even if it’s not on a console you own.

        • vadde939

          What’s wrong with all the complaining the fanbase has been doing? I don’t have a problem with it. If you don’t like it don’t read it. It’s that simple.

          • Exkaiser

            You can’t just tell someone to “not read it.” It’s all over public forums. You’re asking them to avoid the entire video-game-playing internet because anywhere could house butthurt Tales fans.

          • vadde939

            It seems pretty obvious you’ll only get complaints on Tales related articles so if you don’t want to see them avoid Tales related discussion. Saying butthurt Tales fans can be found everywhere on the video game playing internet even in non-Tales discussion seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

    • Draparde

      I’m one of the few that didint care which tales of i got, so long as one came over

    • Tatsuya1221

      To be fair, in vesperia’s case at least, the image from on ataleoftworichards.com yesterday was from tales of vesperia’s title screen (even down to the underlined title) so in vesperia’s case, it’s more like namco-bandai did something stupid by getting people’s hopes up about vesperia and not realizing it would cause alot of anger, but yeah, some tales is better than no tales.

    • ForeverFidelis

      It’s completely understandable to complain if you’ve been waiting fo Graces and you have a wii and not a ps3.

      It’s not a matter of being “unpleasable”

      For those guys it’s the fact that they CAN’T PLAY THE GAME that’s rustling their jimmies

      • Caligula

        I only own a Wii and 360, and I’m not complaining :X

        • ForeverFidelis

          Good for you. But other people were passionately clinging to the hope that they would one day play the localized version of this game.

          Suddenly, it’s released! But not on the original system, nope. On a system they can’t play it on.

          If you’re not complaining that means you don’t feel that it’s worth complaining about. Which means you don’t care that much for it. But others, DO care and that’s why they voice their thoughts on this issue that I honestly believe is unfair.

          Hell, I only have a wii and Xbox 360 as well, and I really have no interest in this game, but you people have to learn to look at situations from someone else’s shoes.

          • Those people can buy that other system, though. There’s no law preventing that.

            If people are so set on playing Tales of Graces F, they can buy a PS3 and then they can play it all they want.

            Let me give a Wii example, just to be fair. Xenoblade looks pretty cool. I want to play it. However, it will not be released for the system I have. It won’t be. If I want to play it, I have to buy a Wii and no amount of complaining will change that. I don’t buy a Wii because there’s no enough other games on there that I want and the one title is not enough to change my mind about the system.

            It’s the same deal for the Wii owners with TOGF.

          • ForeverFidelis

            Some of them can’t. Not everyone on this site are over 18 or employed. I for one am a 16 year old kid with an allowance of five bucks a week. I had to save up for months to preorder Marvel VS Capcom 3. I’ve been searching for a job intensively, but no one’s hiring until Spring. I would definitely be angry if I ended up having to save up $299 dollars to get a PS3 just so I could get this game. That’s saving every penny I earn for over a year. Believe me, I’ve tried before (Disgaea 3, it still pains me that I haven’t played through it.)

            Of course people with a career who are over 24 should be able to get over it. At mcdonald’s you can make $200 with just a week’s wages. However, people in situations like mine have every right to be upset. And they have every right to voice their complaint just as the people who happen to own PS3s have the right to voice their approval.

            And your example holds no ground. you’re talking about Xenoblade. It was never released for more than one system. It was a wii game through and through.

            However, TOG was originally announced for the Wii. People got excited, and their hopes were crushed when they found out it would not get translated. They went on with their lives. Now they see it getting translated on the system the updated version was on, and the original version they looked forward to playing will never be localized. Think about human emotions realistically, and excuse them for being a bit upset.

          • Exkaiser

            You know, you can buy a game for a system you don’t own.

            And then own it and play it in the future.

            Plenty of opportunities in the future.

            Or you can be petty and childish and mad in the present, that’s cool too.

          • Caligula

            Life isn’t fair. Big deal.

          • ForeverFidelis

            People complain about life being unfair? New and exciting!

            Whining won’t change anything and whining about other people’s whining will only make the situation worse.

  • SigmenddArthur

    I always found the Tales games to be generic anime poppycock… ==_==

    However, I can sympathize with the Tales fans being shafted when it came to Vesperia PS3. I’m glad you guys got this one at least! :)

    • Meh, almost everything about Tales has generic anime stuff, but the stories are still memorable. Tales of Vesperia had the best characters imo.

  • Pichi

    My jaw just hit the floor after reading this…

    • Darkrise

      I… I can relate to that. It was unbelievable at first. But this… After this… I’m starting to hate Namdai a little less.

  • WonderSteve

    All right, looks like Godzilla is invading Tokyo tomorrow as well.

    Going to preorder it now


  • MizuMikomi

    Finally, well time to start setting money aside!
    Neptune and my copy of Vesperia PS3 will keep me company until then.

    But still this is just awesome, I’ll end up pre-ordering it thats beyond a shadow of a doubt… I’ll just have to get the money I need before then; without spending it beforehand, that might prove to be difficult. Lol

  • Is it 2012 already? I think I just had a heart attack.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Tales of Graces F coming out in America Jan 1 2013 Muhahahahahaha lol dumb joke

      • Darkrise

        Imagine, Tales of Graces F or Tales of Xillia coming out in NA, December 21st 2012. How I ironic would that be. lol

  • Guest

    I am so happy. /happyspam?

    Seriously, fans of the series should be hungry enough for this to pick it up on day one. I just hope enough people get the game or else we may see another Tales blackout.

  • Oni123

    can you make ps3 Vesperia come out in English wile your at it =Q?

  • stealingisbad

    Wait, does this mean that all of our bitching finally paid off?!

  • yes Yes YES!!!!
    Just had to join in on the internet fanbase noise happening probably everywhere posting this news.

  • Masengan

    I’m SO excited! Mhm and I just can’t hide it~

  • Zero_Destiny

    Tales of Graces F[or once Namco cares about us] :D
    So much for Tales of Facebook huh? lol

  • This is making me excited as hell 8D

  • Damn, people just can’t stop complaining can they?

    I know I’m purchasing it the moment it’s up for pre-orders. I’ll pick up Enslaved: Odyssey to the west while at it.

  • Hours

    I’m very happy that we’re finally getting this game. Using the Vesperia logo was a lame move though, there was no reason to do it.

    Anyway. Finally, more English Tales! ^_^

  • AQuatermain

    Namco Bandai should officially confirm once the platform for this game going. Ishaan wrote in the right way this news.


    Seriously, this could be our last chance

    • Zero_Destiny

      Truly no one wiser than you good sir!!!

    • Darkrise

      This, is it ppl. The Beggining of the end. We’re fighting for our rights to an english Tales game and could very well tip the balance of the world as we know it. The tides of war is just beggining! So ready you’re weapons (wallets). And PREPARE, for the FINAL BATTLE!!! *CHARGE!*

  • This is such a miracle that is renovating my faith on Namdai. Hope they don’t decide to crush my dreams of playing Tales of games in the future anymore. I really want this game and would even copy Tsunayoshi Sawada (as a token of appreciation for this historical moment): DAY 1, BABY!!! DAY 1!!!

  • The moment I saw this title, I knew a shitload a people will be rejoicing with excitement. Allow me to share my own excitement in song and dance.


  • Here’s hoping there’s a 360 release!

    • Nei_chan

      This whole series should be multiplatform by now..

      • thebanditking

        Don’t know if that’s the best route to take, multiplat maximizes your potential market but increases development and production costs so there is always a trade off, because you can’t guarantee the shared sales will equal enough to cover the added costs. I personally feel Namco has had Tales jump platforms too often and confused people by establishing a base on one console then jumping to another for the next entry.

        • Jump platforms in the US too often? What? It just had a PSP entry, PS2 entries, and Gamecube entry at last generation. It had a X360 version, and then a Wii version, this generation. Just appearing on two platforms this generation doesnt seem like much jumping platforms. DOTNW was most likely on Wii since it had the prequel on nintendo hardware, that would have been odd to to put it on multiple platforms

          That being said, with increasing data suggesting that people own a Wii + an HD console, it seems that putting it on just one of the HD consoles is the only way to feasibly please the most people. At the end of the day, people who truly owned a Wii at DOTNW have had more than enough time to get an HD console for Vesperia or for Graces F now. It can not truly be that difficult to have been able to save a mere 10$ per month to afford another console for more than 2 years (people could have just skipped out on eating at fast food joints once a week, ate smarter, etc). I dont remember seeing people cry this loud as in this thread of other series going to different platforms, its pretty intense here, lol.

          • malek86

            Well, there was quite a bit of crying when MH3 got moved from the PS3 to the Wii. I’m pretty sure Wii owners weren’t complaining about that. PS3 owners, on the other hand…

  • namcobandai giving what the consumer wants? THE WAR IS OVER WE GAMERS HAVE WON!!

    • Not until .hack// fans get Link it’s not :(

  • @NamcoBandai better delivers on this one; otherwise, we’ll see more #DBZ #Dragonball games at the expense of #TalesSeries #Tales games.

  • Thank you, Namco. I have done a lot of complaining about you over the last few years and I apologize. I will pick this up day one and I will make sure whoever has a birthday around release will receive a copy too.

    • Actually, no. I don’t apologize. It was only through the complaining of people like myself and the efforts of the PS3 RPG community that this happened. So, yay us. And good on you, Namco for listening to us.


    • Darkrise

      lmao so true.

  • I’m glad Tales fans are getting what they want :)
    I just hope .hack// fans are next in line.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    It’s about damn time!
    Looks like Namco Bandai finally wants my money.


    I want that watermelon hat DLC.

    • Kai2591

      Watermelon hat FTW

      • It would be hilariously silly to see the characters wearing a watermelon on their head during serious cutscenes.

  • BK0000

    I know I should be happy about getting Graces F, but I’m pissed how they trolled us with the Vesperia logo yesterday.

  • Here’s some more food for thought: I wonder if they’ll use the English Version of まもりたい ~White Wishes~ as the OP?

  • DanteJones

    My thoughts before this announcement: “Good LORD whats wrong with Bamco?! We’re never gonna see another Tales game localized are we? ARE WE??? HATE HATE HATE” (slightly over-exaggerated).

    My thoughts afterwards: “…aight we cool.”

  • kupomogli

    While we won’t see them I’m sure, I’d really like to see Tales of Vesperia PS3, Tales of VS, and Tales of Radiant Mythology 3 make their way over here.

  • Oh happy day. I hope they bring the newest one over in 2012, at least also.

  • Kai2591

    haha congrats to Tales fans~

    i for one will probably only play it if it will include Japanese audio and if its for PS3.

  • In for one, on release.

  • Three words: Day 1 buy!!!

  • kurosan9712

    And I believe they AGAIN will release it with awful english dub and without jap sound function. And that will be their greatest mistake again.
    Good thing I know japanese and already finished the game 3 times.

  • Guest

    Is Godzilla attacking Tokyo and headed straight for BandaiNamco building or something? What’s going on??

  • Yay~~! Another Tales game! *cheerful fangirl* Totally a day 1 buy for me. I even told my RPG friends that they’re buying it too. (Which some have agreed to..) lol and now.. time to go find another copy of Vesperia. (Originally sold mine because the PS3 port was first announced…)

    Thank you, Namco. You still suck tho.

  • Code

    rar, 250 comments, lol >ww<'

  • Ugh this is why I hate April, because of the stupid tradition known as April Fools…Febuary? Don’t be silly, it can’t be because a Tales of game was just announced as coming to the west…Okay I’m getting sick of you insisting that it is Febuary and that this news is legit. I thought the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever being released was a sick joke but this just takes it to another level…

  • “Yes, Tales of Graces F is being published in North America. That’s all we know for now.”

    That’s all we need to know =D

  • Saru245

    All right!!I can’t wait to get Tales of Graces F!!Luckily for me I have a DSi(3DS coming soon),a Wii,Xbox 360,PS2,PS3,and a PSP.So whichever console that this game(and hopefully if this does well,other games too) comes out on I will be able to get it!!XD.I hope they release it on multiple consoles but that just mean we as “Fans” will have to buy even more copies to compensate and from what I have read I don’t think that would be a problem!!XD

  • Well. I was considering buying a PS3 this month, and I hadn’t even accounted for this. Guess who just commited to buying a PS3? ;D

    Squeaky wheel(s) get the grease?

  • Bandai-Namco is finally pickin’ up!

  • Yay, great news! Makes me wish I had a PS3 now, especially since the game would be import-friendly even if it doesn’t get released in Europe. :D

  • Icon

    Well, I haven’t played Tales since Destiny on PS1, but I think this is great news. Now it’s time for Tales fans to put their money where their mouths are. Whenever this game comes out, you have to get it on day one. No more complaining. You want more? Support the game. That means BUY IT.

  • Equus


  • thebanditking

    Side note here, do we know for sure that this will be a disc release? Considering Namco’s stance on the series and its retail history and the current market it’s possible this could be a PSN release which I would not approve of and not buy.

    • Pesmerga00

      Oh man, I didn’t even think of that. I really hope not. It would be kind of weird, but well, you know how this company thinks.

  • Pesmerga00

    Wow. This thread is just……UGH.

  • Exkaiser

    Siliconera is one of the more reasonable gaming sites on the net.

    Seeing this thread descend into this only reaffirms what I have been fearing for the longest time:

    The Tales fandom is the worst on the entire internet. It’s like I stepped onto /v/ except without the cool Megaten threads and with it sticking around a hell of a lot longer. And with more video games.

    Oh well. Can’t be helped.

    • Thanks for that comment it brightened my day a little bit after sifting through this thread :)

      I really want to keep the comments as a place where readers can actually discuss topics rather than regurgitate memes and harp on each other.

      • Well, the thing is there IS more coherent discussion here than anywhere else, even if Siliconera does receive the brunt of the cynical Tales fans whining as well. At the very least I can go down quite a few comments with people discussing, more or less civilly, different aspects of gaming, marketing, and expectations. Until I hit the meme event horizon, but that’s better than I can say for some other sites…

    • goronyan

      well i can say it’s the payback of the so called “fans”. And instead of a lot of pleople babbling “i hate u bamco”, now they start a list of demands and/or critics (sometimes not even related with the title) and the game was barely announced.

  • OMG I am so hype! I’m so happy that there releasing it here! But wait… so there won’t be a Wii release? Oh come on! It came out on the Wii first… please let there be a Wii port as well D:. I don’t have a PS3 and the money to get a PS3 at the moment (>.<)

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